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The Breed Is Not The Only Information That May Be Revealed

Mixed-Breed Mutt Puts Dog DNA Tests Through Their Paces

If you really love your furry family member and you would like to get to know it better in a way that only science can make possible, then we highly recommend for you to have its DNA tested.

Contrary to popular belief, a DNA test for a dog is not only good for revealing its breed, but also a few other important matters an owner would be interested in.

Most especially if your dog means a lot to you, being together for so many years to come is definitely a priority. Sadly, dogs do not live as long as humans like us.

The good news is that keeping our best buds healthy can help in making them stay around longer, thus allowing us to spend more happy times and make more unforgettable memories with them.

And a simple way to keep them in the pink of health is to know which canine health issues they are likely to suffer from.

This is when the benefit of getting the DNA of your dog tested becomes clear as crystal. Depending on the DNA testing site on the web, you can be informed which diseases or illnesses exclusive to the breed of your dog or its ancestors are likely to strike one day.

For example, if the DNA test results say that your dog is at high risk of having diabetes, then you and your vet may come up with the best meal plan that can help to fend off diabetes.

Aside from potential health problems, a DNA test may also reveal the age of your dog and also its expected lifespan based on its health state as well as breed.

How Can You Get A Dna Test For Your Dog

Several universities and companies offer testing services. Some require blood to be drawn, and this is probably best done by your veterinarian. Others require only a scraping of cells, taken from the inside of the mouth, known as a buccal swab or smear. This video shows how it is done for tests conducted at University of California, Davis. Test kits will provide the materials needed to obtain and ship samples to laboratories.

Breed + Health Mixed Breed Dog

Michelle, the co-founder of Canine Journal, had the opportunity to try this test out on her rescue dog, Bella, thanks to a free sample from Embark . Previously, she had tried another DNA test on Bella using Wisdom Panel but was very disappointed in the results. Below is her testimonial.

Wisdom Panel said she was a mixed breed Pit Bull/Bulldog, with no signs of Labrador Retriever. However, for anyone that has ever met this dog, she is a lab through and through. Mixed breed? Yes. But no Lab at all? No way! We were very surprised and felt a little like we had wasted our money on the Wisdom Panel test.

Embark, on the other hand, gave more accurate results with the majority being Pit Bull and Labrador Retriever and some minor genes for Chow, Husky, Golden Retriever, and Supermutt. In other words, I wouldve paid for this test to know her true genetic makeup the first time around had I known . Sure, its more expensive but better than throwing away money on a test that was only partially accurate.

Embark also surprised me by sending health-related genetic markers for Bella. Per her DNA reading, Bella is not at risk for any genetic concerns, but she is a carrier for Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Progressive rod-cone degeneration which are both eye conditions. She is spayed so this will not be passed along to future generations, and we can rest assured that she should continue to be healthy hooray!

An Overview Of My Experience With Both Wisdom Panel And Embark:

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Personalising Your Dna My Dog Breed Test Certificate

Our customer support team is always on hand to answer any queries you may have, and ensure that every DNA My Dog Breed Test is completed successfully and without delay. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as we receive your samples and your results certificate and Breed Determination Report will follow 2-3 weeks later.

If you wish, you may send us a photograph of your dog to include on the certificate. This is entirely optional and the photograph is not provided to the laboratory in advance of the testing so it does not influence results in any way.

Knowing your dogs breed composition, genetic health concerns, predisposition to disease, and its unique personality traits is an invaluable tool when it comes to being proactive about its health. Order your canine DNA test today, to help your dog live a happier and healthier life.

How Does The Testing Process Work Does It Require A Blood Sample Or Vet Visit


A cheek swab and instructions will be mailed to you. By swabbing your dogs cheek, you can easily take a sample in under a minute at home, no blood required. Then all you have to do is mail us the sample in a provided pre-paid return envelope and your results will be available in a few weeks. For more tips, see How to swab your dog.

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How Can A Dna Test Benefit My Dogs Health

Knowing your dogs breed mix can help you, and your vet develop a better health plan for your dog. If you get genetic mutation testing, youll know your dog has a genetic predisposition for certain diseases he could develop in the future.

Knowing what breeds are in his mix can inform you about each breeds genetic health concerns. Then youll learn to look for early warning signs, and you can take preventive measures before its too late.

The 4 Best Dog Dna Test Kits: Ranked

Despite the rising popularity of dog DNA testing, only a few companies offer quality services. The most commonly known are Embark and Wisdom Panel, both of which promise not only to reveal your dogs breed mix but also their family tree all the way back to their great grandparents. Other well-known companies include DNA My Dog and Orivet.

But what separates a great dog DNA test from a good one? Two things matter most: the number of breeds in the companys database and the precision of their results. Heres a breakdown of our top four picks and why we chose them.

#1 Ranked:Embark DNA Test

Embarks dog DNA tests are the most accurate, information-rich tests on the market. For mixed breed dogs, Embarks Breed ID or Breed + Health Kit is best. Embark tests for over 210 genetic health risks and 350 breeds, including the likes of dingoes, village dogs, and even wolves!

Embark Dogs founders, Ryan and Adam Boyko, have dedicated their lives to researching the genetic history of dogs. Passionate about enhancing dogs health care through advanced scientific discovery, their pioneering research has uncovered the basis for many canine genetic diseases and traits. The Embark test is produced in partnership with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and garners thousands of stellar online reviews.

Use code PUMPKIN at checkout!

#2 Ranked: Wisdom Panel

#3 Ranked: DNAmyDog

#4 Ranked: Orivet

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Alternative: Get A Dog Dna Test At Your Veterinarians Office

If youd rather have your veterinarian conduct your DNA test, you can check with your vets office to see if they offer the Royal Canin DNA test. With this test, your vet draws a small amount of blood and mails the sample to the lab, where they analyze your dogs DNA. They determine your dogs breed and do a health screening for more than 130 genetic mutations. Once your vet receives the results in two to three weeks, you can meet to discuss a health and wellness plan for your pup.

We dont have any information about whether this test is better than what you can do at home. Weve read several comparisons that suggest that you will get a higher level of detail from our top at-home DNA pick than you will from the Royal Canin DNA test. Plus, it will likely require you to pay for a vet office visit and whatever the cost is for the test.

What If I Find Out My Dog Has An Incurable Genetic Disease

DNA Reveals Dog Heritage

Embark gives you the most comprehensive genetic insights into your dog possible, and guidance and care advice that you can discuss with your veterinarian that is tailored for your dogs unique genetic profile. There is a small chance Embark will tell you that your dog has heightened risk of developing an incurable disease. This news may be difficult to hear, but having this knowledge early can help avoid costly misdiagnoses or unnecessary, expensive, possibly invasive testing later on. Knowing the symptoms to look out for and having the opportunity to develop a care plan with your veterinarian can help maximize the number of healthy years you can spend with your dog, and minimize any suffering if disease strikes.

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Why Dog Breed Identification Is Important

There are many reasons why its good to know your dogs genetic background and genealogy, including:

  • Understanding Behavior. Much of a dogs personality traits and little quirks can be explained by their doggy genealogy. Whether your dog likes to bark, dig, or herd, many behaviors can be better understood with dog breed identifier tests.
  • Weight Prediction. Dog breed identity testing can help predict the adult expected size and weight of your puppy. This allows you to plan ahead and better understand what your dog will need for the future, as well as what a healthy size will be.
  • Prevent Inbreeding. For purebred dogs, dog breed identifier tests can help prevent inbreeding and ensure genetic diversity.
  • Health. Dog breed identifier tests can help you better understand your dogs genetic composition, as well as what health risks your dog may be at risk for due to his genetic makeup. Some breeds are much more prone to certain diseases and sicknesses than others. Knowing your dogs breeds can help you become proactive in preventing possible health threats and ensure you dog stays healthy.
  • For Fun: Lastly, understanding your dogs genetic identity can be tons of fun! Of course you love your mutt regardless, but its still interesting and amusing to discover your canines great grandparents and understand his or her family tree!

The Best Dog Dna Testing Kits For 2022

Want to know if your pup is 100 percent pug? Mostly Maltese? A pet DNA test uncovers your dog’s origins and gives you information about inherited diseases. We tested three popular kits to let you know which one delivers the best results.

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Is There A Discount For Purchasing Tests For Multiple Dogs

If you’d like to test your whole 4-legged pack, save money by using the following coupon codes on our Breed and Health Kit: MULTIPACK2 – 10% off 2 kits.MULTIPACK3 – 15% off 3 kits.MULTIPACK4 – 20% off 4 or more kits.These MULTIPACK discounts do not apply to Embark for Breeders products or our Breed Identification Kit, and cannot be combined with other coupons or limited-time offers. For an order to qualify for this discount, kits must be ordered together and shipped to the same address.

How Can I Use These Test Results To My Advantage

DNA Testing for Mixed Breed Dogs

Dog DNA test kit results can help you understand your dogs personality and maybe even explain the reasons behind some of its weird behaviors. For example, lets say your pups mix is heavy on the houndsay, beagle and bloodhound. Youre likely to have an investigative sniffer and a loyal dog that will never leave your sideunless it gets a whiff of something worth tracking.

Knowing breed tendencies will aid in the development of management, exercise, and training plans, says Brad Phifer, executive director of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and owner of Bradley Phifer Dog Training in Indianapolis. For example, if you have an aforementioned hound mix, youll want to make sure you have a fenced-in yard.

Review reputable dog breed websites, such as the American Kennel Club, to learn more about the breeds that make up your dog. That said, Phifer notes that every dog is an individual, and its essential to get to know themand all their lovable, quirky habitsregardless of the breed mix. Next, read up on the longest-living dog breeds for a love that lasts.

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What Will A Dog Dna Test Tell You

A dog DNA test reveals the likely breed composition of your mutt, with some companies reporting results that go down to 1% of your dogs genetic code. They can also discern between lineages and provide a DNA tree from both the sire and dame . For an additional fee, you can learn about any hereditary conditions that may be worth bringing up to your vet so you can be better prepared for potential ailments as your pet ages. But dont rely on these at-home tests to make life-altering decisions for your pet, as they merely provide a potential statistical likelihoodnot an actual diagnosis. Discuss any concerns with your veterinarian.

How Do We Predict Weight

Our test is the only dog DNA test that provides true genetic size not based just on breed ancestry but based on over a dozen genes known to influence a dogs weight. It uses the most advanced science to determine your dogs expected weight based on their sex, the combination of these genes, and breed-specific modifiers.

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What To Look Forward To

We scouted Darwins Ark, a crowdsourcing effort that has pet owners submit short behavioral surveys about their dogsand in return they receive a free DNA test. Collaborating researchers, like Hekman of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, study the research in the hope of understanding what exactly makes dogs, well, dogs. Theres a waiting list for the free DNA tests, and it can take years to receive the results. Anyone can buy a test starting at $249 . Most results for paid tests are available in 90 to 120 days. Darwins Ark has 101 breeds in its database and uses 4 million genetic markers. We look forward to reviewing Darwins Ark after it receives additional funding and can streamline its testing process for all participants.

How We Picked And Tested

Which is better? Purebred or Mixed breeds? The Answer is in the DNA!

We sniffed out 17 different dog DNA testing services and ranked their DNA collection methods, turnaround times, the number of detectable breeds, the number of DNA markers they use to interpret results, and the type of information thats revealed. Then we limited testing to four contenders: DNA My Dogs DNA Breed Identification Test Plus Health Plan, Embark Breed + Health Kit, Find My Pet DNA , and Wisdom Panel Health .

In 2019, we assembled a panel of dogs of different ages, sizes, breed appearances, and medical histories: one American Kennel Club Chihuahua and four mixed-breed dogs from across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Then we assessed how user-friendly each services website was, the collection method, the turnaround time, how detailed the results were, how robust the databases were, the number of genetic markers they used, the price, and whether the company invested in further genetic research. Finally, dogs with anomalies in their genetic health reports received follow-up consultations with their veterinarians so we could compare the results.

In 2021, we tested the new Wisdom Panel Premium with two of the mixed-breed dogs from our original panel. And we compared the results to those of the companys now-discontinued Wisdom Panel Health, as well as to those of our main pick, Embark Breed + Health Kit.

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Video Answer: Veterinary Expert Reacts To Dog Breed Reveal

All of the available tests require either a swab from your dog’s cheek or a blood sample drawn by your veterinarian. Tests that require a check swab sample include Canine Heritage®, by MMI Genomics, Inc., the DNA Breed Identification Kit from BioPet Vet Lab, and the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Insights.

All of the available tests require either a swab from your dog’s cheek or a blood sample drawn by your veterinarian. Tests that require a check swab sample include Canine Heritage®, by MMI Genomics, Inc., the DNA Breed Identification Kit from BioPet Vet Lab, and the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Insights.

Embark Dog DNA Test Embark is the most accurate and comprehensive canine DNA test. Although the kit provides more data than even the most dedicated dog owners may want, its medical tests alone make it worthwhile.

Whats The Difference Between My Dogs Relatives And Breed Mix Match Buddies

Breed Mix Match Buddies are other dogs that share a similar breed makeup to your pup. The higher the score , the closer in breed breakdown the pup is to yours. Learn more about our Breed Mix Match feature here.Doggy DNA Relatives are your pups family: dogs who share DNA with yours. Learn more about our Doggy DNA Relative feature here.

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Why Should I Do A Dnatest On My Mixed

There are a number of reasons why you should do a DNA test onyour mixed-breed dog, including:

  • Breed identification: We love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but it can be fun to find out what combination of breeds is behind your pups appearance. To do this, the test will look for DNA markers and compare them with a database of DNA of purebred dogs. Theyll then analyze these results to determine the type and number of markers and determine the breed makeup. In addition to this being fun to know, it can help new pet parents better predict their pups expected size, temperament, energy levels, and trainability.
  • Screening forgenetic disorders: Another use for dog DNA testing is identifying geneticdisorders. These tests can screen the identified DNA markers and determinewhether they signal any disease mutations.

Some experts say that these tests are even better at flaggingillness than breed makeup because the disorders they screen for are related tospecific and easily identifiable DNA mutations. The hope is that in the nearfuture, these tests will play a key role in showing which dogs are at a highrisk of developing serious conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Thisway, pet parents can start scheduling regular screenings and implementinghealthy lifestyle regimens that can increase their pets chance of living along and happy life.

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