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Milk Bar

When we think of pies, crusty tops and delicious, gooey, fruity fillings generally come to mind. Milk Bar’s pie, however, is as simple looking as it can get. But there is a good reason why this was formerly known as “Crack Pie”the second it touches your lips, youre ordering a second one. The pie may not look like much, but hiding behind the playful dusting of confectionary sugar is an explosion of rich, salty, and sweet flavors.

Originally created out of scraps that were left over from staff meals, pastry chef Christina Tosi revamped an old-school recipe for chess pie from the classic American cookbook “Joy of Cooking.” By mixing oats, butter, sugar, and salt to make an oatmeal cookie crust, Tosi created a salty-sweet experience that some people claim is highly addictive. Inside the crust, Tosi adds a smooth, creamy filling made of butter, sugar, milk powder, and egg yolks for a sweet and soft bite that contrasts with the crunch and saltiness of the crust.

Milk Bar packages the pie cold with ice and plastic wrap, and it will last for up to a month in the freezer. Enjoy it hot or cold.

Think Carefully About How You Pack

Parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap are the best materials to secure your food followed by an extra layer of covering or fitted in a ziplock bag. When packing cookies, brownies, or bars, place a sheet of wax/parchment paper between each layer if you are packing them together. If you stop by your local craft store you can find or boxes to pack the wrapped goods in. Also, your handy-dandy plastic containers are ideal for sealing in freshness.

Try to avoid foods that need to be refrigerated. In the case you have to ship something that needs to remain cold, pack your food in a styrofoam container surrounded by frozen gel packs. Once your goods are wrapped properly, find a small- to medium-sized box that will fit all the contents with a little extra room for padding. Bubble wrap, newspapers, and styrofoam are good for stuffing inside the box to prevent your baked goods from moving around while shipping.

Why Youll Love These Apple Hand Pies

Hand pies, miniature apple pies, apple turnovers whatever you call them, these little pastry pockets of apple goodness are irresistible!

They combine all the flavors and elements of classic apple pie buttery, flaky pie crust, and brown sugar apple cinnamon filling but theyre easy to make, easy to share, and perfect for fall and holiday baking.

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Place The Pie Box Into Your Shipping Box And Pack It In Tight

After your pie box has been decorated and personalized, its time to prepare your shipping box. Youll need to provide sufficient padding within the shipping box so your pie box is set in place. Wrap the pie box in bubble wrap and then place the box in the center of the shipping box. Surround the box with loose fill and ice packs in order to help the pie stay cold during the journey. Getting cushioned ice packs that will stay cold as long as possible will provide even further barrier between the pie and the outside elements.

Once the pie has been placed inside the shipping box with sufficient padding to make sure the pie wont move around, shut the shipping box and secure it shut with carton sealing tape. Double check to ensure there are no openings into the box to keep your pie fresh and airtight.

Send Pie By Mail Overnight

Bring Thoughtful Back With 11 New Ways to Send Snail Mail ...

As you could probably guess with any perishable item. Sending a pie requires specific shipping requirements that may cause the delivery to agave specific requirements. As they are perishable, pies should be refrigerated to maintain freshness.

Overnight delivery is a popular option when sending a pie in the mail because it guarantees that the pie will arrive fresh to its destinations. The last thing you want is for your recipient to open a stale dessert, but with a combination of ice packs and expressed shipping, theyll be enjoying pie in no time.

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Sending A Fresh Pie Through Mail


Okay…. I guess I’m really known for a certain pie and we have friends who live in other states… I’ve never shipped food to other states. How do I do this? Any advice is welcome.

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Blue Raeven Farms In Amity Oregon

The signature pie at Blue Raeven Farms, an orchard farm stand and bakery in Amity, Oregon, is a combination of blueberries, boysenberries, and marionberries grown on on the farm. Pies must be ordered in sets of two 9-inch pies, and can be mixed and matched. Order a pack of three hand pies, or the seasonal optioncurrently Rhubarb Crumb.

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Bake The Pie In The Right Type Of Tin

The most practical way to get started will be to bake the pie using the right type of tin. There are pie tins that will allow you to easily attach a domed lid of some kind. Most often, you will find that these domed lids are made out of plastic.

When you go to buy a pie in a grocery store, the pies will come with these standard types of domed lids that connect to the tin that the pie is in. You can bake the pie in an aluminum type of pie tin that will connect to a domed lid and this will make it safer for you to ship it.

Of course, baking the pie in a tin like this isnt the only thing that you need to worry about when shipping it. There are also other steps that you will need to take to get good results.

Keep reading so that you can do all that you can to keep your pies safe.

How To Ship A Pie

How to Ship a Frozen Pie or Cake with Insulated Shipping Box – Ezee Pie

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Are you thinking of starting your own bakery sometime soon or do you simply make amazing pies? You might need to ship your pies out at some point to customers, friends, or family members who want to enjoy them.

The problem with this is that shipping a pie seems like it could be tough and you want it to get to its destination in one piece.

What can you do to ship a pie safely so that it doesnt get all messed up while in transit? There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you get the best results.

Read on to learn exactly how to ship a pie so that the person youre shipping it to will be happy.

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Grand Traverse Pie Company

Traverse City, MichiganGTPC takes its name from a bay thats world famous for its cherries, so it stands to reason that you should absolutely get one of its legendary, crumbly topped pies, a gallon of ice cream, and a pillow. And while that pie is wonderful and perfect on its own, there are a bazillion other options too. Luckily, theres a pie of the month club, which you should 1,000% join, because pie is too damn delicious for once a year especially the there are chocolate cream pies, peanut butter chocolate cream, and every fruit imaginable packed into the crust.

The Pie Pizzerias Shipping Terms And Conditions

Shipping charges are separate. A $9 handling fee for the insulated shipping box and dry ice will be added to each order, plus the actual shipping charges. We do not set shipping prices, nor do we mark them up! We ship 3 pies per container in an effort to get the best value for your money.

Pies are packed in an insulated container with dry ice for shipping anywhere in the USA. Your pizza will be made fresh to order, frozen overnight, and shipped the next day. Please view the delivery schedule below:

  • All orders placed Monday will be delivered on Wednesday.
  • All orders placed Tuesday will be delivered on Thursday.
  • All orders placed Wednesday will be delivered on Friday.
  • All orders placed Thursday will be delivered on Tuesday.
  • All orders placed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be delivered on Tuesday.

In addition, you may select the delivery day to be later than the default day by specifying the desired day on the order. All orders will be processed out of Salt Lake City.

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But Its Still Worth It

Its been a hard year. The coming year will likely continue to be hard. For people like Vitak, who is immunocompromised, mailing cookies is a way to send a big hug to friends she hasnt seen in a long time.

In the end, I dont mind the costs of shipping cookies because I know how much my friends appreciate getting them, she says. It brings me such pleasure to know that these cookies are enjoyed by my friends and their families and that they look forward to December because of my familys cookies. This holiday tradition has been in her family for nearly 50 years. Now, more than ever, she intends to keep it alive.

Kermits Key West Lime Shoppe

How to Ruin Apple Pie Filling

Key West, FLIf youre going to order yourself a key lime pie, you might as well go directly to the source. Kermits Key West Lime Shoppe uses actual key limes in celebration of the official Florida state pie. Its tart and zippy as every good key lime pie should be, but mellows out thanks to condensed milk and cream cheese.

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Properly Packaging Your Pie For Shipment

While pies arent fragile like glass or ceramic items, they can easily be ruined during transit. Thats why using the right kind of packaging to protect these types of shipments from any damage is especially important.

We recommend putting your pie inside of a pie box, and then putting that case inside of a larger, corrugated cardboard box. Think of it like double protection. Then, around the smaller pie box, we recommend using packing material such as bubble wrap or air pillows to keep the inner box from moving around at all. The more protection you can use to keep the smaller pie box from moving, the better!

Pro Tip: If youre in the market for some pie boxes and packing material, check out the ULINE website. You can also order your larger, secondary cardboard boxes through ULINE, as well. If youre trying to keep expenses low, check out the USPS website to order some free Priority Mail boxes that you can use as your secondary outer packaging.

Gather Materials Needed For Shipping A Pie

Properly shipping a pie isnt a matter of baking it and simply throwing a shipping label and sending it along its way. As far as dessert delivery disasters go, opening a gift box to a destroyed pie is next level disappointing. Make sure to get the necessary materials to give your baked pastry the preservation it deserves. Some of our recommended materials for the perfect pie send-off include:

There are many advantages to choosing a pie/cake box, as other types of boxes wont provide the same level of protection for this specific sweet treat. Plus, they help out the recipient in terms of providing an easy way to store their pie in the fridge.

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More Information About Shipping Pies

All orders are baked and shipped out of Traverse City, Michigan and we ship to locations anywhere in the United States. Once your pies or baked goods have arrived, they can be served for another three days. All fruit pies are best stored on the counter at room temperature. All cream pies, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, pot pies, and cheesecakes should be stored in the refrigerator upon arrival. For more details about caring for your pies, view our Pie Care Instructions.

Twedes Cafe In North Bend Washington

How to receive e-mails from website using mail form PHP easy as pie

David Lynch fans may recognize Twedes, nestled in the Cascade Mountains, as the Twin Peaks cafe. The North Bend, Washington, institution has been around since 1941maybe because its capitalized on the shows cult following and will ship Twedes merchandise and its signature damn good cherry pie. Order the pie alone, or add a bag of coffee beans.

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Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Brooklyn, New YorkThe Elsen sisters have made a huge splash in the Brooklyn baking scene on the strength of their incredible pies, honed in the cold of their motherland South Dakota and brought to stunning life out east. Theyll ship pies pretty much everywhere, meaning you can get a taste of their Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan, the comfort-food-plus Salted Caramel Apple, and the Black Bottom Oat anywhereeven South Dakota.

Some Pies Dont Ship Well

Its important to know that not all pies are going to be easy to ship in this fashion. For example, cream pies are going to be more likely to get messed up along the way.

Any pie that utilizes a meringue will have problems and there isnt a lot that can be done about this if youre just an average person making pies.

If your pies are cream pies or meringue pies, then you might want to consider another option. Some people have shipped them fine by shipping them in a secure package that also contains cooling materials.

There are special shipping arrangements that you can make with couriers to ship items that need refrigeration as well.

However, fruit pies, pumpkin pies, double-crust pies, and more will ship perfectly fine using the methods explained earlier. Just be ready to pack things well and you shouldnt have a lot of trouble shipping the pies.

So long as they are shipped out expediently, everything will turn out well.

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Find The Pie Shipping Supplies You Need At Paper Mart

With the correct materials and proper planning, shipping a pie is easy. Make sure to gather a specialty pie box, ice packs for freshness, and packing materials for padding to successfully ship a pie. Perfect for holidays, special occasions, or simply showing youre thinking of someone, sending a baked pie is a delicious and thoughtful gift that anyone will cherish. Now that you know all the best ways for shipping pies, youre bound to be the new favorite of the friend group.

Paper Mart has an extensive portfolio of packing supplies that are perfect for gathering materials needed to ship a pie. From our bakery and pie boxes to our festive and colorful loose fill, we have everything you need to send this unique gift. Browse packing supplies and shop at Paper Mart today!

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