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Prepare The Flaky Chinese Pastry

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The most challenging part of making this dessert is to prepare the flaky Chinese pastry.

This pastry is closely related to the puff pastry. Nevertheless, the layers are separated not by pure butter, but the combination of low gluten flour and oil . It tastes different from puff pastry, although the method of preparation is quite similar.

Once you master how to make the Chinese puff pastry, you will be able to make many other Chinese bakery items that required similar pastries, with some minor differences from one recipe to another.

Before we start, let me define the terminology I use in the following sections. Water dough refers to the main dough of the pastry. Oil dough refers to the mixture of flour and oil that separate the layers.

The Story Of How They Were Created

There are a couple of different versions of how this cake came to be.

But the story goes like this: there was a couple in China who were very much in love, but lived in a very poor village.

The girl’s husband’s father was suddenly very sick, so they used all of their money to buy medicine to help the father, but he was still sick.

So the girl sold herself as a slave in order to get money to help buy medicine for her father-in-law.

When her husband heard what she had done, he created a cake with sweetened wintermelon and almond and sold it on the street.

Eventually he made enough money that he was able to buy his wife back.

A Recipe By Daddy Lau

My dad’s been cooking Chinese food for over 50 years – as a kid fending for himself in Guangzhou, as the head chef of his own restaurant, and as a loving father in our home.

Hopefully, by learning this recipe, you’ll get to experience some of the delicious joy we felt growing up eating his food!

– Randy

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How To Serve And Store

You can serve the Wife Cakes slightly cooled after baking, or at room temperature.

Store them in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Alternatively, you can freeze them in an airtight container and reheat in the oven until crisp.

Pair them with a cup of tea, or an HK Milk Tea Bubble Tea and you’ve got the perfect afternoon snack.

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Kam Wah And Joy Luck Palace Double Yolk Moon Cake

Chinese mooncake in costco. Depends on what you looking for. Those from hk which cost like 35 have better yolks. Kam wah moon cakes were spotted in the store again. Sign up for our newsletter to receive our best activity recipe and craft ideas before every chinese. The kam wah moon cake 4 pack tin is priced at 1699. I normally buy local bakery mooncake.

Are these any good. Chef shane chartrand fresh off an appearance on iron chef canada has just released his first cookbook co written with jennifer cockrall king. Nowadays most people buy these confections but if youre adventurous you might attempt making one of the chinese japanese korean or vietnamese cakes we. Leave some comments below if they are. Costco has moon cake. I was introduced to moon cakes by some chinese friends for mid autumn festival and got my wife hooked shortly after.

This article is part of our mid autumn festival family guide. Tawaw cree for.

Oreo Mooncakes Are Available In Asia And They Look Amazing

Mid Autumn Festival 2018 Hungryones Com

Moon Cake

Kam Wah Moon Cakes & Egg Yolk Pies


Since this is a seasonal item, please call your local Costco Wholesale to check the availability of Kam Wah Moon Cakes & Egg Yolk Pies. These items are seasonal with limited quantity and tend to sell out very quickly. Prices are subject to change.

Costco Moon Cakes & Egg Yolk Pies Item No.#29430 – Kam Wah Moon Cakes

#1472859 – Kam Wah Lotus Seed #1324701 – Kam Wah Lotus Seed

#1472874 – Kam Wah Mixed Nuts #1324710 – Kam Wah Mixed Nuts

#1324698 – Kam Wah 4-of-a-Kind Variety #1324693 – Kam Wah Durian 1 yolk

#1089788 – Kam Wah Egg Yolk Pies

#1591770 – Kam Wah Taro Yolk Pies

These items can be found at most Costco locations throughout USA.


If your local Costco doesn’t carry our products or you simply can’t find a flavor that you’re interested in then you don’t need to worry. Our moon cakes can also be found on Amazon.com. Amazon has more flavors and choices to choose from whether you need no yolk for our vegetarian customers or those that only want the 1 yolk option.

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Kam Wah Moon Cakes Egg Yolk & Lotus Seed Pies N/a Each


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Kam Wah Egg Yolk Pies from Costco
Raffles Hotel Singapore Has NEW Mooncakes For 2021

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Kam Wah Moon Cakes 2015

Kam Wah Egg Yolk Pies from Costco

Kam Wah Moon Cakes are back for 2015!

Just like last year, theres a variety of moon cake filling available including lotus seed, mixed nuts, etc.

Most stores will charge extra for egg yolks in the filling but at Costco, the price is the same whether the moon cake has no egg yolk, 1 egg yolk or 2 egg yolks!

The piggy and panda moon cakes are also available. You can check out more photos from our moon cake posts from 2013 and 2014.

The Kam Wah Moon Cakes are priced at $16.99 for a tin with 4 moon cakes.

Unit price is $4.248/moon cake.

Item number 29430.

The Panda and the Piggy moon cakes are priced at $6.49.

Item number 598675.

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Egg Yolk Pies 8pcs 560g

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How To Make Glutinous Rice Flour

Note: The chewy texture of the filling comes from koh fun, which is cooked glutinous rice flour, and can be very difficult to find, even in Asian grocery stores. If you can’t find it, you can make it at home.

Just use regular glutinous rice flour, toast it over a dry hot pan for 10-12 minutes, stirring consistently , and it should turn slightly tan in colour.

For the pastry:

The flaky pastry consists of an oil dough and water dough.

Layer the 2 doughs together to produce a flaky pastry, similar to making puff pastry.

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What Happens If Kam Wah Moon Cakes Egg Yolk & Lotus Seed Pies Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

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Making The Water Dough\

KAM WAH Egg Yolk Pies 8pcs 560g

The water dough call for the combination of high gluten flour and low gluten flour .

Why do we need both to make the water dough? The reason is to ensure to dough is stretchable while creating the layer and yet not too tough that it will distort the shape.

The water dough will break during the process of wrapping the oil dough if it is not elastic enough. High gluten flour develops gluten during mixing, causing the water dough to become flexible and able to form a thin sheet without breakage. Otherwise, the water dough will break, and the oil dough wrapped inside will leak and destroy the layers.

However, if there is too much gluten developed, the pastry will be out of shape and unable to form a perfect sphere. That is why the use of both high and low gluten flour is critical to the success of the pastry.

Use butter to replace lard

Traditionally lard is used in this salted egg yolk pastry recipe. However, I substitute it with unsalted butter as we know that lard is not an ingredient like by everyone. Furthermore, animal fat is always deemed to be unhealthy.

Here are the steps.

The formation of gluten is an important step. You need to knead if further and rest it for another half an hour if the dough is unable to stretch into a thin layer.

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Wrap The Filling With The Dough

  • Take a portion of the relaxed dough. Fold both ends of the Swiss roll together and let the smooth area of the dough facing down. By doing so, the folding line will be on top after the dough is rolled out, with the smooth surface facing down.
  • Roll it out to a circle. Wrap the filling with the pastry carefully. Make sure the pastry fully encases the filling. Place the pastry with the seam side down.
  • Place a piece of baking paper on the baking tray. Arrange the pastry on it.
  • Let the pastry to relax for fifteen minutes before baking. Make sure to cover it with cling film to avoid drying. This step helps to prevent cracking of the pastry during baking.
  • Crack an egg and separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Beat the egg yolk and apply the egg wash to the pasty with a brush. Garnish with some black sesame on top.
  • Bake at 180°C/350°F at the medium rack for thirty to forty minutes.

Wrap The Oil Dough Inside The Water Dough

  • Measure a portion of the water dough weighed 18g. Flatten it on a non-stick surface to form a circle.
  • Roll out the dough with a rolling pin, with the center slightly thicker than the edge.
  • Place a portion of the oil dough in the water dough and wrap it up. Make sure the water dough is completely sealed within the water dough.
  • Cover it immediately with cling film once the oil dough is completely encased in the water dough. If you do not cover it, the surface of the water dough will dry out, which may crack when you roll out the dough. If it cracks, the oil dough will leak and destroy the layers.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator to firm it up if it is too soft to handle.
  • Roll out one portion of dough into an oblong, with the end side facing upwards. Do not roll it too thin as it may stretch and break the water dough. It should be about 5 to 8cm length for the size of the pastry in this recipe. Roll up the dough like making a Swiss roll. Then cover with cling film for fifteen minutes to let it relax.
  • Roll out the dough for the second time, roll up and rest for thirty minutes.
  • Repeat once more for the third time. Roll up again and keep refrigerated if you do not use it immediately.

Watch the video in this article, which shows how to make the flaky pastry.

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