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Pork Pie 6.5×14 Big Black Brass Snare Drum – Quick n’ Dirty


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Pork Pie 6.5×14 Big Black Brass Snare Drum – Quick n’…
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X 7 Bullet Hole Vent Snare Drum

Clown puke are the words that Pork Pie itself uses to describe the hardware on this visually ballistic 14 x 7 snare with multiple vents . And by multiple, we dont mean two or three extra holes my count came up with 72 holes drilled in an arrowhead-type pattern through the 8-ply maple shell. You want ventilation for your snare drum? You got it.

Surrounding the edges of these holes is a silver glass glitter finish. Hues like bubble gum pink and bright blue abound on the powder-coated hardware, giving this big snare drum a carnival atmosphere. If you want something with visual impact behind the subtle flair of the Piglite, heres your drum. Even the most demanding extroverts should find this snare meets their criteria for arresting presentations.

Due to the much faster and more complete rush of air outside all those vents, the response of the drum is very dry. While the size can allow the Bullet Hole drum to achieve big volumes, the drum is also noticeably crisp and sensitive at very soft volumes. Many snare drums seem to mush up when played at pp or ppp, but this drum remains precise at the small end of the volume scale surprising for a drum that comes off like such a big brute.

An Instant Classic From Pork Pie With A Case You Can Rely On

This bundle includes a Porl Pie Big Black Brass snare drum with a Protection Racket Case.Pork Pie has been making waves in the drum industry with their unusual, innovative products. The Pork Pie Big Black Brass snare drum with tube lugs is a good example of this, with retro-style tube lugs that traverse the depth of the body, and a brass shell with a stunning black chrome finish. The Big Black snare drum offers outstanding sensitivity, volume and projection. 6-1/2″ x 14″.The Protection Rocket Case includes a thick fleece lining to keep your drums extra safe. The outer cover is extremely strong and durable, and the fleece inside makes sure your drums are kept safe at all times. Using Protection Racket’s unique Propadd foam for it’s shock-resistant characteristics, this case is rugged in construction and lightweight in design. A clever internal dividing system creates a flexible number of compact, snug compartments to separate the individual components of the kit. Designed, developed and road tested by gigging musicians who appreciate exactly what’s required from an instrument case, it’s virtually weightless transportation with effortless to use one-piece construction and maximum protection.

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Black Beauty Next To Pork Pie

The difference in sound between a BB and a Pork-Max-itone is going to be fairly inconsequential.The price difference is just as reflective of US regulations than it is Ludwig’s margins. ..Disclosure — I’ve used my BB for exactly ZERO recordings since getting my George Way.

Pork Pie Percussion Big Black Brass Snare Drum Features:

Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum With Tube Lugs and ...
  • A standout among Pork Pie’s already remarkable Little Squealer series
  • Bold and beautiful 6.5″ x 14″ snare drum with the melodic warmth of brass
  • Black nickel chrome finish gives this snare drum a distinct look
  • Outfitted with Pork Pie’s acclaimed 2.3mm hoops and chrome-plated brass tube lugs
  • Exclusive snare wires deliver a pronounced and articulate snap

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Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare

Last year I was in a Guitar Center. I compared a PP Big Black Brass to a Ludwig Black Beauty. Same size, same drum heads. I liked the sound of the PP Big Black Better. It seemed to be a little more focused. So I brought one. I’m very happy with it.I added a some brass parts to make it look better..

Love the Brass !!! I am pretty sure that is a World Max snare rebranded! I have a 6.5×14″ Ludwig Black Magic which is a World Max snare as well! Did you use DrumFactoryDirect for the brass parts? That’s where I got some of mine, they have great prices on hardware!

Pork Pie Big Black Brass

Ive been playing this Pork Pie Big Black Brass snare for a year now and I want to tell everyone that is looking for a replacement or addition to your kit snare that for the dollars spent you would be hard pressed to find a better drum. When I received my BBB it came stock with generic heads both snare and batter. The drum sounder very good with these heads and one wouldnt need to change heads until you needed to. I did however change to a Remo coated Ambassador batter and an Ambassador snare side head. I have a vintage 6.5×14 Slingerland chrome over brass snare and have always loved the full bodied sound of that snare tuned tight and the Pork Pie gives me that same full sound when tuned high. The snare being black chrome over brass with ten tub lugs is also quite pleasing to the eye as well as its sound. The drum seems to be very versatile in its tuning range but for me the fullness of sound and crack you get when tuned high is simply awesome. At a $240 price tag this drum is a great deal and could be found for even less if you shop around.Bottom line if you want a high quality great sounding snare at an affordable price give this drum a look. Im glad I did.

Now playing Gretsch and Slingerland Drums

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Pork Pie Black Bob Brass Snare 6 X 14

Like new PorkPie BOB Brass snare. Mint condition, 2.3mm hoops, brass snare wires, tube lugs, remo snare side head, and original Pork Pie batter head. Batter head looks new but does show very faint use but only upon close inspection. Perfect and excellent sounding snare. Price is firm, pick up fisher …

Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Vs Pork Pie Patina Brass

Pork Pie Black Brass 14×6.5 Snare

Hello, Im currently in the market to change my main snare for something that will suite my needs a little more. Over the years ive grown a love for the sound of brass snares. Now im stuck between these two models. Im looking for one that will be more “phat” sounding while having a great POP sound. I will be using this for my Heavy rock/hardcore band. I Think deep down the big black will be more versatile due to its size however my heart is telling me to go with the patina. plus it is sexy as hell. I just dont feel right having a 13 inch snare as my main snare for some odd reason. Maybe you guys can help me decide.


never tried the patina, but ive had a big black brass for about a year now…. it is a huge sounding drum, no doubt, especially when tuned down and a little loose…..sounds huge from a distance…..at first, i just used a coated amb, but recently switched to a remo controlled sound reverse dot, with an aquarian classic clear reso, and 42 strand gibraltar wires ….. pretty massive, the cs controls the ring when required….i sometimes add an aquarian studio ring to tame it even more….i consider it my main snare, though i have and regularly use an 5 acro, 5 vintage supra cob, 5.5×14 sensitone elite steel, 7×13 gretsch catalina mahogany and a 3×13 pearl maple picollo…..the bbb is pretty much what i would consider a ludwig black beauty if you dont wanna spend $600….i got mine for 160 on ebay….great deal.

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Beautiful Brass Tone Bold Black Look

Balancing the warm and musically vibrant sound of solid brass with the distinct look of black chrome plating, Pork Pie’s Little Squealer series Big Black Brass snare drum offers both a distinct look and sound to your kit. It’s a standout from the rest of the Little Squealer series, featuring chrome-plated tube lugs, rather than the hourglass lugs common to the rest of the series. The Big Black Brass snare also includes the 2.3mm hoops and custom snare wires Sweetwater drummers love about Pork Pie’s other brass drums, providing you with the kind of expressive articulation you won’t typically find in an “off the shelf” instrument.

Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum With Tube Lugs And Chrome Hardware

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  • Model # PP6514BB

Pork Pie has been making waves in the drum industry with their unusual, innovative products. The Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum with Tube Lugs is a good example of this, with retro-style tube lugLearn More


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Tunings/heads For A Pork Pie Big Black Brass

I got this snare back in october and I changed the standard heads for a combination of Evans Hazy 300 + Reverse Powercenter. I’ve been using it with those since and although I get a nice sound from it I still can’t get that sound that I’ve heard in other brass snares. I have the snares very tight with the batter quite cranked and the reso less tight . Can anybody reccomend some tunings that’ll get me a full bodied/powerful crack without much overring? Maybe I should change the batter for a muffled one or a double ply, but before that I want to try all the options I have with my current heads.Thanks,MiguelPS: I play heavy/thrash metal and one well known snare sound that I like a lot is Lars’ in the MoP, Justice and Black albums, to give you an idea.



right now because id idnt get the chance yet to buy new heads yet i slapped on my old but still usable remo powerstroke x and it works well. i dont tune it that high. the stock reso is cranked, the stock snares are loose and the batter head is about id say mediumish. i get a fat sound. when i bought the snare the pork pie snare was CRANKED and it sounded kinda cool too, but it choked the drum badly. after much debate and discussion ive decided to loosen my heads and stop choking the batters. i find you get a fatter sound when its about medium tension as oppossed to super tight.

An Instant Classic From Pork Pie

Pork Pie Percussion Little Squealer Big Black Brass Snare ...

Pork Pie has been making waves in the drum industry with their unusual, innovative products. The Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum with Tube Lugs is a good example of this, with retro-style tube lugs that traverse the depth of the body, and a brass shell with a stunning black chrome finish. Outstanding sensitivity, volume, and projection. Pork Pie once again comes through for the different drummer. Order your ultra-cool black chrome snare today!

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Pork Pie Percussion 65 X 14 Big Black Brass Snare Drum

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Pork Pie Snare Drums Tested

Pork Pie Drums has been around since founder Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby in 1987, but despite nearly two decades of building a devoted fan base in the drumming community, the company still retains somewhat of an underground feel. A smaller-scale manufacturer, what Pork Pie may lack in sheer size, it makes up for with daring designs that are both ear-grabbing and eye-catching. For its snares, drum kits, and hardware, the philosophy appears to be staying the original course: center the products around high-quality, often handmade materials, and keep the passion for drums alive. Lets check out a few of the companys unique snare drum offerings.

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Re: Pork Pie Big Black Bob Review

The Shell and Lugs etc are supplied by a company called World Max,Pork Pie add the Badge and drum heads..I also have a snare from them it is the exact replica of what you have with the World Max badge..They also supply OCP and SJC amongst others with shells and i agree it is an amazing snare..I replaced the snare wires with a Puresound and it sounds awesome with medium tuning and the snares loose a small bit..I get a nice fat sound with a bareable ring..sweeeeeeeeet….Great review by the way..


Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum

Gear Review: Pork Pie Big Black Brass Snare Drum

Any one tried this one? Is it good, I’ve heard it’s comparable to a Black Beauty by Ludwig… lemme know.

“I should have known when they asked me to try to see if I could Rub my head and pat my belly at the same time.”FunkyDrummer88


I have it and it’s amazing. You definitley get your money’s worth and then some. It has amazing body, and a really nice crack. I added some Puresound Blasters and the snares are just amazingly sensitive. My favorite snare right now!!


They should bookmark a thread for this snare cause it comes up like every 2 weeks! I got it not too long ago and its my main snare now…de-thronin my Ludwig 400!! Mostly because its a little deeper and I can get a little more body and still have crack but mainly because it stays in tune ALOT better. Love my 400 but she’s a high maintenance B& %$#!!!! The snare really has a great tuning range, sensitive, has awesome body, great crack when tuned up, awesome playing surfaces across the head. For $230- something its one of those snares that I’d buy off the net without thinkin twice!

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