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For the Love of Pie

This yummy table runner says, Save room for dessert! Dress up your home décor with this festive tabletop runner. Youll love how easy and fun it is to make so much, that you may even leave it laying out year-round.

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  • With cool fall weather right around the corner, now is the time to whip up a festive table runner. Make a fun statement with this delicious looking pattern.

    Designer: Stephanie CunnynghamFinished size: 12 x 44Skill: EasyOriginally published:Love of Quilting November/December 2020

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    For The Love Of Pie: How Im Keeping Moms Sunday Tradition

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    Illustration by Mary Kirkpatrick

    One sunny Sunday afternoon in early spring, with a fresh, crisp breeze blowing through the kitchen window, I made an apple pie.

    I love pie. From the flakiness of the crust caving into the soft fruity centre, to the pastry as the perfect balance to the sweet or tart or creamy insides, this is my dessert of choice. My love for pie is rivalled by my dads, who claims it as one of his favourite things that my mom makes.

    Apple, peach, flapper, he begins his litany of pies. Hes watching the Brier mens curling championship as he talks to me over the phone, so his thoughts on pie keep getting interrupted by the disappointing performance of four-time returning champ Kevin Koe, who is about to lose his title.

    Lemon, mincemeat, butterscotch, Dad says.

    I wont be sharing my apple pie with Dad he lives 3,000 kilometres away, so well be eating our Sunday pies separately. But our shared love of pie was born and fed to us by the same source my mom, who, without fail, baked a pie every Sunday for our family of six when we were growing up.

    Saskatoon berry, cherry, Dad continues. Theres not many pies that I dont like.

    Just get some dough, throw some blueberries in there and slap a lid on it.

    They Take Up Loads Of That Pesky White Space

    Who hasnt built a dashboard and thought, I will never get all this space filled. This is where the pie really stands out. With all the white space around the pie this little beauty will fill up that big white page easily!

    Why not go nuts and double down with a 3D pie just to show off your 1990s vintage visuals style?

    With these examples you are going to have to work pretty hard to justify the use of another type of visualisation other than the pie chart.

    Tell me why you choose a pie chart over those other lesser charts!

    Laura Seviour – Data & reporting strategy, coal mining data enthusiast, hobby farmer and pie chart lover.

    DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional data visualisation advice. Dont use this information to present reporting that is important to your career. No liability will be accepted by the author for the impact directly resulting from using a pie chart in your work.

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    You Can Get Really Creative With Your Colour Palette

    A pie chart is a great way to play with your colour palettes . Choosing similar shades gives your audience a real opportunity to work hard for their insight sometimes even allowing them to have a guess at what the chart is telling them.

    Because, lets face it who wants their visualisations to tell you the story within the first 3 seconds?

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