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Delivery Costs For Lighting And Home Accessories

Pie Safe Project

When lighting and home accessories are ordered along with furniture, the delivery expense is included in the cost of the furniture delivery. When ordered separately, the delivery cost for lighting is a flat $45 for an unlimited number of lighting pieces. The delivery cost for smaller home accessories is $9.95 per item .

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Purchase any of our handcrafted pie safes today and get up to 33% off of the retail price of your entire order. If you purchase large or bulk orders, you can receive up to an additional 13% off, and if you pay with a check, you get an additional 3% off on top of that. We work hard to ensure that youre able to purchase the highest-quality products from our stores without having to deal with high prices.

With Proper Care An Heirloom Is Born

Your children will want to take many of your belongings when they venture off on their own and begin to build their own lives in their own homes, and while many of the things that you give them will be replaced over the years, these Amish pie safes have the capability of going the distance and becoming an heirloom thats passed on from generation to generation. Thats exactly why you must take care to maintain it.

To keep your Amish jelly cupboard looking as beautiful years from now as the day you bought it, all you have to do is clean and dust it on a regular basis and make sure that its protected from the elements. Humidity, extreme heat and direct sunlight can all effect the beauty and integrity of natural hardwoods, so be sure to keep your solid wood pie safe clear of these dangers.

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Experience The Amishoutletstorecom Difference

Were located right in the heart of Amish country, in the picturesque village of Smithsville, OH. We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing the highest level of service from the time you order to long after we deliver your products. We believe in the traditional American values of honesty, fairness and hard work. The minute you order your first piece of furniture from us, you become an extension of our family and will continuously be treated as such.

Proudly Handcrafted In America By Amish Woodworkers

Wood Pie Safe Jelly Cupboard Cabinet and 49 similar items

Each Amish pie safe on DutchCrafters is handcrafted by highly recognized woodworkers. Pie safes are held to the highest standards of craftsmanship, and as they are intricately handcrafted, they are inspected for material defects throughout the build process. Additionally, Amish hand-craftsmanship ultimately results with ecological benefits as these methods require very low energy consumption and Amish craftsmen put every scrap of wood to use for agricultural purposes!

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How To Tell Pie Safe From A Jelly Cupboard

Go to an antique show and you might see a pie safe, jelly cupboard or sugar chest.

But most beginning collectors would call each a cupboard or chest with no idea how the furniture was originally used. A pie safe, also called a kitchen safe, is easy to identify.

It is a rectangular cupboard, usually with two doors that have pierced tin panels. Pies and other food items were safe behind the metal doors and kept fresh because air could circulate through the pierced holes.

Popular from the mid-18th century to the early 20th, it went out of use when refrigeration arrived.

A jelly cupboard is a Midwestern term for a two-drawer, two-door kitchen cupboard used for storage. In all other parts of the country, it is known as a cupboard.

A sugar chest looks like a large storage chest on feet. It has a lift lid and a lock. It is a Southern piece of furniture used to store sugar and was not used in other parts of the country. The inside was divided into sections, one for brown sugar, the other for more expensive white sugar. It was locked because sugar was expensive.

See if you can identify some of these outdated pieces of furniture on your next visit to a show or flea market. They still are popular with collectors, who often use them to store clothes.

Some pieces, like yours, had hand-crayoned shape numbers on the bottom. An 8-inch Cherry Blossom jardiniere in excellent condition can sell for more than $500.

A: You have a pair of buttonhole scissors.


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Constructed To Your Specifications

Our hardwood Amish pie safes have the look of antique furniture but are built specifically for you! Woodworkers will not begin working on you pie safe until they get the exact specifications and option decisions that will create a solid wood pie safe that is perfectly tailored for your home and needs. Common options include choice of solid hardwood species and choice of stain, paint, or distressing.

But we wont stop there. We want your shopping experience to be 100% stress-free! To help us accomplish this, DutchCrafters on-call Amish furniture specialists will work with you to choose the options that best fit you specific needs and will gladly answer any question you may have. They will keep you updated throughout the build process, and even follow up afterwards to make sure you are completely satisfied!

To begin work on your American Made Amish pie safe, give us a call today and place your order with one of our friendly and knowledgeable Amish furniture specialists at 941-867-2233.

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Jelly Cabinet / Pie Safe

My mom as always wanted a jelly cabinet and there’s one for sale at a local antique barn so when I saw the plans I knew exactly what I could get her for Christmas. The plan measurement’s were a little off so I ran it through Google sketch-up to get the exact cuts I’d need and to play around a little with the plans. I used chicken wire for the doors and they came out better than expected. For a finishing touch, my mom loves black bears and moose, so I decided to include them in the final design. I went with free drawing them on contact paper and cutting them out and using them as a stencil, I love how they look. Overall it was a fun project. I just need to distress it a little and seal it with poly and it should be better well done.

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Custom Pie Safe Build

Browse our collection of jelly cupboards to find the right fit for you and your home! Use our online ordering tool to customize your order to include the wood type of your choice, as well as the stain finish. Then sit back and wait while we get to work building you your one-of-a-kind jelly cupboard. Upon completion, well even ship it directly to your door so that, once you hit the order button, you dont have to worry about a thing.

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Seamlessly Incorporate Your Dcor

No matter how much storage or space your kitchen already has, theres no doubt that it could always use more! As the one room in the house where people always seem to gather, the décor and organization of your kitchen is key. Not only do you want everything to look as beautiful as possible, but you also want your décor to be functional, as this is also one of the most-used rooms in most homes.

The Amish oak pie safe offers the convenience of additional storage while providing the elegance of a statement piece. But just because its called a pie safe or a jelly cabinet doesnt mean that these are the only two uses for this multipurpose piece of furniture. In fact, you can store anything from plates and glasses to pots and pans within the doors of your Amish jelly cupboard.

The best part is that no matter what youre storing inside this solid wood pie safe, the cabinetry design can work in any kitchen so long as it has just a hint of wooden accent or trim. And if your kitchen just happens to be decked out in chrome appliances and stainless steel cabinetry, you can still find a place for this Amish jelly cabinet in your traditionally decorated dining room, sitting room, bathroom or even your entryway. The possibilities are truly endless!

Pie Safes And Jelly Cupboards

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Dynasty Mission Two Door Pie Safe

Enjoy a classic farmhouse feel and great pantry storage with the Dynasty Mission Two Door Pie Safe. Check out the copper panel doors complete with etched sheaves. Theyre reminiscent of simpler times in rural America. Also, the diamond inlays and black Mission pull hardware enhance the visual appeal. Adjustable

History Of The Pie Safe

Antique Jelly Cupboard : Antique Pie Safe

Pie Safes have been used for hundreds of years to store a lot more than just pies! Pies, cakes, breads and all other types of baked goods were stored in pie safes. Storing the baked goods away in the pie safe kept them safely away from pests and helped the baked goods last longer.

The ventilated punched tin door panels that are popular on many styles were used to circulate air in the wood cabinet and also keep out bugs, dirt and of course, hungry kids. Learn More

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Amish Pie Safe/jelly Cupboards


Instantly add additional storage space to your kitchen with an Amish Pie Safe or Jelly Cupboards. We have a big range of 63 kinds of pie safe cabinets and jelly cupboards in this section such as McCoy Pie Safe, West Lake Pie Safe, Tall Shaker Jelly Cupboard, Harvest Pie Safe, Fresno Jelly Cupboard, and many more quality, American made products.

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Pie Safes And Jelly Cupboard

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