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Damgoode Pies To Serve Deliver Loblolly Ice Cream

Damgoode Pies is doing Arkansas pizza right!

Ice cream delivery, anyone? How about a craft beer float?

This actually exists in Fayetteville now, thanks to Damgoode Pies partnership with Little Rock-based ice cream makers, Loblolly Creamery.

The companies this week announced a partnership to serve the Arkansas-made ice cream at all Damgoode restaurants in the form of scoops, pints, and floats. The floats, according to a press release issued this week, will be available with sodas as well as with Damgoode Brews. Sounds crazy, huh?

Flavors available include Double Vanilla, Little Rock-y Road, Salted Caramel, and Strawberry Pineapple Tea Sorbet.

The ice cream would also be available via Damgoodes regular delivery service.

The restaurant will be celebrating the news with a raffle this weekend. Anyone who purchases ice cream April 7-9 will be entered to win a prize package including four pints of Loblolly Ice Cream, an 18 pizza from Damgoode, and a special edition t-shirt.

We included the full press release below, because in typical Damgoode fashion, its pretty entertaining.

For a bit more information about the raffle this weekend, check out the


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASELittle Rock, AR April 5 2017

On Friday, April 7, 2017 all Damgoode Pies locations will begin serving Loblolly Ice Cream by the scoop, pint, and float. Pints will be available for carry-out and delivery. Floats will feature both sodas and Damgoode Brews, Damgoode Pies in-house brand of craft beer.

Damgoode Pies Little Rock

This was the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! The cook was hollering curse words at a person in the drive thru where other patrons can hear! Manager comes around and says NOTHING! Didnt even tell him to quit! My kids did NOT need to hear this! Will…NEVER go back or recommend!More

Overall experience just ok. The staff was friendly. Chose to eat here because other places were closed. Almost $30 for a large deep dish. A large is plenty for 2 people to eat. Wish we ordered a medium. In comparison to other deep dish pizzas…this one was just ok. Wish the crust had more flavor. They do have different sauce option but we just went traditional.More

I was really impressed by this little spot. It’s really funky how it sits in a little old two story building in the parking lot at the street corner. The kitchen and restroom are downstairs while the dining room is upstairs with a TV showing…sports. It seems like it should be across the street from a college campus.It’s run by one guy, and he runs it well. He takes your order, waits your table, buses tables, and rings up your order. I don’t know how he does it all.We ordered a large Stuffy. It’s sort of a Chicago style double crust pizza with the toppings in the middle and the sauce on top of the top crust. It was served steaming hot and delicious. We were full after just two slices. YUM!Highly recommended to all.More

Damgoode Pies On Rodney Parham To Close

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As the poet hath wrote, As we go on, we remember all the times we had together. And as our lives change, come whatever, we will still be friends forever.

Yes, we recently received news that the Damgoode Pies located at 10720 Rodney Parham will be closing its doors permanently on Dec. 31. Opening in 2005, the restaurant offered carryout and delivery only, and served as a foot in the door of west Little Rock. This closure means the pizza team is suspending all regular deliveries west of I-430 until further notice.

And while our first reaction was to reach for a box of tissues, we were comforted by these reassuring words from Damgoode Pies founder Jeff Trine:

“Were really a full service restaurant at heart, Trine said. Ultimately we just want to find a location out west that truly represents our brand. Plus, we just opened a wicked sick brewpub in the River Market, yo!

While we bid farewell to the Rodney Parham space, were not short on pizza. There are still three Damgoode Pies locations in Little Rock: one at 2701 Kavanaugh, 6706 Cantrell and 500 President Clinton .

For updates and more information, visit the Damgoode Pies website, or follow them on , and .

Update: The original post listed the restaurant would be closing in January instead of December.

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Restaurant Transitions: Damgoode Pies Closing On Rodney Parham Us Pizza Moving In Maumelle

Damgoode Pies is closing its take-out/delivery outlet at 10720 Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, effective Dec. 31. The mini-chain, in a news release issued last week, explains that the storefront operation opened in 2005 as a way to introduce their pizza and pasta to west Little Rock, but “We’re really a full-service restaurant at heart,” says Damgoode founder Jeff Trine. “Ultimately we just want to find a location out west that truly represents our brand.” They’ll stop making regular deliveries west of Interstate 430 until further notice, but they’ll continue to supply catering deliveries throughout central Arkansas. Damgoode’s all-purpose phone number is 228-1000.

And speaking of pizza, U.S. Pizza is in the initial planning stages to move its Maumelle restaurant from 650 Edgewood Drive, in the vicinity of Lake Valencia, to 109 Commons Drive, where it will front toward Maumelle Boulevard . Drew Weber, U.S. Pizza’s chief executive officer, confirms the move — the time frame is somewhere around six to eight months — is to make the restaurant more visible, and also, he says, to “bring it up to spec,” as it will become the prototype for all the mini-chain’s future outlets. The restaurant phone number is 851-0880. Reporter Jake Sandlin, who covers things north of the Arkansas River, notes that the restaurant did a survey about just such a move last year.

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