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Pie cut corner hinges


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Company Name: Classic WoodworksUsing the “piano” hinge to join a pair of doors required of a 90 degree base corner cabinet.View Larger, Higher Quality Image

Hinge Boring & Door Hinges: I use Mepla 170° Pie Cut hinges for these doors, along with standard Mepla 00 cranking base plates. Note that 04 cranking base plates are available if it is required to reduce ½ overlay doors to 3/8 overlay using the same MB 2.1 boring pattern. With Mepla hinge boring machine, bore hinge cup at MB 2.4 for ½ overlay or MB 2.1 for 3/8 overlay. All the major hinge companies make a pie-cut corner hinge that will work just as well provided you follow their procedures for mounting the hinges and plates, and bore the cup holes as required for that set of hinges.

Once the hinge screws are installed, you will notice that the hinge does not want to fully open. This is because the tape is holding it shut. Open the hinge enough to slice the tape with a razor knife and free the hinge.

Finally, trim the tape close to the hinge and peel off the excess. Notice that the doors are separated by about 3/16 when the doors are hinged open. It is because of this non-precise space separating the doors that the hinge is best installed with the doors closed and the hinge folded to its 90° stopped position.


Again, nine technique.

The Infamous Mepla Hinge Replacing Corner Cabinet Hinges

It seems like almost every week we have someone coming in with a broken Mepla cabinet corner hinge . Fortunately, the Mepla hinge isnt in production anymore due to its design flaws. Unfortunately, that means it is hard to find a replacement. We stock a stronger replacement hinge in East Lansing and in Marshall from a different hinge manufacturer. However, we have had a few people come back after their purchase concerned that it wasnt working properly when, in actuality, it was just installed backwards. It turns out, having some installation instructions makes a big difference, so we have been sharing the below video with every sale.

Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors For Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

Truth is, we didn’t hang 20 yesterday.

We actually only hung 18.

We were dreading the last two. Can you guess what two doors I’m referring too?

Yep, you guessed right!

2 Pie Cut Corner Hinges and mounting plates

Don’t forget screws if they don’t come with the hinges, as well as a magnetic closure.


So let’s start by attaching the two doors together with the Pie Cut Corner Hinges.

We use the mounting template to bore holes in one of the doors . Check your instructions if you need to alter the bore distance, or how close you bore the holes to the edge of the door.

The pie cut hinge can then be installed in the bored hole.

The other door is attached to the pie cut hinge with the mounting plate.

Now we’ll move on to the 170 degree hinge, or the hinge that attaches the bifold doors to the cabinet itself.


We bored holes in the door that is attached to the mounting plate of the pie cut hinge.

Notice that these holes are bored further from the top/bottom than the pie cuts – this is to allow for the lazy susan inside the cabinet to turn freely.

The 170 degree hinge is placed in the bored holes,

And attached with screws to the door.

Now we are ready to install the door on the cabinet.


We figure out where the hinges will attach to the face frame, and mark,

And then cut out with a jigsaw.

Now we are ready to attach the door.


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Pie Cut Corner Hinge Hr

  • Pie Cut Corner – Die Cast Construction – 78 Degree OpeningSpecially designed for kitchen corner cabinets with revolving shelvesRequires two 35 mm cup holes 11 mm deep Max. opening angle: 78 degreesDoor thickness variable: 15 – 24 mmThree-way adjust ability, quick mounting, concealed installation and sturdy constructionCompare to Grass 975 Pie Cut Corner or Hafele 343-90-710 Pie Cut Corner HingeRequires 4-#6 x 5/8″ FH Phillips screws Not furnished Hardware Resources product
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Henry David Thoreau:

Wall Corner Pie Cut Kitchen Cabinet

Hafele 343.90.710 Pie Cut Corner Hinge, Nickel Plated ...

Free plans to build a wall cabinet pie cut corner with double folding doors. This style gives better access to the corner countertop space and is easier to build than the angled door cabinet. Free plans from Ana-White.com

I promised you I’d get you a corner wall cabinet that didn’t require a table saw that cuts rip bevel cuts. But even if you can do rip bevel cuts, you may love this pie cut corner wall cabinet more than the angled front one because it gives you easier access to the countertop area below and the shelves are at most 11 3/4″ deep, so stuff doesn’t get lost in the back . And by stuff I of course mean questionably dated noodles and gadgets that looked like pure miracle makers in the packaging or on the tv infomercial … to used once and stored forever. You know what I’m talking about!

Check out the plans below – you’ll see this one’s pretty easy to make!!! Corner, conquered!

PS – This wall corner pie cut cabinet is designed to work with this wall cabinet. To keep the cabinet depths matching, it’s important that you work with plans that use the same style and plywood depth rips. For this cabinet, it’s full face frame, 11 3/4″ ripped plywood with 1/4″ plywood on backs.

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