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How Much You’re Willing To Spend

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You

Finally, your budget is another big consideration when getting a dog. Some dogs have common health issues that can crop up as they age, and this can put a burden on your wallet.

Other dogs may require more investment in their regular grooming. Then there are dog breeds that are low-cost and more affordable for any pet owner.

Choosing The Best Food For American Shorthair Cats

Because American Shorthairs are generally healthy, a complete and balanced cat food should be sufficient for their needs. If your American puts on weight due to inactivity, however, you may want to consider a healthy weight formula like Purina Pro Plan Adult Weight Management Formula or Purina ONE Healthy Metabolism, and if she regularly develops hairballs, consider a specially formulated cat food to help control them, such as Purina Pro Plan Hairball Management Chicken & Rice Formula.

To explore other products for your American Shorthair, see our Product Selector.

About The Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinians are highly intelligent and intensely inquisitive. They love to investigate and will leave no nook or cranny unexplored. Theyre sometimes referred to as Aby-grabbys because they tend to take things that grab their interest. The playful Aby loves to jump and climb. Keep a variety of toys on hand to keep her occupied, including puzzle toys that challenge her intelligence.

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What Breed Of Dog Is Right For Me

But what breed should you choose for the dog to meet your expectations? After all, today, there are about 400 different breeds of dogs and each of them is unique. You should take the choice of a pet seriously so that your family members and the pet itself are comfortable.

We suggest you take a test to determine what breed suits you best and what kind of pet will become part of your family.

Best Dog Food For Afghan Hounds & Puppies

What Is The Best Dog Breed For Me

Active breeds like the Afghan Hound can benefit from high-protein dog food to support their high energy levels.

If you have an Afghan puppy, look for puppy food specifically formulated with essential nutrients to support his growth and development throughout his first year of life.

Explore all our dry dog food products here. For more information on how much or when to feed your Afghan dog or puppy, explore our feeding articles.

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Best Online Dog Breed Selector Quizzes: In Summary

All of the questions in a dog breed selector quiz are meant to help you find the type of dog breed and even an individual dog that will seamlessly fit into your family and lifestyle.

People who adopt dogs on a whim and find them a poor match will be forced to bring the dog back to the shelter or worse abandon them. You can avoid that by checking with a dog breed selector about the right kind of pooch for you.

These best dog breed quiz sites should be your first go-to place. Getting a dog is a big step for any family, so don’t treat it lightly.

Do your research and come up with a few different breeds to consider before you start looking at adding a dog to your home.

Select A Breed By Personality

Next, consider your own personality. Do you prefer snuggling with a lap dog or exploring the great outdoors with an adventurous canine? Are you looking for a couch buddy or a steady jogging partner? Whats your current energy level and how much time will you be able to spend exercising with your growing puppy? Learn how to choose a puppy by personality here.

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How Do I Choose A Dog

Choose a dog based on your lifestyle. If you arent sure about the breed to adopt, consider your home environment, whether you have children and other pets, and how much time you have to devote to your dog. If youre interested in specific breeds, research each one to choose the breed that will fit into your family.

Which Breeds Of Dogs Are Most Independent

Heartbreaking Consequences of Dog Over-breeding | It’s Me or The Dog

If you work outside the home or take frequent trips, you might wonder if there are certain dogs that are more independent to fit your lifestyle.

Renee Streeter, a veterinary nutritionist at PetPlate, and Yui Shapard, educational director, Association of Asian Veterinary Medical Professionals, tell Inverse that the following dog breeds tend to be more independent :

  • German shepherds
  • Boston terriers

But other factors, like the dogs environment, could be more important than their breed in determining their independence.

As working dogs, Border collies and German Shepherds tend to be more independent, but those living in a city as mainly companionship may not exhibit much independence, Shapard says.

If you live in a city and your dogs are used to being around you frequently, then even independent dogs could exhibit anxiety disorders if they do not get the mental and physical stimulation they need to thrive, Shapard warns.

Further, much of a dogs independence or lack thereof comes down to training rather than breed.

When it comes to independence, a lot has to do with the way the dogs are trained by their owners and their relationships, Shapard says.

Shapard emphasizes, that, regardless of dog breed, you shouldnt leave a pup alone for more than six to eight hours.

Dogs are social animals and it is not ideal for them to be isolated for extended periods of time, Shapard says.

Read our article on How long can I leave my dog at home?

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Quiz To Find Which Dog Breed Is Right For Your Personality

When it comes to getting a dog home, there’s much more that you need to consider than just its looks or cuteness. Like humans, even dogs have different personalities, which makes them behave in a certain way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own a dog who’s just like you? Take the quiz in this DogAppy article to know which dog breed best suits your personality.

When it comes to getting a dog home, theres much more that you need to consider than just its looks or cuteness. Like humans, even dogs have different personalities, which makes them behave in a certain way. Wouldnt it be wonderful to own a dog whos just like you? Take the quiz in this DogAppy article to know which dog breed best suits your personality.

Considerations Before Choosing A Breed

Visualize what your life would look like with your dogare they big or small, active enough to hike with you or a couch potato, happy to share you with other pets or a one-owner type of dog? Be sure not to fall in love with breeds without fully understanding their characteristics. Some breeds require a more involved grooming routine while others must have access to a lot of space. Also, every dog is an individual who may exhibit different personality traits from what is typical for their breed. Spending time with your prospective dog before adoption will help you get to know their specific personality and feel clearer on whether that dog is a fit for you.

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Quiz: Pick The Puppy That Fits Your Personality

What is the Best Dog Breed for Me? An Interactive Dog Breed Selector

Its National Puppy Day, which is a holiday we can all get behind. Are you ready for the pitter-patter of tiny paws? How about snuggles with a furry ball of kisses? And dont forget the fact that pet parents are happier and healthier overall. You, my friend, may be ready to add a new puppy to your family.

Which dog is right for you? Take this quiz to find the breed thats best for your personality and lifestyle.

And dont forget the adoption option! Its easy to find a rescue group working with your breed of choice, or to visit your local shelter to find the next love of your life.

Featured image: © Antoniusgun | Puppy

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Best Dog Food For Akita Dogs & Puppies

Akita dogs will thrive on a complete and balanced dry or wet dog food. Akitas may also benefit from a high-protein formula to support a healthy, active lifestyle. Of course, Akita puppies need a complete and balanced puppy food for the first year of life.

For information on how much or when to feed your Akita dog or puppy, explore our feeding articles here.

Your Dogs Needs And Your Lifestyle

Some dogs are easygoing and have laidback personalities. Other dogs, especially herding or working dogs, have an abundance of energy and love being outdoors and going on adventures with their owners. Do your research and learn about the behavior patterns of breeds that interest you. You should find out if the breed is prone to any medical conditions or has special dietary needs. Some dogs may have food allergies or may be inclined to digestive upsets. Your veterinarian can offer guidance about any potential issues.

Read through our dog breed guides based on this category:

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What Dog Breed Is Right For Me

Did you know that there are over 200 dog breeds recognized by the AKC? At Thousand Hills Pet Resort, we see a variety of these breeds within our guests. With so many options when choosing a dog, it’s easy to get stuck in the “paradox of choice.” In this week’s blog, we will be going over some of the best ways to help guide you through a choice overload.

Matching Your Lifestyle With Their Needs

Review of the Top 10 Dog Breeds and Which Breed is Right for You

All dogs have their own, unique personality, but some instincts and behaviours theyre born with. If a pups breed is likely to be an avid noisy maker, he can learn to be quieter, but you need to be prepared to invest time and kindness in hours of education, as being quiet may go against his nature. Our breed selector can help you to match the natural predisposition in a dog to your lifestyle. If you and your dog enjoy similar things, you will be more likely to live a happy, fulfilling life together.

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Im 92 But Look Decades Younger

She explained: “Yeah you need to clean that, you need to open them up go in there with a rag, water, and soap and clean it out.

“If you don’t, I end up doing it and by the time I get to it, it’s disgusting, it smells, it’s green.”

“If you can’t properly take care of this kind of dog, DON’T GET IT,” she adds.

The fourth dog the groomer would never own is a Cocker Spaniel, again because of some of the common health issues that come with them.

“These dogs are so prone to ear infection,” she revealed.

The dog groomer said she often saw Cocker Spaniels come in with ear infections, which were difficult to remove and smell disgusting.

The final dog breed she said she would never think about getting is a Chihuahua.

She explained “I can’t stand these dogs, I’m being serious.

“These dogs are so temperamental, I don’t care if you have the most wonderful Chihuahua in the entire world.”

She added they’re often in places they shouldn’t be because of how small they are, and also the most aggressive.

Many dog owners took to the comments to share their thoughts, one wrote: “I have a German Shepherd, they shed a lot but Its easy to keep up with it. They are amazing dogs!”

Which Breed Of Dog Should I Get

That winsome grin. The soft-to-the-touch coat. That charming little wag. Youve seen it. You love it. And youre ready to bring home your very own four-legged gem. Except for one thing.

Youre stuck on which dog breed to get.

Should you base your decision on temperament, energy level, size, or something entirely different?

Not sure? No worries. Just keep reading and well ask a few questions, provide some wisdom, and guide you through the decision making process.

In the end, you can be certain youre bringing home your absolute best puppy match.

So congrats and welcome! Discovering your perfect breed is only a few clicks away.

To get started, simply take our dog breed selector quiz.

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Which Is The Most Human

The most human-friendly dog is the Golden Retriever, one of the friendliest and most gentle of all dog breeds.

Local shelters always have dogs waiting for that special person to give them a second chance. Visit your shelter, and you can meet mixed breed, crossbreed, and pedigree breed dogs all waiting for a forever home and a family to love.

Fit For Families And Its Members

What Dog Breed Is Best For Me

You wouldn’t want to get a sled dog, like a Malamute, if you live in the deep heat of the south. The same idea applies to your family size.

Some dog breeds are better suited to single people, while others are great with children. Other pets may also play a factor.

Certain dog breeds might get along well with other dogs of their size, but might hate cats.

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Dog Breed Selector: Key Factors In Choosing The Right Dog

If you have tried out the best dog for me quiz above, you might have noticed that there are similar things asked of you. A dog breed selector quiz would vary depending on the website you’re checking.

Some quizzes would focus more on the dog owners rather than on the breed. There is also an interactive quiz for choosing a dog that requires multiple pages but can be very engaging.

Either way, these dog breed selector quizzes would most likely focus on these key factors:

The Best Online Dog Breed Selector Quizzes

Iams, a pet food company, maintains their own websites that focuses on pet nutrition and health care.

They have a dog breed selector to help you find a new family member. Three categories of questions focus on appearance, behaviors, care, and activity level.

Iams has one of the most comprehensive quizzes available online, and once you finish answering the questions, a large list of breeds is available.

Each breed has a percentage of how compatible they might be with you. This allows you to get a few different ideas before you start looking for a pup.

Dogtime dog breed selector quiz goes beyond the usual questions and delves into your personality in order to give you a very specific result.

For example, it has a few questions asking how you’d respond in certain situations.

In addition to the 21 questions, the Dogtime website also features some unique tips and facts on the side, giving you more insight into dogs as a whole.

The Pedigree Dog Breed Selector quiz is nice and fun, with only 17 questions to complete.

This quiz asks you more about your activities and energy levels along with how much commitment you can do for your future pooch.

That said, it does ask you some questions about your time management and how long you’ll have to play with and exercise a potential pup.

The American Kennel Club is a very well-recognized group that specializes in dog breeds and their recognition in the country.

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Should I Buy A Puppy Or Consider Adoption

Last but not least, consider also puppy adoption versus purchasing from a reputable breeder. No doubt there are benefits and downsides to either option. While one individual will prefer to rescue a unique puppy mix, the next owner will be hard set to deal straight with a purebred breeder. Decide for yourself which is best by reading our guide on whether to adopt or buy a puppy here. Additionally you can check out our in depth breeder vs shelter article.

Best Dog Food For Affenpinscher Dogs & Puppies

Which Dog Breed is RIGHT for Me | Getting a New Puppy Guide #2

Because the Affenpinscher is a toy breed, we recommend choosing a dog food specifically formulated for small dogs.

If you have an Affen puppy, choose a puppy-specific formula with essential nutrients for growth and development. For information on how much or when to feed your Affen dog or puppy, explore our feeding articles here.

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Choosing The Best Food For American Shorthair Kittens

Like several other breeds, American Shorthairs are slow to mature, with many not reaching their full size until 3 or 4 years of age. To support your American kittens growth and development, select a complete and balanced kitten food such as Purina Pro Plan Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula or Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula during her first year or so of life. Switch her to a complete and balanced adult cat food after her first birthday.

Which Dog Breed Should You Get

Welcome to our quiz that will help you choose the right dog breed!

Answer these 10 questions to find out which dog breed suits you best.

You’re about to know what dog breed is the one for you!

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