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Critical Statistics For Dog Attacks: Which Breed Bites The Most

Dog Bite Prevention and Awareness Tips

Who doesnt love dogs? Who would dare to hate those fluffy pups, especially when they stare at you with their irresistible eyes?

Even if some breeds arent that cute, theyre still extremely essential in our lives. Between the Labrador Retrievers serving the elderly to the German Shepherds helping the police, its clear that we cant do without them.

On the downside, some improperly trained dogs can show unfortunate acts of aggression. Sadly, many innocent people, and especially children, bear the consequences of thousands of dog attack incidents each year.

Thats why I decided to shed light on this matter. Ill present the most alarming statistics for dog attacks in addition to dog attack statistics by breed.

  • Final Words
  • Ten Fatalities Are More Prevalent Outside The Us

    Unfortunately, not all countries care about documenting their dog bite rates. And even if they do, these data arent typically shared online. Thats why we dont have actual estimates.

    However, according to WHO, mauling is more common in low- and middle-income countries. This is primarily traced to the absence of standalone animal control services.

    To make matters worse, most of the dog bites in these countries end with death. This isnt related to the mauling itself, no matter how severe. Instead, rabies accounts for most of the deaths. The WHO says that 59,000 people die from rabies each year.

    Hopefully, this is expected to change soon. Rabies already has a 100% effective vaccine its just a matter of improving healthcare systems and developing awareness.

    How Many Dog Bite Victims Need Medical Attention Each Year

    If youve ever owned a dog, then you know that puppies go through that bitey phase where theyre basically a cute little land shark always nipping at you with those sharp little puppy teeth.

    We assume that some of those bites are included in the numbers above, so how many of those 4.5 million annual dog bites result in someone needing medical attention?

    That same study from the early 2000s reports that around 885,000 thousand of those dog bites require medical attention.

    The medical attention is either due to severity of the bite or just to prevent future infection.

    We also assume that some of those doctor visits are due to worry of rabies, but that data was not included.

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    Crucial Dog Bite Statistics

      Last updated:

    A dog is a mans best friend. However, just like us, dogs can become aggressive if not treated properly. According to dog bite statistics, more than 4 million dog bites occur in the US every year.

    But before these statistics make you condemn a breed for being vicious or judge an owner for raising a beast, ask yourself one simple question: Why do dogs bite?

    Lets take a look at some of the essential statistics.

    + Frightening Dog Bite Statistics In 2022

    Are Dobermans Mean, Dangerous, or Overly Aggressive? â Doberman Planet

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    Dog bite statistics show that while we love our dogs and consider them part of the family, caring for them has its risks.

    The more people around you have a dog, the higher your chances of being bitten by one. But what happens when our furry friends attack?

    Lets find out all the details and show you how to protect yourself around breeds that bite the most.

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    Why Should You Hire A Dog Bite Lawyer

    If a dog has bitten you or someone you love, you could face considerable costs, including trauma, medical expenses, or permanent scarring or disfigurement. By suffering injuries from dog attacks by breed, you may be eligible for compensation to recover your losses.

    At Maho Prentice, LLP, we specialize in securing fair settlements for victims who have been injured in dog bites or attacks. We will explain the dog bite laws, gather evidence to support your case, provide legal assistance, and negotiate with the dog owners insurance company on your behalf.

    How Do I File a Dog Bite Claim?

    After you were injured in a dog bite attack, immediately seek medical attention and gather as much information as possible from the dog owner. Take photos of the animal and your sustained injuries, if possible. You may also have to file a report with your local animal control agency. By filing a report with this agency, you will have more documentation to help you recover your damages. In some cases, animal control will start an investigation of the accident.

    In personal injury cases, dog bite victims may be eligible for certain recoverable damages, depending on the severity of the injuries and the resulting losses. The most common damages awarded for such personal injury claims include medical or surgical costs, lost wages, projected medical expenses, pain and suffering costs, emotional distress, or other expenses associated with long-term medical care.

    Over 70% Of All Dog Bites Occur Because The Dog Is Not Neutered

    This number was much higher in 2006 when 97% of dog bites happened because people were unaware that neutering reduces aggression in male dogs.

    According to the US dog bite statistics, an unneutered male dog is 2.6 times more likely to bite than a neutered one. Heredity, sex, and reproductive status of a dog are just a few essential factors in determining whether the dog will be aggressive or not.

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    Pit Bulls Engage In Home Invasions More Often Than Any Other Dog

    Approximately once per month during 2015, 2016, and 2017, a pit bull has entered the home of a person not its owner for the purpose of killing or injuring people or pets. In addition to homes, the invaded premises have included apartments, schools, and even a police station. There were 16 such incidents in 2015, 17 in 2016, and 11 in 2017, with the first recorded one in 1912.

    Is Aggressive Dogs Play Considered Fighting

    Dog Bite Statistics aka Your Dog Is a Liar

    Dog play may seem very aggressive to humans, but there are ways to differentiate between playing and fighting.

    If the dog is acting silly, has an open-mouthed grin, bows, growls, voluntarily falls down and comes back for more, he is just playing.

    However, as dog bite statistics reveal, if the dogs body is stiff, hairs are raised, and it has a closed mouth and curled lip, the dog is ready for a fight.

    In addition, low growls, quick and efficient movements and flat ears are also signs that a fight could be coming.

    Recognizing these signs is crucial to stopping a fight before it happens. However, if your dog fights, dont try to separate them by grabbing them by the neck, or you could get bitten. Instead, try to distract the dogs with a loud noise.

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    What Is A One

    Several types of state-based laws can affect legal rulings in dog bite cases, from dangerous dog classifications to civil disputes. The one-bite rule is one such stipulation.

    In short, the one-bite rule states that pet owners will only be liable for injuries caused by a dog if the owner knew that the dog was dangerous in the first place. In other words, if the dog has never shown such behavior before, the owners arent liable for damages. In addition, it falls to the injured person to prove the owners had existing knowledge of their dogs level of danger.

    Often seen as an antiquated statute, only 14 states permit the use of one-bite laws. These states are:

    • Alaska

    • Wyoming

    One Bite Rule vs. Strict Liability

    On the other hand, more than half of all states have strict liability statutes regarding dog attacks. These statutes remove the burden of proof from the injured party. Specifically, they dont have to prove existing knowledge that the dog was dangerous .

    Each state includes various conditional exemptions for its policies. Some, like California, Colorado, and Wisconsin, provide exemptions to service dogs. Other states only cover bites, not other causes of damage, such as tripping or knocking over a cyclist. And many states feature exemptions for dogs that injure or kill intruders or parties that provoked the dog.

    Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Dog

    It has been proven that owning a dog improves your well-being and encourages healthy fitness. Dogs require daily walks or exercise, so it only makes sense for their owners to be more active.

    Once you have decided to get a dog, you have to be prepared for the responsibility that comes along. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment, yet a joy and a privilege. If youre thinking of getting yourself a canine companion, you need to provide them with a safe shelter, food, water, medical care, and a lot of love and attention.

    If you already have other animals or children, there are some things you may want to consider before adopting or buying a dog. If the dog has a history of aggression, are they appropriate for a home with children under no circumstances? Then again, depending on your needs, you can consult with a trusted vet or a dog trainer to find the perfect breed for you and your family.

    If possible, spend some time before with your future pet to ascertain any aggressive tendencies. Then spay or neuter the dog before bringing it to your home.

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    How To Protect Yourself If Your Dog Bites Someone

    If you are an owner of a dangerous or potentially dangerous dog, there are steps you can take to protect yourself.

    Most homeowners and renters insurance will feature dog bite liability coverage. This coverage usually ranges from $100,000 to $300,000. Depending on the severity of the attack, some dog bite claims might exceed this limit. At that point, the owner would be responsible for all additional damages and legal fees.

    Of course, most of this can be avoided with responsible pet ownership. To ensure the best protection against dog bite lawsuits, take preemptive steps. The CDC recommends the following steps:

    • Ensure your neighborhood allows your dog breed.

    • Understand the dogs history, especially with regards to other people and children.

    • Have your dog spayed or neutered. Intact dogs are three times more likely to attack.

    • Avoid aggressive games, and stick to non-aggressive and constructive play.

    • Enroll a potentially problematic dog in training and socialization classes.

    If your dog has bitten or attacked someone and you are being sued, your first action should be to contact a lawyer. Look for local names known for handling dog bite cases. They should be knowledgeable about local and state statutes.

    The Methods Used In This Study Can Lead To Better Prevention

    Dog Bite Statistics

    The trend in prevention of dog bites continues to shift in favor improved ownership and husbandry practices, better understanding of dog behavior, education of parents and children regarding safety around dogs, and consistent enforcement of dangerous dog/reckless owner ordinances in communities. Having reliably identified the potentially preventable factors that co-occurred in their case file, the authors recommend their coding method as a way of enhancing the quantity and quality of information compiled in investigation of any serious dog bite-related injuries.

    This study and follow-up report, and their comprehensive methodology offer an excellent opportunity for policy makers, physicians, journalists, indeed, anyone concerned with the prevention of dog bite-related injuries, to develop an understanding of the multifactorial nature of serious and fatal incidents.

    For additional information on the 2000-2009 study, please read Potentially preventable husbandry factors co-occur in most dog bite-related fatalities:

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    Theres A 1 In 112400 Chance Of Dying From A Dog Bite Or Attack

    If these numbers dont seem low enough, lets put things into perspective. You have no reason for fear. As dog bite statistics from 2019 show, you have more chances of dying:

    • in a cataclysmic storm one in 66,335
    • from a bee, wasp, or hornet sting 63,225
    • in transportation incidents one in 9,821, and
    • from firearm discharges one in 6,905.

    And if that didnt calm you down, we have more surprising statistics coming your way. If youre still afraid of dogs, these dog bite statistics for 2022 will ease your mind.

    Namely, you are much more likely to die from choking on food or heart disease and cancer , than from a dog bite!

    Injuries Associated With Dog Bites And Dog Attacks

    CHIRPP database, summary data for 1996, all ages


    Injuries associated with dog bites and dog attacks were sustained most frequently by 5-9 year olds . Of all injuries related to dog bites and dog attacks, 57.9% were to males. Injuries occurred most often in the summer, 37.7%, and most frequently between the hours of 4 and 8 p.m., . Most injuries occurred at the victim’s own home, 34.2% or other home, 30.3%. The majority of injuries occurred when the patient had no direct interaction with the dog, 28.9%. Injuries that required advice only or minor treatment accounted for 57.9% of patients, while 36.8% of patients needed medical follow-up after leaving the emergency department and 4.5% were admitted to hospital. Overall, the most frequent types of injury were bites, 73.1%, and the body part most often affected was the face, 40.5%.


    In April 1998, a search of the CHIRPP database for the year 1996 was conducted. No age restriction was specified in the search. Records were selected i) if they contained a factor code for dog , mechanism for animal bite or sting and nature of injury for bite or ii) if the text fields contained the following strings: “DOG” or “CHIEN”. Selected records were then scanned and eliminated if the injury was not directly related to a dog bite or dog attack. The total number of records identified was 1,237.


    In 1996, dog bites and dog attacks represented 1.0% of all injuries in the CHIRPP database.


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    Common Characteristics Of Dangerous Breeds

    • Strong musculature, powerful appearance, robust, athletic configuration, agility, vigor and endurance.
    • Short hair
    • Thoracic perimeter between 60 and 80 centimeters, height and width between 50 and 70 centimeters and weight over 20 kg.
    • Voluminous head, cuboid, robust, with broad and large skull and muscular and bulging cheeks. Large and strong jaws, robust, wide and deep mouth.
    • Wide, muscular and short neck.
    • Chest solid, broad, large, deep, arched ribs and short muscular back.
    • Parallel, straight and robust forelegs and very muscular hindquarters, with relatively long legs forming a moderate angle.

    Dog Breeds Most Likely To Bite

    Doberman Pinscher Dog Bite and Attack FACTS and Statistics

    Dogs are often fun and loving, though when they bite, they can cause serious problems. Over 4.5 million people get bit by dogs every year in the United States, and nearly one in five people who were bit need medical attention. Learn what dog breeds are considered most likely to bite and how you can work to prevent dog bites from happening.

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    Siberian Husky83 Attacks And 26 Kills

    It does not appear in the PDD list. The attacks carried out by these Huskies are registered as semi-wild animals.These attacks were carried out in very cold, desert areas, as they spent a lot of time alone and isolated, so the lack of socialization and habituation with other humans prompted the attacks.

    Filing A Dog Bite Injury Claim

    If you have been the victim of someones aggressive dog, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries. But filing a claim in a dog bite injury case can be extremely complex. It may include fighting with the dog owner, their insurance company, and even the owner of the property where the attack happened. Working with skilled Washington State dog bite lawyers can make the process a lot easier.

    If the claim is covered by the dog owners or property owners insurance, the insurer may outright deny your claim for payment. If the insurance company denies liability for your claim, your next step may be filing a lawsuit. If you have to file a lawsuit in a dog bite injury case, you will need to find an attorney who is not afraid to take your case to trial, if necessary. When you retain the Washington State dog bite attorneys at Brett McCandlis Brown & Conner, you have a legal team with over 40 years of combined litigation experience working on your case.

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    Responsible Pet Ownership Is The Key To Injury Prevention

    All dog owners have an unequivocal responsibility for humane care, custody and control: providing a license and permanent id spaying or neutering their dogs providing training, socialization, proper diet, and medical care and not allowing a pet to become a threat or a nuisance.

    Increased awareness of these responsibilities is reflected in the percentage of DBRF investigations that result in criminal prosecutions of the owners and caretakers .

    Dog Bite Statistic #: How Serious Are Most Dog Bites

    Statistics: Dog Attacks &  Interactions By Breed

    Dog bites obviously vary in severity. Some are relatively harmless nips that fail to even break the skin, while others are very serious and may even lead to the victims death.

    In 1994, the CDC reports that approximately 800,000 of the 4.7 million people bit in the U.S. either sought medical attention or were forced to restrict their activity level.

    In other words, roughly 17% of the dog bites were bad enough to qualify as serious.

    Nevertheless, theres a big difference in serious enough to require some first-aid at the hospital and serious enough to require hospitalization.

    And fortunately, of all the dog bite victims treated in U.S. emergency departments in the year 2001, 96.2% of victims were treated and released, while only 1.6% were hospitalized.

    Some dog bites are, however, as serious as you can get, and ultimately result in the death of the victim.

    The number of dog-bite related deaths obviously fluctuates from year to year, but the CDC reports that 279 fatal bites occurred over a 15-year period, which averages out to a little more than 18 fatalities per year.

    It bears mentioning that bites in some other countries are an even greater health hazard than they are in the United States, due to the threat of rabies.

    In fact,dogs account for 99% of all rabies transmissions in humans, worldwide.

    Rabies is nearly 100% fatal without treatment, but with prompt and competent medical care, the disease can usually be prevented from taking hold.

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