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Making a Expense Pie Chart

You can also use the free pie chart maker tool from Canva . Make big-picture categories that fit into the context of your life, lumping things together where that makes sense to you, separating pieces out that you feel need separate attention. For example, I put all spending as one category. But you could separate out groceries if you wanted to keep a closer eye on any particular important or problem categories. Be thoughtful about how you divvy up to make a good big-picture visual of what your total annual income is doing.

But if you arent a binge clothing shopper, theres no reason to pour over your account statements for the past year finding all your clothing purchases just because other people budget that separately. Think about what is relevant for your family.

For each pie wedge category on your list, calculate how much you spend as a percentage of your income annually . Then type in those categories and percentages to the Canva tool.

Here is our most recent years pie:

Creating A Pie Chart In Excel

To create a Pie chart in Excel, you need to have your data structured as shown below.

The description of the pie slices should be in the left column and the data for each slice should be in the right column.

Once you have the data in place, below are the steps to create a Pie chart in Excel:

  • Select the entire dataset
  • In the Charts group, click on the Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart icon.
  • The above steps would instantly add a Pie chart on your worksheet .

    While you can figure out the approximate value of each slice in the chart by looking at its size, its always better to add the actual values to each slice of the chart.

    These are called the Data Labels

    To add the data labels on each slice, right-click on any of the slices and click on Add Data Labels.

    This will instantly add the values to each slice.

    You can also easily format these data labels to look better on the chart .

    Evaluate & Determine Your Ideal Future Pie Chart

    What stands out to me is how few categories there really are in our present life, now having no non-mortgage debt and that our giving is smaller than wed like for this past year. There are reasons for that, but still its something wed like to be higher in the new year. So right there by pie-charting this out I can easily see a place I want to change. I can also see our discretionary spending seems a little out of whack for the lifestyle we intend to lead. Time to start paring that down by more carefully controlling day to day spending as we simplify life a bit.

    Granted, our discretionary spending wedge there includes gas , groceries & other food spending, entertainment, etc that tend to be separated out in others recommended budget percentages. But that teeters on categorized budgeting, which I am not all about! Again, setting some amount I should spend, whether it be on my mortgage or my shoes just doesnt sit well with me. Set up the big-picture pie that fits your situation and your future goals. Then learn the skills to create those proportions, whether it be through frugal food spending or finding the right home size and, with it, mortgage to fit your ideal budget pie.

    So, there we go! Some simple pie charts and already some clear plans for tweaking things in the new year. This is the kind of routine personal finance maintenance you will do once you have established smart financial goals with a long term plan in motion.

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    How To Make A Pie Chart In Excel

    Annual Budget 2012

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to create a visual representation of your data in Microsoft Excel using a pie chart.

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    New Year New Pie Chart

    Doing this thinking at the end of the year is ideal because you can reflect on the past years distribution of your take home pay spending as a starting point to plan for next year. Think to yourself, when you do this exercise in December a year from now, what do you want your budget pie summarizing next year to look like? What things do you aim to change in this new year to make the next pie look differently one year from now?

    Lets start with where we are today. Take your high level budget, the amounts of each main bill : mortgage/rent, utilities/phones, insurance, childcare, and any others, as well as your debts , your discretionary spending cap, and saving target. If you havent done this, before check out this post to help you seamlessly establish your monthly numbers.

    Theres no need to make this a mathematical masterpiece so go ahead and just draw something by hand in your planner, journal, wherever you like to do your doodling.

    Adjust The Colors To Get The Look You Want

    Make your pie chart a work of art. In Canva, you can easily add a designer-made color palette to your pie chart. Its a great way to make your chart stand out making your information eye-catching and easy to understand at a glance, too. You can also scale or resize your pie chart to the size you need.

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    Creating A Pie Of Pie Chart In Excel

    How to Make a Pie Chart Budget in YouTube

    Suppose you have a data set as shown below:

    If you create a single Pie chart using this data, there would be a couple of small slices in it.

    Instead, you can use the Pie of Pie chart to zoom into these small slices and show these as a separate Pie .


    Here are the steps to create a Pie of Pie chart:

  • Select the entire data set.
  • In the Charts group, click on the Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart icon.
  • The above steps would insert the Pie of Pie chart as shown below.

    The above chart automatically combines a few of the smaller slices and shows a breakup of these slices in the Pie on the right.

    This chart also gives you the flexibility to adjust and show a specific number of slices in the Pie chart on the right. For example, if you want the chart on the right to show a breakup of five smallest slices, you can adjust the chart to show that.

    Here is how you can adjust the number of slices to be shown in the Pie chart on the right:

  • Right-click on any of the slices in the chart
  • In the Series options tab, within the Split Series by options, select Position
  • In the Values in second plot, change the number to 5.
  • The above steps would combine the 5 smallest slices and combine these in the first Pie chart and show a breakup of it in the second Pie chart on the right .

    In the above chart, I have specified that the five smallest slices be combined as one and be shown in a separate Pie chart on the right.

    You can also use the following criteria :

    Point Explosion

    Gap Width

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    How To Make A Monthly Budget Template In Excel

    Companies usually make budgets as a plan to earn and spend money for the coming years. For a family or a person, we can also make budgets for saving money or decreasing family deficit. In this article, I will show you how to download a budget template from in Excel, and how to make or customize a personal budget template in Excel.

    Customize a monthly budget template in Excel

    Although there are so many budget templates for downloading, you may still want to make a custom monthly budget template based on your needs. The following steps will walk you through customizing a monthly budget template in Excel.

    Step 1: Prepare a table, and enter its row headers and column headers as following screen shot shown:

    Step 2: Enter your budget data of income and expenses into the table, and calculate the total incomes of every month and every item:

    Calculate total income per month: In Cell B7 enter =SUM, then drag the Fill Handle to apply this formula to Range C7:M7.

    Calculate total income of every item: In Cell N4 enter =SUM, then drag the Fill Handle to apply this formula to Range N5:N6.

    Calculate the total income in the budget year: in Cell N7 enter =IF=SUM, SUM, FALSE), and press the Enter key.

    Step 3: Calculate the total expense of every month and every items.

    Calculate total expense of each month: In Cell B16 enter =SUM, and drag the Fill Handle to apply this formula to Range C16:M16.

    Step 5: Make a pie chart for the incomes in this budget year.

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    How To Make A Budget Chart In Excel

    UPDATE: Now All Templates Are Included In Executive Toolbox

    How To Make A Budget Chart to Track Budget Costs with Excel

    Creating a budget chart is pretty necessary when you want to communicate your budget information across different teams and your managers in your organization. Sometimes its not enough to just insert your budget information in a spreadsheet and just pass it around.

    There are always going to be someone who probably doesnt understand your information clearly. So putting it into a visual format might help to lighten things up a bit. It also helps to cut time, reading through rows of information can be a bit time consuming.

    KPIs and Budget Excel Templates, Reports and Charts

    Using for example a pie chart to visualize your data will make it easier especially for executives who dont have enough time on their hands daily.

    To create a budget you can use a simple tool like Excel. All you got to do is organize your information properly, insert them into Excel and format them into a chart. You have other tools you can use online to create your budget chart. That will probably cost you a bit of cash.

    Thats the reason why using Excel which is necessary. Its a low cost method that you can use to create it and it can be a better option. You can see in more detail on how to create a budget chart in Excel below.

    How To Make A Budget Chart in Excel step by step tips:

    Step 1
    Step 2
    Step 3
    Step 4

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    What Is A Pie Chart

    I will not spend a lot of time on this, assuming you already know what it is.

    And no.. it has nothing to do with food .

    A pie chart is a circular chart, which is divided into slices. Each part represents a percentage of the whole. The length of the pie arc is proportional to the quantity it represents.

    Or to put it simply, its something as shown below.

    The entire pie chart represents the total value and each slice represents a part of that value .

    Let me first cover how to create a Pie chart in Excel .

    But I do recommend that you go on and read all the things covered later in this article as well .

    Visualize Your Businesss Monthly Or Quarterly Estimated Expenses Using This Budget Pie Chart Infographic

    Budget Pie Chart High

    Presenting large budget figures might be tough sometimes, but not when you have this budget pie chart infographic template to easily take all your data and summarize into an easily comprehensible pie chart.

    Use our library of 10,000+ vector icons and 1,000,000+ stock photos or your branded colors, fonts and logo to customize this template. Add new blocks to combine this template with other infographic templates or charts to make the infographic as compelling and informative as possible.

    Click Use this Template to get started. If you want to explore more design ideas and categories, check out our collection of 500+ professional infographic templates.

    Edit this template with our infographic maker!

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    Embed In Presentations Reports And More

    Canvas pie charts can be embedded in all kinds of graphics and documents. Weve got tens of thousands of templates to choose from, so you can keep a consistent, stylish look. Simply choose what youd like to make whether its a presentation, an infographic or something else then select a template. Add your pie chart from the side panel in Canvas editor.

    When youre all done, you can download your pie chart as a JPEG, PNG or PDF file, share it on your social media, or email it directly to someone.

    Whats Not So Good About Pie Charts

  • Useful Only with fewer data points: Pie charts can become quite complex when you have more data points. The best use of a Pie chart would be to show how one or two slices are doing as a part of the overall pie. For example, if you have a company with five divisions, you can use a Pie chart to show the revenue percent of each division. But if you have 20 divisions, it may not be the right choice. Instead, a column/bar chart would be better suited.
  • Cant show a trend: Pie charts are meant to show you the snapshot of the data in a given point in time. If you want to show a trend, better use a line chart.
  • Cant show multiple types of data points: One of the things I love about Column charts is that you can combine it with a line and create combination charts. A single combination chart packs a lot more information than a plain Pie chart. Also, you can create actual vs target charts which are a lot more useful when you want to compare data in different time periods. When it comes to a Pie chart, you can easily replace it with a line chart without losing out on any information.
  • Difficult to comprehend when the difference in slices is less: Its easier to visually see the difference in a column/bar chart as compared with a Pie chart . In some cases, you may want to avoid these as they may be a bit misleading.
  • Bottom line

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