How To Create A Pie Chart In Google Sheets

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Create A Pie Chart In Google Sheets

Creating a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

is much simpler than you might think. Select the data you want to use for the chart. You can do this by dragging through the cells containing the data.

Then, click Insert > Chart from the menu.

Youll immediately see a recommended graph appear based on your data. It may be a pie chart, but if not, dont worry, you can change it easily.

Select the chart and click the three dots that display on the top right of it. Click Edit Chart to open the Chart Editor sidebar.

On the Setup tab at the top of the sidebar, click the Chart Type drop-down box. Go down to the Pie section and select the pie chart style you want to use. You can pick a Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, or 3D Pie Chart.

You can then use the other options on the Setup tab to adjust the data range, switch rows and columns, or use the first row as headers.

Once the chart updates with your style and setup adjustments, youre ready to make your customizations.

Customize The Pie Chart

To customize the pie chart, click anywhere on the chart. Then click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the chart. Then click Edit chart:

In the Chart editor panel that appears on the right side of the screen, click the Customize tab to see a variety of options for customizing the chart.

First, we can click Pie chart and change the Slice label to Percentage.

Next, we can click Pie slice and change the individual colors of the slices in the chart if wed like:

Next, we can click Chart & axis titles and change the Chart title to whatever wed like:

Next, we can click Legend and change the Position to wherever wed like:

The final pie chart looks like this:

Using Toolbar To Insert A Pie Chart


1. Open the Existing Google sheet or new sheet that you want to draw the pie chart. In case youre opening a new document, follow this link . Select the Google Apps icon, and choose the Sheets option. Then, select the empty sheet from the sheet page.

2. Enter your dataset in the empty cells. After entering the data, select the cells that contain the dataset.

3. From the list of tool pie buttons. Select the chart button.

4. The dataset will automatically convert to a suggested chart.

5. Using the Chart editor dialogue box, change the chart type. Tap the chart type drop-down menu and select any pie chart from the pie section. Select the pie chart that fits you best by clicking on it.

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How To Publish A Pie Chart In Google Sheets

To publish a pie chart in Google Sheets, follow the below steps :

  • Navigate and Click on the vertical ellipsis button shown as three dots on the upper-right corner of your pie chart.
  • Now Click on the Publish button
  • We hope this tutorial on How to Create a Pie Chart in Google Sheets was helpful.

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    How To Make A Pie Chart In Google Spreadsheet

    How to Make a Pie Chart in Google Sheets from a PC, iPhone or Android

    Now we will see, how with the help of Google Sheets charts one can analyze the structure or composition of a certain type of data. Let’s get back to our example of sales of chocolate.

    Let’s look at the structure of sales, i.e. the ratio of different chocolate types in total sales. Let’s take January for analysis.

    As we’ve already done, let’s choose our data range. Besides the sales data, we’ll select the chocolate types and the month, in which we are going to analyze the sales. In our case, it will be A1:B5.

    Then choose in the menu: Insert – Chart.

    The graph is built. If Google Sheets didn’t guess your requirement and offered you a column diagram , correct the situation by choosing a new type of chart – pie chart .

    You can edit the layout and style of a pie chart the same way, as you’ve done it for a column chart and a line chart.

    Again, on the screenshot, we see two versions of the chart: the initial and the changed one.

    We have added data labels, changed the title, colors, etc. You are free to edit your pie chart as long as needed to achieve the necessary result.

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    Laravel Google Pie Chart Tutorial Exle How To View Save And Manage Google Forms

    How do i make a pie chart in google sheets. You can customize the style as well as the chart title, slice colors, labels, and much more in the chart editor. Adding a chart to google sheets. It may not be of your type.

    Select the data to be used for the pie chart You can select a pie chart type that you like on the menu. Edit or format title text.

    Google form pie chart 01 prey. To get the pie chart, you need to click on insert > chart. Click the spreadsheet with the chart you want to add, then click select.

    To create a chart, we first need to specify a data set for the chart to be based on. In this type of chart, titles, start and end dates, and duration of tasks are transformed into waterfall bar charts. Click insert chart from sheets.

    Bar, column, line and pie. Add a slice label, doughnut hole, or change border color. As you can see, it is doable.

    I prefer a donut style chart . If you dont want the chart linked to the spreadsheet, uncheck link to spreadsheet. click import. Enter the chart data, and your pie chart will be generated automatically.

    Effective data visualization can make the difference between an average presentation and an excellent business presentation. You can move the chart around to an appropriate position on the pie chart sheet. Charts and graphs demonstrate the relationship between data, allowing the audience to identify key trends relating to your business at a.

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    Summarize Your Data Visually With Pie Charts

    Pie Chart is a visualization tool that allows you to show the breakdown of different categories in your dataset. It compares parts of your dataset to the whole and shows the proportions in a circular form. It is very useful, especially for data visualization.

    In this tutorial, youll learn how to create and customize a pie chart in Google Sheets. Well go over the following topics.

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    How To Create A 3d Pie Chart

    How to Make a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

    Another type of pie chart that you can create in Google Sheets is the 3D pie chart. Just like pie chart and doughnut chart, the choice of using a 3D pie chart depends on the aesthetics. Note, however, that the use of 3D pie charts is discouraged because it causes misinterpretations regarding the data visualized.

    Nonetheless, here are the steps in creating a 3d pie chart:

    Step 1: Select the range of data that you want to visualize.

    The dataset to be visualized, selected

    Step 2: Click Insert, then click Chart.

    Insert option selected on the main menu, drop down box, Chart highlighted

    Step 3: The selected chart type is not a 3D pie chart by default. On the right side, the Chart editor sidebar is loaded. Click the drop-down box below the Chart type. A list of possible chart types will be loaded. Look for the 3D pie chart, and click it.

    Chart editor, Setup tab, Chart type, 3d pie chart selected

    Step 4: We now have a 3d pie chart. To add a title to the chart, go to the Customize tab in the Chart editor, then click Chart axis & titles.

    Chart editor, Customize tab. Chart & axis titles option highlighted.

    Step 5. If you want to add a chart title, make sure that the drop-down box displays the option Chart title. On the text box below the drop-down box, type the title of the chart.

    Chart & axis titles option. Chart title selected. Title text: Annual Sales 2020.

    Step 6. Here are some options in modifying the title of the chart:

    We now have the following chart!

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    Changing Chart Style Of Pie Chart

    When you click on the chart style option you will get various options to do changes.

    Following things can be changed in the chart using these options

    • Font style of your text.
    • The background colour of your Pie Chart.
    • Border colour of the Pie Chart. However, if you dont need the border colour of the Pie Chart then you can see border colour to none.

    You can also convert a normal chart into a 3-D chart. However, I will not recommend it as it is hard to read and often misleading

    How To Make Pie Chart Using Google Sheets: Quickest Ways To Create And Edit Pie Charts

    Graphs and Charts help us to quickly understand any kind of data. Though there are a lot of ways like Bar charts, Line graphs, and Mekko charts to visually represent data, Pie Chart is the simplest one. You can create pie charts quickly with Google Sheets from your computer.

    In this post, lets see how to create and customize a Pie Chart using Google Sheets.

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    How To Customize The Pie Chart

    Now that your Google Sheets pie chart has all the needed information, its time to customize it. Double-click on the chart to bring up the Chart editor and select the Customize tab. Here youll find the options to customize the pie chart.

    • Chart style. Here you can set the background and chart border color, set a new font, and make the chart 3D or maximized.
    • Pie Chart. Use this section to choose how the information is displayed within the chart. For example, using the Slice label drop-down menu, you can choose to represent data as Value, Percentage, and so on. Also, you can turn the pie chart into a donut chart by setting a Doughnut hole value.
    • Pie slice. You can change a slices color and evidentiate it by separating it from the center.
    • Chart and axis titles. Edit the chart title and subtitle and select the font, font size, color, and format.
    • Legend. Allows you to control the legends position, font, font size, among other options.

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    Exporting A Pie Chart

    Google Sheets Tutorial 4 Pie Chart

    If you need to use your pie chart in a presentation or document outside of Google Sheets, you can export it as a .PNG, .PDF, or .SVG.

    Heres how:

    Step 1

    Select the chart and click on the 3 dot menu icon in the corner of the chart.

    Step 2

    In the menu that appears, hover over the Download submenu, and click on the file type youd like to export:

    Step 3

    Select the filename and location for the file download and click OK

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    Manually Add Data Or Populate Your Pie Chart With Data From Google Sheets

  • You may be wondering: Im not a data person. How am I supposed to input my numbers without this being a huge headache?
  • Rest assured: if you know the bare-bones basics of how to use a spreadsheet, you can use the Venngage pie chart maker.
  • Check out the image above. Theres a column for the x and y axes. And a row for the data.
  • As you change each number, the pie chart automatically adapts. The bar goes higher or lower. The line rises higher or lower.
  • Or add a link to a Google spreadsheet and well do the work for you. That simple.
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    Create A Treemap V2 Chart

    Now lets go back to our dataset and add another chart. We want to see a visual breakdown of categories and ratings for movies in the US market.

    For this, a Treemap v2 chart is an ideal choice, so lets create one! Use the graphic below as a guide to configure a Treemap v2 chart:

    When done, you can save it to the dashboard but opt to remain on the Explore page so that you can create another chart. In the Add to Dashboard field, remember to select your dashboard name .

    You can do this by selecting the Save button be sure to create a unique chart name.

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    How To Create A Pie Chart With Google Sheets

    A pie chart is one of the best tools in Google Sheets that can visualize the data. The pie chart is vital in showing the comparisons of datasets. It involves a few simple steps thus, all Google Sheet learners can comfortably use this feature. This article will discuss some of the work-around used to create a pie chart.

    Instructions To Insert Google Sheets Into Google Docs

    How to make a pie chart in google sheets

    Step 1:

    First of all, you need a spreadsheet file that has created a chart on Google Sheets. Then on the Google Docs interface click on the Insert item and then select the Chart section, select the section From the worksheet .

    Step 2:

    Soon we will see all the existing spreadsheets on the Google Sheets account. You can enter keywords into the search bar to find spreadsheets faster. Or you can choose to arrange data as shown below.

    Click on the worksheet to find and click on the Select button below to proceed to insert content.

    Step 3:

    We will then see the graph displayed in the Google Docs interface. Below users should check the Link to Spreadsheet to update all changes in the data and charts in the Sheets file that users insert into the content. Click on the chart and select Enter to insert.

    As a result, we will have the chart inserted into the content of Google Docs as shown below.

    Step 4:

    Instead of having to re-check the data on Google Sheets and then create the chart on Google Docs, then with the simple operations above we will have a quick chart in the document content. The chart will be updated with data, or even change other chart types when users change on Google Sheets file.

    I wish you all success!

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