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The Best Key Lime Pie

Though I normally post a chart showing all the scores of how each item was ranked for taste and texture, Im changing things up! Below are the top three key lime pies as rated by my specific group of tasters.

Although I make my best effort to make each recipe perfectly and review it fairly, theres always an element of bakers error in every bake off. So I encourage you to skim the descriptions of each pie below and find the one that sounds right for you!

Top 3 Pies:

Best Key Lime Pie Recommendations

My top pick: Cooks Illustrated

Best classic key lime pie: Cooks Illustrated, EpicuriousBest uber-creamy key lime pie: Divas Can Cook, Tastes Better from ScratchLightest-textured key lime pie: Pepes Cafe

Best tropical vibes pie: Sallys Baking Addiction

A pie to impress your foodie friends: Bravetart

What You Need To Know About Key Lime Pies

Basically, there are three parts to a key lime pie. The crust, the pie filling, and the topping. Here are the battleground issues: Graham cracker or pastry crust? Homemade or store-bought? Key limes, bottled juice, or regular limes? Whipped cream or meringue topping? Homemade or canned whipped cream? Cooked or uncooked? And the controversy goes on. Feuds have begun, alliances have dissolved, and friendships have ended over this simple pie. Its a battle of personal preference, family tradition, taste, and appearance, and no matter what your recipe, its important to know where you stand on the issue.

Key lime pie is the family favorite at our house. Always has been. We especially love it because it complements seafood and many of Floridas lighter dishes. Whenever we make a key lime pie, we have to make two as its consumed breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We also make it a point to sample key lime pies in every restaurant we visit. We are self-proclaimed semi-professional key lime pie tasters.

So we took a trip to the Florida Keys, the birthplace of the signature dish, and decided to do a sample tasting of key lime pies. From Mile Marker 112, the measured distance on the north end of the Florida Keys to the southernmost point of Mile Marker 0 in Key West. We tasted plenty and since this was work related research, Weight Watcher points need not apply.

Its such a hard job, but someone had to do it.

We have come to the conclusion there are three types of key lime pies:

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Where To Stay In Key West

There are so many fun places to stay in Key West. But our favorites by far are the quaint and cottage-y Key West airbnbs, conch-style guesthouses and boutique hotels with lots of tropical charm. The town is famously LGBTQ friendly so there are lots of gay hotel options as well.

Heron House boutique hotel in Key West, Florida

These boutique hotels below epitomize the local vibe in Key West. The first three here Simonton Court, The Marquesa, and Heron House are steps from Duval. The last three are also great places to stay if youre looking for a resort with a bit more action.

Houston Bakery Wins Award For Best Key Lime Pie In America

The Best Zesty Key Lime Pie Recipe

HOUSTON Three Brothers Bakery officially serves up the best Key Lime Pie in America.

Thats according to the American Pie Council. The local bakery competed in the 23rd annual National Pie Championships earlier this month and took home the award for best Key Lime Pie.

The bakery entered their Key Lime Pie in the competitions Commercial Division and competed against 22 other bakeries that had entered a total of 470 pies.

The competition was held in Orlando, Florida on May 5th and 6th.

It recognizes the countrys top commercial pies and is open to amateur pie makers, professional bakers and commercial pie manufacturers throughout the country and Canada.

This award recognizes all the of the hard work our bakery team does all year. Our Key Lime Pie is light, tart and the perfect summer dessert, especially here in Houston, said Bobby Jucker, bakery co-owner and fifth generation baker. We are thankful to our bakery team and the The American Pie Council for recognizing the great work of bakeries across the country.

#tbt to Janice and Bobby collecting first prize for our Key Lime Pie at the National Pie Championships!

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Mrs Macs Kitchen Mm 994

Key Largos Mrs. Macs Kitchen is our first stop when we reach the Keys. Youll love the vibe of tourists and locals, surrounded by the down-home décor of license plates hanging on the walls along with historical mementos and pictures. Mrs. Macs, which boasts world-famous key lime pie has a secret recipe. Everything is homemade graham cracker crust and a good balance of tart and sweet filling, except the whipped cream.

In Search Of The Best Key Lime Pie In The Florida Keys: Covid Edition

There are few topics in Florida that create as much controversy as the art of making Key Lime Pie. We are very opinionated about how the official state pie is made. There are countless recipes and family favorites that pass through generations. Whether you are a Florida cracker, resident, frequent visitor or just passing through, youre bound to have an opinion regarding the Florida state pie.

While we may not be traveling as far during these unprecedented times, we believe this is the perfect time to go on a road trip close to home! What better road trip than to go on a hunt for the best key lime pie across the state? As always, make sure to wear your mask, social distance, and be safe!

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Who Makes The Best Frozen Key Lime Pie

by20 juillet 2021, 1 h 33 min3.6k Views

key lime pie was wrapped the best for freezing. It came with a molded, plastic cover that was sealed in another layer of plastic wrap. But judges liked it for its tartness and the thick, « excellent, homemade » graham cracker crust.

Consequently, What kind of pies does Edwards make?

Edwards ® Signatures

Also question is, What are the best frozen pies?

We Tested 3 Frozen PiesThis One Was the Best

  • Prettiest Pie: Edwards Chocolate Cream Pie.
  • Best for Chocoholics: Marie Callenders Chocolate Satin Pie.
  • Best in Show: Sara Lee Chocolate Creme Pie.
  • The Bottom Line.

Besides Whats the best store bought key lime pie? Trader Joes Key Lime Pie

Thats why the key lime pie from Trader Joes is so sought-after during the summer when this seasonal pie returns. Its yellow, its made with sweetened condensed milk and real key lime juice , its $5.49 and its perfection in a pie.

Also, What kind of pies does Marie Callenders have?

Cream Pies

How do you serve Edwards frozen pies?


Best Iconic Pie: Joes Stone Crab

The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

Joes Stone Crab

Why We Chose It: Joes Stone Crab bakes its classic key lime pie daily and delivers via FedEx Overnight.

  • Good value if ordering multiple pies

  • Only one variety of pie

The iconic Joes Stone Crab in the South Beach district of Miami, Florida, is known for more than stone crabs. Its key lime pie is a signature dessert at the historic establishment that has been around since 1913. Joes Key Lime Pies are baked daily and are available by the slice for locals. For those of us not lucky enough to have Joes Stone Crab in our neighborhood, we can enjoy it as a whole pie via nationwide delivery.

Each 9-inch pie is delivered via FedEx Overnight and will arrive frozen and packed in dry ice. Customers can order up to three pies per order. Because of flat-rate shipping costs, it’s beneficial to order multiple pies at once for the best value while a single pie is $72.95, two pies are $112.95 and three pies are $134.95 . In addition to key lime pie, Joes Stone Crab offers a large selection of other items available for home delivery to round out a delicious meal.

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The Best Zesty Key Lime Pie Recipe From The Food Charlatan

If you cant commit to a whole slice, the restaurant also. outstanding key lime pie . It’s also known for a delicious treat: To learn more, visit the website for yoder’s restaurant & amish village in sarasota.

One key lime pie was on every list and recommended by almost everyone we talked to: outstanding key lime pie . It’s also known for a delicious treat: Does whole foods sell key limes? Key lime pie bakery, the cafe, kermit’s key lime shoppe, blue heaven, old town bakery, mattheessen’s, thai island, porky’s bayside bbq.

For example, the keys premier chocolate factory can be found at. Named for the small key limes that were once abundant in the florida keys, key lime pie can. Here are the best key lime pies in the florida keys, according to me. One key lime pie was on every list and recommended by almost everyone we talked to: amazing.

Locally owned and operated, the key lime pie bakery in key west makes a delicious array of key lime pies. And the key lime pie was just as phenomenal as we remembered. We explored each of the florida keys in search of the best slice. If you cant commit to a whole slice, the restaurant also. Read more in laws.

What more can you ask for besides friendly service, incredible key lime pie, and a sunset view over the water? We explored each of the florida keys in search of the best slice. Kermits is known to have some of the best key lime pie in the florida keys ..

Best Places To Try Key Lime Pie In Key West

March 29, 2021·In: Florida, USA

Youre in the right place to find the yummiest and best Key Lime Pie in Key West. When youre headed to Key West youve got to make sure to grab a slice of Key Lime Pie . Even if youre usually someone who picks chocolate over fruit-flavored dessert, just try it. Im here to let you know all of the best places for Key Lime Pie in Key West .

I spent an entire summer living, working, and playing in Key West, Florida so Ive got my fair share of amazing recommendations for your trip. I even compiled the ultimate Key West, Florida bucket list with 98 amazing things to do, see and eat- youve got to check it out. Plus, in addition to these mouthwatering places to pick up Key Lime Pie in Key West, there are also loads of other amazing places to eat in Key West you need to add to your itinerary. And for my top tips and tricks, check out my list of 17 things you need to know before visiting Key West, Florida.

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Whats Key Lime Pie anyways?

So whats the deal with Key Lime Pie? Key Lime Pie is a delicious, creamy pie usually made with Key Lime juice, sweetened condensed milk, and egg yolks . Key Limes which are similar to traditional limes, do vary in taste and are usually more yellow than green in color.

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Lazy Days Restaurant Mm 799

Considered one of the best restaurants in the Keys, Lazy Days is known especially for fresh fish. This Islamorada oceanfront restaurant specializes in cooking your catch of the day if you have been out fishing or diving for lobster. The key lime pies are all made on the property, serving a huge slice with graham cracker crust topped with creamy, sweet, filling, and medium tartness. It makes an ideal dessert after fresh seafood.

Best Key Lime Pie In Sanibel

Best Key Lime Pie In The Florida Keys

We plan to visit Sanibel the second week in November. I LOVE key lime pie and was wondering where I can find the very best key lime pie?

Thank you!

11 replies to this topic

Thanks for linking that thread, OC. And while I will still say we think Gramma Dot’s is right there at the top of our list, we have a contender that may have edged G-Dot’s out a bit. Paper Fig!

We think Paper Fig has the best whole pie which is typically what we buy when company is coming. And more economical than G-Dot’s whole pie. But if we are dining out and just looking for a single piece, it’s still Gramma Dot’s.

Thank everyone for your thoughts! We too will try the Paper Fig. Never have been there and will have to find out where they are located.

Well, we tried Paper Fig. Nice crust, smooth and creamy filling, large slices. However, there wasn’t sufficient key lime flavor or tang for us. So, Gramma Dot’s is still our choice for top Key Lime pie. Sorry Zin.

Hey, gotta do your comparison shopping! Glad you tried it.

Truth be told, I love both of them but since I often buy a whole pie for company, the price does come into play. GD’s charges 30% more for their whole pie and it seems a bit skimpier than PF’s – and no whip. So those factors have probably influenced my opinion. First world problem, really.

This seems to be the best Key Lime Pie thread to resurrect.

Not sure which of the many choices may be best, but Gramma Dot’s isn’t, at least for now.

That said, my favorite Key Lime pie on

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The Best Key Lime Pie

How can you know when you have found the very best key lime pie? It is an issue a flavor and view, but a lot in the know often prefer a graham cracker crust, a no-bake filling, and whipped cream topping.

Most creamy, flavorful Florida Keys fans probably have their own thoughts about what makes the perfect pie. We believe Kenney Chesney nailed it most of us in his tune about key lime pie using the words not sour, not too sweet.

Kermits Key Lime Pie Shop Key West

Kermits Key Lime Pie Shop, owned by Kermit Carpenter, is a Key West institution. He is known to stand outside his brightly painted yellow and green store throwing pies at people for fun. His pies are light, fluffy, and creamy. The recipe is heavy on the egg yolks, which makes it very light. He tries to source fresh key limes from throughout the state and while the crust is not homemade, the whipped cream is. He also features key lime pie on a stick dipped in chocolate.

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