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Milk Bar Pie By Milk Bar $46

Pies That Fly! (Mail Order Program)

Milk Bar

The dessert formerly known as Crack Pie is the signature offering from Christina Tosis Milk Bar and for good reason. This sinfully sweet and salty creation is housed in an oat cookie crust and finished off with a light dusting of powdered sugar. Its sure to be a crowd pleaser at your holiday gathering provided there arent any dentists at the table.Buy Now

Smores Pie By Butter & Scotch $42

Butter & Scotch

This New York bar and bakery had an instant hit when it introduced its Instagram-worthy Smores Pie. A graham cracker crust and creamy chocolate filling provide the foundation to a roasty, toasty marshmallow topping that is oh so addictive. They also have a Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie for those who want a bite firmly anchored in fall.Buy Now

Mamans Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies 12 For $65


There is no occasion that wont be improved by chocolate chip cookies, and these beauties from Maman bakery are packed full of dark chocolate chunks and a blend of salted nuts for crunch. They were Oprah-annointed in 2017 and are still a delicious contender for best chocolate chip cookie in NYCbut you can order them from anywhere in the continental U.S.Buy Now

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Ingredients Needed For Chocolate Whoopie Pies And Filling

  • All-purpose flour I recommend using unbleached flour but the standard bleached all-purpose flour will work as well.
  • Unsweetened cocoa powder use good quality cocoa for the best tasting cookies.
  • Baking soda this helps the cookies rise. Use baking soda that hasnt expired so ensure it works properly.
  • Salt this will keep the cookies from tasting flat, dont forget it!
  • Light brown sugar in a pinch you can make your own brown sugar. To do measure out 1 cup white sugar, omit 1 Tbsp and replace with 1 Tbsp molasses, mix well.
  • Buttermilk dont keep buttermilk on hand? You can make your own just mix 1/2 cup milk with 1 1/2 tsp vinegar or lemon juice. Rest 5 minutes.
  • Vegetable oil canola oil will work fine too.
  • Egg the egg helps bind the ingredients together, but if there is an allergy you can check these substitutes here.
  • Vanilla extract vanilla bean paste can be used as well.
  • Hot water just hot from the tap is fine no need to heat.

Lobster Rollthe Clam Shack

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies Recipe

Of all the mail-order lobster rolls we tried, the ones from this Kennebunkport institution not only had the best, most flavorful meat, but also did the best job of approximating the lobster shack experience. Kits come with one or two pounds of tails and claws, Kates Homemade Butter , and the signature Clam Shack bun, which is made by Reillys Bakery in nearby Biddeford . We love the addition of paper boats, wet naps, instructions, and red plastic seafood forks, which feel so authentic you can almost smell the salt air.

Boston Brown Bread | B& M

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Celebrating The Makers Of Iconic New England Foods From Whoopie Pies To Lobster Rolls That Deliver Right To Your Doorstep


with Aimee Tucker and Katherine Keenan

A sweet sampling from the 2020 Yankee Food Awards.

Joe St. Pierre | Food styling by Joy Howard | Prop styling by Ann Lewis

Eight years ago, we created the Yankee Food Awards to honor the artisans whose cheeses, chocolates, jams, and charcuterie have made New England such a great place to live and eat.

This year, longing for a bit of armchair travel and mindful of Yankees 85th anniversary, we decided to seek out iconic foods from across New England, such as blueberry pie, clam chowder, lobster rolls, and cider doughnuts. Focusing on companies that ship these regional treats around the country, we ordered samples to test. Our goal: to bring the best flavors of New England to you, even if you cant be here right now.

The winners range from sweets to seafood, from special-occasion splurges to supermarket staples. All would be great to serve at a party or to send as gifts. Happy holidays!

How To Pack Up Homemade Food Gifts

Homemade treats are one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays. Not only are they usually very budget-friendly, but they also show your giftee that you put time and a personal touch into their gift. You cant beat that for holiday spirit, whether youre taking a platter of goodies to a family party or bringing a simple box of snacks to a good friend.

Ive discussed some tips for shipping homemade baked goods before, but the most important part of sending the goods is packaging them up properly so they arrive tasting just as good as when they left your kitchen. These packaging tips apply whether you are simply carrying goodies along with you or putting them in the mail.

The single most important thing to do is put your treats in an airtight container. This will keep cookies and cakes moist and fresh, and it does make a difference even when youre only taking the dessert a short distance. Chewy cookies will stay chewy, or become even softer, and cakes will remain tender, not dry. Its a good idea for candies, too, although the purpose of an airtight container in this case is to prevent the candies from retaining excess moisture and becoming wet or soggy. Use wax or parchment paper to layer the treats and keep things from sticking together. Here is a rundown of a few easy and airtight packaging options for homemade food gifts:

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Clam Chowderlegal Sea Foods

The New England clam chowder from this Boston-based seafood restaurant chain has been served at every U.S. presidential inauguration since 1981. When the Patriots make the Super Bowl, the Massachusetts governor uses it as the wager in the traditional state-vs.-state bet. Its the go-to order for homesick New England expats. So our expectations for this chowder were MVP-high. Creamy , studded with tender littlenecks and potatoes , unfazed by freezing and reheating, it easily took home the trophy.

Stuffed Quahogs | Cape Cod Stuffed Quahog Company

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Dutch Apple By Julian Pie Company $2095

Whoopie Pie – Maine – Best Dessert in Every State Episode #1

The Smothers Family knows a thing or two about apple pie. Not only do they continue to run the Julian Pie Company, the Southern California institution which they founded over 32 years ago, they even bought their own apple orchard. Not surprisingly, apples find their way into nearly all of the bakerys pies, but the Dutch version, which features a crunchy crumb topping, is a standout. Buy Now

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Box Of Maine Whoopie Pies

The Box of Maine has two different flavors of whoopie pie that you can add to your next Maine food gift creation. Traditional chocolate is always a favorite, being the standard treat every Mainer is familiar with. The other selection you can add when you send a gift box is Maine Maple. If you or your loved one is a fan of maple, you have to try one of these whoopie pies. They are literally the best we have ever tasted. Or if Whoopie pies are all you want, we now allow you to order whoopie pies in a 5-item box for yourself or to send as a gift.

Kermits Key Lime Pie By Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe $3895+

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermits Key Lime Pie is the best in Key West, or anywhere else for that matter. Local key limes are the key to a bright, tart filling that complements the pies signature graham cracker crust. A ring of whipped cream offers just the right touch of sweetness. Buy Now

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Northern Maine Diner ‘rock’s’ Whoopie Pie Sales Nationwide

FORT KENT, Maine We’re celebrating NEWS CENTER Maine small business week with Whoopie Pies. For many, they say whoopie pies represent Maine just as much as blueberries and lobsters do. A small business in Fort Kent is all about them these days.

Rock’s Family Diner had a special request for whoopie pies to be mailed from Fort Kent to Portland. Upon arrival, the happy customer posted a whoopie pie picture on Facebook and it went viral.

“A friend of ours, Ryan Jandreau out of Portland asked us to send Whoopie Pies to him,” said Peter Pinette, the owner of Rock’s Family Diner.

“And I guess it went viral from there and we had to pivot…and start making whoopie pies galore,” said Peter Pinette.

In no time, Peter and Sandra Pinette received orders for their whoopie pies to all 50 states.

“And everyone was getting involved on the internet and they were saying come on, let’s help them out! and they were saying, ‘Oh we are missing Georgia’ or ‘Oh we are missing New Jersey!’ It was just very exciting,” said Sandra Pinette.

Many of these happy customers will not be able to come to Maine this summer, so the Pinette’s are happy to sell their whoopie pies throughout the country to give people a taste of Maine.

The annual Maine Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover- Foxcroft is postponed to October 3.

Chocolate Cakes With Vanilla Cream

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Recipe Junior Bake Off

Is there any way to quantify a chocolate cake? In this case, yes! The chocolate cakes of our famous Maine-Iac Whoopie Pies are made with Bensdorp chocolate from Holland. You throw in some butter and cream cheese to heighten the richness and you are on your way to the races. Of course, there is some sugar in the mix but not so much that it disturbs the smooth, rich, deep chocolatey goodness from the Bensdorp. Its brownie-ish with a slight crunch on the surface but totally cakey inside. The deep chocolate flavor is the big highlight here.

The filling is just as important as the cake. The cream is mostly butter, totally whipped up with our own marshmallow. We also use a vanilla paste that is thick like honey and chock full of vanilla beans.

We call this delight THE MAINE-IAC largely because Maine had the brilliance to name whoopie pies their official state treat! It sounds so simple, chocolate cake with vanilla filling, but believe me, this is a classic flavor combination that speaks to your soul. Whether you’re a true Maineiac or not, you wont be disappointed!

Ingredients of our Maine-Iac Whoopie Pies:

Chocolate cake ingredients: sugar, cage free eggs, butter , flour , cream cheese , cocoa, baking powder , vanilla, salt. Vanilla filling ingredients: sugar, water, butter cage free egg whites, vanilla, modified corn starch, tapioca flour.

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South Shore Bar Pizzacape Cod Caf

New England is a place where you can find some of the tastiest regional pizza styles in the country , but only one of our favorites was readily available for remote noshingand fortunately, its a winner. Three generations of the Jamoulis family have been slinging South Shorestyle bar pies at their Brockton-based mini chain since 1947. At-home options include five varieties, including mushroom and pepperoni, that check all the South Shore bar pizza boxes: perfectly portioned 10-inch round, ultrathin texture, and cheese that extends all the way to a crisp and buttery crust. order at

Clam Chowder | Legal Sea Foods

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Stuffed Quahogscape Cod Stuffed Quahog Company

The perfect stuffie should have three things: plenty of chopped clam meat, a kick of spice from linguiça or chouriço sausage, and a buttery finish. The stuffies made by Brian and Gina Robinson in their Bourne commercial kitchen win hands down. Their secret? A special sherry-butter sauce that Gina adds to the Ritz crackerbased stuffing. The Robinsons make several styles of stuffed quahogs for restaurants and fish markets around the Cape, so be sure to look for the premium linguiça version . Everything is made by hand, says Brian, who was in food manufacturing and restaurant quality control before he and Gina opened their mom-and-pop shop. Its done by people who actually order at

Fried Clams | Woodmans

Joe St. Pierre | Food styling by Joy Howard | Prop styling by Ann Lewis

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Four & Twenty Blackbirds Bittersweet Chocolate Pecan Pie $79 From Goldbelly


This article is intended to bring some relief to the holiday cooking and/or gift-giving process, but lets be honest, trying to decide which incredible dessert to order from Four & Twenty Blackbirds can be stress-inducing. The Brooklyn-based bakery has a number of delicious options including their famed Salty Honey Pie.

But for Thanksgiving, this option takes the traditional pecan pie you know and love to the next level with a generous dose of chocolate ganache and tons of roasty toasty pecans.

Tips For The Best Whoopie Pies

How to Make the Most Impressive Whoopie Pies at Home
  • Dont over-mix the batter for a fluffy texture. Same with the filling.
  • If cocoa is lumpy here, and just about anytime when baking, sift it first.
  • If brown sugar is clumpy break up those clumps with your fingertips before using. You may also one to consider purchasing one of those clay brown sugar disks to help keep it moist.
  • Chill filling a bit before adding to the cookies and keep it cool otherwise it will be runny. The fridge helps firm the butter back up making for a slightly firmer filling.
  • It summer months keep these away from the heat, not a cookie you want to serve at an outdoor lunch party unless serving from a cooler.
  • Store in a single layer, no stacking. Theyll start to stick together since theyre moist and the filling will get flattened and run out the sides otherwise.

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How To Make Whoopie Pie Filling

  • Cream butter and sugar: Cream In the bowl of an electric stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment cream together unsalted butter, salted butter and powdered sugar on low speed until well combined.
  • Whip till fluffy: Increase mixer speed to high and whip until until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes. Blend in vanilla.
  • Fold in marshmallow fluff: Remove bowl from stand mixer, add marshmallow fluff and fold together using a rubber spatula just until combined.
  • Chill filling: chill mixture about 20 minutes to thicken up then fold again.
  • Fill cookies: Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a large round tip and pipe over half of the cookies, sandwich a second cookie over the top.

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