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Beauty Pie Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo Review

11 Best & Worst Vitamin C Serums & How They Work

We eat right, exercise, and apply detox masks for our face regularlybut what about our hair? Sure, our normal shampoo works, just like our daily face wash works. But every now and again, we need something a little stronger.

Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoocontains the same ingredients we consume when doing a diet detox. Apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, and Moringa seed peptides work together to cleanse, re-texture, and protect, resulting in shinier, smoother, and more voluminous hair, with color that pops.

Treat your hair to an at-home spa sesh with the Super Healthy Hair Detox Wash Shampoo for $30, or enjoy it for only $7 as a Beauty Pie member.

So often, we struggle with the Goldilocks dilemma when it comes to skincare: we can either use too much product, leading to heaviness, or too little, which wont give us the effect we need.

Beauty Pies Superactive Capsules Essential Ceramidescontain just the right, pre-measured dose of skin-hydrating formula, so you dont have to guess if the blob on your finger is pea-sized or not. Ceramides make sure your skins natural barrier is in tip-top condition, so that all those other hydrating potions you use are actually effective.

Is It Easy To Cancel Beauty Pie

Its easy to cancel your Beauty Pie membership, but if youve chosen the monthly membership you must first put in the minimum term of 3 months. You cannot cancel within this time.

If you would like to cancel after the last payment for your 3-month term, you can do so by contacting the Beauty Pie customer service team. Be sure to do this at least 72 hours before your monthly billing date.

For annual memberships, you cannot cancel mid-plan and be refunded for any part of your membership fees you did not use. You will need to notify customer service at least 72 hours before your annual billing date.

Sears Anti Aging Face Mask Set Beauty Pie Super Retinol Ceramide Boost Anti Aging Face Serum

How To Stay Young Forever Anti Aging Noir Anti Aging Pure Implicity Image Skincare Anti Aging Mask Creme Beige Vs Beige Chiffon Anti Aging Makesense Foundation. Cliniaue Anti Aging Renew Oxygen Facial Anti Aging Natural Collagen Facial Restoration Anti Aging Moisturizer.

arginine and anti aging

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Key Benefit By Ingredient

+ Pure Vitamin C A powerful antioxidant, which helps protect skin from environmental damage, improve firmness, even out skin tone, and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles

+ Vitamin C in Microsponge Provides a slow release of Vitamin C

+ Vitamin E AcetateA moisturising agent and powerful antioxidant which has a synergistic effect when combined with vitamin C


Cruelty Free

Can Vitamin C Irritate My Skin

Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin C Defense Serum

Vitamin C shouldnt cause any skin irritation if used correctly, but if the products youre using have a high concentration, the acidic qualities can cause some minor sensitivity.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you:

  • Choose skincare products with a maximum 10% concentration of Vitamin C.

  • Introduce it gradually. If its recommended to use a product twice a day, start off with one dose to give your skin time to adjust.

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Is Vitamin C A Stable Active

Vitamin C is notoriously unstable as an ingredient, meaning heat, light and air can easily degrade its efficacy. For this reason, it pays to delve a little deeper into formulations and packaging, to ensure youre getting a potent concoction with longevity.

Vitamin C isnt the easiest ingredient for the skin to absorb either. Its water-soluble and therefore repelled by our waterproof skin barrier. It is only absorbed by the skin when the pH level of the formula is below four,” says Dr. Vyas.

Thankfully, a host of brands have found ways to side-step vitamin Cs stability and absorption issues, creating innovative formulations and advanced packaging to keep the actives alive until the moment they hit your skin. Dr. Vyas recommends looking for products in airtight, opaque packaging and containing ascorbic acid , which is the term for the chemically active form of vitamin C.

Below, discover the 12 best vitamin C serums, gels, powders and creams for your brightest skin ever.

How Does Beauty Pie Membership Work

There are two different types of membership options: the monthly membership, and the annual membership. The monthly membership gives you a $150 monthly spending limit. Any monthly spending amount you do not use gets carried over into the next month, and so on. Annual memberships give you an unlimited spending limit.

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The New Beauty Pie ‘supplements’ Thatll Up Your Skincare Ante

Brighter, firmer and smoother skin could only be ‘one shot’ away

At first glance, Beauty Pies newest skincare launches look like something youd find in the vitamins section of a health food shop. And supplements, they kind of are. Containing high doses of actives proven to help slow down the ageing process, they act as topical beauty ‘shots’ for strengthening skins resources against daily aggressors.

Featuring the likes of hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin C, their capsule format allows for high levels of active to be preserved inside, which would otherwise degrade in more traditional packaging types like jars. This is especially the case for antioxidants such as vitamin C due to its high sensitivity. Theyre also incredibly easy to use – simply twist and tap onto face and body in the mornings and/or evenings.

High performance and amazingly low-cost if youre a Beauty Pie member , each is brimming with skincare benefits. Which ones worth adding to your regime? Heres a rundown of their key stats to help you decide.

Murad Anti Aging Acne Moisturizer Broad Spectrum Spf 30 1 7 Oz Beauty Pie Super Retinol Ceramide Boost Anti Aging Serum Amazon

10 Best & Worst VITAMIN C serums, beauty benefits and how to use it!

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brickell anti aging cream

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The Best Beauty Pie Products To Buy Now

Member price: £16.56

I’m sure you’re well aware of the benefits that silk pillowcases have on both your skin and your hair and these scrunchies work in much the same way.

Made from 100% pure silk, they’re specifically designed to eliminate the damaging friction and tugging of traditional hair elastics. The silk glides against your hair, preventing split ends and reducing those annoying kinks too.

Flash False Lash Mascara: Member Price 433 Typical Price 20 Beautypiecom

We love the tiny plastic brush of false lash for getting right into the base of the lashes and the short, fine lashes in the corners of our eyes. Its a great lengthening, glossy and non-clumping formula. However, you may find you get some transfer under your eyes to avoid this, try powdering over your concealer and topping lashes with some clear brow gel.

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How Does Beauty Pie Work

Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin C Defense Serum

Sound too good to be true? Stay with us heres how theyve made it possible.

Turns out, once you strip back all those additional costs, the price of your actual product is pleasingly small. You wont get the heavy lipstick click-cases, frosted-glass jars or gilded foundation bottles, but its whats inside that counts, remember? For example, a Beauty Pie retinol serum, produced in Switzerland, costs just £8.94, despite being full of slow-release encapsulated retinol, ferulic acid and vitamin C .

Your monthly subscription is what makes it all possible and the brand has recently switched up the small print to make things easier, more flexible, and even more affordable than ever before.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Retinol

There is one key downside to using this wonder vitamin on your skin. Retinol can make your face peel, and this is exactly what puts a lot of people off. Entering a work meeting, or having several shindigs lined up means there is never really a perfect time to start your retinol journey.

Retinol and related vitamin A derivatives have traditionally had a bad reputation for causing redness, dryness and flaking, says Dr Kluk.

However, this peeling is not a true exfoliation, but rather a sign of irritation brought on by the cell turnover, and one of the primary reasons why people stop using their retinol product.

Its not all bad news, though. This irritation and peeling can absolutely be avoided: the key is to stay sensible: follow the rules, build up slowly, and dont dive straight in with a max-strength product. In short, if you allow your skin time to acclimatise, itll be able to work with the product without freaking out.

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Jeju Daily Am/pm Moisture Superinfusion: Member Price 70 Typical Price 1079 Beautypiecom

This is pretty solid in the jar but melts immediately into a lovely, buttery texture on the skin and absorbs swiftly to leave it feeling soft and looking dewy. It has a lovely fresh floral scent thats very subtle. Interestingly, it contains volcanic sand to absorb excess oil. Other than that, we cant see anything particularly ground-breaking in the ingredients but its somehow an absolutely gorgeous formulation.

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I Joined Bp 2 Years Ago When There Was

I joined BP 2 years ago when there was a limited range, but of what they had i really liked. Not only have I stayed and now have a bathroom cupboard to rival the Queens, but all of that at a fraction of a cost. I keep thinking that there soon will be a catch!in addition o some of the great products, i was pleasantly surprised that i was able to actually speak to someone when i called!! This is unusual these days. I hope you keep it deliveries and great packaging.2 suggestions even less packaging is fine to save the planet, and have a loyalty reward or recognition for customers that stay!good luck!

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Icon Antioxidant Shampoo Anti Aging Best Anti Aging Foundation Infinite Allure Anti Aging Cream. Neutrogena Anti Aging Eye Cream Rite Pharmax Aenti Age Synthesis Anti Aging. Platinum Anti Aging Cream Anti Aging Trade Association Demographics U Skin Anti Aging Eye Serum.

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Is Joining Beauty Pie Worth It

Are the products actually any good? Weve tried out many of the hero makeup products including the Great Skin Foundation, Matte Lipstick in Cowboy Nude and the stunning Pro-Glow highlighting drops, and can vouch for their quality and their pigment pay off. Weve happily and repeatedly swapped some of our all-time favourites for Beauty Pie staples and never, ever looked back.

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And it doesnt stop at makeup. Since launching in 2016, Beauty Pie has expanded into skincare, body care, haircare, fragrance and supplements to provide its members with an extensive selection of all their favourite beauty products, no matter their concern or desired effect.

Beauty Pie skincare boasts the latest scientific innovations and hottest ingredients including hyaluronic acid, moisture-boosting ceramides and glow-getting glycolic acid as well as all the treatment options and accessories a beauty buff could ever dream of .

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Elsewhere, the haircare range caters to all hair types, from fine to coloured or dry and damaged hair and it includes everything from daily shampoos, to booster shots and intensive hair masks. In fact, we challenge you to find something Beauty Pie doesnt offer. It gets the GLAMOUR stamp of approval so what are you waiting for?

Best Anti Aging Moisturisers 2020

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Serum Capsules Worth Trying

Individual capsules, twisted open for a fresh, daily application, have the added benefit of taking up about as much space in your suitcase as an aspirin

Serum capsules seem an unnecessary gimmick, but other than being very convenient, theres a strong argument for housing skincare actives in a single-dose, opaque casing, to keep them fresh and stable, away from light and air. Ingredients such as vitamin C are frequently packaged in glass dropper bottles, where theyll oxidise and become useless a week after unscrewing. Its a bugbear of mine, and I wish airless opaque pumps werent so often the preserve of cult, expensive brands. Individual capsules, twisted open for a fresh, daily application, solve the same problem, and have the added benefit of taking up about as much space in your suitcase as an aspirin.

I rarely go anywhere overnight without an Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsule . These were the first of their kind but, thanks to reformulation last year, remain the best. The contents a blend of fatty acids, cholesterol and retinol to moisturise, protect and tackle wrinkles is too rich for some , though they do thin out as the serum melts on contact. Skin feels wonderfully soft in the morning and, because theyre fragrance-free, never irritated. Im a huge fan.

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