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Aldi Loven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread

Keto Bread – Delicious Low Carb Bread – Soft with No Eggy Taste

The LOven Fresh Zero Carb Bread at Aldi is a very popular keto bread. Each serving of 1 slice has 40 calories, 5 grams protein, 1 gram fat, 9 grams total carbs and 9 grams fiber, which makes it 0 net carbs.

The ingredients consist of water, whey protein, yeast, modified wheat starch, wheat gluten, wheat bran, oat fiber, vegetable fiber, soybean oil, vinegar, salt and preservatives. Its not strictly-keto because of some non-keto ingredients but its ok for a low-carb diet or dirty keto.

A Healthy Way To Make Bread Keto

One of the tricks in this recipe that takes this keto bread from good to great is the . Youre going to want to separate the yolks and the whites. The reason for this is that were going to whip the whites until they are fluffy. Were looking for soft peaks.

Beating the whites is the answer to the denseness that comes with making an almond flour bread. Ive made countless baked goods using almond flour and the main problem Ive encountered is how dense the finished product is.

The fluffy whites in unison with the high dosage of baking powder do a good job of getting this loaf nice and fluffy and adding some air pockets into the loaf. This makes for a better tasting bread recipe.

While this recipe is by far the most popular of the keto bread recipes on our site, we do have a handful of other bread recipes you may want to try:

How To Make Your Own Keto Bread

You can, of course, make your own keto bread, and many die-hard keto dietitians advise going this route so you can control what goes into your loaf.

“You can use flour like coconut flour, sesame seed flour, or almond flourwhich are low in carbs,” says Hultin. “You’ll also be relying on eggs and butter for that texture, binding, and fat content.” A popular Food Network keto bread recipe, for instance, features a base of almond flour.

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Oasis Low Carb Flax Seed Bread

This bread is best as a substitute for wheat bread and is a prime alternative for sandwiches that arent being cooked or toasted in any way. At only 6g net carbs per slice, this bread is packed full of nutrients as well.

That being said, it wont keep you full for long so keep that in mind when purchasing this Oasis Low Carb bread.

Where to Buy: This brand is a bit harder to find, but can be purchased on Amazon.

A Good Source Of Protein

4 Ingredient Keto Bread

Sprouted grain bread has a lot of protein that helps build muscle.

Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are the foundation of all fundamental processes in the body. Not only are they essential for metabolic processes, but theyre also required for optimal transportation and storage of all nutrients.

Sprouted grain bread contains 18 amino acids, including all nine of the essential amino acids phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tryptophan, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine, and histidine that your body cannot produce on its own.

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Fold The Batter Dont Stir

After mixing the first half of the egg whites into the batter in the food processor, youll need to fold that mixture into the remaining egg whites. Its important not to break them down completely at this step. Otherwise, your bread will be dense and flat! Just keep folding gently until you dont have chunks or streaks.

A few people have complained about the batter being too thick to fold in the egg whites. Most likely this was a difference in measurements or ingredients, but if this happens, you can salvage it. Just pulse in a little more egg whites into the food processor to make the main batter a little thinner, then fold that into the egg whites.

Can You Eat Bread On The Keto Diet

You can, maybe a slice or two here and there, but you ideally dont want to be eating too much of it. This is because a keto diet involves eating minimal carbs less than 50g a day. However, a slice of bread contains around 20g of carbs, which is quite a chunk of your daily carbohydrate allocation.2

Overall, the general intake guidance when following a keto diet is 70 to 80% fat, 15 to 20% protein and 5 to 10% carbohydrate. The good news is, carbs arent just present in bread, they can also be found in leafy, non-starchy vegetables and low sugar fruit, rather than wholewheat and wholegrains that are way too carb-heavy.3

However, you dont totally have to break up with bread if youre eating keto because you can a) eat less of it or b) eat keto-friendly bread, which brings us on nicely to the next question

While it may be tempting to cut out bread altogether, dont forget that wholegrains are full of fibre, energy and B vitamins that are all essential for everyday health. Because of this, either cutting back on traditional breads, simply by eating less of it or eating low carb bread is the ideal solution.4

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Ways To Use Keto White Bread

How do you use keto bread? The same way you could use any white bread! Here are a few ideas:

I havent tried breadcrumbs or croutons yet. If you do, let me know how that turns out.

If you find other ways to use this paleo keto bread beyond sandwiches and toasting, tell me! I love hearing your ideas.

So Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb

90 SECOND Low Carb Keto Bread Recipe

Sourdough bread is indeed low-carb, with 7-10 grams of carb in each slice. Its great to incorporate in your keto diet.

Whether you choose to make a sandwich, toastie, or use it as a dipping tool for your soup, youll find yourself inevitably enjoying the subtle tanginess, without experiencing the void of regular white bread!

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Where To Buy Aldi Keto Bread

Aldi keto bread is available in all Aldi stores and online through Instacart. Understand that this bread is a hot item and often runs out in many stores. While Aldi tries to ensure that it is available on shelves, the demand is too high, and always grab an extra one or two if you find them in stock.

Is Aldi Keto Bread Really Zero Carb

To understand this, well need to break down the nutritional composition of Aldis keto-friendly bread.

Total carbs refer to all the different carbs in food, such as starches, dietary fiber, and sugars.

Net carbs refer to the carbs that can be digested by the body and converted to glucose.

You should also understand the difference between simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs are easily digested into glucose. On the other hand, complex carbs contain long chains of molecules and are often subtracted from net carb calculations.

This explains why keto bread has zero net carbs. This was arrived at after subtracting 9g of dietary fiber. The body cannot digest dietary fiber fully, so we exclude them from the calculations.

However, using this calculation method only estimates the dietary components, even though carbs are still present. Subtracting dietary fiber does not eliminate the small amount of carbs available in this bread. As such, Aldi Keto bread is not really zero carb.

This is why it is not fully ketogenic but keto-friendly. People on keto diets have limits to the amounts of carbs they can consume, and taking this bread will enable them to enjoy bread without taking in too many carbs.

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Thinslim Zero Carb Bread

For those of you that have no wiggle room in your diet for carbs, ThinSlim Zero Carb Bread will be for you. Weighing in at zero net carbs and 7g of fiber, this bread isnt as airy as some of the others on this list but will make a favorable substitute if the texture isnt an issue for you.

Where to Buy: ThinSlim products can be bought at Walmart, Martins and Giant food stores, and of course, Amazon.

Another zero carb bread is the one from KetoThins. Their bread is a bit more filling than the others and holds a cake-like texture. They even have low carb brownies!!

Where to Buy: I have only seen this brand for purchase online at Amazon and Julian Bakery.

Our Conclusion On Aldi Bread

How to Make Keto Bread Recipe

We have not certified the new Aldi bread so we cannot attest to actually blood changes however, based on the ingredient panel, this product would not qualify as Ketogenic Certified. It would be, at best, Ketogenic Friendly.

Our major concerns are with the modified wheat starch and soybean oil. Chicory root, wheat protein isolate, and wheat gluten also pose another layer of concerns, as these ingredients can trigger inflammation and cause gastric distress. Since this bread does contain modified wheat starch, which is partially digested, we do not believe it is truly 0g net carbs.

We recommend trying the bread yourself and testing your blood glucose and ketone levels both before and after consumption to see how you personally react. Everyone has different metabolic sensitivities and what is tolerable for one person may completely kick another out of ketosis.

While this low-carb Aldi bread may not be one of the best foods for the ketogenic diet, it is still better than traditional white bread. We believe in progress over perfection and as long as you are taking steps towards a happier, healthier life, we are here to support your journey! Check out our top 10 keto bread recipes!

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How To Make Keto Bread Step By Step

Full measurements and instructions can be found on the printable recipe card at the bottom of the page. Please take a look at the steps and video before attempting this recipe!

Put the vital wheat gluten, oat fiber, golden milled flaxseed, sweetener and yeast in a bowl and stir to combine.

Add the eggs, butter and water. Use a mixer fitted with dough beaters to mix the dough on low speed initially. Sprinkle with the salt and Xantham Gum.

Increase the speed slightly and keep mixing until the dough comes together and clumps around the beaters a couple of minutes should do it.

Tip the dough onto your worktop and knead together briefly. Stretch the dough to form a rectangle thats the same size as the long edge of your loaf tin.

Roll the dough as you would a Swiss Roll and place in small loaf tin lined with baking paper. Cover loosely with a plastic bag and place it in a warm spot to rise for 1 ½ 2 hours. The dough will expand to fill the tin and rise over the top of it.

Preheat the oven to 180C . Brush the loaf with cream and add mixed seeds or any other toppings you like. Bake for 30-35 minutes until the bread is golden, risen and feels firm to the touch.

Lift the bread out of the tin and allow it to cool completely before slicing. Enjoy fresh or toasted delicious with salted butter and perfect for avocado toast! One slice is around 3 carbs .

Testing Ketones: The Final Frontier

With all the information provided, you still may not be able to hit the spot right on the mark with your individual carbohydrate needs thats where testing your ketones comes in. When you test your ketones, you can get real-time information about what types of carbs and how many you can consume to keep you in a ketogenic state.

Check out this guide for testing ketone levels to learn more.

While the Perfect Keto Macro Calculator is an incredibly accurate estimate, its still an estimate. Remember: The goal of the keto diet is to enter ketosis.

Even if youre losing bodyweight, feeling great, and seeing improvements in your body composition, theres a chance you might not be in ketosis. The only way to know if your current diet is reaching your goals is to test your ketone levels.

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What Is The Healthiest Bread You Can Eat

A popular healthy bread variety is Ezekiel Bread, taken from the Bible verse that mentions how bread was made during ancient Biblical times. Its made with many whole grains, which are allowed to sprout before they go into the flour mill. Sprouting not only increases the nutrients available in the bread, but it also lowers its glycaemic index. A slice of Ezekiel bread has only 15 grams of carbohydrates, which is fairly high for a keto diet, but for regular health-conscious eaters, is better than other varieties of bread.

Another popular type of bread among the low carb & keto communities is not technically bread at all, but a creative protein-rich recipe basically made from eggs, cream cheese, and salt. Its called cloud bread, and it serves as a good replacement for grain-based breads, being high in protein and healthy fats

Affiliate Disclosure: this post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you click through and buy something, I may get a small commission. This doesnt cost you any extra and helps me build my passion for keto cooking into a livelihood. All opinions and recommendations reflect my own genuine views or those of the linked product reviewers.

Can You Eat Liberated Coconut Flourless Bread On The Keto Diet

0 Carb KETO Cheese Bread

The ingredients of this bread brand are keto-friendly and organic, plus it is dairy-free for those who have issues with dairy.

It has 3.5 grams of net carbs per slice which is 31 grams and slightly heavier than the normal slice of bread as it is mainly egg and coconut. With mindful consumption, it can be a great addition to your keto diet.

Bottom Line

Is zero-carb bread keto-friendly?

Mostly no, even though some products have 0 net carbs, it still contains modified wheat starch, and other non-keto ingredients which is not strictly ketogenic. However, you can still eat it if youre just following a general low-carb diet.

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How To Calculate Your Carb Intake

To understand your daily carb allotment, take the above percentages, and translate them into grams .

For example, if youre consuming 2,000 calories per day and aim to get just 10% of your calories from carbs, youll multiply 2,000 by .10 to get 200 calories per day. Since one gram of carbs is equal to four calories, youll then take 200 divided by 4 to get 50 grams of net carbs per day.

Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb Here Are The Facts

When planning to follow a low carb diet, eliminating bread entirely might be one of the toughest challenges you could face. Sourdough bread is the latest trend because its known to have a long fermentation process and many health benefits. But what makes this bread different from other bread? And, more importantly, is it low carb?

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Can You Eat Chompies Low Carb Multigrain Bread On The Keto Diet

Again, while the net carbs are very low at 1 gram per slice, many of the ingredients Chompies Low Carb Multigrain bread contains are not keto-friendly. Things like unbleached whole wheat flour, soybean oil, and cultured wheat are avoided on the keto diet.

So, if you are doing strict keto, then you should avoid this bread, but if you are doing a low-carb diet or you are just looking if the macros fit -then a slice of bread that contains 1 gram of net carbs could be a great addition to your diet.

Buy Bread With Low Net Carbs

Keto Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipe : (Not Eggy!) Gluten Free &  Keto ...

Low net carbs are the largest element of a keto diet. This is different than total carbs.

Net carbs are carbs that are absorbed by the body. When determining the net carbs, subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbs on the nutrition facts label.

Generally speaking, most people on the keto diet should only consume 20-60 grams of carbs per day. To keep your diet on track, youll want to consume keto bread that is between 8-10 total carbs per serving size.

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Aldi Bread: Is It Really Keto

If you ask anyone on the ketogenic diet what they miss most about their high-carb days of the past, chances are, being able to eat bread is somewhere in their response. While there are plenty of keto bread alternatives out there, most will cost you over $10 for one loaf. When Aldi announced its new keto bread by La Oven for only $2.99, its easy to understand why it instantly became a viral sensation.

The new Aldi bread is advertised on its packaging as being keto-friendly with zero net carbs , but how accurate are these statements? Not all fibers are created equal and even if something is listed as fiber on the packaging, it may still have a metabolic impact. We took a look at the ingredient panel and this is what we found.

What Is Ezekiel Bread

Food For Life makes the most popular type of Ezekiel bread, called Ezekiel 4 bread. Youll most often find it at grocery stores in the freezer section as its not shelf-stable.

Browse our curated collection of fan-favorites and discover your new favorite snack or supplement.

Its named after the Bible verse Ezekiel 4:9, which lists all of the ingredients needed to make bread.

What separates Ezekiel bread from other bread is how its prepared. Ezekiel bread still comes from grains, but sprouted grains.

The unsprouted grains found in the majority of other types of bread contain antinutrients. Antinutrients bind to minerals, creating resistance from the body to use them.

Sprouting grains makes the food more easily digestible, as well as increasing the availability of nutrients the body receives from these foods.

Ezekiel bread is made from:

There are 15 grams of carbs in each slice of original Ezekial bread. The carb amount changes with different varieties, such as the cinnamon raisin version.

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