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  • Rated 5 out of 5

    E.A. Hunt December 10, 2018

    A good Southern girl knows a good pecan pie when she tastes it, and this is the best! Fresh, flavorful, visually appealing, and no skimping on pecans either. No fuss. No muss. Ordered, delivered, and eaten. Thank you Texas by Texans for making my holiday even more enjoyable.

  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Doesnt get any better than this..we loved it at Thanksgiving.I am ordering more for family and friends this Christmas.

  • Why We Should Buy Texas Pecans

    , whose family has been growing pecans for three generations, says that those of us who live in Texas should be pretty partial to buying our own pecans.
    Not only are pecans high in cancer-fighting antioxidants, but theyre also full of nutrient rich oils that benefit our bodies in many other ways. Eating pecans is a good thing to do for our health. Buying them from a Texas grower guarantees an abundance of flavor.
    At 38 Pecans, Marks family has focused on extending their grandfathers vision of providing 38 different varietals and has stayed on the cutting edge of innovative technology to meet that goal.
    This year, the company plans to showcase more new products, the Texas Pecan Coating Mix and Texas Pecan Baking blends, which are the only pecan based coating mixes on the market today. Expect to notice these coating mixes as the new non-GMO, gluten, grain and cholesterol free standard. They taste great on any protein, whether fried, baked or barbecued.
    Just as buying Texas pecans gives a boost to our agricultural economy, its also a sure-fire way to make sure were getting them as fresh as possible at the point of purchase.
    Texas growers say the pecans we typically pick up from store shelves have likely been in storage for some time, but the pecans we buy seasonally from Texas grocers, and directly from Texas farms, have been harvested, shelled and bagged within their optimum, most flavorful date range.

    Photo One of the familys 38 varieties at 38 Pecans

    These Are The Best Pies In Dallas

    We did it. We found them.

    There are two types of people in the world: cake people and pie people. Though were not one to choose sides, lifes pretty sweet for the pie inclined in Dallas, where we have a bevy of renowned pie shops at our dessert-loving disposal. Whether you prefer yours à la mode, with whipped cream, or perfectly plain, youll find a slice that hits the spot.

    Where to find our top tins:

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    How To Make Easy Texas Pecan Pie Recipe

    First either prepare this best pie crust recipe or buy one that you enjoy. Preheat oven at 425° F. Bake for 15 minutes in order to set the crust and prevent a soggy bottom.

    Then, meanwhile prepare the pecan pie filling. In the bowl of a mixer with a paddle attachment, blend butter, sugar, salt, and cornstarch at low speed until combined.

    With the mixer running, add eggs, one at a time, mixing until just combined. Make sure there are no lumps of starch. Mix in the syrup and vanilla.

    Next, place chopped pecans onto the thawed pie crust and pour syrup mixture.

    Place whole pecans in a pattern on top.

    Then reduce heat to 350° F, place foil loosely on top, and bake for 30-40 minutes more in order to cook the filling slowly, or until center is set. Like a flan or jell-O, the center has to be just a little jiggly yet firm.

    If using a glass pan, add about 10-15 minutes at 350° F to the baking time. The reason why is because glass is not a good conductor of heat.

    Remove from oven and let it cool before serving or storing. If filling is runny, place pie back in the oven at 350° F and bake until set.

    Bread Winners Cafe And Bakery

    The 5 Best Pecan Pies in Texas Made with Real Pride

    Bread Winners is a Dallas-area franchise bakery with six locations throughout the metro area. As a cafe, they have a long list of sandwiches, wraps, burgers, breakfast options, and more. As a bakery, they offer all kinds of sweets, pastries, and bread. Bread Winners make cakes and tortes, signature cupcakes with custom designs on top, and not one but two varieties of pecan pie. If that doesnt give you enough pecans to satisfy your appetite, you can also order some caramel pecan rolls by the dozen or half-dozen.

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    Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

    What are people saying about bakeries in Dallas, TX?

    This is a review for bakeries in Dallas, TX:

    “Ok, to clarify, these pies are fantastic. In my opinion, the Cloud Nine is the go-to this time of year, but the Drunken Nut also is always fantastic. That said, I can bake a pretty damn good bourbon pecan pie , so I go for the one that would be a lot more time-intensive if I tried to make it myself .So, why not five stars? Well, prices have gone up while the experience has gone down. I know they’re not to blame for COVID, but they went to the extreme and completely closed off the cute little house, turning the front door into a pretty sterile, glassed-off, order window. Bring back the cute little house experience!”

    The 15 Best Places For Pecan Pie In Fort Worth

    Hank: The deep-fried pecan pie here was so good that it made me see God. Well, it tasted divine, anyway.

    Aaron Brown: Fried Pecan Pie. Trust me when I sat you can’t go wrong. I had the Chupacabra and my son The Enchantress. Both burgers were awesome. I highly, highly recommend. Megan is so cute and a 5 star waitress.

    Aaron Brown: Save room for the fried pecan pie.

    Jim Bailey: The Pecan Pie with ice cream is to die for.

    Roz S: Sample platter was fantastic. Perfect meal for two on a budget.

    Kim Hunter: Great Ribs and the best Chocolate Pecan Pie I’ve ever had

    Brian Neal: The Pie’s are out of this world, you have to try a slice. I want to become Mayor to get the FREE slice.

    Guy: The rib dinner is my choice of all! Overall great service and great food!

    Andy Ivey: Even though its a steak house, the chicken, lamb and pork selections they offer are outstanding. Especially the bacon wrapped chicken medallions.

    Jeremy: sign up for e-mail on their site buy one get one dinner

    Paulina Zelinski: Make sure you come hungry, their cheesy bread rolls are the best!

    Z& T Lappin: Bottomless Ribs…. Need I say more? Amazing BBQ Sauce and the Pecan Pie is lovely.

    David Pitts: Pulled pork sandwich no longer available despite being on the menu! Chopped brisket sandwich is good, dinner salad is surprisingly excellent. Atmosphere is fantastic.

    John Cook: Calf fries are bull testicles.

    QC Industries Conveyors: Man up and try the calf fries. They’re delicious!

    for you

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    Where To Buy Texas Pecans

    Check with your local grocery store. Theyll know if fresh pecans from Texas orchards are on their shelves this season and can steer you in the right direction.
    But, for a real treat, head out to a Texas pecan festival or take a day to visit a few farm stores.
    When our daughter and SIL came up to Dallas from Houston recently, I talked my man into driving half-way home with them on Sunday afternoon so we could all pay a visit to Rattlesnake Ranch Pecans, a beautiful pecan orchard near Crockett, Texas.
    What a beautiful drive, and what a fun time we had.
    The orchard at Rattlesnake Ranch does its thing while Clint Craycraft and his wife run the pecan store. Its in a perfect location, just across the road. She decorates and runs , while he crunches the numbers and talks pecans with all the store customers.
    Other places to find Texas pecans include holiday markets like Neath the Wreath in Plano, Nutcracker Market in Houston, at a cute little store on US-287 in Chillicothe, and, of course, in San Saba, the pecan capital of Texas. Ordering from growers websites is also easy as pie. Check out links for many Texas pecan growers here.

    Photo Front door of the store at Rattlesnake Ranch Pecans

    Blue Magic At Kessler Pie Co

    Pecan Lodge: BEST BBQ IN DALLAS?

    The motto? To live and pie in Oak Cliff. And this neighborhood hot spots most popular pie isnt the number one seller by accident. Graham crackers, fluffy cream cheese and blueberriesits both refreshing and satisfying, and you wont be able to stop at just one slice.

    418 N Tyler St. 214-842-2171 or

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    Whats Pecan Pie Made Of

    There is more than one version. Pecan pie filling often calls for eggs, butter, pecans, and sugar and corn syrup . But some versions use molasses or black treacle, maple syrup, or honey instead of Karo syrup.

    The darker the syrup, the deeper the flavor. Salt and vanilla serve as flavorings, as well as bourbon.

    Delicious Texas Pecan Pie Recipes Anyone Can Make

    Even though it feels like Summer 2.0 outside, it is officially fall! Nothing says fall in Texas quite like the delicious food fall brings especially Texas Pecan Pie.

    Theres nothing like a golden-crusted, smooth-yet-crunchy textured, decadent taste of a Texas Pecan Pie. Sorry, did we make you hungry?

    Everything is bigger and better in Texas and our Pecan Pie is no exception. Now whether you are an expert baker, just starting out, or burn pre-made cookie dough, there is a pie on here for everyone and anyone to make!

    Here are 25 Texas Pecan Pie recipes to try this Fall :

    1. Texas State Fair Pecan Pie

    This recipe was the winner of the 1996 State Fair of Texas pie competition. Now yall know that if this pie won at the State Fair of Texas, then its going to be good because we Texans dont play around about our pie. Extraordinarily rich and sweet so give this pie a try!

    2. Taste of Texas Pecan Pie

    If you love pie but want to spend little time in the kitchen, this one is for you only 1 hour total. This recipe is inspired by a Houston restaurant called Taste of Texas. Try it with a scoop of Blue Bell Ice Cream sitting right on top.

    3. Texas Pecan Pie

    Heres a recipe for the baking-challenged or beginners that includes step-by-step instructions plus pictures. Only 15 minutes of prep time and less than 1 1/2 hours of baking, this pie is a well-balanced combination that will make you seem like a baking expert.

    5. Classic Texas Pecan Pie

    8. HEB Texas Pecan Pie

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    The 15 Best Places For Pecan Pie In Dallas

    Alexis B: The Druken Nut is one of the best pecan pies I’ve had in a while.

    MacKenzie McCarver: There will be a line. Wait in it. The pies are worth it. The pecan pie is very bourbon-forward, so I prefer the french silk with a pretzel crust. Try it a la mode!

    Karen Lao : Java the Hutt is my new favorite! Salted toffee and espresso mmm

    Aria Roy: The pecan pie is to die for. Cookies are better than most.

    Sarah Bowe: Love the Tarragon Chicken Salad Sandwich and Elvis Cupcake!

    Will: The Nutella bread is bomb, but it may also give you diabetes. Proceed with caution.

    Richard Norzagaray: Prime rib is excellent and the cream of spinach and the warm pecan pie

    Lisa Sneed: Delicious food, retro vibe. The occasional wine and spirit dinners are fabulous.

    Kurt von Schleicher: Try the Prime Rib with Calimari, Onions etc. – Tender. And just found out that Mr Frank, the Lawry’s founder’s kid’s went to my dad’s California camp.

    PoP Ongsakorn: Get the pecan pie

    Traci Schuh: Fried chicken for lunch or dinner is spectacular. They also have a surprisingly amazing breakfast menu and it is I expensive.

    amy f5: My only complaint here: no sushi. Like, at all. Trust me.

    Anu Jayasinghe: The best pecan pie I’ve ever had!

    Bruce Dennis: Texas Clump Crab Cake is menu gem!

    Ashley Baxter: Go for happy hour, get the frozen Tito’s Tea, enjoy life.

    David Cockburn: Gooey pecan pie was the biggest surprise, probably the best ever

    Brooke: Dessert: get the turtle pie & you can thank me later

    Review Of Emporium Pies

    10 Best Places to Get Pecan Pies in Texas

    Had BBQ at the Pecan Lodge then went back and grabbed some Bourbon Pecan Pie right next door! So good!

    4448 of 70 reviews

    Very expensive small pie pieces but pretty tasty. I had key lime that had a good “bite” of lime and very smooth. Hubby had bourbon pecan which was also good. Lived the to-go containers. Little wood boxes delicately wrapped with a wooden spoon on top.

    The pies I’ve had have ranged from good to extraordinary. I’m not sure that’s good enough considering the price of a slice. Maybe I just don’t have enough of an appreciation for really expensive homemade pie. I’ve loved some. Others were just fine. The people are friendly. The service is good. But it’s still a $6 slice of pie.

    • Value

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    How They Do It

    Through the years, the process, from planting to shelling, has become pretty streamlined and efficient. Watch the cool video below from Chase Farms and then follow here.
    All this pecan talk might inspire you to see a whole lot more of what Texas has to offer. Click here for a look at the Texas Pecan Growers Associations Holiday Trail Map to find pecan growers to visit all over the Lone Star State.

    The Drunken Nut At Emporium Pies

    Pies with nuts can be polarizing, but everyone in town agrees that this gooey slice is lick-your-lips good. Think Texas pecans covered in a mixture of butter, bourbon and brown sugar surrounded by shortbread crust. Youll never go back to regular pecan pie again.

    314 N. Bishop Ave. 469-206-6126 or

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    Chocolate Cream Pie At Celebration

    A slice of this chocolate cream pie is the only way to finish off a delicious farm-to-table dining experience. Made fresh daily, the melt-in-your-mouth filling, fresh whipped cream and crunchy graham cracker crust combine for pie poetry.

    4503 W. Lovers Lane 214-351-5681 or

    History Of Texas Pecans

    Best Pies in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)
    Would it surprise you to learn that the highest percentage of native Texas pecans is grown in El Paso County? Me, too. Pecans also grow well in Central Texas and continue to flourish as far south as Hidalgo County, in the McAllen area.
    Pecans have grown to be a symbol of Texas diverse agricultural economy, but records indicate that pecans were being exported from Galveston as early as 1850. By 1945, there were over three million pecan trees in Texas, providing about 30 percent of Americas total crop.
    Even with projected yields a little lower this year, due to late summer drought, Texas pecan farmers still expect production to yield around 36,000,000 pounds.

    Photo Tree Swing and Railcar on the Rattlesnake Ranch

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