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How To Make Walking Tacos

SONIC Fritos Chili Cheese Burger & Fritos Chili Pie – NOT what we were EXPECTING!!

If you want to make this Frito pie into a walking taco, follow these two simple steps.

  • Cut 1/2 inch from one entire side of a single-serve bag of Fritos.
  • Add a scoop of chili into the bag, top with a handful of shredded cheese and the toppings of your choice.
  • Grab a fork and stick it right into the bag to dig into hand-held goodness!

    Since Fritos Can Solve Any Problem Sonic Is Going To Bring Back Both The Regular And Jr Versions Of Their Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps

    If any fast food chain was made for something like what happened in 2020, it is Sonic. No dining room? You order and eat in your car? Almost no contact with any other human being? Sonic has been preparing for this year since day one.

    Add in the fact that Sonic always seems to be trying new things and new ideas and you have a chain that is ready to adapt to any situation. Of course, that doesnt mean they dont like to bring back past hits to the great enjoyment of the Sonic faithful.

    And Cheeseburgers Are Half Price Every Tuesday After 5 Pm

    Tuesday is Family Night, where you can get half-price cheeseburgers after 5 p.m. if you order through the Sonic app.

    I got a Bacon Double Cheeseburger at a Sonic near me for $3.49!

    Note: This offer doesnt include the Double-Patty Cheeseburgers, any limited-time or seasonal cheeseburger, Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburgers, Jr. Burgers, and combos.

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    How To Order The Sonic Frito Pie From The Secret Menu

    If youve heard of the Frito Pie, chances are you live in the south or youre a Sonic super fan. This interesting dish used to be on the main menu and has since been discontinued. Back in 2018, the Fritos Chili Pie was added to the menu alongside the Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap and Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger. And while the other two dishes have fallen off everyones radar, customers still want a piece of the Frito pie, which is how it landed itself a permanent spot on the Sonic Secret Menu.

    As you might be imagining, the Frito Pie isnt a dessert, but a salty, savory snack made with classic Fritos, chili, and melted cheddar cheese. It doesnt look anything like a slice of pie more of a pile of snacks thrown together. But nonetheless, it tastes delicious.

    What Is A Purple O At Sonic

    Petition · Sonic Drive

    The Purple O is a drink that I guess is on the secret menu because Ive been to Sonics where they dont make it or know what it is, sophomore Ben Meaders said. Its a mix of Sprite, Mountain Berry Powerade, lemonade, cranberry, and sometimes vanilla. Its really amazing and its the only drink I get there anymore.

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    Fast Food News: Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Faves

    Update: We reviewed the burger! Click here to read our review.

    To be honest, Im a bit disappointed Sonics new Fritos Chili Cheese Faves didnt end up being Sonics Cheetos Chili Cheese Faves. But theres always the future.

    The faves include three items:

    The Fritos Chili Pie is made with Fritos, chili, and cheddar cheese. Its available in small, medium, and large sizes and starts at 99 cents.

    A small serving has 510 calories, 34 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 35 milligrams of cholesterol, 1030 milligrams of sodium, 35 grams of carbohydrates, 3 grams of fiber, and 14 grams of protein.

    The Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap is basically the Fritos Chili Pie in an 8-inch flour tortilla. It has a price of 99 cents.

    Finally, theres the $1.99 Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger, which is a Fritos Chili Pie on top of a 100 percent beef patty, served on a bakery bun.

    Sonics Fritos Chili Cheese Faves are available for a limited time at participating locations while supplies last. Speaking of supplies, now that Sonic has a Fritos stockpile, customers can customize their Chili Cheese Coneys with the corn chips.

    If youve tried any of them, let us know what you think in the comments.

    The Sonic Secret Menu Ring Leader Burger Is Only $070 More Than A Cheeseburger

    This secret menu item is only a good deal if your local Sonic is generous.

    Order a cheeseburger with grilled onions and one onion ring on top. Most locations will add a single onion ring to your order free of charge otherwise, you might have to order a side of mini onion rings and assemble it yourself.

    • Price of cheeseburger $3.89 + grilled onions $0.70 + a free onion ring = $4.59.
    • Price of cheeseburger $3.89 + grilled onions $0.70 + mini onion rings $1.29 = $5.88

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    Ways To Hack The Sonic Menu And Save On Slushes

    21 Ways to Hack the Sonic Menu and Sa…

    If youre hungry and in the mood for some American classics, you might wanna hit up a Sonic Drive-In for some hot dogs, onion rings, and slushes. But, dont go unless you know these great Sonic menu hacks.

    Ill show you how to get all-day Sonic Happy Hour, score free drinks and food, and order some off-the-wall secret menu items.

    Remember to for more awesome hacks.

    For Fastest Service Use The App To Order Ahead

    New Sonic Frito Chili Pie

    The Sonic app lets you place your order and select a pickup time and location. Once youve paid for your order, you can drive up to a stall and use the app to check in. Its pretty common for Sonic to bring you your order within five minutes.

    Order ahead is only available through the Sonic app, and only until 11 p.m.

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    Celebrate Your Cheat Day With Sonic Secret Menu Extreme Tots

    Feeling like treating yourself? The Sonic secret menu extreme tots are definitely heavier than your regular tater tots, but still totally worth it order tots with cheese, chili, jalapenos, onions, and ranch dressing for $4.74.

    You can get the Extreme treatment on Popcorn Chicken, too! Definitely plan some nap time after this one.

    Do You Get Paid More At Sonic If You Skate

    In a Reddit thread started by a newly minted skating Sonic carhop asking for advice, a person who said they worked as a skating carhop at Sonic wrote, I worked at sonic when I was 16-18 in High school and wore quad skates as they are way more comfortable over long periods of time. They also got paid 50 cents extra

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    Frito’s Chili Cheese Wrap Sonic Copycat

    Got this recipe from the copykat site. Chili and Fritos go together so well. You can put these together easily at home, no need to get dressed and make a mess in your car for these.

    Provided by TishT

    1 can mild plain chili
    3 cups Fritos corn chips or 3 cups other corn chips
    1 cup mild cheddar cheese, shredded
    1/4-1/2 cup onion, diced
    4 large burrito-size flour tortillas


    • Mix Fritos with chili, place 1/4 of chili mixture in the middle of the flour burrito shell.
    • Sprinkle chili with 1/4 cup shredded cheese and diced onions to taste.
    • Fold one side of shell halfway on top of chili.
    • Fold each side over each other.
    • The bottom should be tucked in and filling will be seen from the top of wrapped shell.
    • Pop into the micro wave 15- 20 seconds.
    • Serve immediately and enjoy.

    Nutrition Facts : Calories 488.2, Fat 22.2, SaturatedFat 10.5, Cholesterol 52.7, Sodium 1329.5, Carbohydrate 53.4, Fiber 8.3, Sugar 3.5, Protein 20.7

    Tips For Making And Serving A Sonic Chili Cheese Wrap

    Frito pie
    • Make it your own with additional ingredients. Sonic offers diners several ways to customize their wraps, including adding extra cheese, spicy jalapeno slices, and onions. But dont let what you can get at the drive-in limit what you do at home. Other great options are slices of avocado, a dollop of sour cream, shredded cilantro, and crumbled bacon.
    • Dont overstuff your wrap. Too much filling in a wrap can make eating messy. For an 8-inch tortilla,dont use more than a cup of filling. You can increase that to a cup and a half if you are using 10-inch wraps. Remember to place the filling a third of the way from the bottom and leave enough space on the sides to fold them over.

    Our recipes look as wonderful as they taste.

    • 1/2cupshredded cheddar cheese
    • 2cupsFritos corn chips

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    More About Sonic Frito Pie Wrap Recipes


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    • Warm the tortillas in the microwave to make them pliable. If they are stale, you can sprinkle a little water on them to help freshen them up.



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    • Place a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the ground beef and onions and sauté for 5-7 minutes until slightly browned.

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    The Sonic Frito Chili Pie Secret Menu Item Is Legendary Check To See If Your Location Has It

    A popular secret menu item in the South, Frito Pie is a generous serving of Frito chips smothered in chili and cheese. Think of it as the toppings on a regular Coney dog but on crunchy chips.

    A Frito Pie is about $3.29, which is $0.10 cheaper than Large Chili Cheese Tots. Your location might not be able to make it, so check before you get your hopes up.

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    What Is The 2 For $4 At Dairy Queen

    With the new additions, the 2 for $4 Super Snack menu now includes any two of the following select menu items for 4 bucks: Any Size Misty Slush Chili Cheese Dog Cheeseburger Small Sundae Pretzel Sticks with Zesty Queso Any Size Soft Drink 2-piece Chicken Strips Regular Fries The 2 for $4 Super Snack Mix Match deal can

    Sonic Unveils New Fritos Chili Cheese Lineup

    Sonic Frito chili cheese burger, wrap and pie Mukbang(Eating show)

    Sonic brings a real crunch to the menu with the introduction of new Fritos Chili Cheese Faves, featuring three new Fritos-inspired menu items starting at 99 cents.

    Sonics new Fritos-inspired menu includes:

    Fritos Chili Pie: Crunchy Fritos topped with savory chili and melty cheddar cheese.

    Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap: Fritos, savory chili and melty cheddar cheese all wrapped in an 8-inch flour tortilla.

    Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger: A 100-percent beef patty topped with melty cheddar cheese, chili and Fritos Corn Chips all sandwiched between a soft bakery bun.

    Participating locations are also offering fans the opportunity to add Fritos to their Chili Cheese Coney for an extra charge.

    Both the Fritos Chili Pie and Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap carry a suggested price of 99 cents each, while the Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Burger is priced at $1.99. Prices may vary by location.

    Image Sonic

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    Is The T Rex Real At Wendys

    Huffpo set out to investigate this curiosity and found that the item originated from a fictional ad featured in Sports Illustrated nine years ago. Although the ad was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek play, customers requested the behemoth burger and the lovely employees at Wendys Brandon happily entertained the idea.

    How To Serve Frito Pie

    You can serve this Frito chili pie up as a casserole or in individual portions inside the chip bags. Walking Frito pies are great for game nights or some other appropriate gathering. And, no dishes to clean up!

    There are two ways to open a chip bag for a walking Frito pie. The easier way is just to open up the top of the bag and fold it over, but the smaller opening makes it a little harder to eat. A better way is to turn the bag on its side and cut along the long edge with a pair of scissors to make an opening thats nice and big.

    Display the filled bags with plenty of forks and napkins and surround them with small dishes of toppings. You could also keep the chili warm in a slow cooker nearby and let your guests go to town.

    You can use homemade chili or canned chili

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    Sign Up For Text Messages To Get Exclusive Offers On The Sonic Menu

    If you sign up for Sonic Drive-In text messages, youll get exclusive offers sent directly to your phone. All you need to do is provide your phone number and zip code to start getting 10 texts a month.

    When I signed up, I immediately got an offer for a free large drink or slush. You can only use one of these promos per order.

    Sonic Welcomes Back Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps For A Limited Time

    How to Order the Sonic Frito Pie from the Secret Menu ...

    Sonic Drive-In offers crunchy, cheesy, melty comfort with the return of their popular Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps.

    The Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap consists of Fritos corn chips, warm chili, and cheddar cheese, all wrapped in a large flour tortilla.

    Sonic is also offering the Fritos Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap as a value-priced menu option for those who arent as hungry or for those who are on a budget. It features all the same ingredients but wrapped in a 8-inch flour tortilla.

    While prices may vary by location, my local Sonic is charging $1.69 for the Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap and just 99 cents for the Jr. version.

    Fritos Chili Cheese Wraps are now available at participating Sonic restaurants nationwide for a limited time.

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