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Amy Roloff Making Coconut Cream Pie

What are people saying about bakeries in San Antonio, TX?

This is a review for bakeries in San Antonio, TX:

“I came here on a weekday around 8:40pm.I got the Pesto Pasta and Potato Galette because I wasn’t too hungry for a big meal. I love their pesto pasta, it is very flavorful and they give a generous portion. I also like the potato galette, but I wish they include some sauce with it as it was a little dry. I love that they still provide free bread, and homemade jam. We didn’t know they close at 9pm, but they were still taking orders from customers and they let us finish our meal.I usually come for their desserts in the bakery area. I love their fruit tarts and coconut cream cake! They always sell out when I go later in the evening, so you know it’s popular.”

Sonic Coconut Cream Pie Shake

June 22, 2017 by Stephanie Manley, Last Updated July 26, 2021

Sonic Coconut Cream Pie Shake is a wonderful milkshake you are going to love. Are you tired of chocolate and vanilla flavors? Shake up your shakes and make this copycat Sonic coconut shake.

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Fully Blind Bake Pie Crust

Some pie recipes call for fully baked crust and some recipes need a partially baked crust. Lemon meringue pie requires a partially baked pie crust because it will continue to bake with the filling. Coconut cream pie, like French silk pie for example, is a no-bake pie the filling does not go in the oven. We obviously dont want to eat raw pie dough, so we need a fully blind baked pie crust.

I published an entire tutorial about blind baking pie crust. I repeat *some* information here, but I encourage you to review the tutorial prior to beginning this coconut cream pie recipe.

  • Make pie dough ahead of time, then refrigerate or freeze until youre ready to make the pie. Pie crust must chill for at least 2 hours before rolling out.
  • Roll it out, then fit into your 9-inch pie dish. Crimp or flute the edges.
  • Chill the shaped pie crust for at least 30 minutes. This prevents shrinking. Remember that pie dough must be cold.
  • Fill with pie weights. As the pie dough bakes, its fat will melt. The melting fat causes the pie crust to shrink down the sides of the pie dish. To prevent the pie dough from completely losing its shape, weigh it down with pie weights. Carefully line the pie dough with parchment paper first, then pour in pie weights or even dry beans.
  • Bake until the edges are lightly brown, about 15 minutes.
  • Remove pie weights, then prick the bottom with a fork. This lets air escape the bottom.
  • Return to oven until the entire pie shell is golden brown.
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    Sonic Peanut Butter Shake

    This Sonic Shake Recipe is so easy to make! All you need is a few simple ingredients, a blender and a few seconds and you have a creamy peanut butter shake ready to go! If you prefer coconut check out our recipe for Copy Cat Sonic Coconut Cream Pie Shakes.

    What are your favorite Sonic Shakes? I am always up for a strawberry shake or a fun mix in shake. I am always surprised at just how many flavors of shakes that are available at Sonic. It is hard to pick just one.

    There is just something so good about peanut butter. I was looking at all of the recipes we have made with peanut butter and it is a lot of them. From peanut butter cookies to a peanut butter and jelly cake recipe. We even have peanut butter bacon cookies! Combining everyones love of bacon and peanut butter into one delicious cookie.

    Copy Cat Sonic Peanut Butter Shake Recipe


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    This is a recipe that I know my husband would love. He loves coconut. I had to look up cream of coconut, because I had never heard of it before now. I only knew of coconut milk. I found out that I can substitute it with sweetened condensed milk and coconut extract to taste. I will have to try this recipe soon.

    goldenwolfwoman 18 52451

    time for all good people to set down and have a party with this tasty little gem.

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    Tom Douglas Triple Coconut Cream Pie

    Coconut Cream Pie


    THIS PIE! Coconut crust + Coconut filling + Toasted Coconut Chips on top = Triple Coconut Cream Pie. Its been known to convert even non-coconut lovers! Dreamy!

    Its Birthday Season in my house! Of the 5 of us, 4 of our birthdays fall between April 3 and June 3. That usually means 4 birthday dinners , 4 days of celebration, 4 sets of thank you notes, and 4 Over-the-Top Birthday Cakes! Wow! Youd think, right? But sometimes, just sometimes, I wish for the birthday where someone says, How about a Birthday Pie? This year, it happened. And my baby girl wanted not just any old pie, but one of my all-time favorites, Tom Douglass Triple Coconut Cream Pie. A crispy, coconutty shell encases the best coconut pastry cream youve ever had. All of that yumminess is -topped with a mountain of whipped cream, and covered with toasted coconut chips and shavings of White chocolate. If your mouth isnt watering now, check your pulse. WOW!

    Tom Douglas is nothing less than a celebrity here in the Pacific Northwest. His restaurants are among the best in town, each offering Toms spin on classic comfort foods, local favorites, pizza, even plant-based cuisine. All amazing! His original restaurant, The Dahlia Lounge, made famous by a scene in Sleepless in Seattle was the first to offer this Triple Coconut Cream Pie, and several others now follow suit. I, personally, cant leave any of his restaurants without a slice. Its a masterpiece.

    • Laura

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    What Happens If Publix Bakery Toasted Coconut Cream Pie Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

    • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
    • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
    • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

    Super Crunch Chicken Strip Dinner

    As if our all-white meat chicken strips, made with extra crunch for extra flavor werent enough. Four super crunchy chicken strips served with a warm Texas Toast, your choice of golden Tots or Fries, and topped with a single handmade Onion Ring. And, of course we couldnt let you enjoy all of this deliciousness without the comfort of our thick, country gravy.

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    Baking & Serving Tips

    Make sure to get the most enjoyable and best experience out of our pies by following the baking instructions and serving tips below. These instructions are specific to Coconut Cream Pie. If you would like instructions for a different pie, please check that page.

    Cream Pies

    The Coconut Cream Pie should be refrigerated at all times. For best results, the pie should be consumed within 3 days of purchase. Before serving, please remove from fridge and leave at room temperature for 30 minutes. Ideally you do not want your cream pie to sit at room temperature for longer than 1 hour.


    • While you can freeze a cream pie, it is not recommended. The whipped cream and the custard are both best consumed when fresh.
    • To cut a perfect slice, try warming your knife blade with hot water and cleaning it between cuts.
    • Never warm a cream pie, as the filling and whipped cream will not survive the heat.

    Banana Split Master Blast

    Amazing Coconut Cream Pie From Scratch

    If you want to savor the heavenly taste of real strawberries and pieces of real banana in your ice cream, you should try Sonics Banana Split Blast. This blast is composed of vanilla ice cream perfectly blended with banana, strawberries and chocolate chips.

    You can choose the Banana Split Master Blast Larger, which delivers 1,810 calories, or Banana Split Master Blast Mini with 600 calories.

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    Homemade Coconut Cream Pie

    This coconut cream pie recipe features a thick and creamy coconut filling, crispy homemade pie crust, mounds of sweet whipped cream, and toasted coconut. Blind bake the pie crust first, then chill the pie filling until thick and lush.

    Coconut. You either love it or hate it.

    Considering my adoration for coconut cake, you know I fall in the first category. And if youre reading this, I assume you do too. Obviously this is what you need to make next!!

    If youre not in the coconut gang, you should probably skip this one. But coconut cream pie isnt *just* for coconut lovers. If you appreciate thick creamy pies, flaky pie crust, and all that fresh whipped cream has to offer, youll enjoy each forkful.

    Im hosting Easter Sunday this year and have my heart set on coconut cream pie for Easter dessert. I worked HARD on this recipe, taking what I learned from butterscotch pudding and banana cream pie, then incorporating both into a coconut variation. Lets dive in.

    How To Make Coconut Cream Pie Filling

    Like most homemade pudding, the coconut filling is made on the stove.

    Bring the coconut milk, half-and-half, sugar, and salt to a boil. Whisk the egg yolks & cornstarch together and have them ready for tempering. To temper, add *some* of the boiling coconut mixture into the egg yolks, then add it all back into the pot. This *slowly* raises the egg yolks temperature. The purpose of tempering is to prevent scrambling them. You can watch me temper the egg yolks in the video above.

    Off-heat, stir in the coconut, butter, vanilla, and coconut extracts. Next, pour the warm pudding into cooled crust, then cover and chill until thickened.

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    Coconut Cream Pie Success Tips

  • Follow the recipe closely including using canned coconut milk, half-and-half, and tempering the egg yolks.
  • Chill the pie crust inside the pie dish before blind baking. Pie dough must be cold.
  • Thoroughly chill the pie filling before serving. Otherwise the pie will completely fall apart and no one appreciates warm coconut pudding.
  • And if you dig creamy pie recipes

    • Total Time:6 hours, 35 minutes
    • Yield:one 9-inch pie

    Searching For Hawaiis Coconut Pies

    Toasted Coconut Cream Pie with Lime Whipped Cream ...

    HAWAII Magazine reader Dale Randall e-mailed us:

    I have never seen a mention of a place to purchase coconut piethe old fashion variety with two crusts. Since Kapiolani Bakery closed, I have not been able to locate a source. Liliha Bakery discontinued theirs, but they still make coconut turnovers. Could you suggest a source?

    Most Oahu bakeries, such as Liliha Bakery, now offer coconut or haupia cakesnot pies. These cakes are often filled with or frosted with haupia and/or sprinkled with coconut flakes.

    Teds Bakery is known for their original chocolate-haupia cream pie, but its only topped with whipped cream.

    Two bakeries will still make a double-crust coconut pie:

    Agnes Portuguese Bake Shop in Kailua. This Windward bakery on Oahu is best known for its hot malassadas , but they also make double-crust coconut pies.

    Larrys Wholesale Bakery makes coconut pies just the way you like themwith the old-fashioned double crust.

    Since these desserts are not regular items, both bakeries recommend placing your order a day in advance.

    Or you could always try to bake your own pie, with a coconut filling, for which, we admit, we cannot find a recipe.

    UPDATE, 9/19/08: I thought you might like the recipe for coconut pie, writes HAWAII Magazine reader Dale Randall. Heres the recipe Dale sent to us. It was originally printed two years ago in the Honolulu Advertiser.

    Coconut Pie

    3 cups fresh grated coconut

    3 tablespoons cornstarch

    2 cups sugar

    1 unbaked two-crust pie shell

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    Does Sonic Still Have Banana Splits

    Order your Sonic Blast® with two candies instead of one! Your classic banana split made just the way you like it with chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, whipped topping, and a cherry. These classic favorites are available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Caramel, Pineapple, or Hot Fudge.

    Similarly, What flavor blasts does Sonic have?

    Add mix-ins or real fruit to your 100% real ice cream!

    • SONIC Blasts®
    • SONIC Blast® made with OREO® Cookie Pieces.
    • Reeses® Peanut Butter Cup SONIC Blast®
    • SONIC Blast® made with Mini M& MS® Chocolate Candies.
    • SONIC Blast® made with BUTTERFINGER® candy.
    • SONIC Blast® made with SNICKERS® bar.

    Subsequently What fast food sells banana splits? Banana Splits have been enjoyed at Baskin-Robbins shops for decades, and now guests can enjoy all of the elements of this ice cream parlor classic in one delicious scoop. Our Banana Split ice cream is a great new addition to the Baskin-Robbins flavor library.

    When did Sonic stop selling banana split?

    Banana Cream Pie Shake

    · by Ari·

    Do you guys remember the banana cream pie shake at Sonic?? OMG, I was obsessssssed with it. I would go through the Sonic drive through multiple times a week for that little gem. Creamy banana shake with crushed graham cracker? That is speaking my language. Although I always thought their whipped cream tasted a little weird. Anyone else? I am a whipped cream lover, but theirs always tasted slightly like plastic to me.

    Anyway, I was obsessed with the shake, and lately my girl Sally has been making a bunch of frozen banana shake recipes. Id been dying to try the banana soft serve craze anyway, and I was inspired to try my own so I jumped on board to recreate one of my favorite treats.

    You see, I secretly thought it would never be as good as everyone says. Bananas as ice cream? The ice cream lover in me wanted to be stubborn, and I thought it was like when everyone said mashed cauliflower was like mashed potatoes. I still dont get that one

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    Are Sonic Slushies Bad For You

    If youre looking for a sugar-free Slush option, weve got bad news for you: All Sonic Slushes contain sugar because the base itself consists of sugar and ice. In fact, a small, plain Slush contains 48 grams of sugar and 180 calories. Bump that all the way up to a Route 44 and its 145 grams of sugar and 540 calories.

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