How To Make Apple Pie Moonshine

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How To Adjust The Proof

How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine

This is a strong apple pie moonshine recipe that can be diluted by adding extra apple juice concentrate . Here’s how to dial down the potency of the baseline recipe by various notches. If you need to accommodate more than one tolerance level, you can start with a stronger proof and add some apple cider to individual servings as needed.

  • 64 proof: Use three, 12-ounce cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and an extra ½ stick of cinnamon.
  • 55 proof: Use four, 12-ounce cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and one extra cinnamon stick.
  • 47.5 Proof: Use five, 12-ounce cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and 1 ½ extra cinnamon sticks
  • 42 Proof: Use six, 12-ounce cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and 2 extra cinnamon sticks.
  • 38 Proof: Use seven, 12-ounce cans of frozen apple juice concentrate and 2 ½ extra cinnamon sticks.

As a lightweight, I can only take small sips of the 78-proof moonshine. It tastes like apple, cinnamon, a hint of brown sugar and alcohollots and lots of alcohol!

I’m partial to the 38-proof moonshine.

Don’t laugh! It still packs a punch!

It’s so smooth and tastes like a caramel-apple-cinnamon adult beverage. Yum!

How To Make Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

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Apple Pie Moonshine is the best when it comes to flavored moonshine recipes. Its always a hit at our parties and its been requested so often weve even made batches to give as presents. This recipe is easy to make and its apple pie flavorful!

Easy Recipe for Apple Pie Moonshine.

Big batch cocktails are a must for our parties and flavored moonshine recipes are such an easy way to serve cocktails to everyone.

We also love our Blackberry Moonshine and Pumpkin Pie Moonshine, but our go-to moonshine recipe is always this Apple Pie Moonshine. It is the most requested cocktail at our local house concert events and its so good that an award winning singer/songwriter wrote a song about it.

It does take some pre-planning to have this moonshine ready for an event, so make sure you allot enough time to let it age before serving. Our guests simply love it and specifically ask if well be making up a batch for a party, so its worth it to make everyone so happy.

What Is Apple Pie Moonshine

Apple pie moonshine is the legal version of this fantasy, involving sugared and spiced high proof grain alcohol. So put your white lightening dreams to rest for another couple of decades, then check back in on your states liquor laws.

Flavored moonshine cocktails have successfully and hilariously made the transition from backwoods to bourgeoisie. Yeehaw! Unfortunately I wont be teaching you how to evaporate out some spicy hooch and smuggle it across state lines this afternoon.




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How To Make Apple Moonshine

Before we get into the particulars of this process, we’d like to take a moment to remind you that home distilling is illegal without state and federal permits. However, making fuel alcohol with a fuel alcohol permit, is legal. The recipe below should only be used to make fuel alcohol unless proper permits are possessed for making distilled spirits.

How To Make This Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine

How to Make Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

Add all ingredients excluding the alcohol in a large pot bring to a boil. The more cinnamon sticks you add, the spicier it will be. Cover pot and simmer for about 45 minutes. Allow to cool.

Stir in grain alcohol components into the mix and strain cinnamon sticks. Pour into 12oz mason jars and tightly secure the lids. Mellow in the refrigerator until cool. The moonshine will last up to six months, sealed, in the refrigerator.

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Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

Sip on the tastes of fall with this Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe. Its everything you love about the fall season, in one drink. Its sweet with a hint of cinnamon spice and goes down smoothly. This recipe makes a large batch, so its great for a party or to give away as a gift. We put the extra in mason jars and wrap it with a bow. Everyone loves the taste of the homemade moonshine and expects us to make it every year now.

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Tips For This Recipe:

  • Heres the deal, I used Everclear the first time I made this. Everclear is STRONG. So if you opt for this version, please drink responsibly. Actually, either way you should drink responsibly. This drink tastes so incredibly delicious that you could easily drink too much.
  • Wait for the apple cider mixture to cool completely before adding the alcohol.
  • Want your moonshine to last a little longer? Process it in mason jars!
  • This recipe should last roughly four to six weeks if stored properly.

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Here are five cocktails , that you can make at home as a complement … the Black Button Distilling’s ApplePieMoonshine and Four Grain Bourbon …

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Instant Pot Apple Pie Moonshine

How to Make Easy Apple Pie Moonshine

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This post includes a recipe for alcohol. Drink responsibly. Sparkles to Sprinkles and its authors are not responsible for the actions of our readers should they choose to make this recipe and consume it. Please drink responsibly.

Looking for that perfect drink to serve up this holiday season? Or maybe a gift for that person who has everything? This Instant Pot apple pie moonshine will warm you up from the inside out, with a nice smooth flavor of apple pie. This sweet and boozed up apple pie moonshine will be the talk of any party or holiday gathering you take part in this fall.

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Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe Step

  • For the first step, you pour all 5 cans of apple juice concentrate into a large pot.
  • Add 3-4 cups of brown sugar .
  • Next, add in your 10 cinnamon sticks, cut your apple into 4 pieces and add them into the mix as well. If youd like to create a more complex flavor profile for your apple pie flavored moonshine you can also add 1 pinch of apple pie spice, 1/4 cup of dried ginger, and 1-2 sticks of vanilla bean into the batch. Be aware that a small amount of each of these goes a long way!
  • Bring your mixture to a low simmer. Cover your pot with a lid and reduce heat. Let your mixture simmer for one-hour. After that, remove your pot from the burner and allow the mixture to cool down.
  • Once the mixture cools down, you can pour in your 8 cups of moonshine. *Be sure to wait until the mixture cools down before pouring in your moonshine. Stir to completely mix the moonshine in with your apple concentrate batch.
  • Next slowly pour your moonshine mixture into your 4 quart jars. Be sure to use a cheesecloth to filter the moonshine/apple concentrate mixture as you pour it. Add 1 cinnamon stick and 1/4th of an apple that was previously in your mixture to each jar.
  • Congrats! You can enjoy your apple pie flavored moonshine immediately. For a more complex and aged flavor, seal and store the jars in your refrigerator for 2-3 weeks before you enjoy your batch. Be sure to stir up the mix well before serving to avoid an uneven pour of shine.
  • What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Apple Pie Moonshine

    Apple pie moonshine drinks combine the that wonderful apple pie flavor with a serious adult beverage! The apple pie portion of this cocktail is made using apple juice and spiced apple cider blended and boiled with brown sugar, granulated sugar, and cinnamon sticks.

    The moonshine portion comes from 190 proof Everclear along with some vodka. The apple pie moonshine proof at 190 is no serious stuff this beverage is not for the faint of heart or liver!

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    What Other Supplies Will I Need To Make My Moonshine

    We recommend that you start with a combination of as much alcohol and apple juice as you think your guests will drink and then decide how many mason jars it will fit into. Youll do well to stock the following accessories before you start making your moonshine:

    • A gallon jar to preserve your moonshine
    • Mason jars or other vacuum-sealed jars
    • Ginger ale
    • Shot glasses or disposable shot glasses
    • Additional mason jars or other serving glasses

    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

    Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

    For the Apple Pie Moonshine recipe, combine 8 cups of moonshine or vodka , 3-4 cups of brown sugar, 10 cinnamon sticks, Apple pie spice, Dried ginger, Vanilla bean, and 1 apple.

    While apple pie is a symbol of American national pride and prosperity, its also one of the most celebrated flavors of moonshine out there. And for good reason. One of the best things about apple-flavored moonshine, is that you can enjoy it during the winter months as a hot beverage or as a refreshing summer drink over ice. For this recipe, well be explaining step-by-step how to make a delicious batch of apple pie moonshine.

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    Quick Apple Pie Moonshine

    Usually this would be a toasty drink to stay warm during cold weather, but I had it recently at a crawfish boil and thought it went with them perfectly.

    Its easy to make and tastes just like apple pie. Brown sugar gives this drink a deep flavored sweetness and the cinnamon gives it that apple pie flavor. Dont underestimate the cloves in this recipe, however. Cloves give it distinct spice that cant otherwise be duplicated. Dont leave them out!

    Can I Use Any Kind Of Clear Alcohol

    Technically, moonshine making was a free-for-all in a time when alcohol was made outside of the rule of law, so we suppose you could use whatever you found in your pantry but we definitely wouldnt recommend it. Other clear drinks such as vodka, sake, or tequila will give your apple pie moonshine a sour taste rather than be masked by the sweetness of the sugar and the apple juice.

    Go with unflavored grain alcohol for the best results, and be forewarned not to drink this grain alcohol by itself. Its meant to be an ingredient rather than a drink to enjoy. The awesome thing about this type of alcohol is that because it is unflavored , it can easily absorb whatever you put in it. Its the perfect base for apple pie moonshine.

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    How Do You Store Apple Pie Moonshine

    Homemade apple pie moonshine should be stored in the refrigerator. For longer term storage, the freezer will do the trick. Moonshine shouldnt freeze in the freezer, but the cooler temperature will preserve the mixture longer.

    For best results, fill the jar almost full, cover with a tight-fitting lid, and dont open until you are ready to serve or consume.

    How Can You Tell If Moonshine Is Safe

    How to make Apple Pie Moonshine

    One of the best ways to determine the safety of your moonshine is to make it yourself and to use the proper equipment and techniques to do so.

    One of the most important parts of making moonshine is to use completely sanitized equipment and to follow directions, especially when fractionating.

    Fractionating your moonshine is the process in which potentially harmful elements of the output from your moonshine still are removed. By following this process carefully you can ensure that you are only consuming ethanol.

    Those new to moonshining are able to determine the output from their still based on the temperature. As you become more experienced, you will be able to tell the output by the smell and taste as well.

    For more information on how to fractionate check out our how to make moonshine guide.

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    Give Apple Pie Moonshine As A Gift This Holiday Season

    If you know someone who loves to sip on the harder drinks, consider grabbing a mason jar and pouring them some, and top with a bow. You can even get cute labels to decorate to show it is a gift. I know quite a few people in my life, that has everything, so a good old container of moonshine would be a nice gift option. You could even pair it with some nice mugs or glasses for them to pour it into.

    I think many of you are as in love with the music in this video as I am. The song is Rattlesnake, by Jonny Houlihan.

    Hot Apple Pie Moonshine

    If you would like to serve up some hot apple pie moonshine, here’s what we would suggest. Use the recipe above to make standard apple pie moonshine. Then, buy a couple of gallons of apple cider and spice it to taste using the same ingredients above. Heat it in a crock pot WITHOUT the apple pie moonshine. Just set the jar of apple pie moonshine next to the crock pot and let your guests add a bit to each cup of cider they pour.

    We hope you enjoy this post on how to make apple pie moonshine. This is how we like it, but we’d also love to hear your thoughts. Let us know your opinion on this recipe, or share your own apple pie moonshine recipe below.

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