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How an Apple Cake Saved This Womans HomeO, the Oprah Magazineby Stephanie Krikorian

In 2009, Angela Logan, a model and actress who had appeared on Law and Order: SVU, was in a bind. Her talent agency had closed without paying her money she was owed, botched construction on her house had buried her in bills and she was about to lose her home to foreclosure. A single mother of three sons, Logan picked up shifts at a local hair salon. But she needed an immediate windfall. One day, gazing down at an apple cake shed just whipped up for her boysa friends recipe shed perfected with whole wheat flour, aromatic spices and more cream cheese in the frostingshe thought ,What if I sold these? Her sons loved the cakes, and friends had raved about them at parties. If she could sell 100 cakes for $40 each in ten days, she could secure a loan modification and save her house.

Logan got to work slicing, peeling and spreading the word. Within a few days, shed sold 42 two weeks later, after the media got wind of her story, her total was 900for $36,000, more than enough for the down payment on her loan.

Her advice on starting a business: At 4 A.M., when youre so tired that your head almost hits the table, its essential to be doing something you really love.

Us Woman Bakes Her Way Out Of Mortgage Crisis

A New Jersey woman has cooked up a sweet solution to a bitter financial jam: a bake sale.

Angela Logan has sold enough frosted “mortgage apple cakes” to meet a $2,600 loan payment on her house and avoid foreclosure.

Following a slew of television appearances and news stories on her plight, the divorced mother of three is overwhelmed with orders from as far away as Hong Kong and a US military base in Iraq, she has told media.

An actress and comedian, Logan ran into financial trouble after a building contractor cheated her and her agent went out of business without paying her thousands she was owed. Facing bank foreclosure on her house, she initially offered the $40 cakes to friends, family and neighbours. By yesterday she had received more than 500 orders and has said she will keep baking until the orders cease.

The icing on the cake: A local hotel offered to allow Logan the use of its kitchen after health officials warned her cannot use her home for commercial food preparation. She has a website,, and a slogan: “Fighting foreclosure one cake at a time.”

Logan, whose acting credits include “wife” in the 1992 Eddie Murphy vehicle Boomerang and a part on the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit detective programme, may have a new career.

“I’m going to cross that bridge when I come to it,” she told The Record newspaper of northern New Jersey. “Right now I’m just trying to pay this mortgage.”

Apple Mortgage Cake Is The Real Thing

Apple Mortgage Cake is an older film streaming on Prime Video. Its the true story of how a woman saved her home by baking cakes lots of cakes!

Apple Mortgage Cake is the story of Angela Logan . She was in danger of losing her home, a home that had been in her family for 3 generations. She had 3 sons: William , Nicholas , and Marcus .

Angela worked to help others, her sons school, and her community. But she couldnt find the cash to keep the mortgage paid up.

An old friend, Melvin George , showed up one day. While taking with Melvin and her boys, Angela commented that the only thing she was really good at was baking cakes. They seized on the idea and put plans in motion for her to try to sell enough cakes to make the mortgage money.

She started baking and selling. She made the news and orders came flooding in. It didnt go smoothly. With some help and a lot of hard work, each problem was solved as it came up. This inspiring story is based on a real woman and her real apple cakes. She now has her own bakery in Teaneck, NJ.

Stories about real people who overcome seemingly insurmountable problems are always a pleasure to watch, and this film is no exception.

Have a look at the preview.

Do you remember this story or this film from when it first came out? I really enjoyed it.

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Mortgage Apple Cakes Save Teaneck Woman From Losing Her House

TEANECK — Dressed in white pants and a white button-down shirt, Angela Logan blends in among the kitchen staff at the Hilton in Hasbrouck Heights. As she fetches big bowls of butter-cream cheese frosting from the walk-in cooler and lightly jabs the top of a golden cake in the oven, she seems more like a hotel pastry chef than a woman fighting foreclosure.

But that’s just what this 55-year-old actress and former dancer from Teaneck is doing: turning a much-loved recipe for apple cakes into a moneymaker that can help save her home of nearly 20 years.

Teaneck mom sells apple cakes to avoid foreclosure

In these lean economic times, acting jobs are scarce, and Logan’s usual standby, substitute teaching, has also been hard to find. A string of unforeseeable events, including a botched construction job on her home and the sudden closure of one of her talent agencies, left her struggling to pay her mortgage.

As a last resort, Logan came up with the idea to sell her famously moist apple cakes. Earlier this month, Logan set a goal of baking 100 cakes in 10 days and started selling them for $40 each. In a matter of weeks, the effort has become the mother of all bake sales, spawning international attention and a new business venture.

“I called them ‘mortgage apple cakes,’ because they were meant to save our house,” Logan said as she sifted a pile of flour into a commercial mixer blending a fragrant concoction of apples and cinnamon.

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    Mortgage Apple Cakes Lady Angela Logan Baked Her Way Out Of Foreclosure And Built An Empire

    Angela baked 100 cakes in ten days to get her home out of foreclosure.

    Life is challenging at times, but some folks have more determination than others to push through it all, and Angela Logan is one of these people. She is made of sterner stuff than the average Joe. The New Jersey resident made headlines 11 years ago when she found a way to triumph over losing her Teaneck home to foreclosure by baking hundreds of apple cakes that turned into a lucrative business called Mortgage Apple Cakes.

    Angela, the oldest of four siblings, who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, learned to bake and cook from her maternal grandmother. She was also the first in her family to earn an undergrad and graduate degree. Once upon a time, Angela was an actress, comedienne, and substitute teacher.

    During the mortgage crisis over a decade ago Angelas bills began mounting. An unscrupulous construction contractor ran off with her money and left her with an unfinished and unsafe home renovation. The talent print agency Angela had signed up with suddenly closed and failed to pay her for jobs. At the time, she held a $10 an hour job at a hair salon.

    Angela worked with a credit counseling service that helped her to become eligible for a federal mortgage modification program. She was given a deadline of 10 days to come up with the initial fee of $2,560 in order to qualify. So Angela set a goal for herself, to bake 100 cakes in 10 days at $40 each.

    50BOLD: Ten days, wow!

    50BOLD: Wow!

    Single Mom Angela Logan’s Mortgage Apple Cakes Celebrates Its Twelfth Anniversary

    In 2014, a movie was produced based on Angela’s inspirational story entitled “Apple Mortgage Cake”, starring award-winning actress Kimberly Elise

    From Local Kitchen to Nationwide Deliveries, Mortgage Apple Cakes Reflects on The Past Twelve Years and Envisions Bold Plans for The Future

    TEANECK, N.J., Aug. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mortgage Apple Cakes, founded by single mom Angela Logan to save her home from foreclosure, celebrated twelve years in business on July 17th. In 2009, Angela set a goal to sell 100 cakes in 10 days she received 900 orders as news of her decision to sell cakes, from her kitchen to raise money for her mortgage, became a viral sensation. After twelve years, Angela Logan has grown Mortgage Apple Cakes from her home kitchen to a brick-and-mortar bakery. In 2020, Angela optimized her bakery operations for expanded shipments of cakes to customers nationwide.

    Logan’s story of tenacity inspired the 2014 movie Apple Mortgage Cake. The film stars award-winning actress Kimberly Elise, as Angela Logan, and is set immediately before and after Mortgage Apple Cakes was formed. Since its release, the movie is streaming on numerous networks and platforms, including UPtv, Pureflix, Amazon Prime, and the Hallmark Channel. The movie’s popularity continues to fuel awareness of Angela’s motivational story and has contributed to the ongoing demand for her cakes.

    Mortgage Apple Cakes BAKERY ADDRESS

    740 Chestnut Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07666

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    The Mortgage Apple Cake Story

    Angela Logan of Teaneck, NJ, inspired the nation and the world, when during the mortgage crisis she set a goal to sell 100 apple cakes in ten days to save her home of 20 years from foreclosure. She had baked 42 cakes in her home and sold them at $40 each, when her story went global: CBS, Fox, and Today Show with Ann Curry, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Montel Williams, Wendy Williams, Cake Boss, ABCs More Magazine Reinvention Special as well as many national magazines thus saving her home from foreclosure. When the initial coverage led to thousands of cake orders, Bake Me A Wish, an internet gift cake company, baked and shipped her cakes all over the country, licensed her cakes, donating 5% of sale to GreenPath, a mortgage and debt solution company while Angela became a spokesperson for GreenPath.

    A Sweet Answer To Her Prayer

    Apple Mortgage Cake Preview

    The health department wouldnt let her bake cakes to save her home, but God interceded.

    I was up to my elbows in cake batter when I heard a sharp rapping at the front door of the house. Coming! I shouted from the kitchen.

    I hoped it was my fiancé, Melvin, with supplies for more cakes.

    Not Melvin. A stranger, a woman with a rigid expression.

    Are you Ms. Angela Logan? she asked.


    Im from the health department. You need to cease baking and selling cakes from your home. Immediately.

    Stop making my cakes? There must be some mistake

    Its a health-code violation. You cannot sell baked goods from your home. They must be made in a state-approved commercial kitchen. She handed me a notice and left.

    I shut the door and sank to the floor. Lord, no! I cried.

    Those cakes were my last hope to save my house. If I sold a hundred apple cakes, that would give me enough to make the first of three payments to qualify for a mortgage-loan modification.

    Melvin and my teenage sons, Marcus, William and Nick, had helped me spread the word. A reporter from the local paper had even interviewed me, though I had yet to see the story in print. Id gotten quite a few orders already. How could I fulfill them if I couldnt bake? And that payment was due in five days!

    I buried my face in my apron. What was I thinking? I wasnt a business owner. I wasnt even a professional baker.

    So I enrolled in a nursing program at the community college and found side work as a hairstylist.

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