Pie In Your Face Game

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Diy Version Of Face Pie Game


You will need:

  • screw driver
  • Scissors

1. Attach pencil and plastic spoon to each other using rubber bands to form “T”.

2. Using screw driver make 2 holes on the sides of ice cream box.

3. Place the pencil and spoon part in the holes of the box.

4. Make the “face place” by cutting out big circle out of ice cream box’s top. Decorate as you wish.

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For every spin they take have them do that number of elicitation’s before clicking the bar.

But there are many other ways you can use this game as a therapy tool without whipped cream.

You can play pie games all month leading up to the mother-load of all pie games.

Below you will find 7 pie-themed therapy ideas for all disorder types that you can play to get your students excited for the Pie Face Game.

Luke, Hollie, and their kids recently took the game for a spin as well, check out their pics below…

Get the Pie Face Game and incorporate these fun activities into your therapy.

Why The Pie Face Game Is Flying Off Shelves

This season’s hot toy involves whipped cream, your face, and some friends and family watching your moment of possible pie-faced glory . Hasbro’s game, called “Pie Face,” has been in high demand across the country and abroad.

“I don’t think you can ever really anticipate something will take off to this extent,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro’s senior vice president of marketing for gaming.

The game is simple — put a pile of whipped cream on the game’s plastic “arm,” spin the spinner with numbers, put your face in the frame, and turn the handle with the lucky number you were given. The rest of your fate is in the game’s “hand.”

The pie game was launched into popularity with a viral video of a grandfather and grandson playing the game — and Hasbro noticed.

“We immediately paid attention because it’s a really unique thing — you rarely see something like this with a game, with a face-to-face game that it becomes popular through an online video,” said Berkowitz.

At the time Hasbro did not have the rights to Pie Face — it belonged to Rocket Games, which originally launched it in the U.K. in 2014. Hasbro licensed it from Rocket Games in May 2015 to distribute it globally. Pie Face became available in 20 countries since September and retails for $19.99.

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A December 1968 Ad For Pie Face

Pie Face’s popularity is somewhat baffling, especially considering how much toys have changed since the 1960s.

“What’s really unique about the game is it’s what we call friction-free,” Hasbro’s Berkowitz explained. “It doesn’t require you to learn rules, you don’t have to repeat instructions, it’s very simple… when you see it, it’s an easy get.”

It was a first for Hasbro to use a viral video as a tipoff for acquiring a game, and it faced a time crunch to get it ready for the holidays. Typically, the company spends 12 to 18 months developing big holiday products while this was crammed into six months.

“It was a new area for us to play in but anyone who saw the video for the first time, you’re laughing hysterically and you just love the guy’s laugh in the video and the reaction of the child,” he said. “We knew right from the get-go that if it was that shareable and powerful, it was a good game.”

O’Brien, who is amazed at how positive comments on the videos have been, said strangers have heaped praise on him for his laugh. “Someone wanted my laugh as their ringtone,” he wrote. “I am said to have the most contagious laugh in the world.”

“We still sit and play the game and we still go into fits of laughter every single time,” O’Brien said. “What makes it so much fun to me is how fast it slaps you on the face and Jayden’s reaction, and build-up of tension when he really knows it’s going to be him. “

Using The Pie Face Gamein Speech Therapy

FREE Pie Face Board Game from Walmart and BeFrugal

This game is almost too good to be true.

It is a childs whipped cream paradise.

My favorite thing about the Pie Face Game in speech therapy is that you can use it as a bribe A-L-L YEAR LONG!

Yes its messy. Yes its crazy.

But you will go down in history as the best speech teacher ever!

There are many informative videos about this game on Youtube.

This happens to be my favorite …

If you purchase this game, included will be the main contraption that shoots whipped cream, as well as a spinner with random numbers.

The therapy implications are endless!

The rules of the game are simple.

Spin the spinner and the number you land on is the amount of times you must turn the bar holding the hand with whipped cream.

You never know when the hand full of whipped cream will be released!

Some will be lucky, and some will get a face full. The last person to get creamed is the winner!

The obvious way to play the game in therapy would be this: Do what I tell you, do it really well, and you can get whipped cream in your face.

Make your students work for it!

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Tap To Play Or Pause Gif

A game that revolves around the eternal human desire to fling piles of whipped cream into the faces of friends and enemies is flying off shelves this holiday season.

Such is the strange draw of Pie Face, a popular 1960s kids toy that’s become a surprise hit this holiday season thanks to a viral video from earlier this year.

Pie Face is best described as Russian roulette, but with whipped cream. Players use a spinner to determine how many times they must turn the toy’s handles. Eventually, one turn will trigger a plastic hand, flinging “pie” into the player’s face. That’s basically it! The entire game.

If you’re vegan, or no fun, or both, the game makers say you can also use a wet sponge instead of whipped cream. They even include a sponge.

Great Game For Friends And Family

The simple Pie Face game brings friends and family together for lots of laugh-out-loud fun. First, players load the arm with whipped cream or the included sponge. Then, they take turns sliding their heads through the mask and spinning the spinner. Players turn the handle the number of times indicated on the spinner and the tension on the arm builds. Then, suddenly someone gets whipped cream in the face!

Pie Face, Rocket Games and logo are trademarks of Rocket Games. Copyright 2014 Rocket Games.

Hasbro Gaming, Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

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Here’s What It’s Like To Get Pie

Heroically demonstrated by BuzzFeed News reporter Molly Hensley-Clancy.

As simple and absurd as it sounds, Pie Face has become wildly popular. Alongside Star Wars and Frozen toys and talking Barbies, the $20 Pie Face game is “selling well and is just about sold out everywhere,” BMO Capital Markets analysts wrote in a Dec. 1 note. It was No. 5 on a list of eBay’s bestselling toys and games on Nov. 29 and named a “fastest-trending” product on Black Friday by IBM.

As of Wednesday, Pie Face was out of stock at ToysRus.com but available from third-party sellers on Amazon, where it’s No. 1 in the board games category, and No. 3 for all toys and games after Cards Against Humanity and “Exploding Kittens”.

“Nothing is quite as satisfying as watching your children get pied in the face over and over again … I have laughed until my stomach hurt,” one reviewer wrote . Another described Pie Face as “the purest form of dumb fun there is.”

Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro’s senior vice president of marketing for gaming, told BuzzFeed News that Pie Face is a “top item” for the company this year. “We’re doing our best to keep up with consumer demand,” he said.

Hilarious Fun For The Whole Family

Pie In The Face Game | Pie Roulette

Is there anything funnier than someone getting a face full of whipped cream? Now families can bring the silly fun into their homes with this laugh-out-loud Pie Face game. Just load the arm with whipped cream , spin the spinner, and hope that someone else gets whipped cream on their face! Game includes a sponge that can be used in place of whipped cream.

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Pie Face: A Russian Roulette Type Game That Throws Pie In Your Face

Date Published:

Pie Face is a board game that’s somewhat similar to Russian Roulette which instead of the game resulting in numerous deaths, this game results in a hilarious pie being splattered onto someones face. Simply load the throwing arm with whip cream, a wet sponge, or whatever nasty substance you’d like thrown in the losers face , flip the spinner that tells you how many turns of the handle you must do, stick your head through the opening in the splash mask card, and then just turn the handle as many times as you spun. If you are the chosen one you will get a face full of pie or whatever substance you chose to put into the throwing arm.

Perfect for a fun game to play with your kids or a group of drunken adults, the pie face Russian roulette game is safe for ages 4 and up, contains a throwing arm, two handles, a chin rest, a pie thrower, a sponge, a spinner, a splash card mask, and measures 13.4 inches tall x 6.7 inches wide x 7.8 inches deep.

Check out the pie face game in action via the hilarious video below .

Score 25 Points To Win

Get ready to take some risks — and hope for the best — in this hilarious Pie Face game! Feel the suspense build as players take turns in the ‘hot seat’ â hoping against hope to avoid being the one to get whipped cream â or a nice wet sponge — in the face! First, load the arm. Then, it’s time to take turns spinning the spinner to find out how many times each player will have to turn the handle. Click. ..click. ..click — players score points every time they turn the handle safely, but every click brings the moment everyone is waiting for just a little bit closer. The first player to score 25 points wins!

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Googles Fun Propulsion Labs Wants To Throw A Virtual Pie In Your Face With Pie Noon And Google Cardboard

Google is a company made up of thousands of developers, often making tools for other developers. One thing their developer team does is release new apps to show off what platforms can do and how to do things right. Some of these halo apps though can be downright fun, and for Google Cardboard users, this is the category that Pie Noon falls under.

Googles Fun Propulsion Labs, a team within Google which is dedicated to advancing gaming on Android and other platforms, has released Pie Noon for Android and Google Cardboard, which lets you take a virtual pie in the face. Its a proof of concept app for many reasons incorporating a number of technologies from the Cardboard SDK for Android, which the team says:

helps simplify common virtual reality tasks like head tracking, rendering for Cardboard, and handling specialized input events. And you might remember us from before, bringing exciting game technologies like FlatBuffers, Pindrop, and Motive, all of which you can see in use in Pie Noon.

You can check out the Pie Noon Trailer below:

Reasons Your Family Will Love Pie In The Face Game

Pie Face Game
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This post was sponsored by Hasbro as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Finding a fun new game to play at home with the whole family can be a challenge. Your best best is always something simple and silly that keeps everyone engaged and excited. Last year Hasbros Pie Face was all the rage and this year, they are kicking the fun up a notch with Pie Face Showdown. They sent one to us to test out and we had fun playing with it this weekend. Check out why I think your family will love Pie Face Showdown too!

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Yes You Can Play With Your Food

The weather is turning colder and the days are getting shorter. I find myself craving more time inside snuggled up with a hot drink, and getting back to indoor winter activities. One of our favourites is family game night and we are long overdue.

Even though our girls are grown, it doesnt mean we dont like to engage in a little friendly competition every once and a while!

Today is my last post as a Gay Lea Ambassador. I have had so much fun this past year exploring and creating with their extensive line of products.

A real family favourite was this Baked Potato Bar, followed closely by these Cheddar, Bacon & Onion Tarts.

This month Gay Lea is teaming up with Hasbro to create some real family fun! I am here to tell you that yes, you can play with your food! Thanks to Hasbros Pie Face game and Gay Leas Real Whipped Cream, family game night just got a whole lot more interesting!

I mean really, how often have you wanted to throw a pie in the face of someone in your family!! Now, thanks to the Pie Face Game you might be able to do just that.

For ages 5 and up, Hasbros Pie Face game is super easy to set up, and has a soft sponge on top of the plastic hand to load up with a heaping pile of whipped cream.

You can watch all the fun in this little video!

I dont know about you, but I wouldnt mind getting a face full of whipped cream! Yum!

Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream is nut free, kosher and Halal, and it comes in a dairy-free coconut variety, so everyone can enjoy!

The Rules Of Diy Face Pie Game

There are few ways to play this game.

Let one person put his face in the FACE WHIP station and answer the questions. If the person fails to answer questions correctly the pencil is turned by another person immediately and the face gets a nice and soft whipped cream smash. Take turns!


The person who has his face in the machine is asked questions and has to answer them in 2 seconds. But he can’t answer with YES or NO. If he does, the supervisor of the game turns the pencil and the whipped cream is flying to the face!

2. Don’t say …….

While the person who has his face in the machine is waiting for the game to begin, the rest of the team secretly picks one the word and writes it down. They have 3 questions to ask to make the FACE WHIP person use the secret word or word combination.

For example: the secret word is “carrot cake”. So the 3 questions could be: What cake do you know that is made from vegetables? What did I make for dad’s birthday this year?

3. True or false.

This game is perfect when the players are of a similar age. Prepare a questionnaire and let the rest of them ask the questions to the person who is at FACE WHIP. Each player has 3 questions for each round.

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