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Paris To St Jean Pied De Port

Train ride from Paris and arrived to St Jean Pied de Port Sept 7th.. Start our walk in the AM. #3

I will arrive at Charles de Gaulle at 6:55am on August 20th. 2018 and want to head straight to St Jean Pied de Port. Can I get a train from the airport, or do I have to get to Gare Montparnasse?

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You need to get to Montparnasse then get a TGV to Bayonne. Once there change to Ligne 62 to Saint Jean Pied de port:

The alternative to the train is to fly from Charles de Gaulle to Biarritz with either Air France or Easyjet.

I can add that there will be a train at 0919 from CDG airport station to Bayonne with a change at Bordeaux arriving in Bayonne at 1547. Slower overall than going into the city and Paris Montparnasse, but possibly less aggravating. But you would have to wait until 1812 at Bayonne for the last train to St Jean Pied de Port.

If you can get Bayonne by going the way suggested by Biarritz taxi via Paris Montparnasse and can get to Bayonne by around 1430 at the latest you will be in time for the previous train. That would mean making the 0952 train from Paris Montparnasse to Bayonne, due in at 1350.

If you are coming from Australia it might take well more than an hour to clear immigration and customs, so bear that in mind when planning and buying tickets. Seat Reservations are compulsory for all trains down to Bayonne.

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Is There A Direct Train From St Jean Pied De Port To Paris

The journey between and usually involves one change of train.

We usually find around 18 departures on this route every weekday, counting only those that leave enough time to change trains without waiting around for longer than necessary.

There are typically fewer trains leaving at weekends, when we found around 15 departures.

More Resources For Planning Your Camino

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Getting To St Jean Pied De Port From Pamplona

Pamplona is the closest large Spanish city to St. Jean Pied de Port. Thus, you may fly, train, or bus into Pamplona to get closer to the starting point of the Camino. Sometimes, the bus to SJP leaves Pamplona just once a day, but often more in the high season. Depending on your arrival time, you may choose to stay in Pamplona overnight to catch it the following day. You may also take or share a taxi or private car.

Since the options from Pamplona are the same no matter how you get to town, weve consolidated them in one section. Check out the options below.

Overview: Paris To Saint

transpress nz: X73500 railcar at Saint
Airlines easyJet or Air France

Flights from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port cover the 428 miles long journey taking on average 1 h 25 min with our travel partners like easyJet or Air France. There are direct flight services available. While the average ticket price for this route costs around $65 , you can find the cheapest plane ticket for as low as $44 .

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How Many Daily Journeys Are There From Paris To Saint

If you want to get from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, you can travel with providers such as SNCF and You will find a maximum number of 5 departures per day. On average, there are 3 departures per day. Book in advance to make sure that your journey will run smoothly and you depart at a time that suits you best. When you travel, you can look for direct journeys or other routes which offer connections and changes. On average, there are 1 direct journeys between Paris and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port. If you don’t mind changing along the way, you may find more options available to you. There are usually 2 journeys with at least one change. These numbers may vary depending on the time of year or day of the week. Some travelers prefer direct routes, particularly if they are carrying heavy suitcases or concerned about missing a connection. Others enjoy the flexibility offered by connecting journeys. Whatever you prefer, Virail can help you find the right options to suit you.

How Do I Get To St Jean Pied De Port

With the beginning of the Camino Francés on the French-Spanish border there are several different ways of getting to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port.

From the UK to St Jean Pied de Port

Via Biarritz:

  • Fly to Biarritz from London Stanstead.
  • From Biarritz Airport take a bus to the town of Bayonne.
  • From Bayonne you can connect with St Jean Pied de Port by Mountain Railway.

Journey time: 2-3hrs. Via Paris:

  • Fly to Paris
  • High Speed train to Bayonne
  • From Bayonne you can connect with St Jean Pied de Port by Mountain Railway.

Journey time: 8-9hrs Via Madrid:

  • Fly to Madrid
  • From Madrid 3hrs train journey or 8 hrs bus journey to Pamplona
  • From Pamplona you can take a bus to Roncesvalles.
  • From Roncesvalles you can take a taxi to St Jean Pied de Port

Journey time: more than 10hrs We recommend travelling via Biarritz. It is the quickest and simplest way to reach the starting point of the Camino Francés. Travelling via Paris or Madrid will take more time and effort.

Travelling Internationally

If you are travelling from outside Europe you must fly to London, Madrid, Barcelona or Paris where you will then connect to St Jean Pied de Port.

Arriving at:
  • TGV from Central Paris to Bayonne.
  • · Once at Bayonne, a mountain railway takes you to St Jean Pied De Port.
  • · There is also a TGV from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to St Jean Pied De Port via Bordeaux & Bayonne.

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How Long Will It Take Me To Travel From Paris To Saint

The journey between Paris and Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port runs for about 429.4 mi and usually takes approximately 5 h 20 min. However, this figure is an average and will vary according to a number of factors. Depending on the method of transport that you choose, you might be able to arrive in less time. The shortest time in which you can complete this journey is 3 h 52 min. If you are trying to get from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port as quickly as possible, look for express routes or non-stopping services. Direct routes are not always the fastest way to travel. At times, you may even find a quicker route that involves a connection in another city.

From Biarritz To St Jean

Camino Francés | Travel Day | Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

Getting to St Jean Pied de Port from the other side of the Pyrenees is much easier. Whether you are getting a train from Paris or flying into Biarritz it is all very simple.

If you are flying into Biarritz get the airport bus to Bayonne train station, where you then get a train to St Jean.

If you are travelling by train from Paris get off at Bayonne and do the same. This is the link for the timetable and up to date fares.

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Getting From Barcelona To St Jean Pied De Port

Routing: Barcelona airport > Renfre to Barcelona Sants station > train to Pamplona > bus/shared taxi to St. Jean

Most international pilgrims dont think about getting to St Jean Pied de Port from Barcelona. However, the logistics are very similar to Madrid and you can sometimes snag a great international airfare to Barcelona.

From the airport, catch the local Renfre train to the downtown Sants train station. There are 4 trains per day from Sants to Barcelona and the trip will take 3:25-4 hours.

If you want to overnight in Barcelona before going to Pamplona, we recommend the Leonardo Gran Via. Its a well-rated hotel thats just 6 blocks from the station and 8 blocks in the other direction to La Rambla and Old Town.

Once you are in Pamplona, simply follow the same logistical instructions above.

Getting From Paris To St Jean By Air Via Biarritz

Air France runs 2 flights a day from CDG to Biarritz and it takes 1.5 hours. This routing is only worth the time and money if you can catch the flight from CDG. Orly airport also has flights to Biarritz, but transferring between CDG and Orly takes too much time and in that scenario, youd be better off taking the train.

Once in Biarritz, catch the Express Bourricot shuttle, which will take you directly to St Jean in 1.5 hours. It runs twice a day and you should pre-book the ride.

If you are coming from elsewhere in Europe, you can also fly into Biarritz from: Dublin, Bristol, London Stansted, London Gatwick, Brussels, Luxembourg City, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Geneva, Lyon, Basil and Lille. The carriers are Air France, Easy Jet, Ryanair and Scandinavian Airlines.

Take this routingif you can get a flight to Biarritz with a reasonable layover time.

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Getting To Stjean Pied De Port From Pamplona Spain

Step 1. Fly to Pamplona

Pamplona Airport is a small airport with direct flights only from Madrid. You can fly here with one stopover from many European cities e.g. London, Frankfurt, Paris, Lisbon, Dublin, Amsterdam, etc.

Step 2. From Pamplona Airport take a taxi to the bus station.

Since 2019 there is no public bus that connects Pamplona airport with the city. Travelers can use a special taxi service with a reduced tariff instead. The price is 0,7 Euro per person , paid only cash, small money . You have to call the taxi 948 23 23 00/948 35 13 35. We have never used this service I cant say if they understand English or only Spanish.The pick-up point is the old bus stop at the arrival.

Step 3A during the season .From Pamplona catch a direct bus to St.Jean Pied de Port.

There are direct buses from Pamplona bus station to SJPDP. They leave daily at 10 am , at 2.30 pm and at 5.30 pm. The duration of the trip is 1h45min., price 22 Euro. In the peak season Id recommend buying your ticket in advance online. You can purchase tickets and confirm the timetable on the ALSA website. As of January 2022, the website doesnt show any buses from Pamplona to St.Jean maybe theyll update the information closer to the season.

Step 3B off-season . Take a taxi from Pamplona to St.Jean Pied de Port.

Step 3C . From Pamplona take a bus to Roncesvalles.

Step 4C .From Roncesvalles take a taxito SJPDP.

Train Schedules From Cdg Airport To St Jean Pied De Port

Gare de Saint
DB Bahn If you are travelling to Paris by train from some other location in Europe these links should be helpful to you. RailEurope are a kind of broker, so they deal with a lot of rail systems. Then there is the French SNCF site . DB Bahn is a German source of information, and they are well-informed about the French rail system. Check them all out before you book. Type in your starting point and end point, and these sites will tell you which trains to get and what times they are running so you can make the right connections. You can also make ticket reservations through these links.

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Plan Your Journey: Research Tickets And Transport Tips

Preparing a trip is far from being easy, you could even say its kind of an art!Seasoned traveler have knowledge and tricks they can use to make planning easier and faster. Here are some of those, to make your life easier, help you find the perfect means of transport and get to Saint Jean Pied de Port like a pro!

From Paris To St Jean Pied De Port

2100ParisThis section discusses transportation services in Paris.Paris AirportsGetting around in ParisCharles de Gaulle Airport to Orly Airport CDG Airport to Gare d’AusterlitzCDG Airport to TGV MassyCDG Airport to Gare MontparnasseTrains in FranceParis to London by EurostarParis to Barcelona by Train2150Paris to Saint Jean Pied de PortExecutive SummaryOption 1 Fly from Paris to Biarritz and train to SJPdPOption 2 – Train from Paris to SJPdPSaint Jean Pied de Port

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Public Transport Routes That Require A Change

  • From Biarritz: You can take a bus from Biarritz to Bayonne and then take the train from Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port.
  • From Hendaye or Irun: Take a train from Hendaye to Bayonne and then another train from Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port. From Irun, walk across the border to Hendaye.
  • From San Sebastián: Take a Euskotren to Hendaye (just on the other side of the French border. Then take a train to Bayonne and then another train to St Jean Pied de Port. This sounds difficult but all parts of the trip are short.
  • From Bilbao: Take a bus from Bilbao to San Sebastián and then follow the above directions from San Sebastián to St Jean Pied de Port. Alternatively, go to Pamplona and follow directions from there.
  • From Zaragoza: Go to San Sebastián and follow directions from those cities.
  • From Barcelona: Go to San Sebastián and follow directions from those cities.
  • From Madrid: Go to San Sebastián and follow directions from there.

How Do I Get To Sarria

Camino Frances Travel Day | Paris to Saint-jean-pied-de-port

You can fly into Santiago Airport from London Stansted with Ryanair, London Gatwick with Easyjet, or internally from many other operators. Fly from Madrid, Barcelona and Paris with Iberia or Vueling. Ryanair also fly internally Madrid-Santiago. To reach Sarria take a bus from Santiago de Compostela to Lugo. From Lugo you connect to Sarria with a local bus: To reach Sarria from Santiago can catch the ALSA bus to Lugo and then another bus to Sarria. Total journey time from Santiago to Sarria: 3hrs

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Getting To St Jean Pied De Port From Madrid

Depending on where you live, it may be cheapest for you to fly into Madrid. Not to worry, you can get to SJP from Madrid as well! Once again, your options are to take a flight, train, or bus to Pamplona. From Pamplona, you can head into SJP. See below for options from Pamplona.

To get to SJP from Madrid-Barajas Airport , you may:

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