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Kamado Joe Pizza 102: White Pie 24 Hour Dough
  • Very tasty and the staff is super friendly. We went right before they closed but they made sure we had a great experience and really took care of us. We order a kids pizza, the Nat , and a pepperoni with pineapple. All great!

  • Just worth it. All the toppings you want for a great price. Employees were friendly. First time visiting Savannah and when we come back we’ll definitely make this a spot to come back to.

    Mugen 315

  • Excellent pizza, I had the caprese salad and they let me completely customize it, which was unexpected. We really had fun here on pi day!

    Ann Weaver

  • Great place! Super friendly staff and quality food! Enjoyed family dinner with kids.

    Murod M

Reviews For Joe & Pie Cafe Pizzeria

We order delivery from here fairly regularly, but today our pizza arrived totally raw. We called to let them know about this issue, but our options were to get 25% off our order or wait 45 minutes for a new pizza to arrive. For the new pizza we would have to give the raw one back, which we had already bitten into . We are disappointed within joe and pie today.

This is one of my favorite places to get pizza from in the city. I think its severely underrated and I wish more Pittsburghers knew about it. Their pizza is fantastic, and all of their toppings are halal, and theyve got good sandwiches, and some other stuff. I havent tried everything here, but Ive liked the stuff I have tried, and I tend to order from here when I have a hankering for some pizza.

Passing through the area and visiting family we tried Joe & Pie. The hot Italian sub was top quality. All the officially required meats for a hot Italian were there, correct cheese, the onion, hot pepper, and a delicious bun toasted perfectly. Very impressive. Others had the pizza which was also good. You won’t go wrong here.

What Is Colorado Mountain Pie

In Colorado, every day has the potential to turn into an adventure and at Beau Jos, we think that your pizza should be just as exceptional. Creators of Colorados best pie, Beau Jos, is your hometown hangout and go-to spot for authentically delicious Colorado-style pizza.

So, what is Colorado-style pizza, anyway? Its the kind of pizza you need after a day of exploring our great state, sold by the pound and designed to serve up an unheard amount of cheese, toppings, and sauce.

Named for the mountains of crust that create a one-of-a-kind containment system for your pizza topping of choice, our signature mountain pies are a hearty meal youre sure to love. Ideal for family dining, post-adventure fuel-ups, and curing even the most serious of pizza cravings, the pies from Beau Jos are the stuff of Colorado legend.

Our Mountain pie has a hand-rolled edge of daily made dough creating a barrier to hold in a mountain full of fresh toppings, to satisfy an adventurous appetite. Our Mountain pie sizes comes in pounds, 1#, 2#, 2# and 5#. The crust offers a built-in dessert to be dipped in honey. We recommend a pound per hungry person when ordering sizes. Our prairie pie does not have a hand rolled edge and has a lighter amount of premium toppings. The prairie pie comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. The pizzas complement the different types of terrain here in Colorado from the mountains to the prairies.

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Ordering & General Info

Whether you are coming together for a kids party, the super bowl, the academy awards or any type of event, Tomato Pie is here to help. We have the most authentic NY-Style pizza around, and we also serve larger portions of our delicious pastas, subs, and salads.

Choose between a small tray serving 10 people or a large tray serving 20 people. Pizzas can be cut into different slice configurations to accommodate your specific needs. We can customize most items to be sensitive to gluten or dairy allergies as well as make them kid-friendly.

Our drop-off catering is delivered in recyclable pans and cardboard boxes and can be arranged in a simple buffet-style upon delivery. We offer disposable plates, napkins, and utensils upon request.

All orders should be placed at least 24 hours before the event. Please allow a ten minute grace period for requested timed orders.

Our delivery fee is $3.50 for orders within our normal three-mile range. Additional charges apply for longer distances.

Please check our online menu for complete ingredients. Some items are not available at all locations.

  • Garlic Knots

    served with marinara on the side


  • served with ranch on the side


  • Lentil

  • Antipasto

  • with lemon vinaigrette | recommended tossed


  • $49.00

  • Chicken

Grabbing A Gyro From The Rest Of The Menu

Spinach Chicken Pizza

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the menu at Joe & Pie goes well beyond the standard pizza menu, and during lunch and dinner hours includes wings, rolls, sandwiches, full pasta dishes, calzones, and much, much more.

To accompany our pizza I decided to go for a lamb gyro, as I thought it would compliment our gyro-esque pizza quite well.

The gyro itself was among the larger of all of the gyros we’ve enjoyed in the city, and was overloaded with lamb and toppings. The thick pita was a bit hard to get through in a few bites, but the extra sauce ordered helped compensate for the large, dry wrap and is highly recommended.

Overall, the gyro itself is a fairly solid iteration for a non-Greek restaurant, especially for those looking for a large meal that isn’t pizza. Would we get it again? Perhaps- but we are certainly glad we did the first time. With a menu as large as Joe & Pie’s we are looking forward to trying another side to go with our next pie to see how they stack up!

Joe & Pie is located at 955 Liberty Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh.

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Joe And Pie Doesn’t Follow The Average Pizza Mold

One of the things we always look for when it comes to eating pizza in the city is if it follows the same mold that most pizza shops fall into with no discerning factors amongst themselves.

Joe & Pie stands out for two notable reasons, their crust and the unique topping combinations that are offered.

The crust at Joe & Pie is unique to us as it is incredibly thin in the middle , and big, puffy edges on the sides. As we ordered takeaway the crust itself was not the crispest by the time it was delivered however, you could get a solid bite into it all the same.

For our first pie, we had to try the namesake, the Joe & Pie special- topped with white sauce, gyro meat, mozzarella and feta cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. It would be going a bit too far to call this one a gyro on a pizza, but the depiction is fairly close.

The pizza itself was incredibly rich, so much so that Angie professed that she was not a fan of it on her first try because it was a bit too savory .

Joe & Pie Review Solid Pizza In Downtown Pittsburgh

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On our never-ending quest to find the best pizza in Pittsburgh, we were tipped off to a local pizza joint and cafe in Pittsburgh’s Cultural District downtown known as Joe & Pie.

This restaurant takes on a bit of an odd structure in that it is open for almost the entire day, serving breakfast and coffee in the morning, and pizza, gyros, and sandwiches in the evening. That concept doesn’t sound like it would be a combo with a delicious product, but we were pleasantly surprised with the pizza all the same.

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