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Kit Kat Limited Edition Key Lime Pie

Kit Kat Key Lime Pie… How is it? Candy Bar Review!

How about a break with a little zest of lime? KIT KAT® Key Lime Pie is made with crisp wafers covered in key lime pie flavoured creme. It’s a sweet and tangy treat to tide you over until your next slice of pie! This limited-edition flavour from the States won’t be around long so if you’d like to try this flavour, grab yours whilst stocks last!

Imported from the USA.

Have A Break Have A Kit Kat

How about a break with a little zest of lime? KIT KAT® Key Lime Pie Candy Bar is made with crisp wafers covered in key lime pie flavoured creme. It’s a sweet and tangy treat to tide you over until your next slice of pie.

These full-size KIT KAT® candy bars are the crispy wafers you know and love coated in delicious lime-flavoured creme. Whether you gift these bars to friends, pass them out in the office, hold onto them for snacking moments or all of the above, you can expect a delicious treat with the perfect crunch. Preparing for a specific occasion? Whether you need to put Easter baskets together, stuff holiday stockings, fill Valentine’s Day party favours, treat trick-or-treaters or just keep your everyday candy collection stocked throughout the year, KIT KAT® key lime pie flavoured candy is the way to go.

You can snack on these bars straight from the wrapper, chill them in the fridge for a cold treat or top your best baked goods with them to show off your culinary genius. No matter what you decide, it’s bound to be a delicious success!

Break Me Off A Piece Of That Key Lime Kit Kat

When it comes to candy, classic Kit Kats are one of the most popular snacks worldwide. Its hard to resist those chocolate-covered, crispy wafer candy bars. Recently, the folks at Kit Kat have been working overtime to treat us to a whole bunch of delicious new flavors, including birthday cake, Biscoff, a mint + dark chocolate duo, raspberry crème and so many more. Now, just in time for spring, Kit Kat is releasing a brand-new key lime pie flavor!

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Key Lime Pie Kit Kats Hit Stores

These could be great for the springtime holidays!

Just in time for warm-weather days, Kit Kat is serving up a new flavor of the beloved candy that is sure to make you think of spring: Key Lime pie!

Available in stores for a limited time, the new Kit Kat Key Lime Pie has the same crispy wafer layers as original Kit Kats, but with a twist of Key lime pie-flavored crème. You can find the new Kit Kats in a 1.5-ounce standard bar for around $1.09 each.

With the pastel green coating over these light and crispy wafers, this candy would be perfect for slipping into an Easter basket.

The Key lime pie flavor is not the first unique variation on the standard milk chocolate-covered Kit Kats. Last spring saw the debut of Lemon Crisp Kit Kats, and before that, there was a Raspberry + Crème flavor for Valentines Day, plus a birthday cake flavor.

There have also been Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate and Kit Kat Duos Mocha + Chocolate, along with seasonal flavors like Pumpkin Pie and Witchs Brew for fall and Apple Pie last summer.

Another new pie-inspired candy that would be right at home in a candy dish come Easter time is Doves lemon meringue chocolates. The white chocolate nuggets contain a tangy lemon filling, and each one is wrapped in pastel-colored foil.

If youre just crazy for Key lime pie flavors, though, you can now buy Key lime pie M& Ms, which are green and white M& Ms made with white chocolate.

The Original Chocolate Wafer Snack Since 1935

Key Lime Pie Kit Kats Will Hit Stores SoonHere

The KIT KAT® candy bar dates back to 1935 when the wafer crisp chocolate bar was launched in England. Originally, it was known as Rowntrees Chocolate Crisp, but in 1937 the candy bar was renamed as “KIT KAT® Chocolate Crisp”.


  • Limited edition Key Lime Pie flavoured chocolate wafer bar
  • 220 calories per package

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My Verdict: Good As The Real Thing

Looks to me as if the Key Lime Pie KIT KAT® is going to be a sure-fire winner for the summer. It tastes really good, its both creamy and zesty and I found the flavour to be bang-on.

Another plus-point is to think of all the weight you will lose by eating one of these rather than a fat slice of key lime pie. It might not be as good as the real thing but makes a lot less mess if you keep one in your bag or pocket.

Please leave a comment if you managed to get hold of one!

Kit Kat Key Lime Pie Is Here For Summer

There have been whispers about a limited edition KIT KAT® Key Lime Pie for some time now. So can I finally substitute my unhealthy dessert for a Kit Kat? Or even better, still eat my fat slice of key lime pie, and wash it down with my Key Lime Pie tasting Kit Kat.

I am feeling thoroughly spoilt as the KIT KAT® Key Lime Pie comes at a time when Nestlé has just launched the Yorkie Orange Chocolate bar. I managed to get my hands both last week, so here is the Kit Kat is in all its citrus glory!

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The New Kit Kat Key Lime Pie Bar Is Officially Hitting Stores In Time For Spring Snacking

*tries not to lick screen*

It was just a few months ago that we heard the rumors that Hersheys would be releasing a Kit Kat Key Lime Pie bar. Naturally, we were excited at the prospect of it being true, and now we have official word that it is! Not only that, but its coming out this spring for all to enjoy.

The classic crispy wafers are covered in a key lime pie crème, so you get the crunch you know and love with the taste of pie. It sounds ideal for the springtime, but were going to have to let our taste buds do the testing on this one.

The Kit Kat Key Lime Pie will be on shelves this spring for a limited time, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products. While we dont know the exact time itll be available, we do know that itll be at retailers nationwide in 1.5-ounce standard bars for a suggested retail price of $1.09.

Weve had some tasty limited-edition bars before, but were loving this pie theme. There have been pumpkin pie and apple pie flavors, and according to the brand teasing us at the end of 2019, there could be more on the way.

ORIGINAL STORY: Dec. 7, 2020 at 10:52 a.m.

The Hersheys Kit Kat team must be working 24/7, because we feel like theres a new reported flavor every week not that were complaining. We knew that Kit Kat was venturing into more pie-inspired flavors this year, but Key Lime Pie wasnt on the list of teasers. Still, it appears that thats one of the new bars hitting shelves in 2021 for a limited time.

What Does The Key Lime Pie Kit Kat Taste Like

Kit Kat® Key Lime Pie Review! ð?«ð¢ð¥§ | Limited Edition | theendorsement

The new Kit Kats will include the iconic crisp wafers coated in a key lime pie-flavored crème. Much like a slice of classic key lime pie, the flavors of this candy will be a mix of tart, creamy and sweet. What brings it home are the wafers, which remind us of the crumbly graham cracker crust on a real pie. Yum!

Kit Kat isnt the only classic candy getting a key lime twist this spring. You can also try the new White Chocolate Key Lime Pie M& Ms this Easter season.

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A Refreshing New Key Lime Pie Kit Kat To Try This Spring

Another exciting new Kit Kat flavor to add in the U.S! *: This Spring, we got the Key Lime Pie Kit Kat!

I had no idea that this key lime pie Kit Kat flavor was released. Its been a while since Ive gone grocery shopping. Recently, anytime Ive gone to the store, Ive only gone for very specific things I usually find these when I wonder through the isles. I found out about this Kit Kat because a friend gave it to me a few days ago.


Im sure you can find this key lime pie Kit Kat anywhere but I saw them available at Walmart!


This single bar costs 88 US CENTS.


At first the key lime flavor seemed too faint but after giving it some time, I could taste it. It has a strong cinnamon flavor just like the Apple Pie Kit Kat but with a creamy and sweet lime flavor. For me, that cinnamon flavor is what makes the Kit Kat a pie its a buttery, sweet, cinnamon paste like flavor. It reminds me of a cinnamon graham cracker pie crust. The thing about these new flavor Kit Kats is that they use a white chocolate base and it makes the intended flavor harder to taste, in my opinion.

I enjoyed the Key Lime Pie Kit Kat but I wouldve liked the flavor to be stronger.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

You can find this information on the images below! You can also find more info about the Key Lime Pie Kit Kat on the Hersheys website!

Would I buy this again? Maybe.
my yumdroplets rating

How Is It

Kit Kats seasonal flavors always seem to hit the mark, so Ive come to look forward to them. I especially appreciate Kit Kats dedication to a sensory and aesthetic experience, using creative colors and details to pay homage to its flavor inspiration. This years Key Lime Pie Kit Kat is no exception: its vibrant wrapper and pastel bar are as green as Kermit the Frog counting dollar bills in a grassy field.

Kermit should exchange one of those bills for a Key Lime Pie Kit Kat because the candy is all-around delightful.

Peeling off the wrapper yields a strong, divine aroma of vanilla and lime as a hint of whats to come. The green white crème coating delivers on its promised flavor. A creamy vanilla taste is present in the coating, which is not too sweet, and adds flavor reminiscent of whipped topping.

However, the Key lime is still the most prominent flavor. It provides just enough zesty citrus bite, especially in the aftertaste. The standard Kit Kat wafer offers a crispy crunch that mimics pie crust texture, completing the experience of what it is like to enjoy Floridas official state dessert.

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