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Key Lime Pie From Kermit’s: Key West

How to Make Perfect Blueberry Pie | The Stay At Home Chef

Few trips to Key West are complete without some of the regions namesake Key lime pie. Its the signature dessert, and though most restaurants serve it, Kermits is the place to get it. The shop specializes in everything Key lime, including sauces and candies but the real treat is the classic Key lime pie filled with tart key lime curd spread into a graham cracker crust and decorated with dollops of whipped cream.

Derby Pie From Kern’s Kitchen Louisville

A trademarked Kentucky tradition since the 1960s, Derby Pie is a year-round favorite for locals. Kerns Kitchen in Louisville produces the custardy walnut-chocolate dessert from a secret recipe, selling it frozen online and to restaurants and grocery stores in parts of Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio. For the most-authentic experience, pair it with some Kentucky bourbon.

Peanut Pie From The Virginia Diner: Wakefield Virginia

Peanuts are one of Virginiaâs proudest products: They have been grown commercially in the state since the 1840s, and are renowned for their size and flavor. Try them in pie form at The Virginia Diner located in the heart of Virginia peanut country. The kitchen bakes as many as four dozen peanut pies a week, each containing half a pound of local legumes.

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Lord Of The Pies Emporium Pies

In Dallas Bishop Arts District, Megan Wilkes and Mary Gauntt handcraft sensational pies with local, seasonal ingredientsall baked in a remodeled 1930s Victorian bungalow. Emporium Pies puts creative twists on traditional flavors with high-quality ingredients and whimsical names. Lord of the Pies is a monster of an apple pie: a deep-dish delight boasting ten full chopped apples that get soft-baked with housemade caramel and topped with crispy cinnamon streusel. This towering treat is available for local delivery in the Dallas area and can be shipped nationwide through Goldbelly.

Sweet Potato Pie From Sweet Potatoes: Winston

Two Fat Cats Bakery Blueberry Pie Recipe

North Carolina harvests the largest number of sweet potatoes in the country, so bakers have plenty of stock for pies. At the aptly named Sweet Potatoes in Winston-Salem, chefs Stephanie Tyson and Vivián Joiner bake one of the best in the state, with a flaky crust and a layer of candied sweet potatoes, topped with a layer of mashed sweet potatoes thats baked before a finishing layer of whipped cream.

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Best Apple Pie: Little Pie Company

Founded by a Broadway actor in 1985, this pastry shop in New York City quickly became a highly acclaimed location to find delicious handmade pies. Three decades later, Little Pie Company continues to make irresistible pies in an array of flavors, receiving accolades from food critics and loyal customers alike. One of its most popular offerings is the sour cream apple walnut pie, which folds brown sugar and cinnamon in amongst layers of Granny Smith apple slices.

To buy: Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie, $69

The Original Fried Pies Davis Ok

The recipe comes from an old recipe Nancy Fulton inherited from family members who baked the same pies for ranchers in the 1800s. Although theyre fried, these pies are surprisingly not greasy at all. Newcomers are highly recommended to try the apricot, a fan favorite. Want to know more info about Oklahomas food laws ? Check this out.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie You Need Pie

Since 2006, husband-and-wife team Rick and Val Thompson have been scratch-baking pies using traditional recipes and techniques passed down from generations. Located in the picturesque mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado, the award-winning diner and bake shop churns out handcrafted pies brimming with six cups of seasonal fruit filling and their signature crunchy sugar-crumb topping. This standout flavor features one of summers most delightful tried-and-true combinations: tart, tangy rhubarb with sweet, juicy strawberries.

Pumpkin Pie From Michele’s Pies Norwalk Connecticut

How To Make The Ultimate Blueberry Pie Recipe Flaky Crust

Each fall, the team at Micheles Pies turns locally grown Connecticut pumpkins into 4,000 pounds of pumpkin puree. The pumpkin becomes fodder for the countless iterations of pumpkin pies at Micheles Pies. Though the shop has at least a dozen different types of award-winning fruit, nut and cream pies, perhaps none are as famous as her Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, as seen on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay.

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White Chocolate Strawberry Pie From Peggy Jeans Pies: Columbia Missouri

This mother-daughter operation carries on the tradition of the original Peggy, who closed the shop when she fell ill. The duo rotates through pies in locally beloved flavors, like classic cherry and tart gooseberry. They also serve jelly jar mini-pies that have become a popular shippable item. The white chocolate-strawberry pie layers white chocolate over fresh strawberries in a crust made from a secret family recipe.

Rhubarb Pie From Purple Pie Place: Custer South Dakota

This seasonal haunt, down the street from Mount Rushmore at the foot of the Black Hills, is hard to miss for its bold purple and pink exterior. Although there is a full menu, the pies are a real draw evident by hundreds of slices ordered each week, along with full pies. Anything rhubarb is worth trying whether it be the simple rhubarb pie or the sweet, spicy and tangy rhubarb-raspberry-jalapeno.

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Jones Hollywood West Hollywood Ca

The go-to pie joint for all of your favorite celebs , its also the best place for apple pie in the greater Los Angeles area. So the next time youre living large and sharing your pie with the Kardashians and Kanye, know that youll be served the best apple pie with thick caramel and flaky crust with three scoops of decadent homemade vanilla ice cream. Want some more Hollywood tips n tricks? Read this and youll eat like Taylor Swifts #squad.

Best Blueberry Pie: Two Fat Cats Bakery

The 2020 Yankee Food Awards

This from-scratch bakery in Portland, Maine, has been specializing in baked sweets made with real butter, locally sourced eggs, and wild Maine blueberries since 2005. Founded on the belief that good pies come from high-quality ingredients, Two Fat Cats Bakery hand-makes each of its delicious pies and delivers them nationally through Goldbelly. Try the shop’s popular blueberry pie, which is packed with wild Maine blueberries and tossed with sugar and spices to bring out the bright berry flavors. We also recommend topping a warm slice with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to serve.

To buy: Maine Wild Blueberry Pie, $59

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Raspberry Pie Bread & Roses Bakery

In 1989, Bread & Roses Bakery started out as a tiny alley shop in Ogunquit, Maine. For more than thirty years, the dedicated team has created each pie by hand the old fashioned way, pridefully using time tested recipes. One of their most popular varieties, their Raspberry Pie is scratch made in small batches, with the fruity filling hand-stirred on the stove topmade simply from at least three pounds of fruit, a squeeze of lemon, a little bit of sugar and just enough cornstarch to hold everything together, all nestled in a light, flaky, hand-rolled crust.

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Traverse City, MichiganGTPC takes its name from a bay thats world famous for its cherries, so it stands to reason that you should absolutely get one of its legendary, crumbly topped pies, a gallon of ice cream, and a pillow. And while that pie is wonderful and perfect on its own, there are a bazillion other options too. Luckily, theres a pie of the month club, which you should 1,000% join, because pie is too damn delicious for once a year especially the there are chocolate cream pies, peanut butter chocolate cream, and every fruit imaginable packed into the crust.

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Best Marionberry Pie: Willamette Valley Pie Company

Grown exclusively in the state of Oregon, marionberries are a cross between two different types of blackberries and offer a tart, earthy flavor that makes them perfect for pies. Willamette Valley Pie Company has been locally growing berries since 1999, transforming the fruit into delightfully sweet pies using family recipes and all-natural ingredients. Choose between the classic marionberry pie, which features a hand-shaped crust, or order the , which combines the tart berry flavor with a buttery almond crumble topping.

To buy: Marionberry Pie, $69

Best Strawberry Rhubarb Pie: The Chocolate Maven

How to Make Homemade Blueberry Pie Recipe

Enjoy sweet, summery pie flavors any time of year by ordering a tart strawberry rhubarb pie that’s been baked beneath a stunning lattice top crust. The Chocolate Maven, an artisan pastry shop located in New Mexico, has been cooking up wholesome meals, baked goods, and crave-worthy sweet treats in Santa Fe for over 50 years. Made from consciously sourced ingredients, the shop’s signature pies feature plump fruits, like blueberries, blackberries, peaches, and more. Try the strawberry rhubarb pie, which combines tangy and sweet flavors inside a handmade pie crust and can be shipped nationally. You can even opt for a vegan version of this pie, which excludes the shiny egg wash found on top of many pastries.

To buy: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, $18

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You Won’t Just Settle For A Single Slice

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Im firmly convinced nothing can brighten up your day like a good pastry. All donuts aside, another one of my favorite treats happens to be the classic American pie. Apple, blueberry, peach, pecan I could go on forever.

Pies supposedly have medieval origins, meaning that we Americans cannot call ourselves the OG pie inventors, but that doesnt mean our pies cant be the best in show . Here are some of the best pies you can find across the great red, white, and blue.

Best Sweet Potato Pie: Dangerously Delicious Pies

The humble sweet potato has never tasted better than it does in this handcrafted pie. Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore, Maryland, is known for its traditional holiday pies, like sweet potato pie, in addition to savory flavors, like the steak and mushroom gruyere pie. Made from locally sourced ingredients and loaded with sweet potatoes, sugar, and spices, the sweet potato pie has all the rich flavor you’d expect from the classic Southern dessert. The 10-inch handmade pie serves as many as eight people, so you and your holiday guests can each enjoy a slice.

To buy: Sweet Potato Pie, $65

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Banana Split Pie From Just Pies: Columbus Ohio

Just Pies is, fittingly, all about pies, with more than 35 varieties, including apple crumb, Boston cream, Buckeye and German chocolate pecan. A fan favorite is the special Banana Split pie, mashing the favorite childhood ice cream treat with pie, layering chocolate, strawberries and banana cream piled high with whipped cream a dash of sprinkles on top.

Nola Pie Guy New Orleans La

Two Fat Cats Bakery Blueberry Pie Recipe

Nate Winner, aka the NOLA Pie Guy, dishes up NOLAs finest pies in his mobile food truck, which, if you can find, will rock your literal world. Try his chocolate pecan pie or key lime all of which are super good for you. He sources Louisiana raw sugar and pecans, and even New Orleans rum for his rum-pecan pie, so not only can you believe youre getting the best stuff on the market, its all locally sourced. Heres some other stuff you gotta try while in NOLA.

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Chile Pies San Francisco Ca

What do Mexican restaurants know about pies? Apparently, a lot. Their housemade pie, which apparently serves 8, has a going price of $6 per pie. If you dont feel like sharing, you can even order one of their absolutely adorable personal pies, or you could even try their inventive pie in a milkshake, which are the best thing weve heard all day. Yup, life just got better. Did we catch you craving Mexican food? Weve got the remedy for you.

Welcome To The Maine Pie Co

Filled to the brim with the finest, freshest ingredients, The Maine Pie Co. is the best gluten-free pie ever! Delicious Maine made pies are assembled, generously filled and frozen at our designated gluten-free facility in Biddefords North Dam Mill. Our unbaked, frozen pies allow customers to have a homemade, tasty gluten-free dessert, on demand and always fresh. Crafted with experience and a love for baking, we offer traditional flavors like Apple and Blueberry and new favorites like Threeberry. We offer seasonal pies as well, each bursting with irresistible flavor combinations: available April through September, try our Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb pie, overflowing with fresh summer fruits. Just in time for the holidays enjoy our delicious Pecan and Pumpkin pies. And for that special occasion or change of pace, bake up our delicious Lemon Curd Tart and rich Chocolate Tarts. Theyre available year round and perfect for a hostess gift, for parties, or as an easy, everyday indulgence. The Maine Pie Co. will leave your family and friends saying,

This cant be gluten free, it tastes too good!



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Best Internet Famous: Milk Bar

Milk Bar

When we think of pies, crusty tops and delicious, gooey, fruity fillings generally come to mind. Milk Bar’s pie, however, is as simple looking as it can get. But there is a good reason why this was formerly known as “Crack Pie”the second it touches your lips, youre ordering a second one. The pie may not look like much, but hiding behind the playful dusting of confectionary sugar is an explosion of rich, salty, and sweet flavors.

Originally created out of scraps that were left over from staff meals, pastry chef Christina Tosi revamped an old-school recipe for chess pie from the classic American cookbook “Joy of Cooking.” By mixing oats, butter, sugar, and salt to make an oatmeal cookie crust, Tosi created a salty-sweet experience that some people claim is highly addictive. Inside the crust, Tosi adds a smooth, creamy filling made of butter, sugar, milk powder, and egg yolks for a sweet and soft bite that contrasts with the crunch and saltiness of the crust.

Milk Bar packages the pie cold with ice and plastic wrap, and it will last for up to a month in the freezer. Enjoy it hot or cold.

How To Serve Your Freshly Baked Pie


Buttered Tin pies are made with all-natural ingredients and NO preservatives so they must be kept refrigerated.

  • To serve your pie, remove it from refrigerator about 30-60 minutes prior to eating and serve at room temperature. Fruit pies can be re-warmed in a low oven if desired.

  • Your pie will cut easiest at room temperature . Use a clean, sharp knife to cut and serve slices.

  • Then ENJOY!

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