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Reasons Why An Oreo Ice Cream Cake Is The Ultimate Celebration Cake

The Easiest OREO ICE CREAM CAKE! Better than Dairy Queen!ð¥

Oreos are a world-famous cookie and for good reason! The crème-filled chocolate biscuit has become a popular addition to cakes and ice cream around the world. Naturally, we thought why have one or the other when you can have both?

Here at Cold Rock, we have incorporated the delicious American cookie into our range of ice cream cakes that will be sure to satisfy everyones tastebuds.

If you are wondering what Cold Rock ice cream cake to pick for your next celebration, we have five reasons why an oreo ice cream cake is the best choice.

1. You can never have too many Oreos

What could be more legendary than Oreos, mixed with Oreos and topped off with Oreos? Simple answer: nothing. You asked and we listened! We have created the oreo ice cream cakes of your dreams with our brand new OReo Kidding Me ice cream cake.

This incredible cake comes loaded with Cookies & Cream ice cream and chocolate brownie, cookie dough and mini M& M Mix Ins. If you are not already drooling, it is also decorated with whole Oreos, crushed Oreos, Oreo frosting and Ice Magic, making this cake an unforgettable addition to your next celebration.

2. Oreos are perfect to Mix & Smash

Oreos are the perfect treat to mix and smash. Whether you like big biscuit chunks mixed with your ice cream, finely crushed Oreo dust sprinkled on top or whole Oreos as decoration, our Oreo ice cream cakes have you covered.

3. Oreo goes perfectly with the classics

4. Oreos taste great with anything

How To Make The Oreo Cookie Crust

You will need 16 chocolate sandwich cookies to make the Oreo cookie crust. Grind these up into fine crumbs by either pulsing them in a food processor or placing them in a large plastic bag and giving them several good whacks with a rolling pin or meat mallet. The first option is more efficient. The latter is a remarkably satisfying stress reliever.

Combine the Oreo cookie crumbs with two tablespoons of melted unsalted butter. Stir until the crumbs are well coated with the butter. Pour the crumb mixture into the bottom of the prepared springform pan. Spread them around in an even layer, then flatten them out either using your hand or the flat bottom of a drinking glass.

How To Make An Oreo Ice Cream Cake Step By Step:

  • Beat together the frozen whipped topping and the cream cheese in a medium sized mixing bowl. Beat until the mixture is thoroughly mixed, and set to the side when done.
  • Next, unnwrap the ice cream sandwiches and lay them on the bottom of a casserole or baking dish, making sure to cover the entire bottom of the dish. Do not to leave any spaces. You may need to cut a sandwich in half to fill the dish.
  • When the entire bottom of the dish is covered, drizzle the chocolate sauce over the top ice cream sandwich layer evenly.
  • Now, lay your second layer of ice cream sandwiches out to cover the first chocolate-covered layer completely, dont leave any spaces.
  • Spread the cream cheese and whipped topping layer evenly over top.
  • Sprinkle your crushed Oreo bits to cover the top layer evenly.
  • Put the entire cake in the freezer and chill for 2 hours.
  • After the chill time is complete, cut and serve.
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    Homemade Oreo Ice Cream Cake Ingredients

    • Ice cream: We need about 1/2 of a blocks worth of Cookies and Cream ice cream. We want the block not the kind in a tub (its shaped differently.
    • Oreos: We only need about 17 whole Oreos so you can still snack on the rest in that blue package.
    • Whipped topping: We need 3 cups of whipped topping, which is roughly 2/3rds of an 8ounce container of Cool Whip.
    • Graham crackers: 6 chocolate graham crackers become the base of our cookie ice cream cake. You can use plain or even another type of chocolate cookie if you cant find chocolate ones available.
    • Chocolate ganache: We need 1 1/2 cups of homemade chocolate ganache, which is half of the recipe included.

    Easy Cake Batter Ice Cream Recipe

    Cake Batter Golden Oreo Ice Cream

    Im not usually a big ice cream eater. Its fine, but I usually prefer cookies or bars for my empty calories. Until I made this. Its the best ice cream Ive ever had.

    I made it for my husband because unlike me, he is a ridiculously huge ice cream lover. Its his thing. He loves, loves, loves ice cream. We dont tend to keep it in the house because he cant trust himself around it.

    However, he goes to the 24-hour Rite-Aid at 3am on ice cream runs at least four times a week. They have an in-store ice cream counter and hes best friends with the graveyard shift employees. So I decided to give him an early Fathers Day present in the form of pink sprinkles and creamy, homemade ice cream. I just didnt think Id be the one falling in love with it.

    Its full of chopped Golden Oreos, sprinkles, and tastes like Funfetti Cake Batter. No cake mix involved. The flavoring secrets are a bit of almond extract, in conjunction with vanilla extract.

    This is a no-cook recipe. Its a major time saver to avoid standing around whisking eggs, cream, and sugar together, then having to wait for them to cool. The solution? A can of sweetened condensed milk. There are only two required ingredients to make it. Sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream.

    This ice cream is soft, fluffy, and light. Light in texture, not in calories. Between the sweetened condensed milk, heavy cream, half a bottle of sprinkles, and two dozen Oreos, its not exactly diet food. But so worth it.

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    Cake Batter Golden Oreo Ice Cream

    Published: Feb 27, 2013 · by Elizabeth Waterson · This post may contain affiliate links, which may pay me a small commission for my referral at no extra cost to you! Thank you for supporting Confessions of a Baking Queen!

    Homemade no-churn ice cream is made quickly with a few ingredients but does not lack on creamy, delicious flavor! Cake Batter Golden Oreo Ice Cream is made with a handful’s worth of ingredients, yellow cake mix, sprinkles, golden Oreos, sweetened condensed milk and heavy whipping cream. This extra sweet, fun, sprinkley ice cream is such a treat!

    So ice cream. I love it but I am not in love with it. I am in LOVE with it when it is paired with a fresh apple pie or a warm chocolate chip cookie. But by itself most of the time I can take it or leave it. But this ice cream my friends I took it!

    Soo creamy and dreamy. Inside of the ice cream is Golden Oreo’s, cake mix and sprinkles. The Oreo’s kept a crunch which was my favorite part. So often cookies & cream ice cream the Oreo’s have gone soft and chewy. Maybe because this was so fresh. I don’t know but it was amazing.

    The sprinkles, of course, added flair to white ice cream. So fun and pretty to look at.

    How can you not smile?

    For The Whipped Cream Layer

    One 1L tub of Cool Whip Original Frozen Whipped Topping will do for this entire recipe. Not only is whipped cream in the layers, but its a nice decoration for the top of the cake.

    I always say life is better when theres whipped cream. So, dont be shy to do what I did and use the tub for the layers and the spray can of whipped topping for the decorative finish.

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    Scoop Your Way Through Oreos 110th Birthday With Baskin

    This year, National OREO® Cookie Day is even more special because its also the 110th birthday of Milks Favorite Cookie! Were celebrating by sharing all the ways you can enjoy OREOs 110th Birthday with Baskin-Robbins®. From our newest Flavor of the Month, GOLDEN OREO® Irish Cream, to our OREO® Cookies n Cream Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treats, or Pre-Packed Quarts filled to the brim with OREO® Cookies n Cream, Baskin-Robbins is sure to leave you satisfyingly double stuffed.

    Scoop It: Looking for a reason to celebrate every day in March as if it were St. Patricks Day? Well look no further than Baskin-Robbins March, Flavor of the Month,GOLDEN OREO® Irish Cream. This new flavorfeatures a combination of Irish Cream and Belgian chocolate flavored ice creams with GOLDEN OREO® cookie pieces and a crunchy graham cookie ribbon. Packed with different flavors and textures that come together in a perfectly balanced bite, GOLDEN OREO® Irish Cream is your own little pot of gold.

    : Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treats never go out of style, especially when theyre made with beloved OREO®. A double fudge brownie crust with OREO® Cookies ‘n Cream Ice Cream, topped with crushed OREO® Cookie pieces and drizzled with marshmallow and fudge topping, this is the ultimate go-to for all of the OREO® cookie flavor you love packed into a utensil-free treat.

    Which Baskin-Robbins OREO® cookie treat are you grabbing to celebrate OREOs 110th Birthday? Let us know on , TikTok, and .

    Storing Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

    Giant Golden Oreo Birthday Cake ã¸ã£ã¤ã¢ã³ãã´ã¼ã«ãã³ãªã¬ãª ã?ã¼ã¹ãã¤ã±ã¼ã

    Strawberry ice cream cake can be made several days in advance. I recommend leaving it in the springform pan until ready to serve.Be sure to keep any unserved cake in the freezer. The whipped cream topping melts faster than the strawberry filling

    Allow any leftover ice cream cake to freeze and harden again completely before storing. Once frozen, wrap any uneaten portions in aluminum foil. Strawberry ice cream cake can be store in the freezer for three months. Pay careful attention to what you are storing it next to, as the ice cream can absorb the flavors of other items around it.

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    Faq Common Recipe Questions

    How do I store leftover ice cream sandwich cake?

    Wrap the dish tightly with aluminum foil and store in the freezer for up to 7 days.

    What flavor combinations would be good for an Oreo ice cream sandwich cake?

    Mint is the first one that comes to mind, and it would be extra refreshing on a hot day.

    Swap the regular cookies for mint flavored ones, then add a drop or two of peppermint extract to the whipped topping.

    Birthday Oreos pair well with colorful sprinkles, while the Golden variety complements fruit flavors without being overwhelming.

    See what flavors of cookies and extracts are available when you go shopping, then decide how best to combine them.


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    Can I Use Other Flavored Oreos

    Heck yes, and what a great idea that would be. I think Ill make a Golden Oreo Ice Cream Cake Recipe for my hubbys birthday next. I know hell enjoy it just as much as you will enjoy this original one.

    You can use the birthday cake Oreos, Mint Oreos, Red Velvet Oreos. Peanut Butter Oreos, the list really does go on, since this is a chocolate and vanilla base recipe anything will work!

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    Is It Expired? – Breyers Blasts Golden Oreo Ice Cream
    Oreo Ice Cream Cake Review













    Golden Oreo Ice Cream

    Golden Oreo Ice Cream Cake (32 fl oz)

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    An easy, golden-oreo ice cream treat perfect for a hot summer day!

    Hi everyone! Its Chelsea from Chelseas Messy Apron to bring you the perfect summer dessert golden oreo ice cream. I am literally obsessed with ice cream! Im pretty sure I eat at least one scoop a day. Ive decided it should be in its own food group.

    In fact, if you visit my blog, Ive had quite the plethora of ice cream treats. And I dont really plan on stopping until its snowing. Which, hopefully isnt for a while.

    Anyways, this ice cream is very simple to make. The base is a vanilla ice cream and Ive just mixed in golden oreos, sprinkles, and some peanuts. The peanuts make for a fun addition, but if you dont like them, or there are any allergies feel free to leave them out.

    Also, if you put in the sprinkles earlier than called for in the recipe, they will bleed and dye the ice cream all sorts of weird colors. I recommend topping the ice cream right before serving with sprinkles to keep the ice cream looking nice and pretty.

    Oh, and dont forget the cherry on top!

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    Strawberry Ice Cream Cake With Oreo Crust

    Cool off with this sweet, refreshing no churn strawberry ice cream cake. Creamy ice cream filling is layered over an Oreo cookie crust and whipped topping.

    This post may contain affiliate links. Click here to learn more about how affiliate links are used on this site.

    Every spring, I stalk the Facebook page of the farmers market down the road for the arrival of Louisiana strawberries. Its like the first true sign that winter is officially over and spring is finally here. Louisiana strawberries fly off the shelves just as quickly as they arrive and if you arent quick, youll end up disappointed and empty handed until next spring.

    I never buy just a few pints. Nope, I have to spring for an entire flat. More strawberries than we can ever eat before they start to turn soft. I select a few prized pints for snacking now and a few are turned into homemade strawberry jam. The rest I vacuum seal and freeze, doling out those prized red berries throughout the remainder of the summer for some sort of frozen treat like ice cream cake.

    Maybe its the bright red berries or the creamy frozen sweetness, but this no church strawberry ice cream cake solidly beacons spring and summer days. With only six ingredients, this will quickly become your go-to dessert for Mothers Day, Fourth of July or any occasion where cool and creamy is appropriate.

    Helpful Tips And Tricks

    • Thaw the Cool Whip. Youll need it to be soft to spread over the layers, so transfer it to the refrigerator at least 6 hours before starting this recipe.
    • Swap the cookies for candy. Instead of more Oreos on top, try chopped up Reeses or Andes mints. M& Ms or peanuts would be a great way to include some extra crunch to your ice cream sandwich cake.
    • Dont skip the parchment! Not only does it make cleanup easier, but you can lift the entire dessert out of the pan when its time to slice.
    • Add a little drizzle. You cant go wrong with chocolate syrup or my no-fail caramel sauce. For a fruity twist, try a homemade strawberry syrup instead!

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    How To Make An Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

    Layer everything together and freeze until firm. It doesnt get much easier than that!

    I wanted to keep this recipe as simple as possible since no one wants extra work when its hot outside. That said, you can create a cookie crust instead of using whole Oreos as the base.

    Increase the cookie count to 30 and crush them in a food processor with 4 tablespoons of melted butter. Press the mixture into the bottom of the pan, then continue with the recipe as directed.

    Ingredients Notes and Substitutions

    • Use mini sandwiches. I got the Hood brand ones that are 2×2 inches, and they fit in the pan perfectly. You could also use full sized ones and cut them in half if needed.
    • Get creative with flavors! Feel free to try this recipe with different varieties of Oreos. You could even stir some flavor extract into the Cool Whip.

    How Do You Make No

    Oreo Ice Cream Cake. How to make an oreo ice cream cake

    In a small bowl combine condensed milk, dry yellow cake mix, sprinkles and crushed Golden Oreo’s.

    Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks are formed.

    Fold condensed milk mixture into cream.

    Make sure to scarpe the bottom of the bowl to completely combine everything.

    Transfer mixture to a sealed container and freeze for at least 6 hours.Take out of the freezer and enjoy! This ice cream is rich, creamy and fabulous!I added some extra Golden Oreo’s each time I enjoyed this creamy ice cream.

    This recipe is easy, breezy, beautiful, creamy and tasty. You will LOVE this cake batter golden oreo ice cream

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    Golden Oreo Overload Cake

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