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Key Lime Pie originated in Key West and is a Florida specialty. In fact, its also Floridas official state pie. If this pie is new to you, or you know someone who adores them, order a delicious Key Lime Pie for delivery at holiday time and throughout the year.

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Best For All Key Lime Products: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Why We Chose It: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe delivers its key lime pie and a variety of other key lime products to homes nationwide.

  • Assortment of key lime products

  • Variety of flavors of pie and pie bars

  • Gluten-free pie crust available

  • High shipping costs

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is the place to shop for anything and everything related to key limes. Its key lime pie has been named the “Best Tasting Key Lime Pie” on the Food Network. Kermits makes a classic version with real key lime juice, a graham cracker crust , and fluffy whipped cream, along with two flavored versions: strawberry and coconut. A single, 9-inch key lime pie is priced at $38.95 plus overnight shipping costs.

In addition to key lime pies, Kermits sells an assortment of frozen key lime pie bars such as regular key lime pie dipped in dark chocolate and strawberry key lime pie dipped in white or dark chocolate. A variety of key lime cookies, key lime peanuts, key lime fudge, key lime liqueur cake, and more are also available for purchase from the online shop. Kermit’s pies, pie bars, and fudge are also available for sale on Goldbelly. An added bonus: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is a disabled veteran-owned small business and regularly supports local organizations in its shops communities.

Grand Traverse Pie Company

Traverse City, MichiganGTPC takes its name from a bay thats world famous for its cherries, so it stands to reason that you should absolutely get one of its legendary, crumbly topped pies, a gallon of ice cream, and a pillow. And while that pie is wonderful and perfect on its own, there are a bazillion other options too. Luckily, theres a pie of the month club, which you should 1,000% join, because pie is too damn delicious for once a year especially the there are chocolate cream pies, peanut butter chocolate cream, and every fruit imaginable packed into the crust.

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What Are The Ingredients In Key Lime Pie

Traditionally, a key lime pie’s filling consists of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It typically sits in a graham cracker crust, although it can also be cooked in a more traditional pie crust. It is sometimes served without a topping but often has a light meringue topping made from egg whites or whipped cream. The pie is served chilled.

Best Places To Get Key Lime Pie In Key West

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Come with us as we share with you the top places to get the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! You are in for a real treat as we will tour all throughout Key West to find the best of the best! Once youve tasted genuine Key Lime Pie, you will never settle for the pre-packaged green dyed Key Lime Pie that is out there.

Just imagine spending the day soaking up the sun while floating in the ocean and then having the most amazing slice of chilled Key Lime Pie! Sounds fantastic, right? Key Lime Pie always seems to hit the spot because it is light, refreshing, and the perfect balance between sweet and tart.

If you are planning on staying in in town for a bit, here are the 12 Best Airbnbs in Key West! In between Key Lime Pie tastings, you might be looking for some other forms of entertainment, so here are 16 fun things to do in Key West.

Key Lime Pie recipes can vary greatly and there is a lot of heated debate as to which ones are the most authentic or the right way to make them. Graham cracker crust or traditional pie crust? Meringue topping or fresh whipped cream? Good thing is that you dont have to choose! You can find several different styles in Key West and sample them all!

So, get ready to be drooling over all of these incredible places to get the best Key Lime Pie in Key West. We will share what makes each one special, a little bit about the location, and what might be fun to check out nearby.

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We Tried It: All The Key Lime Pie In The Florida Keys

Our staffer gets keyed up for Floridas signature dessert.

On the last day of my trip to the Florida Keys, I was served my final piece of key lime pie a breakfast dish called Key Lime Pie French Toast at Azur Key West restaurant. Seated on a comfy banquette, natural sunlight streaming in the windows of the modern and airy space, I expected the brunch staple to arrive with a spritz of lime juice and a graham cracker crumb or two. To my surprise the dish was served with actual pieces of pie sandwiched between the thick slices of eggy toast. And with that, I unapologetically devoured my 12th piece of key lime pie of my five-day trip. So though I didn’t eat all the pie in the Florida Keys, I did some major damage for sure, and I’m not even counting the three different key lime pie martinis I enjoyed on separate occasions as well.

I had no idea the history of the pie was so rich and tied into the development of the area. Though the origins are hotly debated among Conchs the legend goes something like this:

In the late 1800s, fishing for sponges was a lucrative business. Men, also known as “hookers” for the hoe-like rake they used to scoop up their bounty, would be out to sea for long stretches of time and could only keep non-perishables on board the ship. Because there was no dairy farming in the Keys at the time, canned milk was the only option. The sailors brought plenty along with them in addition to scurvy-preventing key lime juice, eggs, and Cuban bread.

Burdines Waterfront Bar & Grill

So, we saved the most interesting and creative iteration for last! Burdines Waterfront Bar & Grill offers traditional Key Lime Pie, but that not the reason they made our list.

Their second version is why they have some of the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! Picture a perfectly fried chimichanga, but instead of a savory flavor you get a Key Lime Pie filling that is almost like ice cream.

They take a tortilla and wrap it around frozen Key Lime Pie, then they flash fry it and immediately top it with cinnamon sugar! Let us tell you, this is what Key Lime Pie dreams are made of!!

Burdines is located directly on the water and offers a full bar and grill menu with fresh burgers, seafood, and more. Located close to Sombrero Beach, Keys Art Glass Stained Glass Studio, and Salt Seekers Water Sports Equipment Rentals.

Well, we hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about Key West, the origin of Key Lime Pie, and where to get all of the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! We have had so much fun touring all of these amazing places and we cannot wait to hear which one is your favorite. One last suggestionorder dessert first!!

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Key Lime Pie Conclusions

So there you have it. My choice for the best key lime pie in the Florida Keys is Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe. However, if you happen to be in Miami, check out the bonus key lime pie option there too.

Also, do not miss eating the muffin at Harriettes Restaurant. I mean, you still need to try the key lime pie at Kermits, but also make Harriettes a stop. You can buy the muffins to go, but I highly recommend you enjoy it with a cup of coffee, then get another for the road.

Okay, now that I am thoroughly craving a key lime pie, I think I will go on a hunt for a muffin recipe.

Happy Pie Hunting!

Best Key Lime Dessert That Wasnt A Pie

We Found the BEST KEY LIME PIE in KEY WEST! | Disney Christmas Cruise – Day 5

In a category, all their own, are the key lime muffins at Harriettes Restaurant in Key Largo. These muffins were SO good! They have a delicious tart filling, the muffin itself is fluffy and light, not dense and hockey-puckish like so many muffins can be. It is topped with powdered sugar and tastes oh so good with a cup of coffee.

I know this photo doesnt show it, but this is the best tasting key lime muffin youll ever eat!

I want another one just thinking about it. It might have been one of the best muffins Ive ever eaten. If I had to choose between a slice of key lime pie or this key lime muffin, Id choose the muffin. It was that good. Plus, I can make a good key lime pie on my own, I do not know how to make this delectable muffin but I want to learn!

In addition to Harriettes amazing muffins, they also have excellent breakfast and coffee. The service was top notch too! I know if I lived in Key Largo, this would be a regular hang out of mine. I also know I would need to run every day to keep the pounds off!

Harriettes Address: 95710 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

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Very Important: You Must Choose An Overnight Shipping Method In Order To Ship Pie Or Pie Bars Otherwise Your Order Will Be Cancelled

Having a craving for Kermit’s Key Lime Pie or Key Lime Pie Bars but don’t have a Key West vacation planned any time soon? You’re in luck – we’ll ship the flavor of Key West right to your door! To insure freshness, pies are ONLY shipped via overnight delivery, and are ONLY shipped Monday through Thursdays by 2pm EST, for delivery Tuesday through Friday by 8pm. Orders placed after 2pm EST are shipped on the next scheduled shipping day.

If you would like to request a specific date for the delivery of Kermits Key Lime Pies, please note your SHIP DATE request in the appropriate box provided.

Price of pie or pie bars includes the cost of the shipping container, dry ice, and the Fed Ex dry ice handling fee. Overnight shipping charges will be added at checkout.

Packaged items cannot be shipped with frozen items and must be placed on a separate order to ensure safe delivery.

Frozen items are only shipped within the Continental US.

Why Is Key Lime Pie Famous In Key West

Key Lime Pie is very famous and popular in Key West. So, why is that? It is all about the climate! Key limes only grow well in areas where the temperatures stay very warm and never dip below freezing.

Simply put, Key West has the perfect tropical environment for key limes to thrive and ripen beautifully. Key limes are quite tart and almost bitter if you eat them alone, but they truly shine as the super star ingredient for Floridas most beloved pie.

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Key West Key Lime Pie Co

This was my runner up for best key lime pie in the Florida Keys. I loved that you could purchase little mini key lime pies and also that they made their whipped topping fresh. Im kind of a snob when it comes to store-bought whipped topping, but when I saw them piping the fresh-made whipped topping on their pies, I knew I wanted to try it!

In addition to selling key lime pies, they also offer a key lime pie class where they teach you to make your own mini key lime pie. That sounds like my kind of class!

The freshly piped whipped topping was a nice touch to this mini key lime pie.

My Pie Impressions: The pie filling was nice and creamy. I loved the texture of the filling, however the key lime flavor wasnt as strong as I prefer it to be. Also, the crust fell apart and was a little too thin thus, it became slightly soggy. So overall, I did enjoy their pie, but remember, I was on a quest to find the best key lime pie, so I had to nitpick a little to narrow it down.

Key West Key Lime Pie Co Address: 511 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040

San Diego Chicken Pie Shop

A Brief History of Floridaâs Key Lime Pie

San Diego, CaliforniaHave you ever chomped into a juicy carnitas burrito outside a taco truck late at night and thought, you know, this would be so much better if the tortilla was a pie? Of course you havent. That’s a highly specific thought to have… unless youve been to the San Diego Chicken Pie Shop, in which case, that’s your nostalgia talking. The shop will gladly ship you an eight-pack of the show-stopping chicken pot pies for about $60, but might we recommend splitting that order to include four of the pitch-perfect chicken numbers and four of the carnitas version, which come packed with the succulent, fatty pork. Will it forever render a carnitas burrito insufficient? Nah. Will it make you ponder stuffing barbacoa, birria, or lengua into a crust? Absolutely.

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Best Chicken Pot Pie: Centerville Pie Co

Centerville Pie Co.

Located on Cape Cod, Centerville Pie Co. has been serving up this homey classic since Laurie Bowen and Kristin Broadley ditched their day jobs as a deputy sheriff and banker to become “The Pie Ladies.” Oprah Winfrey visited the original bakery in the early days, savored the pulled chicken nestled in a doughy-yet-crisp pot pie, and catapulted the shop to fame by including the dish on three of her best-of lists. The pies are carried in many grocery stores on the East Coast, but now, thanks to their nationwide delivery, anyone in the country can get one.

While chicken pot pie may seem like it isn’t worth shipping across a continent, this isnt a make it at home pot pie: the chicken is slow-cooked in a large pot of broth, delicately hand-pulled, and the pie crust is expertly crimped.

Plus, it comes with extra gravy, because we all need a dappling of sauce under our pot pie slice for the real experience. It arrives uncooked, so crank up that oven, bake for 90 minutes, and enjoy the perfect savory flavor.

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