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Best Practices For Using A Pie Chart

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Include annotations

It is actually very difficult to discern exact proportions from pie charts, outside of small fractions like 1/2 , 1/3 , and 1/4 . Furthermore, if the slice values are meant to depict amounts rather than proportions, pie charts typically lack the tick marks to allow for estimation of values directly from slice sizes. It is for these reasons that annotations are a standard inclusion for pie charts.

Consider the order of slices

A good order for slices can make it much easier for a reader to understand what the plot is saying. A typical ordering goes from the largest slice to the smallest slice, very useful when there are categories with very similar values. However, if the category levels have an inherent ordering, then plotting slices in that order is usually better.

As for choosing a start point, itâs a good idea to plot slices from a cardinally-oriented direction. Visualization tools will usually start from the right or from the top. While starting from the right has a mathematical basis regarding conventions on measuring angles, starting from the top feels more intuitive, since it matches how we read from top to bottom, and how we think about progression of time on a clock or watch face.

Limit the number of pie slices

Avoid distorting effects

Where Does Your Time Go

Heres an example of effective time management charts:

A simple picture a PieChart made from a program “Microsoft Excel,” you can also make such a chartwith other programs. It only needs to look simple with some important details.

The type of numbers used in this time management graph is “percentage.”

In the time management graph above you can see how youuse your time in general throughout the day for getting things done.

It shouldinclude your time for relaxation from all the work you do because you also needto relieve the stress you experience.

While effective time management charts should show thatyou give sufficient time for your work and accomplishments, part of work lifebalance includes time for family, friends and other important activities inlife like organizing your home.

A good sleep isimportant so you should give enough time for it because sleep-time is when yourbody rests deeply and rejuvenate its strength for the next day.

Let’s Make Effective Time Management Charts

Personal time management charts are easy to make. If you know how to use the popular program “Microsoft Excel” you can easily make it there.


1. To create the Pie Chart shown above you should start creating this information in your Excel worksheet.

2. Next is to highlight the data to be used exclusively for the chart like when you “Copy” something. In our sample chart you must highlight cells A3 to H4.

3. Click on the “Insert” tab above on the Excel menu bar.

4. Click on the “Pie” button which will appear after selecting the “Insert” tab.

5. Select the “Type” of Pie Chart you want.

6. Your Pie Chart is going to appear, modify its features and parts for better presentation:

You can change the color of each slice of pie and put other labels and enhancements to your personal time management charts.

After making your chart you can print it for your personal reference wherever you go or display it somewhere you can check anytime or if you prefer you can simply keep it in your computer and open the file as needed.

Looking at effective time management charts can help you see things in a different perspective which might help you see any problems with your scheduling and use of time in general which you dont usually see and realize with regular practices.

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What To Look For In A Time Management Tool

As mentioned above, time management tools often come in the form of time trackers and time billing software. We looked for tools that focused more on the time tracking functionality over time billing. We also considered tools that are:

  • Easy to use if you spend more time trying to figure out your time tracking software, something is wrong.
  • Flexible the best time management tools allow you to track time by project or individual employee.
  • Collaborative interacting with your employees or leaving comments on specific projects are both important for tracking time appropriately.

After considering a wide variety of different solutions, here are the 18 best time management tools:

Example Of Data Structure

Time Management !
West 263 391.13

Data for a pie chart can be summarized in a table like the above, where the first column indicates a category, and the second the proportion, frequency, or amount of that category. Usually, the total does not need to be specified separately unless it is to be listed somewhere else on a generated figure. Alternatively, some tools can just work with the unaggregated data as in the below table, essentially performing the aggregation into the table above at time of pie chart creation.

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What Is A Pie Chart

The pie chart is also known as a circle chart, dividing the circular statistical graphic into sectors or sections to illustrate the numerical problems. Each sector denotes a proportionate part of the whole. To find out the composition of something, Pie-chart works the best at that time. In most cases, pie charts replace other graphs like the bar graph, line plots, histograms, etc.

How To Create A Pie Chart

You can easily make a pie chart in Miro, either using our ready-made template or drawing one from scratch. Miros extensive diagramming capabilities make it the perfect pie chart maker, where you can, with just a few clicks, create your own pie chart.

How to make a pie chart using our ready-made template:

  • Select the Pie Chart Template.

  • Double click the pie chart to add data to each series. Make sure to add real numbers and not percentages.

  • Edit title and legend.

  • After you set your pie chart, you can edit how it looks and change the colors as you like.

    How to create a custom pie chart:

  • Select the object, in this case, the pie chart.

  • Double click the pie chart. A pop-up window will show.

  • Add your data.

  • In Miro, you can edit the values of your pie chart, and the colors will be selected automatically.

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    Make Your Data Come To Life With Modern Pie Charts

  • Professional pie chart templates: Venngage’s templates present pie charts in fresh ways by using modern fonts, bold colors, easy-to-scan layouts and fun icons.
  • Make your pie charts stand out: Highlight important data with a contrasting color with one click. Use our template color palettes or import your brand colors. Set brand fonts, too.
  • Easy-to-edit pie charts: From conservative, clean templates to more creative designs, we have dozens of options you won’t see anywhere else. And they’re all easily customizable. No design know-how required.
  • Common Pie Chart Options

    Time Management Pie Chart

    Absolute frequency vs. relative frequency

    Pie charts can be labeled in terms of absolute values or by proportions. Labeling slices with absolute amounts and implying the proportions with the slice sizes is conventional, but consider the goals of your visualization carefully in order to decide on the best annotation style to use for your plot. In some cases, including both numbers in the annotations can be worth the additional text.

    Doughnut plot

    A doughnut plot is simply a pie chart with a central circle removed. For the most part, there arenât significant differences in readability between a pie chart and donut chart, so the choice of a doughnut over a standard circle is mostly that of aesthetic. One small boon for the ring shape is that the central area can be used for additional information or to report statistics.

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    Rotating The Pie Chart

    To rotate the pie chart , right-click on the chart, click Format Data Series, click Options, and enter a value into the Angle of first slice box. Youll have to experiment to get the chart to look exactly as you envision.

    If the goal is to have a particular slice at the top of the chart, its easier to rearrange the order of the rows of data, placing the one you want to appear at the top of the chart in the first row of the data column.

    Creatively Present Trends And Research Findings With This Customizable Pie Chart Infographic Template

    This usage trend pie chart infographic template features a 3D pie chart to creatively present your findings. It also makes use of a simple legend on the side to showcase what each color represents. You can use it as part of a presentation or report, or as a standalone infographic.

    Personalize this infographic template by adding in your company name, logo, fonts and colors. You can replace the data in this pie chart, or choose from other types of data visualizations that work well with your industry or data set. Enter data manually or import directly from an Excel or Google sheet.

    If you want to make your pie chart template more engaging, you can also add animations, interactive links and hover effects. This is especially useful if you plan on publishing your pie chart infographic online.

    Once finished, download this usage trends pie chart template for offline use, send it to your audience online using a link, or embed it on your website or blog.

    Edit and download this business pie chart infographic template now or tap into thousands of other ready-to-use templates to find your perfect fit.

    Edit this template with our infographic maker!

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    How To Make A Pie Chart Using Libreoffice Writer:

    • Create a new document.
    • Right click on chart to select Chart Type. Choose Pie option.
    • Right click again to enter Chart Table Data.

    In both cases, you can edit data through Edit data option, edit color,change label, add description, etc. This software lets you save your Pie chart as DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT, etc. file or you can export it as PDF.

    What To Do After

    Pin on Time Management/Organization

    The most important part of these worksheets is what you do after you fill them out. It’s important to analyze your situation using objective evidence. Have you found âhidden timeâ you didnât know you had? If your schedule can’t accommodate all the demands on your time, what do you need to cut down on?

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    Time Pie Chart Worksheet

    If you’re a visual learner, consider using a Time Pie Chart Worksheet to help you understand how your time is being allocated.

    Like money, time is not infinite. Treat your time like money and create a time budget that details how you spend your hours during a typical week. Categorize time into fixed time and discretionary time .

    When You Should Use A Pie Chart

    Pie charts have a fairly narrow use-case that is encapsulated particularly well by its definition. In order to use a pie chart, you must have some kind of whole amount that is divided into a number of distinct parts. Your primary objective in a pie chart should be to compare each groupâs contribution to the whole, as opposed to comparing groups to each other. If the above points are not satisfied, the pie chart is not appropriate, and a different plot type should be used instead.

    The values that comprise a whole and the categories that divide the whole generally come in two major varieties. First of all, is when the âwholeâ represents a total count. Examples of this include votes in an election divided by candidate, or number of transactions divided by user type .

    A second type of âwholeâ is when the total is a sum over an actual data variable. For example, we might be interested not in the number of transactions, but the monetary total from all transactions. Dividing this total by an attribute like user type, age bracket, or location might provide insights as to where the business is most successful.

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    Best Time Management Software In 2018

    Time management tools help you keep track of the specific ways you use your time throughout the day.

    Properly tracking time the time you or your team spent actually working is essential to determine how profitable certain projects are. You can also use these tools to identify problem areas and correct them before they become bigger problems in the long run.

    Before we go any further, its important to note that time management tools are closely related to time billing tools and software. While these two often go hand in hand, this page will focus on the tools that value the time tracking functionality over billing and invoicing functionality.

    We believe that value based pricing is the best move for most professional service businesses.

    Of course, if you need a solution that offers both features, there are plenty of options available, including some on our list.

    Since time tracking and management should be simple and efficient for both you and your employees, try to find a solution that meets all your needs without any of the fluff.

    So what time management software do you need in 2018?

    Adapting A Pie Chart Template Is Simple With Creative Cloud Express

    Time management chart demonstration

    Creative Cloud Express online pie chart maker tool makes it easy to enter your collected data and turn it into a beautiful chart. An intuitive interface makes it simple to enter your data and even simpler to customize. Get started with our steps below as you use the Creative Cloud Express pie chart generator for your next big project.

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    Important Benefits Of Using Time Management Charts

    Time management controls our daily activities as well as offers us an awareness if, we are utilizing time properly and putting it to good use. Time management keeps track form daily routines to spare hours through various methods, techniques and models. The usual means of doing so is through time management chart. From students to professionals, for evaluation and maximizing the use of the time whether work or play time management chart is used extensively. It provides many benefits to those who make use of it. Three such benefits are stated below. Three forms of the chart are pie chart, wheel or table which simply lists down daily routines and activities with their corresponding time or time span.

    The following are the three benefits that time management charts provide.

    Summarize your use of time: Time flies fast in no time and you wonder how it has elapsed. Day and night alternate before you actually realize and take note of it.

    You can understand what you have done for the day and review it through creating a time management chart. You can easily find out, which part of the day and time flies and, prevent it later. By summarizing the days activities you can assess if the time spent is practical or not. You are thus aware of what you do and can utilize your time in a better way.

    Lets you create a better life balance

    Helps eliminate stress

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