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How Do You Make A Berry Chantilly Cake

Amazing Berry Chantilly Cake Recipe

So I guess my Berry Chantilly Cake version is a cross between a classic Chantilly cake and a Gentilly cake because I like the fluffy vanilla cake with berries but prefer the cream cheese/mascarpone frosting over basic whipped cream.

Are you drooling yet?

  • Start by making the vanilla cake sponge. Make sure you use all the ingredients listed and they are warm, otherwise your cake could get gummy. If you cant get cake flour in your region, try my white cake recipe. Do not do that cornstarch substitution for a reverse creaming method, youll get a cornbread texture.
  • Next, make the mascarpone frosting. Cream together the softened butter and cream cheese until smooth. Then add in the Mascarpone cheese and cream until smooth. Add in the powdered sugar until just combined and smooth.
  • Whip the heavy cream to soft peaks and add in the vanilla extract and instant pudding mix. Mix until just combined. Fold the whipped cream carefully into the mascarpone frosting.
  • Split your cake layers in half length-wise.
  • Place your first cake layer down and spread a thin layer of raspberry or berry jam. I used berry cake filling since I had some on hand.
  • Now spread a nice thick layer of your mascarpone frosting and layer in some berries. I dont slice them so that they dont drip into my frosting unless the strawberries are really big then I slice them in half.
  • Repeat process with the other layers of cake, frosting and berries.
  • Berry Chantilly Cake Recipe Tips

    • It works well to make the cake a day ahead. Wrap the layers in wax paper and refrigerate until ready to use.
    • Were definitely not going for perfection here! This is a rustic, casual dessert.
    • The original cake from Whole Foods has three layers. Using two layers simplifies the process and it looks just as pretty.
    • If you want to use a decorative cake plate, begin with a cake board circle so you can transfer it to an airtight container.
    • This recipe could be easily adapted to make a sheet cake. Simply bake the cake in a 9 x 13 pan, add the jelly layer, frost, and top with berries.
    • Im including more pictures than I usually do so you can see the process. The steps take a bit of time, but they are very easy.

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    Whole Foods Baby Shower Cakes

    If a baby is on the way and youre planning on a small get-together, a round Whole Foods cake is perfect. As a result, you can spoil your guests with a smooth Berry Chantilly Cake or Tiramisu Cake.

    You can a get a 6 cake that costs $26.99 to$28.99 for small parties. In addition, for 10 guests, an 8 cake at $32.99 will be amazing. Of course, you can also explore any of their other signature cakes, depending on the size of your party. Before discussing with the Whole Foods decorators about the baby shower cake of your dreams, you can take a look at our tips on how to pick the perfect baby shower cake.

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    How To Order A Chantilly Cake From Whole Foods

    To order a Chantilly cake from Whole Foods, visit your bakery department or call your stores bakery department to request a custom cake. Alternatively, if youre not looking to order a custom cake, you can simply visit your closest store and pick up a ready-made cake from the display case.

    If youre ordering a custom cake, make sure to place your order at least 48 hours in advance to give your cake decorator enough time to perfect your order.

    Our cakes differ between storesso check with local store. Berry Chantilly would be my recommendation. Vanilla and berries!

    Whole Foods Market

    During the ordering process, youll choose the cake size and whether youd like a single- or double-layered cake. In addition, youll be able to add any special design instructions, such as extra berries or icing decorations.

    If youre picking up a ready-made cake from the display case, you can also ask a bakery team member to write a message in icing free of charge.

    Most Whole Foods bakeries keep their display cases stocked with 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch Chantilly cakes, as well as cupcakes and single slices, but its always a good idea to ask about availability before visiting the store!

    On the other hand, if youre looking for a quick solution for dessert, you can also order a Chantilly cake from your local Whole Foods through

    Happy to hear you love the Chantilly cake as much as we do!

    Whole Foods Market

    Berry Chantilly Cake Whole Foods For The Weekend Why Not

    Evie Photography: I Dig It: Whole Foods Berry Chantilly Cake

    Ever wondered how to make berry Chantilly cake whole foods? This beautiful-looking cake may seem so difficult to make but turns out it is just as simple as making a simple cake for your birthday or so. Its just that this recipe has more layers to make, and you need to prep fresh berries as the main ingredients as well.

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    Slaying With A Yellow Cake Mix Recipe

    Berry Chantilly Cake should have a moist, tender, flavorful cake. And you CAN get it with a cake mix! There are a few simple steps to getting a yellow cake mix to taste like you slaved over it!

  • Start with a high quality mix. Like any cake, the ingredients determine a big part of the outcome. I only use Betty Crocker they are dependably high quality. If you use something else and dont like the results I dont wanna hear about it!
  • BUTTER! Yep ditch the oil we use 1 cup of butter here instead of 1/2 cup of oil. And you can TASTE it in the results!
  • Some extra egg. In my tests adding a whole extra egg made the cake too eggy. Instead just add one extra white. You dont even have to beat it just toss it in there with the other eggs. This gives the batter a bit of lightness without any extra fuss!
  • Milk instead of water yep, dairy for the win! This gives the cake a more rich flavor!
  • Add real vanilla! No cake mix has enough high quality vanilla in it so we amp that up !
  • Think of a yellow cake mix as a simple starting base for a killer semi-homemade cake. A few extra ingredients and the magic is yours.

    This is a cake you could taste side by side with a high end bakery cake and find this one a winner!

    (If you are looking for a recipe to modify chocolate cake mix I have one here!

    Want To Get Your Cake Delivered

    If your Whole Foods Market store offers Berry Chantilly Cake, you can order it online for convenient delivery or pickup.* Perfect for last-minute party planning or just because.

    We also offer a wide selection of cakes and cupcakes that can be ordered ahead for in-store pickup or convenient delivery.* Check out the Whole Foods Market cake menu to learn more. Exact selection and availability varies by store.

    *Exclusively for Prime members in select ZIP codes.

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    Using Stabilized Whipped Cream In Chantilly Cake

    The process of stabilizing whipped cream is just using a method to help the fluffy cream hold its shape for days. It makes beautiful and amazing frosting!

    There are three ways to stabilize whipped cream:

    • Mascarpone Cheese or Cream Cheese or a combination of both. These shift the flavor of the whipped cream quite a bit.
    • Vanilla instant pudding. This is delicious but you have to spread it FAST or it sets up. The flavor is less whipped cream and more the Costco bakery vanilla mousse cake filling.
    • Plain old gelatin. This is my favorite because it tastes JUST like whipped cream. You can buy packets of Knox Gelatin at pretty much any grocery store or grab it online.

    Are Whole Foods Cakes Frozen

    Berry Chantilly Cake

    If you have a bona fide sweet tooth, that might make you roll your eyes and want to say x26quot no thanksx26quot , but Whole Foods actually carries some really good desserts in their pursuit of healthiness that dont taste like cardboard and will satiate the most daring and dynamite of sugar cravings.

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    Easy Berry Chantilly Cake

    Berry Chantilly Cake has officially taken my heart! The beautiful layers, the simple flavors of perfect whipped cream, raspberries, blueberries, hint of jam and tender yellow cake make something magic. This version uses a yellow cake mix with some extra ingredients to keep life simple.

    A few weeks ago I saw a picture of a Berry Chantilly Cake and I was completely captivated. It was like all my springtime berry and cream dreams on a platter!

    I couldnt stop thinking about the cake so I did a bunch of research on the recipe. We recipe writers are kind of geeky but enjoy it! If you are here reading you know how awesome we are

    And then berries went on sale and next thing you know Im in my kitchen with a half a gallon of 40% heavy whipping cream and Im going for it!

    How To Make Chantilly Cake

    Heads up here!!! This is a disclaimer on the complexity of preparing this cake. This cake is a little more extensive and time-consuming than most of my recipes.

    That said, its not HARD. It just wont whip up in 20 minutes. Simply plan ahead if you want to make it and TRUST ME, its 1,000% worth your time and effort!

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    Whole Foods Cake Designs

    There are plenty of wholesome cakes you can choose from when exploring this bakerys cake menu. For example, the signature Whole Foods bakery cakes below are just some of the options for your next special event. To explain, these Whole foods custom cakes can be both rounds and purchased in sizes of 6 or 8 inches, and sheet . They work for parties that range from 8 to 64 guests.

    Whole Foods is not able to offer its customers cakes that contain copyrighted images such as Star Wars or Mickey Mouse unless the person requesting the cake is the copyright owner. That said, you cannot order a character cake from Whole Foods.

    The bakery is very transparent about the ingredients they use, so we have listed our findings from their official website below. You can also ask about the possibility of a Wholefoods gluten-free cake at the bakery in your area.

    What Flavor Is Whole Foods Chantilly Cake

    Whole Foods Large Berry Chantilly Cake for $18

    Delicate layers of vanilla cake, topped and filled with fresh berries and frosted with creamy almond and mascarpone Chantilly cream frosting. Our cakes are made with ingredients you can trust u2014 unbleached, unbromated flour, cage-free or better eggs, and no hydrogenated fats or high-fructose corn syrup.

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    A Bit About Whole Foods

    It started in Austin, Texas by four individuals who believed that the grocery industry was in great need of change. The first store was opened in 1980 and, they only had nineteen members of staff for the store. From that humble beginning blossomed a hugely successful chain of stores that is still constantly expanding to this day. Whole Foods pride itself on good quality, and they are constantly implementing new measurements to ensure that its quality is the highest it possibly can be. The brand is dedicated to providing shoppers with natural foods and a variety of top-quality products. One of them being the gourmet cakes that they offer.

    Whats The Difference Between A Chantilly Cake And A Gentilly Cake

    Sometimes a Chantilly cake is referred to as a Gentilly cake.

    The main difference between a Gentilly cake and a Chantilly is the Gentilly cake typically has buttermilk rather than regular milk in the cake recipe. The frosting usually contains cream cheese and mascarpone frosting.

    If you would like to use a buttermilk based cake rather than my vanilla cake, check out my white velvet buttermilk cake recipe.

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    Whole Foods Shoppers Are Raving About Its Summer Bakery Dessert

    Whole Foods is one of those specialty grocery stores famous for its cult-favorite products. There’s the infamous salad bar piled high with everything from pomegranate seeds to arugula to curried cauliflower the 365 cauliflower crust, and the fresh nut butter, for starters. If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, Whole Foods has another exclusive item that might tickle your fancy: its Berry Chantilly cake. The retailer recently shared the summer dessert on its and people are freaking out .

    The Berry Chantilly cake consists of “layers of delicate vanilla cake, fluffy Chantilly cream frosting and fresh berries,” according to Whole Foods. First created 13 years ago by a New Orleans employee who was inspired by her grandmother’s recipe, the cake has skyrocketed in popularity, so much so that it even has its own hashtag on Instagram now with thousands of photos. Here’s what people have to say about the bakery item on social media and what makes it so special.

    Whole Foods Bakery Prices

    How to make a Chantilly Cake

    As you can imagine the Whole Foods bakery also offers other baked goods apart from cakes. You can learn more about their offers on their bakery page. However, there are no prices available online, mainly because the products they offer depend on the Whole Foods location you shop at, as well as what they have in stock at that time. That said, if you are interested in sweet treats like savory loaves, artisan breads, muffins, pies, cookies, and so on, you will have to visit your local Whole Foods.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Whole Foods Market also owns the bakery called Bread & Circus. Online, you can find a Bread & Circus cake menu that presents the special occasion cakes they have available, as well as the customization options. In there, you might also find cakes to your liking.

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    What Berries Should I Use

    You can use any berries your heart desires, but Id recommend using fresh berries whenever possible. Frozen berries wont have the same texture. If you cant find any fresh berries, then you can certainly use frozen, just thaw them first and blot dry with a paper towel so the juices dont leak out between the layers.

    How To Assemble A Berry Chantilly Cake

    • Slice each cooled vanilla cake in two. Then drizzle the simple syrup over each vanilla cake layer.
    • Now assemble the berry cake by spreading the Chantilly cream over the first cake layer and spreading the raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and chopped strawberries over the entire frosted cake layer. Then repeat this step with the rest of the cake layers.
    • Once you get t0 the last cake layer, generously frost the outside of the Chantilly berry cake with the remaining frosting.

    How to decorate a vanilla cake?

    • I like to decorate my vanilla cakes with a stripe-like pattern. Its such an easy and quick way to decorate and frost cakes. I even use this method on my Nutella cake.
    • Berries are also a great way to add pops of fun colors to pretty much any cake. I covered almost my entire Napoleon Cake with berries, and it looks so elegant!
    • Another great way to add simple decor to a cake it by adding mint leaves. Mint leaves add freshness and color to any dessert. Even the small ones like my white chocolate creme brulee.

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    Whole Foods Chantilly Cake

    The store Whole Foods claims credit for coming up with the recipe for Berry Chantilly Cake. So I drove 30 minutes to my nearest Whole Foods to try the original!

    It tastes nice. But I now have a $6 slice of cake with three bites out of it rotting in my fridge while we eat slice, after slice, after slice of the homemade version.

    Sorry Whole Foods my recipe for Berry Chantilly Cake leaves yours in the dust!

    What Are Whole Foods Chantilly Cake Sizes

    Pin on Birthday Cake Design Ideas

    Whole Foods Chantilly cakes are available in a wide range of sizes, including 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch round cakes, as well as ¼ sheet, ½ sheet, and full sheet square cakes. Whole Foods also sells Chantilly cake by the slice, as well as Chantilly cupcakes.

    If youre not sure which size to order, consider how many guests youre planning to feed. Additionally, if youre between sizes, sizing up to a double-layered cake can help you feed more people.

    If you have any questions about cake sizes, the bakery team members at your local Whole Foods can help you figure out the perfect solution for your next event.

    The serving sizes for each Whole Foods cake size are as follows:


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    What Is Chantilly Cream

    So heres where it gets even more confusing. Chantilly cream is literally just whipped cream that has been sweetened and vanilla extract added. The name Chantilly actually comes from the place it was supposedly invented, Château de Chantilly in France.

    I prefer the taste of the Chantilly cream made with mascarpone cheese and cream cheese. I use stabilized whipped cream in the recipe as well.

    The history of Chantilly cream is actually pretty interesting if you want to read more about the inventor but I wont bore you with all that here. I fully understand not everyone is a freakish food nerd like I am.

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