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Handi-Foil Pie Pan with lid assembly
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Best With Lid: Nyhi Jiffy Foil Pie Pan With Lid

Best part: Nyhi Jiffy Foil Pie Pan With Lid costs comparatively little and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The nyhi jiffy foil pie panwith lid is effective, It works great and has a simple design. Manufacturer says: When we say youre going to 9-inch with covers, we mean it. These aluminum foil storage containers come in handy for business owners and at home.

The pan is cost effective, is made for hand wash, It worked great and has a great design. Moreover, the pan is not only affordable, but the quality simply cant be matched. Above all, the nyhi jiffyfoil piepan with a lid is great for baking things like pies and cinnamon buns, to-go containers, parties, and so much more.

Almost all buyers found that the pan allows for clean serving, but can also hold another pie on top. In addition, a few also found that the pan is good for putting food in and out at one time. To sum up, most customers agree that the pan suits them best, and no one questions it.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • The lids dont stay on the food weoghtbbent the pan and.
  • This holds up great in the freezer and oven.
  • The Manufacturer says: We want every customer to be thrilled with their order.
  • These arent cheap and flimsy like others.

Aluminum Foil Pie Pans

Shop for aluminum foil pie pans and other aluminum foil pans at the WebstaurantStore. Bake and serve pies, cakes, quiches, pot pies, and more all in the same container. We even have pie pans that come with compatible lids, so customers can securely bring their .. D& W Fine Pack B20 5 3/4 inch x 1 1/2 inch Round.

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Pie Pans Tart Pans Pot Pie’s & Containers

We stock over 30 different pie pans in different sizes. From 3″ all the way up to 12″ including deep, medium and shallow depths. Disposable pie pans make life easier, no messy clean up, no sloppy transfers and most of all you don’t even have to worry about trying to get your good pans back. Made here in the USA we carry aluminum foil pie pans of quality that won’t buckle under the weight of your filling. Just use and dispose! Our pans are 100% recyclable!

We also carry high quality pie carriers made of recycled PET plastic in the two piece design or clamshell containers.

BUYING GUIDE – IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t rely on just the photos for your purchasing decision, pie pans look similar in pictures. You will want to Read the dimensions – see if this is the right size pan for you. We have found by experience, that it’s easier and cheaper to take an extra minute and make sure that you buy the correct size, rather than buy the wrong pan and have to pay to ship it back to us for an exchange.

Please note that different manufacturers make pie pans differently. If you are looking to replace a pan you have been using you will need to measure the pan that you have been using. We go by what the manufacturer calls them which may not be the exact same size as a pan you have been using.


Ml Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans Sizes With Lids

Durable Packaging 4 7/8"  Aluminum Foil Tart / Mini

Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans Sizes with Lids made with sturdy foil that will perform excellent in the kitchen.Durable and convenient foil pans with lids, perfect for baking, cooking, fridge or freezer and transfer.Disposable take-out containers are essential supplies in almost any food service establishment.Sturdy enough for cooking, serving, and

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Mini Foil Pie Pans With Lids


Q: Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities9 A: Yes, cheaper prices with more bigger size orders. Q :Can I get the production sample9 A: Yes, we will offer you free sample, after your confirm, then we will start production. Q:what is the shipping date9 A: Normally 30-45 days after receiving your payment , but it can be negotiated based on order quantity and production schedule.

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie has written for The Spruce Eats since 2016. A seasoned recipe writer and gadget tester, she also wrote the cookbook Make Ahead Bread.

This article was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, who also tested all of the pie pans on this list for The Spruce Eats. She is a professional pastry chef in New York City and a freelance food writer. At home, pies are her go-to dessert and always a crowd favorite.

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Pie Pans Come In A Variety Of Sizes From 3 To 12 Diameter So There Is A Pan For Every Baking And Dessert Application From Individual Tart Pans To The Largest 12 Pan

Here is a list of all of our pie and tart pans by ounce.

Size in inches /Wholesale foil pans sku# / fluid ounce capacity

12″ pie pan – deep – #1257 – 57 oz12″ pie pan – shallow – #1243 – 43 oz

11 pie pan – #2411 – 44 oz

10″ pie pan – #10305 – 33 oz10 pie pan – deep – #1042 – 30 oz10 pie pan – medium depth – #1041 – 26 oz10 pie pan – deep – heavy foil – #510 – 36 oz10 pie pan – medium depth – heavy foil – #310 – 28 oz9 pie pan – deep heavy foil – #977 – 30 oz9 pie pan – medium depth – heavy foil – #922 – 24 oz9″ pie pan – medium depth – #920 – 23 oz9 pie pan – extra deep – #940 – 32 oz 9″ pie pan – deep – #960 – 28 oz9 pie pan – deep – #912 – 28 oz9 pie pan – medium depth – #901 – 23 oz

8″ pie pan – deep – #816 – 20 oz8 pie pan – perforated – deep – #816perf – 20 oz8″ pie pan – medium – #850 – 16 oz

7″ pie pan deep – #1500 – 17 oz

6″ pie pan – shallow – #601 – 8 oz6″ pie pan – #600 – 9 oz6″ pie pan – heavy foil – #677 – 11 oz6″ pie pan – heavy foil – #622- 9 oz

5¾” pot pie or tart pan – deep – #2400 – 14 oz 5¾” pot pie/tart pan – #4007 – 12 oz 5¾” pot pie/tart pan – #575 – 12 oz5″ tart pan – #501 – 6 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #501P

4″ tart pan – deep – #1152NL – 5 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #1152P4½” tart pan – #475 – 4 oz4¼” tart pan – deep – #425 – 4 oz4½” tart pan – #450- 3.5 oz4¼” tart pan – #416 – 3 oz

3 tart pan – #301 – 2.5 oz also available with clear plastic lid: #301P

3″ tart pan- #A90 – 2.5 oz

Best For Chicken Pot: Durable Packaging Jiffy Foil Pie Pan With Lid

Disposable pot pie pans / Aluminum foil disposable cooking pots with lids Manufacturers

Best part: Durable Packaging Jiffy Foil Pie Pan With Lid costs comparatively low and it is available to ship in 24 hours. The durable packaging jiffy foil pie pan withlid is great and good value, is great for pumpkin pies and it is perfect for chicken pot pies. A pan or this lid will interfere with the crust if it lays on the lip of the pan, so please plan to have the crust kept off the rim of the pan. Further, this is perfect for pot pies and meat pies, cobblers, casseroles, and any number of individual food dishes.

The pan is made in the USA, perfect for a large individual serving. Finally, the durable packaging jiffy foilpie pan with lid worked perfectly and it is easy to store.

Almost all customers agree that the pan is great for deep dish pies. And, a few also found that the pan is great for apple dumplings and cooking with foil, less mess. Obviously, this pan passed the test and had very satisfied buyers eager to share their experience.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is perfect for pot pies / fruit pies and with the.
  • This is no fault of kitchendance.
  • This is not heat resistant, do not cook with a lid.
  • This is great with plenty of room up top.

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Can You Use A Pie Pan To Bake A Cake

Yes, you can use a pie pan to bake a cake, but you should be aware that pie pans typically have angled sides and cake pans have straight sides. Because of this difference, if you’re making a layered cake, the edges of the cake will be harder to frost. The cakes can be trimmed to get rid of the angled edges but may still be difficult to frost. Generally, cake pans should be used for baking cakes, but in a pinch, a pie pan will do if you aren’t interested in how good the final product looks.

Color And Lid Options #a8 100 Red With Lids Individual Cake Cups

Lid is not heat resistant, mini cobblers and more, Give to friends and family to keep. Red with Lids, flan, 100, Perfect for Individual Desserts, Shop KitchenDance at the Bakeware store, **Clear Plastic lid is of very good quality and is stackable. ** Beautiful Brightly Colored Aluminum Will not fade in Oven or Freezer. : 438 ** Inside Diameter 334 ** Bottom Diameter 338 ** Depth: 112. layered tarts, : Kitchen & Dining, **8 Ounce Capacity, Color and Lid Options #A8, No more messy transfers, egg souffles, microwave and freezer safe, A beautiful fancy pan to match any occasion, These are made of a 35 gauge aluminum and are of very good quality. ** Bake and serve right from one pan. Snaps on tight to keep goods fresh and makes transporting easy, save up to 50%, rim to rim, Everyday low prices, Please do not cook with LID, Pans are oven, ** Lids adds 5/8 to top of pan, Free Shipping on eligible items. KitchenDance Disposable Colored Aluminum 8 oz. creme brulee, **Top outside diameter, Individual Cake Cups- Tart Pans-Dessert Pans.

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How Do You Take A Pie Out Of The Pan

A pie is typically served in the pan that it is baked in. For serving, a slice of pie is cut with a sharp knife and a pie server is inserted under the crust to lift the piece out to serve. If you want to remove the entire pie from the pan, the pie should be completely chilled or frozen first. A chilled or frozen pie is easier to handle and less likely to break. Once thoroughly chilled, use a knife or pie server to loosen the pie from the pan and either lift the pie out or carefully invert the pie to remove it. If you’re planning on removing the pie from the pan in advance, a disposable aluminum pie pan is the easiest to cut through and remove your pie with the least amount of damage.

The Spruce Eats / Jenny Kellerhals

Nocry Premium Disposable 9 Inch Aluminum Pie Pans Round Foil Baking Tins

Pactogo 9"  Aluminum Foil Pie Pan 1"  Medium Deep with Clear ...


  • Inexpensive But Tough Foil Tins Perfect For Baking, Serving Or Storing. Use These Tins For Home Baking, Catering, Or For Freezing Ready-To-Bake Crusts. Or Get Creative And Use Them As Cake Tins, Camping Plates, Roasting Tins, And Takeout Dishes.
  • Sturdy, Durable Pie Tins With A Premium Feel. The Unique Ridge Design With The Lip Curling Outward Gives Your Pie Crust The Support It Needs To Bake Properly. And The Precision Folds On The Sides Of Each Pan Helps You Get Beautiful Crimping.
  • Reuse Or Recycle. Forget About Cleaning Up Glass Pie Tins After A Baking Session. Or Borrowing Extra Dishes From The Neighbours. Our Disposable Tins Are Perfect For The Home Baker Or Professional Chef. Just Use Your Dish, Enjoy The Pie, And Recycle When Done.
  • Perfect For That 9-Inch Pie Recipe. All Plates Have A 9 Inch Outer Rim, An 8 Inch Inner Rim, A 6 1/2 Inch Bottom And Are 1 3/16 High. This Makes Them A Great Size For Those Thanksgiving, Christmas, And Holiday Pies Or For Bake Sales, Birthday Parties, Charity Gatherings, Large Events, Catering, Or Baking For The Farmers Market.
  • Bake Just About Anything. Like A Chicken Or A Turkey Pot Pie. Or A Pumpkin Pie. Or A Dark Chocolate Apple Pie. Or A Cheese And Onion Quiche. Or A Nice Apple Tart. Or Rebel And Use These Tin Pans To Make A Cake Instead. Whatever Your Baking Dreams, These Pans Have You Covered.


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How Do You Measure A Pie Pan

To get the correct diameter measurement of a pie pan, you’ll want to measure across the center of the pan from the inside rim to the opposite inside rim. Do not include the thickness of the lip of the pan, handles, or any other decorative elements. To find out if your pie dish is standard or deep-dish, measure from the top of the rim to the crease of the pan at the bottom.

The Spruce Eats / Jenny Kellerhals

What Happens If Handi

  • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Dont Replace: For items youd rather not replace, choose Dont replace to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

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Round 7 Inch 24 Oz 15 Lb 075 Quart Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan Take Out Food Containers With Flat Board Lids Steam Table Hot Cold Freezer Roasting Baking Oven Safe


  • Dimensions: 7 Inches Diameter, 2.15 Inches In Height. Capacity: 24 Oz, 1.5 Lb, 0.75 Quart. Containers Are Stackable For Easy Storage And Kitchen Organization.
  • 50 Pans And 50 Lids, Perfect For Baking Or Reheating Food In The Oven As Well As Storing Left Over Food In Fridge Or Freezer.
  • Warning: Do Not Use In Microwave.
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminun Pan And Lid Locks In Food Temperature And Flavor And Provides Safe Transport. Made Of 100% Eco-Friendly Recyclable Aluminium.
  • Bake And Serve In The Same Container, Ideal For Any Types Of Baked Dishes, Cakes, Breads, Pasta, Casseroles, Appetizers, Etc.


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