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American Pie Movies Ranked According To Imdb

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The American Pie movies werent exactly cinematic masterpieces, but there were still some good ones in the bunch.

The original American Piewas somewhat of a comedic game-changer in the world of cinema, bringing back raunchy comedy to the masses.

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Breaking ground in a new way, the studios wanted to keep the magic going for as long as possible turning it into a juggernaut franchise for the times. Audiences flocked to theaters to watch the gang engage in debauchery and laugh along at all of the jokes. Along the way the main flicks stopped being made but the studio kept pumping out films connected to the world of the originals, here they all are ranked according to IMDb.

There are 9 movies in the American Pie franchise at the moment, but it looks like there are even more movies on the way that will continue the raunchy adventures of characters connected to the original cast. The American Pie movies began in 1999 and the franchise is still releasing new movies as recently as 2020. Although the newer movies arent rated as high as the original movies, there are still new stories to be told in the universe and audiences will continue to go see the movies even if they arent as enjoyable as the originals.

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  • When a top academy alliance is announced, Jim and Michelle adjudge to acknowledgment to East Great Falls for it. They access at his old home, area Jims dad Noah is still afflicted over his wife dying 3 years earlier.
  • http://bit.ly/Hph63D
  • Jim aswell runs into his acquaintance Kara whom he acclimated to babysit and has back developed up. Jim meets up with Oz and Kevin at a bar. Finch aswell arrives on a motorcycle, cogent them he has been traveling the world.
  • http://bit.ly/Hph63D
  • In the bar, they accommodated Selena , who was Michelles old bandage affected acquaintance who acclimated to be animal but has back developed added attractive. The boys accede not to allure Stifler to any of their festivities, but they cautiously acquiesce Stifler to accompany them if he shows up at the bar.
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    About American Pie Series

    The American Pie is one of the best comedy series ever created. The very first movie from this series was released in 1999 latest was released in the year 2012.

    The entire American Pie series has four movies, and the franchise has made a profit of more than 1 billion dollars. Some movie scenes are so famous that people watch this series in a loop without getting bored.

    Complete American Pie Franchise Consists of four American Pie Movies and Five Spin-offs.

    From the very first movie in the franchise American Pie to the latest spin-off American Pie Presents: The Book of Love The entire series will take to a ride of life of four friends from their college time to their marriage and reunion.

    What About The Trailer

    American pie reunion unrated

    The trailer is there on social media as the movie came out in 2012.

    The movie American Pie Reunion depicts the emotion of innocent moments of childhood. From the box office collection, everyone can understand how efficiently it has grabbed the attention and emotion of the viewers. With this, it is estimated why the spectators still want to watch the American Pie Reunion after almost ten years.

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    Who Are All In The American Pie Reunion Cast List

    Jason Biggs as Jim Levinstein, John Cho as MILF Guy, Tara Reid as Vicky, Thomas Ian Nicholas as Kevin Myers, Alyson Hannigan as Michelle Flaherty, Seann William Scott as Steve Stifler AKA Steve, Chris Klein as Chris Ostreicher AKA Oz, Mena Suvari as Heather, Eddie Kaye Thomas as Finch are the main cast members of the American Pie Reunion.

    Along with them, Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia, Eugene Levy as Noah Levinstein, Ali Cobrin as Kara, Dania Ramirez as SelenaDray Harrington as Dr. Ron. Chuck Hittinger as AJ, Natasha Lyonne as Jessica, Katrina Bowden as Mia, and others are also there.

    How To Watch American Pie In Order

    One of the best ways to enjoy the American Pie movies is in the order they were released. Were going to include the spin-offs, too, since theyre also funny. That being said, this is how they came out:

    • American Pie
    • American Pie Presents: Band Camp
    • American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
    • American Pie Presents: Beta House
    • American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
    • American Reunion
    • American Pie Presents: Girls Rule

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    If You’re Fond Of The Classic American Pie Characters You’ll Want To Attend This Reunion

    When it hit theaters, “American Reunion” got a big “meh” from reviewers. But this is one of those movies where mainstream critical reception should be taken with a grain of salt. Ultimately, whether or not you enjoy the film is contingent on how you feel about the ensemble of characters and their chemistry together. For all the raunchy humor, that was the real special ingredient at the heart of the original movie and according to the cast, filming “American Reunion” was just as magical all those years later.

    Around the time of the film’s release, LAist interviewed the cast, many of whom spoke to how much they all enjoyed working together. Tara Reid, who plays Vicky, said, “There is this magic in this cast when you put all of us together. There is this great chemistry that comes out, because there’s just so much fun.”

    That point was echoed by Stifler himself, Sean William Scott. “I’m at a point now, having this much fun with these guys means more to me now, as an actor,” he revealed. “I’d be happy to do this, as long as it lasts, because I have so much fun.” And for Eddie Kaye Thomas aka Finch, getting the gang back together felt like more than a mere reunion: “What was nice was that it didn’t seem like we were making a fourth film, as much as an homage to the first one.”

    It’s clear that Netflix viewers are picking up on those good vibes. You can join them by streaming “American Reunion,” which is currently available on Netflix.

    American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love 48/10

    American Pie Reunion Trailer

    One of the more recent additions in the spin-off series of American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love is one of the lowest-rated in the entire franchise. The film follows a group of teens exactly ten years after the original film took place, finding the infamous Bible that character Kevin Myers used in the original.

    After destroying The Bible they must track down every man that has contributed any single move to it over the years to try and put it back together. Along the way running into Jims dad Noah Levenstein who is the sort of through-line from the original cast to the younger kids in the Presents portion of the films.

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    About American Pie Movies

    Releasing Date: 9 July 1999Directors: Paul Weitz, Chris WeitzRuntime: Hour 35 MinutesWriter: Adam HerzGenre: ComedyIt is the first movie in order to watch the American Pie series. The film starts with four friends named Jim, Oz, Finch, and Kevin.They decide to lose their virginity before completing their graduation. After this, they made a plan to lose their virginity on prom night. For this, they all try to convince their girlfriends for prom night.

    American Pie Presents: Band Camp

    After Jason leaves for summer band camp, his friend Kevin finds it difficult to get any privacy in his house due to his horny step-sister taking over the bathroom every time he wants to relieve himself. Meanwhile, Finch helps him carry out a secret plan known as Operation: Naked Supermodel. This plan acts as a distraction so that Kevin can sneak away and join Jason at band camp for some pool fun.

    Unfortunately, this means that Michelle must constantly fight off her mothers amorous advances during what used to be a vacation. This forces Jim and Oz to share a room with Nathan, the new freshman who is obsessed with being on time for curfew or any other event, but more so whenever he sees Cindy, his dream girl. Meanwhile, Stifler tries to hook up with Michelles mom while Matt is busy trying to find a senior citizen mother of one of his classmates named Patty that allowed him into her pants during their last encounter.

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    American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile

    Erik Stifler has just received news from his girlfriend about an unintended pregnancy. At the same time, Dwight Stifler is bored at college and wants more exciting adventures as he had back home. As Erik tries to reason with his girlfriend, Dwight decides to solve his problem. The two arrive at the Naked Mile and that is where they meet Jim, Kevin, Paul, and Steve Stifler who attempt to ignore them.

    When Did The American Pie Reunion Come Out

    Amazon.com: American Reunion

    Universal Pictures had announced in October 2008 about the planning of the sequel of the movie American Pie. In 2010 Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg agreed to work as the director and writer for the movie. However, in 2011 they officially made an announcement about the cast members of the movie American Pie Reunion.

    After so many declarations, the movie finally premiered on. The makers have released it in 3,192 theatres which gained a total of $21,514,080 within a weekend. In Australia, the movie was named American Pie Quadrilogy which came out on Whereaswas the premiere date of the American Pie Reunion in the United States.

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    American Pie Presents: Band Camp 51/10

    The first movie following the initial trilogy American Pie Presents: Band Camp was a bit bigger than every movie after it with both Eugene Levy and Chris Owen returning as Noah Levenstein and Sherman respectively.

    Following Matt Stifler who is ordered to attend band camp following a prank and the hijinx that ensue, actor Tad Hilgenbrink actually did a pretty great job mimicking Seann William Scotts mannerisms as Stifler. The cast overall was pretty well rounded for a direct-to-video release but it was hard for audiences to move on in just two years time from the cast that had been there for many years.

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    American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile 51/10

    Erik Stifler is the cousin of Steve and Matt Stifler from the main franchise and his girlfriend just gave him a free pass to do whatever he wants this weekend so he heads off to a college campus to run in The Naked Mile.

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    Erik is not like the hard-partying members of his family and this is meant to help break him out of his shell and so his other crazy cousin Dwight who is already in college tries to acclimate him to the party scene. This whole frat raunchy scene and the connectivity of having it be a Stifler is another way the studio and writers kept the franchise pushing ahead without main cast members attached to the plotline. The movie was not hated like Book Of Love which didnt star a Stifler but also not beloved by audiences.

    Movie American Pie Collection 1

    American Pie Reunion – Movie Trailer

    American Pie 1

    ================================American Pie 3 The Wedding ================================American Pie 4 Band Camp

    ================================American Pie 5 The Naked Mile

    ================================American Pie 6 Beta House

    ===============================Extreme Movie 2008

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    You Can Now Stream All The Original American Pie Movies On Netflix Australia

    Netflix is delivering the old school goods this Easter long weekend by dumping a ton of movies.

    Amongst the pile of content, viewers will be able to binge watch all the original American Pie films in Australia and New Zealand.

    While the spinoffs like Band Camp, The Naked Mile, Beta House, The Book of Love and Girls Rules have a fanbase, the OG films are iconic.

    Watching Jim Levenstein go from being awkward high schooler to awkward husband is a real satisfying watch.

    All the main characters grow up across the four films, even Stifflers mum to some degree.

    So if youre feeling like watching something that will throw you back to the early noughties then give them a stream.

    The cast recently came together to mark the 20th anniversary of the first film and we were instantly singing songs from Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind.

    In photos shared on social media, we can see the East Great Falls crew reunite. Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Chris Klein, Natasha Lyonne, Tara Reid and Sean William Scott all got back together for a look back on what they created two decades ago.

    Joined by Entertainment Tonights Kevin Frazier, the gang looked back on secrets from the set, and a wry recollection of who they fancied and obviously, no American Pie discussion would be complete without a mention of the pie itself, which Biggs character Jim was infamously caught umm, getting to know on an intimate level.

    Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures


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