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Utahs Top Three Wedding Cake Bakeries

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Wedding cakes may be the one and only dessert couples need to celebrate their marriage. Whether its vanilla, chocolate, red velvet or whatever flavor you prefer, cakes add the sweetest touch to all weddings. Wedding cakes come in many styles and sizes from fancy to naked. The Post Office even got involved by offering a wedding cake stamp. The classic tradition of the bride and groom feeding each other the cake symbolizes love and affection. What better way to start your marriage than with a delicious treat?

Ever wonder where the tradition of wedding cakes came from? Originally, the first American wedding cakes were fruit cakes. The classic white wedding cake became what we know it as today because of, the one and only, Queen Victoria. She was the first to take her simple cake and add decorative white frosting to it. Thanks, Vicky!

Kellys Confections

Kellys Confections has been serving Utahs most elegant cakes for over ten years. The bakery is located in Northern Utah. From cakes to cupcakes, Kellys Confections will provide you with any cake of your choice. Kelly is most famous for her rolled fondant cakes and has a variety of flavors and styles. These delicious cakes are sure to make your wedding one to remember!

My Sweet Cakes

Carries Cakes

What is your favorite flavor and style of wedding cake? Leave a comment and let us know.

Red’s Sweets & Treats

Reds Sweets & Treats is a baking business in American Fork, Utah. Red is the chief baking officer and sweet treat…Read more addict. She loves baking and sharing delicious creations with friends, family, and customers. Red has been baking in her home kitchen for more than 30 years. She has won many first…

I have been creating cake art for 12 years. I love to create all types of cakes but weddings are where my heart is….Read more There is nothing better than creating dream wedding cakes that are tailored to fit your personality as well as the vision you have for your special day. Schedule your consultation and…

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Salt Lake Temple Wedding | Jonathan and McKenzie | LDS…
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Wedding Cakes Salt Lake City Ut

There are numerous unique conventions related with a wedding cakes Salt Lake City that have withstood the trial of time. At the wedding, numerous couples will energetically bolster each other a bit of cake, an ideal minute to catch on film. Numerous love bird couples spare two bits of their wedding cakes near me in their cooler, just to be eaten on their one-year commemoration as a recognition of their first year together. Fortunately not all old wedding conventions are as yet polished today, similar to the antiquated Ancient custom of breaking a wedding cake over the lady of the hour’s head to guarantee her ripeness!

My Recommendations For Amazing Utah Wedding Cakes

6" 9" 12" 16"  stacked Buttercream Wedding Cake. Made by Glaus Bakery

Just like with any other part of your wedding, it can be extremely helpful to ask around for recommendations and read reviews for the bakeries youre considering. WeddingWire, the Knot, and Google reviews are a great resource for reading about other couples experiences. You can also ask your recently wedded friends about their cake recommendations.

Here are a few of the best cake bakers and designers in Utah. They are all fabulous, professional, great to work with and artistic. Best of all, they make delicious and beautiful cakes that will be a memorable part of your wedding.

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Understand Fondant Vs Buttercream

Confused about all this talk of fondant vs. buttercream? Youre not alone. Though cakes can be topped with other things, fondant and buttercream are the two most common options.

Fondant is frosting that has an almost clay-like consistency. It can be rolled into sheets to coat cakes with a perfectly flat, smooth surface. Fondant can also be stamped, pressed into molds, or printed with customized designs. This allows for many design possibilities and makes fondant a great choice if you want an elaborate cake.

Buttercream is what you think of when you imagine classic frosting. Because its light in texture, rich in flavor, and made with butter, many couples find the flavor of buttercream to be preferable to fondant. Buttercream can be piped and spread, which allows for different types of designs than fondant.

Talk to your cake designer about the options they offer and which they think would be a better fit for the type of cake you have in mind.

Think About Your Overall Wedding Style

Before setting out on your cake search journey, its important to have a few things in mind. Take your overall vision for the look and feel of the day, and see if you can distill it down to a few descriptive words. This will help inform and narrow down your choice of cake style. Are your words modern, minimalist, and bright? Maybe a geometric cake with origami details would be a good fit. Elegant, traditional, and glam? How about a sculptural fondant cake with a monogram and sparkly details! Romantic, soft, and floral? Im picturing smooth white buttercream, some textured layers, and sugar flowers. Rustic, relaxed, and nature inspired? Maybe a semi-naked cake with berries and greenery would look just right. The options are nearly endless, so its helpful to start with some ideas in mind. That said, your cake designer will bring some ideas of their own to the table. They may come up with something that you love, but would never have thought of yourself. Be willing to listen to their expert advice too.

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The Most Affordable Wedding Cakes Found In Salt Lake City Utah

Wedding Street..We make your dream cake a reality at a price you can afford

All 3-Tier Buttercream Cakes $275 ~ Decorated in your favorite choice of design

Serves 96 slices

What a beautiful setting for this cake. Wedding Street decor team member created the cake ring with high end silks and vintage cake stand. Soldier Hollow Nordic Center was the most perfect setting for our clients photo photo.

Create a custom designed fondant cake $240 . Designer perfect cakes at a price you can not afford to miss out on. *Photographer credits Cassandra Farley Photography

Our Custom Designed Fondant Cakes… comes in your choice of design options and flavors of your choice $355

BRIDES FAVORITE CHOICE… Our buttercream cakes include so many beautiful design options to choose from at no additional charge. 3-Tier $275- 2 Tier- $180 – 1 Tier $60

Love the look of Semi Iced Wedding cakes… then this style is sure to please your budget. 3 Tier $275 – 2 Tier $180 – 1 Tier $60

Clients vintage wedding at This is the Place Heritage Park was the perfect setting for our ruffled fondant wedding cake $355

Looking for that perfect cake for your rustic wedding then you have come to the right place for the best price and quality designs.

Semi Iced Cakes for the rustic wedding offers so many design options

Cakes priced at $275 .

Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes

Salt Lake Temple Wedding | Sydney and Christian | LDS Wedding Video

One thing I absolutely love about SLC is that there are SO many different Wedding Cake Vendors! Which means brides get to be picky. I thought I am picky when I come to my favorite the glass knife cafe to try a new dessert, but turns out there could be even more to it. Shop around. Find the best price and the best talent. Its a beautiful process leading you to the dream Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes.

But one of the downsides when you have so many options, is that weeding through is a headache. That is where this blog post comes in. I have worked with the top Salt Lake City Wedding Cake Vendors. So I know which shops will give you the BEST cakes and the BEST prices. Happy Wedding Planning!

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The Best Utah Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is more than just a delicious dessert. Its also a fun tradition, a work of art, and yet another opportunity for you to visually communicate your weddings unique style. The cake can be one of your weddings main focal points. Though a tiered cake is the most classic go-to option, your wedding dessert display can also offer an opportunity to try something different and fun. Do you want a large and intricate multi-tiered masterpiece to dominate the scene? Maybe youd like a small display cake surrounded by other desserts. How about a collection of small cakes on different stands, pies, cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, or cookies? Just like any other part of your wedding day, you can get creative with the wedding cake or dessert to express you and your fiances personal style and taste.

Whatever you choose to offer for dessert at your wedding, youll want a great bakery to help bring your vision to life. Here are some tips on what to look for and recommendations for some amazing Utah cake creators.

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Give your taste buds a treat at Cakes By Edith! Since 2007, weve been keeping the amazing people of Salt Lake City happy with our authentic Mexican pan dulce. We make sure to keep your needs in mind when hand crafting our beautiful and delicious cakes.

Our signature products are sure to exceed all of your expectations.

Were passionate bakers with a commitment to our community and we plan on continuing this tradition for years to come. We welcome you to come on in and have a bite.

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