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Hog Fish Grill Stock Island


The Hogfish Bar & Grillis a funky tiki-hut restaurant found just north of Key West on Stock Island. Situated near the boat docks, they have very fresh fish and outdoor dining. They get their pies from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company. The pie is huge and the filling stands several inches tall. It has a homemade crust with a good balance of sweet and tart loaded with whipped cream on top.

So after this exhaustive trip , we have some recommendations for you for making your own best key lime pie.

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Why Is Key Lime Pie Famous In Key West

Key Lime Pie is very famous and popular in Key West. So, why is that? It is all about the climate! Key limes only grow well in areas where the temperatures stay very warm and never dip below freezing.

Simply put, Key West has the perfect tropical environment for key limes to thrive and ripen beautifully. Key limes are quite tart and almost bitter if you eat them alone, but they truly shine as the super star ingredient for Floridas most beloved pie.

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Blue Dog Bar & Grill Matlacha

4597 Pine Island Road, Matlacha 239-558-4970

Making Key lime pie, for Michelle Bundy, is a labor of love.

The baker for Blue Dog Bar & Grill on Matlacha has her own process. She separates egg yolks from egg whites with the tips of her gloved fingers. She uses Key lime juice from Key West, and a rubber spatula to layer in her sweetened-condensed milk just so. She folds her ingredients together carefully, then pours the mix over graham-cracker crusts bound together with butter. Before the pies go in the oven, she lets them rest, carefully tapping away at any bubbles that spring to the surface, like a mother bird tending to her young.

The result is Key-lime-pie bliss: sweet, creamy and lip-puckering. Its the kind of tartness that catches you in the back of the jaw, that makes your mouth water. Its Key lime pie the Bundy way. Made with love.

Annabelle Tometich, Fort Myers News-Press

Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Bar & Grill Panama City

Key West Key Lime Pie Co. Delivered Nationwide

1151 Bayview Ave., Panama City 850-763-8427

“We go through about 14 big huge Key lime pies a week,” said Sean Lyon, who owns the restaurant with his cousin, Erin Pigneri. “We won’t change the recipe as long as I own it.”

Lyon’s grandfather, James Joseph Pigneri, told them how to make Key lime pie. The secret, Lyon said, is in the Nellie and Joes Key West Lime Juice, which is mixed with egg yolks and Borden Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk. But it might be in the crumbled iced oatmeal cookie crust.

The Key lime pie is made into 12-by-24-inch pan that is cut into more than 30 pieces of thick, rich goodness. Each one of those square slices comes topped with whipped cream, a slice of lime, and a fork or two stuck in the top. You don’t have to stop at one slice though. The menu even features a Family Key Lime Pie for a family of six to 10 people.

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What Are The Ingredients In Key Lime Pie

Traditionally, a key lime pie’s filling consists of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It typically sits in a graham cracker crust, although it can also be cooked in a more traditional pie crust. It is sometimes served without a topping but often has a light meringue topping made from egg whites or whipped cream. The pie is served chilled.

Key Lime Juice Or Key Limes

With eggs, pie crust, and the right amount of key lime juice the pie is easy to get just like they serve up in key west. But wait does your key limes or juice matter? Yes, why yes it does.

See with key limes themselves they wont always render the right amount of juice you need. This is why we use juice and this juice comes right from Key West key limes. Thats Nellie and Joes Famous Key Lime Juice.

While they do have their own recipe on the bottle its not the one I use. I just like to use the juice as it is directly from Key west with the limes grown from that area. This is pie we make for just about all occasions.

Lets get to the pie making. But dont forget to check out some other delicious desserts below. We love being able to create these for you. So tell us below what kind of pies youd like to see us create.

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Great Southern Caf Seaside

83 Central Square, Seaside 850-231-7327

No Seaside stop is complete without a slice of Key lime pie from Great Southern Café, owned by Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association chairman and nationally-recognized restaurateur Jim Shirley. The South Walton chef has made this a dessert destination . The sweet meringue top cuts the middles creamy Key lime tartness balanced by a crumbly graham cracker crust. Southern comfort at its best, the pie will have you reminiscing of roasted marshmallows and smores in the casual café. Shirley, a Pensacola native, also is the co-owner of Great Southern Restaurants: The Fish House, The Atlas Oyster House, and The Fish House Deck Bar in Pensacola.

Key West Key Lime Pie


Key lime pie must be sour and if its not then well its not the real deal. This key west key lime pie is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Just like the pie youd get when down in Florida.

What I truly love about key lime pie is just how easy it is to make. With just very few ingredients we end up with a pie that so delicious. On our trip through out Florida we learned just how sour key lime pie should be.

See around here in Texas the key lime pie is more sweet than sour. Funny enough we love the more sweet and sour pies we found in Florida. Once we came back home I set out to make one just as sour as the ones we devoured through out Florida.

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Florida Key Lime Pie Co Cocoa Beach

102 Dixie Lane, Cocoa Beach

Tucked away in a space right next to the most original of Florida surf shops, Ron Jon, youll find a quaint little shop selling the most original of Florida desserts. Whether you want to satisfy a personal craving, or you want to satiate the familys sweet tooth, Florida Key Lime Pie Co. has you covered. Get deep dish, restaurant-style whole pies, a single slice or try a bite of Key Lime Pie on a stick. The Florida Key Lime Pie Co. also sells tropical fruit wines, assorted hot sauces and homemade ice cream. If youre really into Key Lime Pie, come back to the Space Coast in January 2022, when Louie Morehead, owner of the Florida Key Lime Pie Co., will bring back the annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival. Thats where the worlds largest Key Lime Pie 12.25 feet in diameter was made, and eaten, in 2018.

Suzy Leonard, Florida Today

What You Need To Know About Key Lime Pies

Basically, there are three parts to a key lime pie. The crust, the pie filling, and the topping. Here are the battleground issues: Graham cracker or pastry crust? Homemade or store-bought? Key limes, bottled juice, or regular limes? Whipped cream or meringue topping? Homemade or canned whipped cream? Cooked or uncooked? And the controversy goes on. Feuds have begun, alliances have dissolved, and friendships have ended over this simple pie. Its a battle of personal preference, family tradition, taste, and appearance, and no matter what your recipe, its important to know where you stand on the issue.

Key lime pie is the family favorite at our house. Always has been. We especially love it because it complements seafood and many of Floridas lighter dishes. Whenever we make a key lime pie, we have to make two as its consumed breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We also make it a point to sample key lime pies in every restaurant we visit. We are self-proclaimed semi-professional key lime pie tasters.

So we took a trip to the Florida Keys, the birthplace of the signature dish, and decided to do a sample tasting of key lime pies. From Mile Marker 112, the measured distance on the north end of the Florida Keys to the southernmost point of Mile Marker 0 in Key West. We tasted plenty and since this was work related research, Weight Watcher points need not apply.

Its such a hard job, but someone had to do it.

We have come to the conclusion there are three types of key lime pies:

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Where Did Key Lime Pie Originate

So, before we jump into where to find the best key lime pie in Key West, we thought we would give you a little back story as to the origin of key lime pie.

Now, the facts as to who made the very first key lime pie are a little fuzzy. Some claim that William Curry, as ship salvager in Florida, had a cook that made the first key lime pie. While others claim that sponge fishermen were the very first to concoct this delicious dessert.

What we do know is that Key Lime Trees were found in abundance all throughout Key West dating back as early as the 1800s. During that time, refrigeration was not common, so the innovation of using shelf-stable sweetened condensed milk was pivotal.

In 2006, Key Lime Pie became the official state pie of Florida. So, we might not be completely sure as to its origin, but we sure do love this pie and we are so happy it was created.

Key Lime Pie Variations

7 Best Places To Get Key Lime Pie In Key West

Weve seen it all Frozen. Dipped in chocolate. We have tasted vegan key lime pies using sour cream, vegan cream cheese, and additions such as mango, peanut butter, Nutella, avocados, and ice cream. Some crusts are made of all kinds of nuts, oreo cookies, cheerios, ginger snaps, pretzels, and animal crackers. We have seen elaborate toppings using fruit blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and everything in between. Weve seen sauces made of honey, caramel, blueberry, fudge, or just cream Anglaise sauce. Whatever your fancy, you can usually do it with key lime pie.

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Burdines Waterfront Bar & Grill

So, we saved the most interesting and creative iteration for last! Burdines Waterfront Bar & Grill offers traditional Key Lime Pie, but that not the reason they made our list.

Their second version is why they have some of the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! Picture a perfectly fried chimichanga, but instead of a savory flavor you get a Key Lime Pie filling that is almost like ice cream.

They take a tortilla and wrap it around frozen Key Lime Pie, then they flash fry it and immediately top it with cinnamon sugar! Let us tell you, this is what Key Lime Pie dreams are made of!!

Burdines is located directly on the water and offers a full bar and grill menu with fresh burgers, seafood, and more. Located close to Sombrero Beach, Keys Art Glass Stained Glass Studio, and Salt Seekers Water Sports Equipment Rentals.

Well, we hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about Key West, the origin of Key Lime Pie, and where to get all of the best Key Lime Pie in Key West! We have had so much fun touring all of these amazing places and we cannot wait to hear which one is your favorite. One last suggestionorder dessert first!!

Lazy Days Restaurant Mm 799

Considered one of the best restaurants in the Keys, Lazy Days is known especially for fresh fish. This Islamorada oceanfront restaurant specializes in cooking your catch of the day if you have been out fishing or diving for lobster. The key lime pies are all made on the property, serving a huge slice with graham cracker crust topped with creamy, sweet, filling, and medium tartness. It makes an ideal dessert after fresh seafood.

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The Green Turtle Inn Mm 812

The Green Turtle, a long time Islamorada landmark, is a restaurant where turtle soup and steaks were legendary before the endangered species was banned from commercial fishing. Still a well-known island hangout, the Green Turtle has a key lime pie that we consider a chefs special on the fancier side. The macadamia nut crust is covered with a denser style filling topped with coconut whipped cream, berry syrup, and sprinkled with fruit.

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