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PADERNO Glass Pie Plate with lid video review by Melanie

Although borosilicate glass is more resistant to thermal shock than tempered glass, with extreme-enough temperature changes it can still break. To understand more, we’ve written a blog on how and why this happens. Also, the OXO dish will almost certainly break if you drop it from a counter onto a hard floorsomething that a tempered-glass plate like the Pyrex could survive. We recommend using any glass bakeware with care read our tips in the Care and maintenance section of this guide.

We discovered that this plate was a little too big for a store-bought crustshaping a fluted edge was a bit of a stretch. If you primarily use pre-made crusts, youll find that the Pyrex 9 Glass Pie Plate is a much better fit.

How Do You Put A Pie Crust Into A Pie Pan

After you’ve rolled out a pie crust, you will need to transport it to your pie pan quickly and smoothly to keep the rolled dough from tearing. If the dough is relatively small, you can move it by sliding your hands and arms underneath the dough, lifting it, and quickly transferring it to the pie plate. If the dough is larger or you’d like more support while moving the dough, you can loosely roll the dough over your rolling pin to move it, then unroll the dough over your pie dish.

Once the pie dough is resting on the pie pan, you begin shaping it by smoothing the dough across the bottom surface of the pan and then fitting the dough into the crease of the pan. Next, you’ll press the dough against the sides of the dish, allowing any extra dough to hang over the lip. Trim the dough about half an inch past the lip of the dish, and crimp the edge of your pie crust as you like.

Best For High Quality: Juvale Pie Plate With Lid

The features department is where Juvale Pie Plate With Lid truly manages to shine. The juvale pieplate withlid is ideal for multiple uses, is good for perfect shape, it works great and has a stylish design. Each pan is 9 inches in diameter and has an accompanying flat board lid to help keep your food warm. Moreover, it can be used as takeout containers, catering party portions, broiling, baking, cakes, pies, casseroles, cooking and meal prep.

The plate includes 25 pieces of 9-inch round disposable aluminum foil pans with flat board lids. And, the plate is homemade, allows for superior heat conductivity, It is good for left-overs and has a nice design. Above all, the juvale pie platewith lid is white, It has been used over the holidays and has a good design.

One customer says These are approximately 2 deep and are not tapered/sloped. . Almost all buyers quickly discovered that the plate is great for freezer meals.

Why We Like This:

  • Use this pack of 25 aluminum pans with lids for your next catering event.
  • This is made from thick gauge, heavy-duty aluminum foil.
  • Bake the perfect pie or cake, store your leftovers, and more.
  • This is good for product size, it allows for great quality and has a sturdy design.

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How Do You Measure A Pie Pan

To get the correct diameter measurement of a pie pan, you’ll want to measure across the center of the pan from the inside rim to the opposite inside rim. Do not include the thickness of the lip of the pan, handles, or any other decorative elements. To find out if your pie dish is standard or deep-dish, measure from the top of the rim to the crease of the pan at the bottom.

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Gerson Cream Ceramic Pie Plate With Dome Lid With Acanthus Leaf Metal ...

If you like to bake pies even just once or twice a year, having a pie plate in your kitchen is worth it. Sure, you have ways to get around using onemaking a slab pie or galette on a baking sheet, for instance, or just using a disposable aluminum tin. But you cant make things like deep-dish fruit pies or towering lemon meringue pies on a baking sheet. And although a disposable tin can bake evenly, its flimsy and small, and it doesnt look so nice on the table. Plus, a good pie plate can come in handy for more than just sweets: If the dish is deep enough, you can use it to make things like frittatas and pot pies. You can also use it for recipes associated with specialty tart or springform pans, such as quiche and cheesecake.

If you have a pie plate you like, one that is durable and has served you well, keep it. But if you cant seem to achieve golden crusts or evenly cooked filling, you may want to upgrade to a better plate. A high-quality pie plate can survive many years of use, so whether youre an experienced baker or an occasional one, a good plate is worth the investment .

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Best With Crust: Locknlock Pie Plate With Lid

The Locknlock line of plates comes in a pretty wide variety of styles, so you can definitely find one that suits your individual preferences and needs. The Locknlock Pie Plate With Lid is dishwasher safe and it comes out for easy clean. Borosilicate glass construction withstands sudden heat and cooling changes up to 250 degrees f, so pie dishes can go right from the freezer to the oven. Further, it allows for easy cleaning, is odor resistant and it is oven safe.

Lastly, the locknlock pie plate with lid features an enhanced, airtight, leakproof locking system to keep foods fresh longer and prevent unwanted drips and spills.

Most buyers found that the plate is perfect for storing leftovers and, even coming from the freezer, the lids are removed easily. Furthermore, a few also found that the plate fits Costco flour tortillas well, so young people can close easily. To sum up, at the price, they believe that they got a steal of a deal with it.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • This is suitable for oven use and it is used for easy cleanup.
  • This is great for tortillas and little hands to close.
  • This is made with a durable food container and it has bake delicious pies.
  • Easy clean: dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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Through high school, college, and culinary school, Daniela Galarza worked in bakeries and restaurant pastry kitchens, where she baked thousands of pies. She has made every type of pie dough and filling, and has used pie dishes of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Marguerite Preston, who worked on a previous version of this guide, is a former professional baker with almost two decades of pie making under her belt. Shes now a senior editor overseeing Wirecutters kitchen and appliance coverage. This guide also builds on work by Wirecutter deputy editor Christine Cyr Clisset.

To ensure we werent limited to our own experiences, for our 2019 update we reached out to some of the best in the pie-making business, including third-generation pie baker Petra Paredez of Petees Pie Company in New York City Melissa Clark, longtime food columnist for The New York Times, who has written a guide to pie crust pastry chef and recipe developer Erin McDowell, author of The Fearless Baker and The Book of Pie: Everything You Need to Know to Bake the Perfect Pies Jerrelle Guy, photographer, recipe developer, and author of Black Girl Baking and Nicole Rucker, a pastry chef and pie baker in Los Angeles whose new book, Dappled, includes a section on pie. In the past weve also spoken to a number of other cookbook authors and pie experts.

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Should You Grease A Pie Pan

There are a lot of different opinions about whether or not you should grease a pie pan, but generally speaking, a quick spritz of cooking spray on the bottom of a pie dish will help keep your pie from sticking to the bottom of the panbut there’s no need to overdo it. Many people believe that greasing a pie dish will change the texture of your pie crust, making it less flaky. So if you’re more concerned with a flaky crunch than easily removing slices of pie, feel free to skip the cooking spray. If your pie does manage to stick to the bottom of the pan, gently heating the bottom of the pan by dipping the bottom in a shallow pan of hot water should help loosen the crust from the pan.

The Spruce Eats / Jenny Kellerhals

Gluten Free Perfect Pie Crust Recipe

PADERNO Glass Pie Plate with lid video review by Salomé

Bakers, start your ovens! Fall is what I consider to be the beginning of pie season. The temperatures start to drop, crisp apples and pears fill the produce shelves and a freshly baked pie seems to be the perfect way to cozy-up a chilly evening. And before you know it we launch into Thanksgiving and the beginning of Holiday Season. I ask you what is Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?

For many years after converting to a gluten free diet I made crust-less pies and was perfectly happy. After all a crust-less pie you can safely eat is better than a pie with crust you cant! But as time went by, I started to resent my crust-less life and started using nuts and gluten-free cookies as a base for my pies. Nothing wrong with that and in fact in some cases, such as my chocolate peanut butter pie, a nut crust is the ideal choice. But what was missing for me was the OTHER choice a white, flaky, traditional pie crust just like Grandma used to make but without the gluten. So I embarked on a mission to make the perfect gluten free pie crust. The first thing I learned is you cant let pie crusts intimidate you. It is not only possible to make a great gluten-free pie crust, it is completely do-able and many of those who have tried mine, say they prefer my gluten-free crust to regular wheat crusts they have had.

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Best For Easy Clean: Pyrex Pie Plate With Lid

If you often find yourself confused about convenient and suitable plate, pyrex pie plate with a lid is your solution. The Pyrex Pie Plate With Lid is much better, It is important and has a nice design. Whether its a no-bake recipe, one that requires baking, or a freezer pie, youre set. Further, the plate is made of thick glass, is great for any type of glass, It is good for cheese cake and has a durable design.

The plate is inexpensive, it is ceramic and has a sturdy design. Finally, the pyrex pie platewith a lid is safe to use in preheated ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers & dishwashers.

Most buyers quickly discovered that the plate is highly rated by a cooking magazine. Furthermore, a few also found that the plate cleans up nicely in the dishwasher. Moreover, a few say that the plate is easy to clean because it has no ridges. In short, buyers found this to be one of the best plates for daily purposes.

Top Customer Quotes:

The Anchor Hocking Pie Plate With Lids superior materials makes sure that it ages well with use. The anchor hocking pieplate with lid fits right for the right size, is ideal for stainless steel, It is made with nice glass and has a good design. Spend less time scrubbing and soaking your bakeware. Moreover, the plate is great for pies, is rectangular, it is protective and has a durable design.

Above all, the anchor hocking pie plate with a lid will not warp, stain, retain smells, or leach dangerous chemicals into food.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Donna Currie has written for The Spruce Eats since 2016. A seasoned recipe writer and gadget tester, she also wrote the cookbook Make Ahead Bread.

This article was updated by Jenny Kellerhals, who also tested all of the pie pans on this list for The Spruce Eats. She is a professional pastry chef in New York City and a freelance food writer. At home, pies are her go-to dessert and always a crowd favorite.

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Our Pick: Oxo Good Grips Glass 9 Pie Plate With Lid

*At the time of publishing, the price was $13.

The OXO Good Grips Glass 9 Pie Plate With Lid conducts heat very well, and in our tests it baked some of the most evenly browned crusts. At 2 inches deep, its one of the few glass dishes we found that qualify as deep-dish plates. It fits thick fruit pies better than shallower glass plates but isnt so deep that custard pies look skimpy. The rim is wider than most, which makes shaping a pretty crust easy, while the clear glass lets you see when your pie is done. And unlike with some other glass plates, you can transfer this one directly from freezer to oven since its made of borosilicate glass.

Among the 19 pie plates weve tested over the years, the OXO dish produced some of the most evenly browned crusts. In every test crusts baked up golden from edge to edge, with no pale spots as we saw on the bottoms and sides of pies baked in other plates. The pumpkin pie we baked in the OXO plate set into a smooth custard with a few small crinkles around the edges, while the peach pie emerged jammy and juicy with a neatly crimped edge and a crisp, golden-brown crust on top and bottom. Both pies cut neatly and didnt stick to the pan.

This pie plate comes with OXOs Better Guarantee, meaning OXO will replace it if it breaks under normal use due to any defects, and weve always found OXOs customer service to be very good. Well also continue to long-term test this plate to see how it performs over time.

Best For Heavy Duty: Godinger Pie Plate With Lid

Durable Packaging 4 7/8"  Aluminum Foil Tart / Mini

Godinger has been making great plates for years, thanks to a combination of clever design and appropriate materials. The Godinger pie plate withlid is lightweight, it has a closed lid and has a pretty design. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Further, the plate is made for large size, It is made for multi-use and has a detailed design.

The plate has specialized in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless, and alternative metal giftware. In addition, it provides great value, allows for a great look, it is great for other desserts and has a functional design. Most importantly, the Godinger Pie Plate With Lid is clear and has a timeless design.

Almost all customers found that the plate was a good looking piece and very useful. In addition, they strongly agree that the plate will be back, immediately. Furthermore, a few also found that the plate is used for so many things. So, customers were very happy to recommend it to friends and would-be buyers.

Top Customer Quotes:

  • It will surely add the perfect finishing touch to your table and home.
  • This is designed to hold/display a pie.
  • This is a beautiful and heavy piece that looks stunning on a buffet or table.
  • Dublin crystal collection timeless pie dome covered platter server compliments any decor.

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