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Homemade Healthy Dog Birthday Cake Recipe (easy and simple to make)

What if I dont have whole wheat flour?

First, always consult with YOUR veterinarian about what is best for YOUR dog. I personally prefer using whole wheat flour or oat flour for these treats. Ive made them with both and my dog had zero complaints either way. Dont have whole wheat flour or oat flour? You can substitute white wheat flour or all-purpose. Just be sure to feed them to your pup in moderation!


Keep these in an air tight container or zipped bag for easy storage or make many batches at once and store them in the freezer! No need to thaw before rewarding your dog with a frozen homemade pumpkin dog treat they last longer served that way.

Need a fun gift idea for the dog lovers in your life? Make a batch of these, put them in a jar wrapped with a colorful ribbon and a note and you have a unique and thoughtful token of appreciation for human and doggy friend alike!

If you love these, you should also try my Dog Cookie Recipes and Dog Donuts! I hope your furry friends love these treats as much as mine did. Dont forget to give them an extra pat on the head from me!

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Dog Birthday Cake Recipes Done Lets Get Creative

Once youve found the dog birthday cake recipe you think your pet will love, its time to think about presentation.

You can bake an ordinary layered cake, a round tube cake, or cupcakes, in the pans you already have. But maybe you want to go all out with a special doggy themed shape.

Also from K9 Cakery is a cute pawprint pan that can make a set of six cupcakes*.

Once your cake is baked, the fun and creative part starts. Dogs shouldnt get too much sugar so you need to think carefully about what to use for frosting and topping.

You can cover the cake with your choice of plain yogurt, cream cheese or cottage cheese, peanut butter, bananas, or even mashed potatoes or a mixture of these ingredients.

Add carob powder for a chocolate color and flavour. You can even add a bit of food coloring to create bright colors maybe pipe on some rosettes, lines, or even your dogs name.

Dont have an icing set? Dont worry just grab a plastic bag, cut a small corner away and use it as a piping bag.

Now youre all set to add some more pretty and tasty bits.

Dog Cakes Are Made Of Simple Ingredients

They have most of the same ingredients that adult cakes have, but with a few changes:

  • Sweetener sugar isnt great for dogs, but since Abby loves her treats on the sweet side, I add a bit of honey to the cake batter.
  • Flour you can use whole wheat if you want, but I used all-purpose
  • Peanut Butter dogs love peanut butter!
  • Applesauce you can also use pumpkin puree or mashed banana
  • Oil, leavening, egg these are all the components that make a cake into a cake.

The best part about making a cake for your dog is that you dont have to worry about if you over cook it. They dont care if its dry!

I kept the frosting simple by just beating some unsweetened heavy whipping cream. Dogs LOVE whipped cream!

Abby loved her cake. She went to town on the frosting before I could even snap photos!

Be sure to check out PetArmor Plus at PetSmart and get your coupon for $5 off a 3-count box!

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How To Store Dog Birthday Cake

Even though Tilly doesnt seem to discriminate against fresh and stale food, youll want to keep your dog cake wrapped up or in a sealed container in the fridge to keep it fresh as long as possible. It should last for about a week in the fridge. You could also slice it into 8 pieces and freeze individually for a special treat when your dog is being an extra good girl or boy to prolong the birthday fun!

Leave The Baking To Us

14 Dog Birthday Cake &  Cupcake Homemade Recipes

What if youre just not that good in the kitchen? What if even these super simple dog cake recipes test your culinary skills?

Never fear! Your Molly or Milo can still have the dog cake of their little canine dreams.

Here at The Dog Bakery, weve been making cakes for happy pooches for over 15 years. And yet, youre still the one holding the leash. We make custom cakes where you choose:

  • The ingredients we use

All of our canine cakes are made from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients we can source.

The luckiest pooches in the world live close to one of our four Los Angeles County bakeries. Here, you can buy a pre-made cake off the rack, or order one and have it delivered in 2 days.

But dont despair if you arent an LA native. Within 5 days of placing an order, we can ship our cakes to anywhere in the US.

If you and your pet want to sit back, relax, and enjoy your special day together, leave the baking to us. Order yours today.

Rocky Kanaka

Lorna Ladd

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Apple Banana Dog Cake

You cant go wrong with apples and bananas. Apples are a great source of fiber, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Just make sure you dont feed your dog apple seeds, as that can make them sick. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber, which can help dogs with gastrointestinal issues. Top this dog cake with apple slices for an extra treat! This recipe makes two large cupcakes.

Cake ingredients

  • Mix together mashed banana, shredded apple and applesauce. Then stir in flour and water.
  • Grease pan with coconut oil and bake for 20-25 minutes until center is firm.
  • Mix together mashed bananas and flour until you get a frosting-like consistency.
  • Let cake cool and decorate with mashed banana and apple slices.
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    How Much Birthday Cake Can My Dog Eat

    There are really two questions here. First how much should you feed your dog based on their weight? And second, should you put the entire cake in front of them?

    For our 22 pound dog, Fritz, we fed him ¼ of the cake in place of his dinner. Fritz absolutely loves this cake!

    For safety, you need to decide if you can put the entire birthday cake in front of your dog. Yes, it makes for super cute pictures but if your dog has ever shown any type of resource guarding or food aggression it is best to serve only what you are comfortable with your dog eating at one time.

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    Homemade Dog Cake Recipes

    If you really want to spoil your dog, why not learn how to make a dog cake? Celebrate your furry friends birthday, adoption day, or any other day!

    Here are 10 great dog cake recipes, including layer cakes, cupcakes, and gluten-free options. These recipes all use dog-friendly ingredients, but keep in mind that your dog could have food sensitivities or different dietary needs. Talk to your veterinarian if youre not sure which recipe will work best for you and your dog!

    It is important to know that these cakes are only for special occasions and should be served to your dog in small amounts, as a very special treat. Your dogs main diet should be based on animal-derived proteins, healthy fats, and a low amount of healthy carbohydrates. But yes, also doggy deserves to celebrate and have a treat!

    Lets get started! Scroll down to find a delicious and healthy dog cake recipe:

    Is Peanut Butter Good For Dogs

    Dog Friendly Birthday Cake Recipe | Made in Battersea

    Peanut butter is generally safe for dogs to eat. As a dog owner, Im sure youve seen peanut butter in many different dogs treats. When youre buying it to give to your dog, make sure you are choosing peanut butter that doesnt have a lot of added sugars and no artificial sweeteners. These arent good for dogs . That is the kind I recommend using in this pumpkin dog birthday cake recipe.

    While peanut butter is safe for dogs to eat, it is higher in fat and calories. This might not be the best for all dogs on a regular basis. Chat with your vet about what a safe amount would be to give your dog on a regular basis.

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    This Dog Cake Recipe Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate Your Pups Birthday

    It’s common to whip up a special birthday cake for a friend or family member. But what about a cake for your best four-legged friend? Our dogs are with us through thick and thin. Wishing them a happy birthday with a cake they can enjoy is a wonderful way to show your pup just how much you love them.

    You’ll only need a few simple ingredients for this dog cake recipe. Using ingredients that pups can eat, like applesauce and mashed bananas, you can whip up a delicious dog-friendly birthday treat in no time. Sprinkle the top with homemade dog treats for decoration. They’ll be begging for a slice!

    Healthy Benefits Of Honey For Dogs

    Honey is known to have antimicrobial and antifungal properties according to the American Kennel Club. It also reduces inflammation and cure allergies. Do not give raw honey to puppies or dogs with compomised immune systems. It is only okay in recipes. Hudson has been very itchy since moving from Connecticut to Colorado so Im hoping honey helps his allergies!

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    The Best Dog Birthday Cakes Reviewed

    Here we will review the best pupcakes for your dogs Happy Birthday.

    Summary: These premade dog biscuits are the perfect gift for dogs on their birthday, a special occasion, or just an ordinary weekday. They are hand decorated and shaped like bones to provide fun and excitement in the form of dog treats.

    Each treat is individually wrapped so it wont become stale once the package is opened. They are suitable for small dogs of all ages and made into a crunchy cookie texture to be enticing to dogs and offer them an enjoyable eating experience.

    Best for: Dogs of all life stages

    Flavor Options: N/A

    • Come in a premium gift box
    • Available in a boy/girl version


    • Uses artificial flavors

    Ingredient Analysis: Wheat flour is the first ingredient and gives these dog biscuits some flavor and much of their texture. Sugar and brown sugar syrup add more flavor with the help of ginger. Artificial flavors are used, though, and this is generally seen as a cheap way to add taste to dog food.

    Review: Happy consumers bought these for their furry friends birthday and said they loved them. They were happy the ingredients were simple and recognizable, and they were pleased with the individual wrapping of each biscuit. The most common complaint, by far, was that these biscuits made their dogs sick.

    Best for: Dogs of all life stages

    Flavor Options: Banana Birthday Cake Carob Peanut Butter Pumpkin Red Velvet


    • Contains common allergens like dairy and peanuts


    Ingredients For Homemade Dog Birthday Cake

    Dog Birthday Cake Recipe For Your Furry Friend
    • Egg. This will hold the cake together and are a great source of nutrition for dogs.
    • Peanut Butter. This will add flavor to the cake and provides healthy fats.
    • Apple. Apples also add flavor and are a good source of vitamins. Just be sure to remove the core and seeds completely.
    • Baking Powder. If used in moderation and diluted, as it is in this recipe, baking powder is perfectly safe for dogs. It will help the cake to rise, but you are welcome to leave it out if youd like.

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    Why This Recipe Works

    Hudson, believe it or not, suffers from a delicate digestive system.Ive been included pumpkin in my meals for him since he was a puppy, and he loves it.Pumpkin is a good source of fiber for dogs and can help them maintain good digestive health.Its easy for dogs to digest, and the flavor isnt too overpowering either!I also included applesauce in this recipe, which I thought was a nice touch.It has the same health advantages of pumpkin, but with the addition of a hint of natural sweetness.

    Applesauce may also be used as a substitute for oil, which is something I wanted to avoid in this recipe.

    Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

    All you need to make easy DIY dog treats is peanut butter, eggs, flour and water! Mix everything together in a big bowl to form a dough, roll it out and use your favorite cookie cutters to cut the cookies into shapes.

    Bake the treats for a few minutes and let them cool before giving your dog a taste! You can make these treats from start to finish in less time than it would take for you to run to the store and buy a box of dog bones.

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    Celebrate Your Furry Best Friend With A Special Treat Learn How To Make A Dog Cake Recipe That’s Perfectly Safe For Pups

    Its common to whip up a special birthday cake for a friend or family member. But what about a cake for your best four-legged friend? Our dogs are with us through thick and thin. Celebrating their birthday with a cake they can enjoy is a wonderful way to show your pup just how much you love them.

    Youll only need a few simple ingredients for this dog cake recipe. Using ingredients that pups can eat, like applesauce and mashed bananas, you can whip up a delicious dog-friendly birthday treat in no time. Sprinkle the top with homemade dog treats for decoration. Theyll be begging for a slice!

    Assembling The Dog Cake

    Drip Frosted Dog Birthday Cake

    Cut the cake in half lengthwise with a sharp knife when it has cooled down.

    Spread half of the frosting on the first layer, add the second cake layer, and add the remaining frosting on top.

    Use a spoon to spread the frosting. The frosting is very smooth and not pipeable, so there is no need for fancy tools like a piping bag for this dog cake recipe.

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    Beef And Carrot Dog Cake

    Heres another meaty choice for your poochs special treat. It only calls for six ingredients, and theyre probably already in your kitchen or pantry.

    This makes a much smaller meaty cake than the one above, so its a pawfect option for your mid-sized pal or for several smaller dogs. It does make enough for two layers with frosting in between .

    You can bake this cake using two 4-inch cake pans. If you have one, this cake turns out really well baked in a small 4-inch cast-iron skillet, too. Youll just have to bake it in two batches if you only have one skillet on hand.

    Dog Birthday Cake Tips

    Dogs love all things peanut butter! Dogs always seem to know when youre making something for them.

    This cake is so easy to make and decorate. Here are a few tips and ideas to spoil your best friend and wish them Happy Birthday:

    • Frost the cake with peanut butter. To make it easier to spread, you might mix in a little coconut oil or yogurt. I used the peanut butter straight from the jar because I wanted it a nice piping consistency. Natural peanut butter might be too soft to pipe.
    • If you dont want to top your dog birthday cake with sprinkles, try using little store-bought dog treats instead! Do this only if you dont plan on sharing the cake with your dog, of course!
    • You can vary the recipe, substituting the carrot baby food with sweet potatoes, mashed banana, pumpkin puree, or apple sauce.
    • To make a layer cake, simply double the recipe and spread peanut butter between the layers.
    • Its going to be a messy celebration. Be sure to lay out a drop cloth on the floor for your dog when he enjoys his cake!

    And yes, you can eat this cake with your dog! Its not as sweet as regular cakes, but its totally edible. Why not share a little birthday cheer with your furry friend?

    Finally, for an adorable birthday outfit for your pet, dont forget our super easy DIY dog bandana! The perfect finishing touch!

    Our dog Sadie loved this cake! I hope your furry friends love this dog-friendly cake too! Please let me know in the comments.

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    Reasons We Love These Dog Cupcakes

    • Pupcakes are a fun way to celebrate your pup!
    • Cupcakes are great for sharing with your pack of friends.
    • They can be made in under 30 minutes! Just add a few extra minutes for cooling time if you want to frost them.
    • Easy to make with simple and familiar ingredients.
    • Your dog will LOVE them! They are based off of my popular Spoiled Dog Cake recipe, which gets rave reviews each and every day.

    I know how much you love your four legged friends, which I am so excited to share this dog cupcake recipe with you! My dogs, and my friends dogs, give a big paws up to these tasty treats. Your dog will feel like the pampered pup he or she is when you whip them up a batch!

    How To Make A Dog

    My Sweet Savannah: ~it

    STEP 1:Preheat your oven to 350 degrees . Spray a ramekin with non-stick spray and set aside. You can also split it between two ramekins.

    STEP 2:In a small bowl combine all of the ingredients and mix until fully combined.

    STEP 3: Pour the mixture into the prepared ramekins. Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

    STEP 4:Remove from the oven and allow to cool completely. Remove from the ramekin and serve.

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click a link and buy something.

    Like this post? Visit my Recipe page to see human treats!


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