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Dilli Dalli Cutie Pie Eyeglasses

Dilli Dalli – Tips and Tricks for Selecting the Proper Frames

dilli dalli Cutie Pie from all around the world are offered at the online optical superstore with the best fashion collections. Find Boys, Girls, Black and more dilli dalli Cutie Pie online for sale in our vast selection of eyewear. Over thousands of styles are available to choose from our wide variety of dilli dalli Cutie Pie. You can find the perfect pair to complement your facial features and style. Save time, money, and order frames conveniently from the touch of your mobile device or keyboard, or give us a call any time of the day for assistance. Our live eyewear experts are here to serve you. If you have seen a lower price on dilli dalli Cutie Pie, please let us know using the price match request form. Free shipping is available, 30-day returns and an included minimum 1-year warranty are what to expect when buying your frames from the online optical superstore, since 1999.

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Talk To Us About Your Child’s Eyes

Comobaby by Solo Bambini

One of the first eyewear brands we found for our youngest patients was Comobaby , which we later found out is an offshoot brand of Solo Bambini. Solo Bambinis direct range is discussed after this section.

The smallest size of Como Frames is their Newborn glasses which come in a frame size 31 , and the Como Baby glasses start at frame size 36.

These are similar to other silicone style frames with no nosepads or hinges to worry about, and are just as hard wearing as the other brands listed here. A great choice for any little one.


Solo Bambini has a fantastic range of glasses to offer for children of all ages, and is well worth a look and the time to try and find a local stockist! If you wanted to, you could keep your child in Solo Bambini glasses of various styles, throughout their childhood!

Their Itsy Bitsy glasses are fantastic and designed for newborn infants and very young babies GO SOLO BAMBINI!, not only will they fit the smallest of babies, they come in a wide range of colours for you to chose from.

The next size up, Teeny Weeny, is for slightly older babies and will likely last much longer than the Itsy Bitsy frame in terms of anticipated growth . The frame size is 35 for this frame, which is around the same as many of the smallest sizes listed below by other brands.

Dilli Dalli

Nano Vista

Check the website to find your local optometrist who stocks Nano Vista , are

Tomato Glasses

Kids Bright Eyes


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    Kids Bright Eyes Reese Jr 38

    Is your child a little nervous about debuting their new glasses?

    The Kids Bright Eyes Reese Jr 38 plastic frames come in a clear version that’s as discreet as it is cool. They’re also available in bright purple, pink or clear glitter, dark brown, blush, navy, or black.

    These unisex eyeglasses are also surprisingly affordable. The Kids Bright Eyes brand is synonymous with cost-effective fashion, with a mission that’s as heart-warming as its backstory.

    Dilli Dalli Cutie Pie Description

    DILLI Dalli Eyeglasses Cutie Pie Black 38mm for sale ...

    Development of the Dilli Dalli collection was driven by the needs of pediatric eyewear patients, their parents, and eyecare professionals. Our extensive research and collaboration with pediatric optometrists, combined with our years of experience and knowledge in pediatric eyewear design, indicated the importance of safety, durability and comfort to parents when it comes to their childs eyewear. Our commitment to providing a positive experience is what sets Dilli Dalli eyewear apart from other collections.

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    Dolce & Gabbana Dg3202

    The Italian fashion house might grace runways around the world, but Dolce & Gabbana knows a thing or two about mini models.

    The Dolce & Gabbana DG3202 frames are covered in bright florals and tons of character. The small, plastic, full-rim frames feature a sweet butterfly shape that’s fitting for both boys and girls.

    The two pattern options include black frames with peach flowers or red frames with white flowers. Both are a refreshing switch-up from the solid shades that tend to dominate this industry.

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    Unsurpassed Comfort And Durability In A Safeaffordable Eyewear Collection Parents Have Come To Trust

    • IntelliFlex multi-action spring hinge

      Designed with the ability to flex both vertically and horizontally, the IntelliFlex hinge can spring back to its original adjustment, offering unique flexibility and greater durability to Dilli Dalli frames. The result is safe, functional eyewear with less need for replacement of broken temples.

    • NEW: IntelliFlex Soft Touch

      Our newest Dilli Dalli models are created with proprietary IntelliFlex Soft Touch material, providing flexibility, strength and high performance with a pleasant, soft touch feel.

    Shop Our Wide Selection Of Kids Designer Glasses

    Run Hackney – Hackney Half Marathon 08.05.16

    When your child needs eyeglasses, you can’t afford to spend months finding the perfect style. You need to supply them with the gear they need to succeed and thrive, as soon as possible.

    Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for one second.

    It pays to have a go-to source for all of your kids’ designer glasses. It’s even better when that source also supplies contemporary men’s and women’s’ styles to outfit your whole family.

    Feel free to browse our entire kid’s line today and invite your child to shop alongside you! Their new favorite pair is only a click away.

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    Dilli Dalli Cutie Pie

    Yes, we’re adding another Dilli Dalli style to our list!

    The Dilli Dalli Cutie Pie frames differ from the Tutti Frutti style, featuring a studious and sophisticated rectangular shape.

    These plastic, full-rim frames are available in a range of deep, richly hued shades including black, eggplant, raspberry and sky blue.

    Dilli Dalli Tutti Fruitti

    Just try saying the names of these eyeglasses without smiling!

    Our Dilli Dalli Tutti Fruitti plastic, full-rim frames are best-sellers for a reason. Available in a range of fun colors including aqua, navy, raspberry, and violet, they’re ideal for both boys and girls.

    The rectangular style is modern and ultra-cool, while the small frame size is perfect for tiny dimensions. They’ll be the coolest kids in class rocking these designer specs.

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