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Wicked Whoopie Pies: How It All Started

Wicked Whoopies 20count Junior Whoopie Pies with Cake St…

Wicked Beginnings

Make a living baking whoopie pies?! It sounds crazy now, because no one else has done such a thing. But at the time, over twenty one years ago, I couldnt imagine doing anything else. Yet with two young kids, I certainly needed to earn an income. I loved to bake My whoopie pies were legendary within my circle of friends and family: everyone called them WICKED. It seemed to be my calling: baking and selling Wicked Whoopie Pies from my home in Gardiner, Maine.

Makin Whoopies

At the sluggish pace of one dozen whoopie pies per hour, initial production was slow-going. In one week alone, I burned out the motors of four mixers. I had no business experience, but I was determined. My goal was and still is to share my Wicked Whoopies with everyone on the Planet!

Making Smiles

Four times a week, with baby Isabella under my arm and a basket of Whoopies in the other, I set off to make deliveries. Customers knew my schedule and often met me at the door, eagerly awaiting a freshly baked Wicked Whoopie Pie. Watching people respond to the first bite is awesome. Making people smile is still the most rewarding aspect of the business. I like to say there are at least 10 smiles in each Wicked Whoopie Pie.

Whoopie Explosion

Growth & Expansion

Wicked Proud

Wicked Whoopie Pies have been featured on:

The Oprah Show, Oprah Magazine,

Good Morning America

Food Network’s “Unwrapped”, “Road Tasted”, “Roker on the Road”

Rachael Ray Show, featured snack of the day

The Chew

Food Quest: We Tried 12 Whoopie Pies In Maine During Our 10 Day Trip

Back in August, the Michael W Travels family took a 10-day road trip around Maine.

While it wasnt the international trip were accustomed to, we had a great time during this outdoorsy, food-focused adventure!

When thinking of popular foods in Maine, two come to mind, lobster rolls and whoopie pies!

Our previous visit to Maine was over 10 years back . I still remember eating tasty, massive burger-size whoopie pies. I wondered if the whoopie pies wed try during this trip would live up to my memories, especially the one from Harraseeket Lunch.

Heres the list of the Whoopie Pies we tried during our recent Maine Summer Road Trip:

Here is our rankings break down:

Amazing: The best of the best!

  • Moodys Diner the perfect balance of cake and cream, so good we stopped in a second time!
  • Bite Into Maine perfection from a food truck- rich and sweet but not too sweet
  • Eventide Oyster Co. a bit more of a fancy feel with traditional flavors

Great: just a notch below the top spot

  • Condons Doughnuts this should be the model of what a whoopie pie should look like- massive and hard to put down
  • Harakeeset Lunch & Lobster this was our fav during our first visit to Maine. It was sold out when we had dinner so we went back the following day. Very good flavor, humongous, could be hard to take a bite out of.

Solid: If youre in the neighborhood but dont go out of the way

Wouldnt Recommend: Dont waste your time

Wicked Whoopies Farmingdale And Freeport Me

Whoopie pies are a unique Maine dessert. If you dont know what a whoopie pie is then youre probably from away. A whoopie pie is a cake, usually chocolate, with cream in the middle. Started in 2003, Wicked Whoopie is Maines most popular whoopie pie bakery. Youll find your classic whoopie pie along with unique flavors like Maple, Gingerbread, Red Velvet, and more.

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Five Questions: Wicked Whoopies Owner Amy Bouchard

The president and founder of the business talks about being ready for luck.

Whats your biggest challenge right now?

The biggest challenge is finding really good employees that want to work. Over the holidays, we were so desperate for people. We have such a really great, amazing group of people right now, and I do have to add that I think this is the best team Ive ever had in the whole 25 years Ive been doing this. That is an awesome feeling. But its just the challenge of really finding young people that are interested in really working with manufacturing, because really thats what we are. Were manufacturing whoopie pies. Its all very fast-paced and its very difficult to find young people that want to work. I dont know if its because theyre leaving the state or they have other interests. Thats a challenge.

Amy Bouchard Izzy Bouchard

Title: Founder and president

Business: Isamax Snacks, doing business as Wicked Whoopies, Gardiner

About: Wicked Whoopies makes whoopie pies for retail and wholesale, with two year-round retail shops in Farmingdale and Freeport.

Website: www.wickedwhoopies.com

Who influenced you the most in business?

I was completely clueless. I had no idea what I was doing, so I did everything kind of backward. I would call up stores and say, Hey, Im going to make whoopie pies. I didnt even have a license to do it yet. So they were like, Oh, thats nice. You know, when youre all set up, give us a call.

What Are Whoopie Pies

Wicked Good Whoopie Pie Variety Pack

Sometimes referred to as gobs, moon pies, hucklebucks, or black-and-whites, whoopie pies are delectable confections consisting of two small, flat cakes that are sandwiched together with a thick layer of creamy filling that often is made with marshmallow creme.

Classic whoopie pies – chocolate cakes with vanilla cream filing

As you can see in the photo, this small, personal-size layer cake resembles a hamburger on a bun, and it’s designed to be picked up and eaten the same way as a burger.

However, that’s definitely the only similarity!

  • The original flavor is made with devil’s food cake or chocolate cake shells sandwiched together with a fluffy white vanilla and marshmallow filling. The cake layers often are called “shells,” presumably a play on the “pie” part of the name. Today these treats are made in many different flavor combinations.
  • Both Pennsylvania and Maine claim credit for this humble yet much-loved dessert. Their long-standing feud over its true birthplace continues unabated.
  • Traditionally, the cake shells are domed with flat bottoms, like the top half of a hamburger bun. These days, many modern home bakers prefer to use special nonstick whoopie pie pans that make all the cake shells perfectly round and uniform.

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How Much Nutrition Does The Pumpkin Add To This Recipe

Here is the USDA nutritional data for 15 oz. of canned pumpkin puree :

  • Calories/Energy: 156
  • Protein: 5g

Source: USDA Nutrient Database, Release 25

The USDA nutrient database does not provide % Daily Value, which manufacturers calculate based on the USDA’s dietary guidelines for a 2,000-calorie diet, so here is the % Daily Value for the vitamins and minerals in just 1 cup of canned pumpkin puree from the Self Magazine NutritionData database. Keep in mind that this recipe uses 15 oz. of canned pumpkin puree, so it providesnearly twice the following amounts of these vitamins and minerals!

  • Vitamin A: 763%
  • Calcium: 6%
  • Iron: 19%

So while the butter, sugar and marshmallow fluff in these treats means that they’re best served as a special treat rather than a routine dessert, it’s nice to know that you’re also getting more than a full serving of a healthy, nutrient-rich vegetable in every full-size pumpkin whoopie pie.

Another Important Ingredient Distinction In This Maine Whoopie Pie Recipe Is The Baking Soda

Whoopie pie cake maine. I knew he would love them as his favorite cake combo is chocolate cake with white icing. Free samples and lots of flavors of the whoopie pie for purchase isnt all the festival has to offer: Offering decadent and unique flavor creations with only the finest ingredients, we deliver the very best whoopie pies youll find!

Soft, moist, homemade with simple ingredients. Perhaps the tastiest one is the iconic whoopie pie, a true maine delicacy.these dark, delicious sandwiches of rich cake, are filled with the perfect ratio of rich, sweet filling. Sams italian restaurant, in my opinion, has the best whoopie pies in maine.

Starts off with a cake mix. This whoopie pie filling is very similar to ermine frosting . It weighed a whooping 1,062 pounds and was used as a charity opportunity to raise money for troops serving abroad.

Remove from plastic packaging place frozen pie onto cookie sheet, fluff topping bake 375 for 55 minutes. For cookies, beat 1/2 cup of vegetable shortening, 2 cups of milk, 2 cups of sugar, the eggs, and 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract together in a large mixing bowl until smooth and creamy. The maine whoopie pie festival draws thousands of people every year, with dozens of vendors and thousands of whoopie pies to try from.

Maine whoopie pies are our specialty! Remove frozen pie from plastic packaging, place frozen pie onto lined cookie sheet. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda.

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The Highroller Lobster Co

The Highroller Lobster Co is a lobster restaurant in Portland Maine. The food truck originally was where they served their lobster rolls, but now they have a restaurant where you can order other seafood dishes as well.

The lobster in each roll is 4 ounces of claw and knuckle meat from Ready Brothers Seafood in Saco. You can also get the Lobby Pop if you just want the lobster and not the carbs. They also offer a wide variety of different sauces to top your lobster roll. Make sure to choose carefully when deciding between:

  • Lime Mayo

September 18, 2015This post may contain affiliate links.

Lets celebrate the last weekend of summer by enjoying some lobster. These are not the big red crustaceans you find at the bottom of the ocean, but rather, sweet Red Velvet Whoopie Pie Lobsters.

We recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to Maine and I when we returned home I was inspired to create something that really was representative our travels.

My husband couldnt get enough lobster and I indulged in way too many whoopie pies. We both wanted to fill our suitcase with these delicacies and bring Maine home with us.

Let me take you on a short food themed journey along the coast of Maine.

My husband and I have been enjoying a new hobby called travel hacking where we accumulate air miles and hotel points by signing up for credit cards to travel really cheaply.

Getting to stay in a nice hotel like for free is quite wonderful. the hotel was is in the heart of the city, so close to everything.

Wicked Whoopies: A Sweet Destination In Freeport Maine

Wicked Whoopies 12count Variety Whoopie Pies with Gift B…

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Portland Maine Craft Beer & Hard Kombucha

Portland is well known amongst beer enthusiasts with a large number of breweries located within the city.

In addition to craft beers, the city is home to several hard kombucheries, urban wineries, and cideries. Even if you are not into beer, most of these places have awesome food options and great outdoor areas to socialize.

I tried to visit as many as I could during my visit. I will be sure to give you all the details in the near future.

Check back on the blog for a separate roundup post on all the breweries in Portland.

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Whoopie Pies In Maine

Oddly enough, the iconic Whoopie pie has never been officially classified as a pie, cookie, or cake. A true Maine whoopie consists of two dark-chocolate rounds, around the size of a hamburger, with a rich, dense filling sandwiched in-between. Some bakers have adapted this traditional treat to include pumpkin or gingerbread rounds, typically offered during the festive fall season. Despite how tasty these close-cousins of the original Whoopie pie may be, the deep, rich chocolate version with white, velvety filling remains a regional favorite.

The key to a perfect whoopie is when the cookie rounds are soft and dense, rich and not too sweet. The fluffy, white filling complements the whoopie pie, and traditionally is made with vegetable shortening, often called oleo in Maine homes, rather than butter or margarine. This results in a rich, smooth filling that provides the perfect bite in-between the soft baked layers. Legend has it that the Whoopie pie may have been conceived during a time when cooks would want to use up their leftover cake batter in a practical, prudent way. The result is a delicious, distinctive treat that remains a Maine favorite for decades.

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Review Of Wicked Whoopies

Good for:Dining options:Best whoopie pies ever!!

They are like a small cakes – perfectly baked cakes with the most delicious filling – almost an icing!! So good! They come in different flavors although my favorite is the traditional – and they come frozen too – ready when I am for another treat!

8690 of 281 reviews

My son and I bake and sell whoopie pies so our standards are high Their whoopie pies were good – some were artificially flavored and some were very good but their prices were very reasonable. There were lots of choices. Nice , clean, colorful shop.

If you are making the trek to LL Bean’s flagship store in Freeport, hop across the street to grab yourself a Wicked Whoopie. They generally offer about 10 flavors including the classic chocolate with vanilla filling. I personally love the chocolate with peanut butter filling. I just wish they’d offer gluten free whoopie pies.

If you love your Amish Whoopie pies, then you must stop here. The selection of flavors is incredible. The taste is very good. And, it’s right in the middle of a great town.

  • Value

Red Velvet Cakes With Vanilla Cream

Pin on Products

Who knew that Red Velvet would be such a popular flavor? This delicious whoopie pie flavor combo is half chocolate, half vanilla, and lots of red, just for fun! We love this one and always feel like a party is about to spontaneously combust! When figuring out what the cream filling would be we just knew that Red Velvet cakes were so sure of themselves that not just any cream could stand up next to them. We came up with a match made in heavenour vanilla cream filling will do the trick quite nicely. For our Canadian friends, we just LOVE the red and white together! The only thing that could make this flavor better is if we could emboss them with a maple leaf!

The vanilla cream filling is lush and buttery rich with so many vanilla beans it would be impossible to count! When we put these two components together we know we were on the right track!

Ingredients in our Wicked Loby Love Whoopie Pies:

Red Velvet Cake Ingredients: sugar, eggs, butter , flour , cream cheese , cocoa, baking powder , red food coloring , vanilla, salt. Vanilla filling ingredients: sugar, water, butter cage free egg whites, vanilla, modified corn starch, tapioca flour.

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