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Blum Clip Top Blumotion Soft Close Hinges

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Thanks to their innovative design, Blum Blumotion soft-close hinges are a premium product that makes it easy to upgrade your cabinets. A unique clip mechanism allows the user to attach and detach the cabinet doors in seconds, eliminating the need to attach the hardware while holding the door in place.

They also offer more control than most competitors, via a switch that turns the soft-close feature off and on. Blum Blumotion clip-top hinges fit ½-inch to ¾-inch overlay doors and the standard cup size of 35 millimeters in diameter and 11 millimeters deep. They are sold in packs of eight.

Other Cabinet Hinge Types

  • Butt hinges have two rectangular leaves joined by a pin or rod. You can remove the joining rod or pin if you need to take off the door. Only the pin shows when the door is closed.
  • Continuous hinges have long and beautiful leaves with multiple screw holes. Theyre commonly used on pianos, so theyre also called piano hinges.
  • Corner hinges are generally used with the wide-angle opening of corner kitchen cabinets.
  • Friction hinges slow the pivoting motion of cabinets. Some models can keep the door held open in any position.
  • Butterfly hinges resemble a butterfly. Both sides are fully visible when the cabinet door is closed.
  • Pie cut hinges attach two corner cabinet doors together.
  • Semi-concealed hinges, also known as semi-wrap hinges, show part of the hinge when the door is closed.
  • Self-closing cabinet hinges are spring-loaded so the door can close on its own.
  • Soft-close cabinet hinges reduce the noise of a closing cabinet door.

The Infamous Mepla Hinge Replacing Corner Cabinet Hinges

It seems like almost every week we have someone coming in with a broken Mepla cabinet corner hinge . Fortunately, the Mepla hinge isnt in production anymore due to its design flaws. Unfortunately, that means it is hard to find a replacement. We stock a stronger replacement hinge in East Lansing and in Marshall from a different hinge manufacturer. However, we have had a few people come back after their purchase concerned that it wasnt working properly when, in actuality, it was just installed backwards. It turns out, having some installation instructions makes a big difference, so we have been sharing the below video with every sale.

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Consider Your Door Overlay Style

Its essential that the hinge type you use matches the cabinet door style that you are building so that the door is mounted with the proper amount of clearance. There are two main styles of door overlayinset doors and overlay doors. Overlay doors come in partial overlay and full overlay. Take a look at your cabinet design to determine which you are working with.

  • Inset: The cabinet door is flush with and on the same plane as the cabinet frame, and the frame surrounds the entire cabinet door. For inset doors, the most common hinges are butt hinge or surface mount, and inset European.
  • Full Overlay: Also simply called overlay, a full overlay door covers the entire cabinet opening when closed, and the inside wood edge of the cabinet box is exposed when the door is open. For full overlay doors, the most common hinges are full and partial wraparound, flush mount, surface mount, and full overlay European.
  • Partial Overlay: In partial overlay, the cabinet door partially covers the cabinet box when the door is closed, and the inside wood edge of the cabinet box is exposed when the door is open. For partial overlay doors, the most common hinges are full and partial wraparound, flush mount, surface mount, and partial overlay European.

Types Of Drawer Slides

  • While standard drawer slides use a plastic or nylon roller to operate, ball bearing drawer slides use a set of stainless-steel ball bearings. Theyre quieter and smoother than roller slides and are available as soft-close slides.
  • Side mount drawer slides attach to both sides of the drawer and the inside of the cabinet. Theyre easy to install.
  • Undermount drawer slides are ball bearing slides that mount to the side of the cabinets. These slides connect to a locking device mounted on the underside of the drawer. Theyre entirely concealed from view.
  • Bottom mount drawer slides are a slide set that wraps around the bottom joints of the drawer. Theyre subtler than side mount slides. However, they’re not entirely concealed like undermount slides.

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Furniware 10 Pieces Soft Closing Cabinet Hinges

Quality construction, adjustability that aids with installation, and six sizes to suit different overlay widths set these soft-closing cabinet hinges apart from the pack. The rolled steel, nickel-plated hinges suit frame overlays ranging from ¾ to 1½ inches, making them one of the more versatile brands of soft-close hinges available.

Installation is made easy by the three-way adjusters that allow for fine-tuning the position of the doors after they are installed, eliminating the need for perfect hole placement. The cup diameter and depth are a standard 35 millimeters and 11 millimeters, respectively. Furniware soft-close hinges come in packs of 10, 20, and 50.

Grass 975 Pie Cut Corner Hinge By Grass

  • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • This listing is for ONE single hinge per order.
    • Designed to not interfere with lazy susans.
    • Replacement for Mepla SSP 17, 19, and 21 series hinges.
    • Includes height adjustment capabilities.

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    Types Of Cabinet Hinges

    When youre updating cabinets, you have many different cabinet hinges to choose from. Here are some common cabinet hinge types:

    • Face frame hinges are also called semi-concealed hinges. Theyre mounted on the frame. The frame wing is visible while the door wing is attached to back of door.
    • Flush hinges are completely concealed or only a knuckle is exposed. Both the frame and door wings are mounted inside.
    • Full overlay hinges can be interior or exterior. They attach to doors where the end of the closed door fully covers the cabinet frame.
    • Half overlay hinges are either completely interior or exterior. The closed door fully covers the cabinet frame with these hinges.
    • Inset hinges are installed inside the cabinet frame and flush with the closed cabinet face. They can either be concealed or exposed. You’ll need a doorknob to open a cabinet with these hinges.
    • Partial overlay hinges allow typically a 1-inch gap between doors. This allows the face frame to be seen. You dont need any hardware to open doors with partial overlay hinges.
    • Surface mount hinges mount to the door and are fully visible from the front. They dont require a hole for installation.
    • Variable overlay hinges are designed for overlay doors on framed cabinets.
    • Wraparound hinges have the leaf of the hinge wrapping around the frame. A partial wrap touches two sides of the frame. A full wrap touches three frame sides.

    Decobasics Face Frame Cabinet Cupboard Door Hinges

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    If you want durability and functionality to the best, you can put your trust on the face frame cabinet door hinges from Decobasics. This one stands out completely when it comes to giving you the ultimate door closing and opening experience.

    First off, it comes with a 105-degree opening angle, for which, you can open and close the door of your cabinets smoothly. No, the door wont get stuck as you move it. This hinge, unlike the typical ones, will make sure you can have a seamless experience.

    I know how bad it feels when you hear all those cracking noises as you close your door or open it. Fortunately, these door hinges come with the best solution to your bummer.

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    Types Of Hinges You Should Know

    Read this DIY guide to hinges, their design, style, and purpose.

    Hinges, the often under-appreciated member of the hardware department that holds your door in place, comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

    Choosing the perfect hinges for your project depends on where youll install them and the finished look youre trying to achieve.

    Konigeehre 20 Pack Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinges

    Replacing standard hinges in a kitchen or throughout a home can be a less costly endeavor with these partial overlay hinges. This set includes enough quality hinges for upgrading 10 cabinet doors at one of the lowest prices on the market.

    Similar to higher price options, they feature stainless steel construction with a nickel-plated finish and offer three adjustment options for easy installation. They also include door bumpers, making them a good choice for new cabinet installations. Konigeehre hinges fit a cup size of 35 millimeters in diameter and 11 millimeters deep, and they have a ½-inch overlay on the cabinet frame.

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    Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors For Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet

    Truth is, we didn’t hang 20 yesterday.

    We actually only hung 18.

    We were dreading the last two. Can you guess what two doors I’m referring too?

    Yep, you guessed right!

    2 Pie Cut Corner Hinges and mounting plates

    Don’t forget screws if they don’t come with the hinges, as well as a magnetic closure.


    So let’s start by attaching the two doors together with the Pie Cut Corner Hinges.

    We use the mounting template to bore holes in one of the doors . Check your instructions if you need to alter the bore distance, or how close you bore the holes to the edge of the door.

    The pie cut hinge can then be installed in the bored hole.

    The other door is attached to the pie cut hinge with the mounting plate.

    Now we’ll move on to the 170 degree hinge, or the hinge that attaches the bifold doors to the cabinet itself.


    We bored holes in the door that is attached to the mounting plate of the pie cut hinge.

    Notice that these holes are bored further from the top/bottom than the pie cuts – this is to allow for the lazy susan inside the cabinet to turn freely.

    The 170 degree hinge is placed in the bored holes,

    And attached with screws to the door.

    Now we are ready to install the door on the cabinet.


    We figure out where the hinges will attach to the face frame, and mark,

    And then cut out with a jigsaw.

    Now we are ready to attach the door.


    Soft Close Cabinet Hinges Satin Nickel


    The Soft Close cabinet is the perfect fit for all types of doors in your house. Whether it is the cabinet doors, TV cabinets, wardrobe, bookcase, and what not! Its 105-degree angle allows the doors to swing open smoothly and give enough room for the doors to wide open. Made from great quality metal, the Soft Close Satin Nickel is long-lasting and impressively durable.

    The stain nickel finish just plays the icing on the cake. It adds to the durability of the hinge and provides optimum stability and sustenance. We know quite well how annoying and pain in the neck it is when the hinges are not as flat as you want those to be.

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    How To Install Corner Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

    How to install corner susan door hinges you wall cabinet assembly kaboodle kitchen pin on blum 170 pie hinge kit face frame 1 2 overlay rockler woodworking and hardware select correct replacements for lazy doors 165 degree or deg 135 folded combination cabinets piece plate floded metal lasy replacement open com pieces installing cut hinged momplex vanilla ana white frameimage org pictures options tips ideas

    How To Install Corner Susan Door Hinges You

    Corner Wall Cabinet Assembly Kaboodle Kitchen You

    Pin On Kitchen

    Blum 170 Pie Corner Hinge Kit Face Frame 1 2 Overlay Rockler Woodworking And Hardware

    How To Select Correct Hinge Replacements For Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Doors 165 Degree Or 170 Deg You

    165 135 Corner Folded Combination Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Overlay Cabinets

    1 Piece Lazy Susan Hinge Face Frame Plate For Floded Door Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges Metal Lasy Hardware Replacement 135 Degree Open Com

    135 Degree Lazy Susan Hinge Face Frame Plate For Folded Door Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges Metal Hardware Replacement 2 Pieces Com

    Installing Pie Cut Hinged Doors For Lazy Susan Corner Cabinet Momplex Vanilla Kitchen Ana White

    How To Install Blum Cabinet Door Hinges Frameimage Org Doors Kitchen Cabinets For

    Kitchen Cabinet Door Hinges Pictures Options Tips Ideas

    Corner Cabinet Hinge Pack Kaboodle Kitchen

    How To Install Bi Fold Lazy Susan Cabinet Doors You

    Blum Bi Fold Frameless Cabinet Hinge 2 Pack Bp79m85021180 The Home Depot

    How To Adjust Cabinet Doors

    Wall Corner Pie Cut Kitchen Cabinet

    Free plans to build a wall cabinet pie cut corner with double folding doors. This style gives better access to the corner countertop space and is easier to build than the angled door cabinet. Free plans from Ana-White.com

    I promised you I’d get you a corner wall cabinet that didn’t require a table saw that cuts rip bevel cuts. But even if you can do rip bevel cuts, you may love this pie cut corner wall cabinet more than the angled front one because it gives you easier access to the countertop area below and the shelves are at most 11 3/4″ deep, so stuff doesn’t get lost in the back . And by stuff I of course mean questionably dated noodles and gadgets that looked like pure miracle makers in the packaging or on the tv infomercial … to used once and stored forever. You know what I’m talking about!

    Check out the plans below – you’ll see this one’s pretty easy to make!!! Corner, conquered!

    PS – This wall corner pie cut cabinet is designed to work with this wall cabinet. To keep the cabinet depths matching, it’s important that you work with plans that use the same style and plywood depth rips. For this cabinet, it’s full face frame, 11 3/4″ ripped plywood with 1/4″ plywood on backs.

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    Certified Soft Close Cabinet Hinge

    If you take away the large arm, detachable clip and get down to a high quality soft close cabinet hinges for face frame cabinets youll get the Blum 38N.

    Similar to the Clip Top, this economical Blum compact face frame hinge features the same cup-mounted soft close mechanism, on/off switch and quiet operation.

    But in a more compact form at a lower price point. Over the years Ive installed countless 38N hinges and now that these newer hinges integrate soft close its my go-to choice on large projects where budget is key.

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