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Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Aggressive

Are pit bulls the most aggressive dog breed? Our team verifies

Luckily, we dont have to rely on anecdotal evidence like your Uncle Bobs stories to get to the heart of the matter .

A 2008 study actually did a survey about breed differences in canine aggression. There are some flaws because this study relied on survey data, theres no way to verify the dogs in question really were the breed their owners thought they were, or acted how their owners were interpreting things. Its also just one small slice of data from a very big world, but it can give us an idea about whats really going on.

What the researchers found was surprising. There was huge variation in dog aggression within each breed. Still, some breeds really were statistically more aggressive towards some targets when you looked at the group as a whole.

For example, beagles and cocker spaniels were more aggressive than most dogs towards their owners. Akitas, Australian cattle dogs, Australian shepherds, German shepherds, Jack Russell terriers, and pit bulls were more aggressive towards other dogs than most. Australian cattle dogs, Australian shepherds, Doberman pinschers, and German shepherds were rated as more aggressive towards strangers.

And what about tiny dogs, you may ask? Dogs like dachshunds and chihuahuas were rated as the most aggressive dog breeds towards almost everything.

Why Do Dogs Become Aggressive

There are different reasons any particular dog can be aggressive. No matter how big or small they are, dogs can show aggressive tendencies and behaviors. When talking about aggressive dogs, people usually think about Pit Bulls or Dobermans, but the truth is that smaller dog breeds can bite just as often as larger ones.

The difference is that most small breed bites often go unchecked. A Pit Bull bite is more likely to have devastating consequences than a bite from a Maltese.

Some breeds indeed have a natural tendency towards aggressive behavior because they have been bred as guardians or bull-baiting dogs. That doesnt mean they are aggressive that only means they are doing what they were bred to do.

Other reasons for such behavior are learned or experienced. If a breed was not bred for protecting or guarding, you could generally find a pretty clear reason why a dog has behavioral problems. Some of the reasons are:

  • Social aggression
  • Frustration

The good news is that most of these reasons are learned behavior, and if properly trained, they can be unlearned, and the dog can beat their problematic behavior.

Here are our top 7 dog breeds that show aggressive tendencies towards humans or other dogs.

The 9 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

In the United States alone, aggressive dog breeds have been responsible for as many as 35 deaths in people each year. Although statistics on aggressive dog behavior towards other dogs aren’t available, the number of aggressive incidents involving dogs is likely to be much higher.

Fact Check:

A study of dog bite data from 1982 to 2011 indicated that American Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, crosses of these two breeds and Wolf Hybrids were responsible for most injuries and fatalities to humans.

The following is a list of the top 9 most aggressive dog breeds with respect to attacks on people, as listed in that study..

There are many sweet natured Pit Bulls out there, but most of them show aggressive dog behavior towards other canines.

They were bred to fight, and they still have that instinct to argue with other dogs.

This breed resulted from the careful breeding of the old style of English Bulldog and the English Mastiff, to produce a large powerful breed that was extremely loyal.

These dogs were used to guard English estates and to protect the gamekeepers who managed the grounds.

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Aggressive & Dangerous Dog Breeds

Before we get into the breeds that are labeled the most aggressive or dangerous, we want to point out that in almost every case of an aggressive dog, the owner is the one responsible for the accident. While some breeds may look scarier than others, poor training, socialization, and improper rewarding of problem behaviors will give any dog the lack of structure it does not desire to be a well-balanced canine. Lack of leadership and lack of physical stimulation means that any well-intentioned dog can end up displaying aggressive behavior.

The breeds listed below are breeds that have either been known to bite or are in the top 10 of all breeds in caused fatalities from 2005 to 2017. Causation does not imply representation. It just so happens that many awful dog owners end up owning breeds that are strong-willed. This can cause behavioral problems in their environment, leading to undesired aggression. We truly believe at Love Your Dog that all dogs can be trained properly and live a happy, meaningful life. But the bottom line is some breeds have a reputation. Those reputations have been handed down somewhere along the line. Lets look at the 20 most likely breeds to be labeled as dangerous or aggressive.

What Is Meant By Aggression In Dogs


Many dog owners use the word aggressive with a dog that bites. However, aggression has many types and forms. A dog growling, snarling, or barking can be considered aggression. Most of the time, dogs are aggressive for a reason or in a certain situation like a stranger breaching their boundaries, possessiveness, pain, anxiety, or stress.

No matter the breed, dogs will turn out caring and docile when trained properly. They will never showcase aggression and surely will never bite. But, all of it comes down to the training and socialization they received growing up.

Mostly, a dogs high prey drive is confused with aggression. A dog running after a small animal like a cat or a rabbit is very different from growling, barking, or snarling at a human stranger. A dog running after a small animal isnt aggressive but has a high prey drive and hunting instinct.

The American Temperament Testing Society conducted a temperament test on different dog breeds and ranked them according to the percentages they achieved. The test isnt perfect, but the breeds with the lowest scores showed frequent signs of aggression, shyness, and fear.

This guide will include a few breeds that scored low on the test and a few popular breeds known for their aggressive behavior.

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Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

We all love our dogs, but its important to know what youre getting into before committing to owning one. Perhaps youve always dreamed of owning a dog, but the last thing you want to deal with is an aggressive one.

Plenty of dog breeds fall into the category of most aggressive dog breeds. And it is suggested that they should be avoided by anyone who doesnt want to deal with aggression issues.

Here are 20 of the most aggressive dog breeds in no particular order.

Should I Keep An Aggressive Dog Away From Others

Its important that you dont negatively respond to your pet getting anxious or stressed. Focus on redirecting the dog to a more calming activity in the meantime such as getting some exercise, eating something soothing like peanut butter and drinking plenty of water to halt dehydration , using soothing pheromones or snorting treats and making sure there are fewer distractions in the room. These changes can help the dog realize they have no reason to fear the collar.

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Is My Dog Dangerous Or Is It Aggressive

Do the two things refer to the same trait?

Aggression isnt the same thing as being dangerous. Dog owners want a dog to be aggressive under the right circumstances.

A dangerous dog is one that you cant predict and one that behaves aggressively when you dont want them to.

A dangerous dog cant be trusted, and they dont make good pets without some serious training.

When we talk about dangerous dogs, what do we mean?

Groups like the Centers for Disease Control have done studies to determine which breeds are most likely to act aggressively, but these studies are largely flawed because of the sample size.

There is also the issue of whether a bite is reported or not. More people report a major attack from a large dog than a nip from a small dog simply because the damage is less severe.

That doesnt mean the dog is less aggressive, however, just less capable of damage.

Still, we can determine which dogs are most dangerous by the number of medical issues, deaths, and serious injuries that a breed causes, as Forbes recently reported.

How The Test Is Conducted

The Most Banned Dog Breeds In The World

According to the ATTS, the test “focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as stability, shyness, aggressiveness, and friendliness as well as the dogs instinct for protectiveness towards its handler and/or self-preservation in the face of a threat.”

The test simulates a walk through the neighborhood where the dog encounters neutral, friendly, and threatening situations. A series of strangers approach the handler, and surprising noises are emitted from secret locations. The test’s goal is to examine how the dog reacts to people, noises, and its surrounding environment.

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The 3 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Revealed

With Breed Specific Legislation acts being brought forward in more and more areas across the country, dogs like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers and other scary looking breeds are in danger of losing their homes and even their lives. These breeds are often touted as being extremely aggressive however a new study released in the journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science provides some statistical facts on what breeds actually ARE the most aggressive and the answers may surprise you!

The study involved researchers from the University of Pennsylvania as well as 6,000 dog owners. The number one aggressive breed out of the 33 dogs surveyed? The Dachshund. Yes the wiener dog! The study found that one in five dachshunds have bitten or tried to bite strangers, and a similar number have attacked other dogs one in 12 have snapped at their owners.

Number two on the list is an even more diminutive breed the Chihuahua, while Jack Russells came in third.

The researchers say that the bite statistics that have been released in recent years are skewed because most dog bites are not reported. Big dog bites are more likely to require medical attention, but this does not mean that those breeds are doing the majority of the biting.

Large Aggressive Dog Breeds

When a large breed attacks a human, its a huge deal. A chihuahua might leave little teeth marks, but a large breed can cause serious damage or even death.

While Pit Bulls cause the most bite-related fatalities, Rottweilers and German Shepherds come in second and third. Here are the most aggressive large breeds of dogs.

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The Takeaway: Is Training The Right Solution

No dog breed in the world is inherently vicious or aggressive. It all comes down to how well a dog is trained. In the right hands, every dog breed will be docile, caring, and great family pets. The most aggressive dog breeds can be tamed with proper socialization and positive reinforcement training. It all comes down to how properly trained they are and how much effort you will put in to raise them into well-rounded pets.

What Is The Most Dangerous Dog Breed

Top 5 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

There are many dog trainers who, when asked what the most aggressive dog is, will not respond with a specific breed. Celebrity dog behaviorist Cesar Milan is one such opponent of breed-labeling. Milan strongly believes that “the most dangerous dog in the world is the one that has been made that way by a human.”

His view reflects the importance of seeking out the truth beyond mere numbers and statistics. Anyone who has owned a pit bulla breed that has become notorious for viciousnesscan attest to the pit bull’s gentle, if not overly affectionate behavior when it is raised with love and care by its owners.

Dogs are a reflection of their family environment and training. So if a certain breed is commonly considered to have an “aggressive” personality, this could point to the type of person who tends to own that specific breed .

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St Of The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino is commonly listed as one of the most aggressive dog breeds. He began as a fighting dog and gradually transitioned to becoming a hunting companion. The dog breeds powerful and large body combined with his fearlessness made him adept at taking down large animals such as wild boars and pumas.

These impressive qualities, however, can bring harm to people and other pets if the Dogo Argentino receives inadequate training and socialisation. He may grow extremely wary of his surroundings and end up attacking anyone or anything that crosses his path.

The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds You Must Be Ready For

No one wants to have to worry about an aggressive dog. Landlords prohibit them, home insurance can cost double if you own one, and lawsuits can drain your finances.

In this guide, well discuss aggressive dogs, including which breeds to watch out for and how to avoid creating a vicious dog.

When we say aggression, what are we talking about, exactly?

Basically, aggression is behavior in the wrong time and place. A dog that barks and growls at a coyote while guarding a flock of sheep isnt considered aggressive. But a dog that barks and growls at a friendly human is.

Here are some of the things you should watch for: rigid posture, barking, lunging, growling, showing teeth, snarling, snapping, nipping, biting, or shoving their muzzle into a body part hard enough to feel like a punch.

Bites can range from quick little nips that leave no mark to clamping down and shaking, drawing blood, and even breaking bones.

Any dog breed can be aggressive, but some have been bred to be naturally more aggressive than others.

There is also the question of nature versus nurture. Some dogs might have aggressive tendencies, but others are made to be aggressive through life experience.

We cant discount the role that irresponsible owners play. Some people want their dogs to be aggressive because they want a guard dog or to seem tough.

But a well-trained guard dog isnt aggressive unless the situation warrants it.

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Most Dogs Show Aggression When They Feel Threatened And Want To Show Dominance

Dr. Ankit Narang is a Patiala-based animal surgeon, who has his own clinic and regularly treats dogs of various breeds. He maintains that dogs, who show aggression, are in fact threatened and it is their defense-mechanism, to attack, when they feel so. He lists a number of reasons behind such behaviour and accuses the owners of ill-treating the pets.

What according to you is the ill-treatment given to the dogs, that causes them to become aggressive?There are a number of factors that contribute to the ill-treatment, the most important is lack of understanding about the dogs needs. These animals have special needs that need to be addressed, but people act selfish and ignore these needs. Most dog-owners do not assess their space and conditions, before deciding to own a pet. I have seen people living in small apartments owning large dog breeds such as a German Shepherd or Rottweiler.

This would definitely contribute to the dogs aggression. These breeds need a large area, because, by instinct, they are work-dogs or shepherd-dogs that have been used in farms. This is considered as confinement. Another reason is lack of training. People do not understand how important it is to properly train the dog. While training the dog, a strong bond is formed between the owner and the pet.

Top Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds In The World

There may be hundreds of dog breeds. Just like all humans are not the same, the natural behavior of dogs is also different. From cuddly-buddly dogs to aggressive ones, there are many. Then it is not advisable to have an aggressive dog as a pet. How will you know, whether the one you are wishing for is the destructive one or not? So here we have come up with the list of most aggressive dog breeds. After you take a look at the breeds, the next section has insightful information on the cause of their behavior.

Remember one thing, not all dogs are aggressive by nature, some become one of them because of nurturing. Here we have listed the aggressive dog breeds by nature. Why? Those are the ones, you should be careful of!

As said we wont advise having them as a pet, but if you are more of a sporty person and can deal with their aggression, you might like to consider them.

Lets have a look at the list!

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Basenji Is One Of The Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

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The Bsenji, whih riginted in entrl fri, is hunting dg. This mens tht every mvement f smll niml brings its hunting instint t full seed nd des nt st.

The Bsenji is ne f the lest trinble dgs there is. They re reserved nd lf with strngers nd usully hve nly ne mster.

If yu re thinking but dting Bsenji dg, it is best t tlk t n exeriened dg triner wh hs delt with them befre.

Most Aggressive Dog Breeds Video

At the end of the day, how you treat these aggressive dog breeds dictates the way in which their natural aggression will manifest. Neglect and abuse is a very typical cause for aggression, as is the environment the dogs grow up in. It is advisable to understand the general temperament of the breed and also the specific dog that you seek to bring home. Assess objectively if you are up for the challenge and the efforts that it would take to train and socialize them. Its the only way to do right by your dog.

In conclusion, all of the dogs listed above in general are loyal, affectionate and loving. Sure, nature will always be there, but it is the nurture that will determine the direction nature will take.

Still not sure, which is the right dog breed match for your family, use the dog breed selector tool to find out!

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