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I Had One Of Your Pies A Few Months Ago But I Dont See It On Your Menu Anymore Where Did It Go

Pots, Pans and Prayer: Leftover Chicken Pies!

We rotate our menu seasonally, which depends largely on our access to local ingredients. For instance, we use local, in-season fruit as much as possible in the warmer months. If you are waiting for a certain pie to come back, you will likely see it around the same time of year it was last available.

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Been following this place on Instagram and made the 52 mile drive to get some pies. We bought it by the slice so we could try most of them. Cherry pie tasted more like orange rind than cherries. The blueberry pie tasted mostly of cinnamon and lemon rind. That paired with the fact that there was a hair in the center of the pie made trying the rest of them unappealing. We did try the rest though and they were just as disappointing. The chicken pot pie was ok but not worth the drive. Save your money on these over priced pies with underwhelming flavor.

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Gotta say their pies LOOK great, but the ones we got for Thanksgiving were only average. The apples in the apple crumble pie were excellent: firm and tangy. But whatever they overused as a thickener was super gluey and gave the filling an unpleasant texture. The maple pecan pie was good, not great. At approx $25/pie you want delicious, not average. I also ordered the two to pick up two days before and they only put me down for one in the order book. We had to look up the payment record to prove that I had bought two, so always make sure to use a card when ordering here!BTW, all their pie crusts are made with lard with the occasional exception of a single vegetarian offering on the menu. There is nothing posted in the store, on their website, or in their social media about this fact, so veggies beware.

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Pie Lovers Will Fall In Love With The Gourmet Creations At Pots And Pans Pie Company In Indiana

One of the best things about Indiana is the variety of small businesses that lay down their roots here. It takes passion and hard work to turn ones dream into a brick-and-mortar reality and this amazing bakery in Indianapolis is a perfect example of that. If you want to support a small business right here in Indiana and get a taste of best-in-class gourmet pies, I suggest you take a trip to Pots and Pans Pie Company.

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Pots & Pans Pie Co

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Owner and baker Clarissa Morley got customers so hooked on her scratch pies and galettes at local farmers markets the last few years that when she opened her brick-and-mortar dream in late 2018, business came so swiftly she had to double her pie production within two months. A lot of credit goes to the perfectly flaky and just-right-amount-of-richness crusts that result from Morleys devotion to a mix of butter and high-quality local leaf lard. The restaurant serves a rotating pie-of-the-day warm on site , with a wider variety available frozen for customers to take and bake at home . For your sweet tooth, choose the top-selling sugar crème brûlée pie, or other delicious options like butterscotch pie or giant chocolate-chip cookies. You may never want to leave the cozy space, entranced by the bright floral wallpaper up front and team of bakers working feverishly behind a glass partition. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner Tues.Sat., brunch Sun.

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Wow, I was blown away trying this for the first time. I got a take-home pot pie and a slice of apple pie. My boyfriend and I both took our first bite of the apple pie and stared silently at each other, wide-eyed. We were in agreement that it was the best apple pie we’ve ever had. The pot pie was so easy to throw in the oven and came out so flaky and delicious. We tried the Green Chile Pork and I’d highly recommend. 10/10, we will definitely be back!

The best pies and pastries!! They have a location on College and also a booth at the Broad Ripple Farmers Market. I got the red pepper goat cheese galette and it was buttery, flaky and melted in my mouth. Their strawberry rhubarb pie is also delicious and I can’t wait to try their take and bake savory pies next!!

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