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Pork Pie Round Seat Black Sparkle/flat Black Drum Throne

Pork Pie Drum Throne Review
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Mapex T775 Saddle Top

At publication time this was the Highest Rated Drum Throne With a Backrest.

The Mapex T775 is a motorcycle-style saddle top drum throne with a back rest and 4 double braced legs.

Its seat is covered in soft vinyl and has slip-proof rubber feet on its base.

The featured back rest is adjustable horizontally, vertically and is removable while the addition of a 4th leg allows you to lean back without worrying about your balance or tipping over.

Key Features

  • Height Adjustment Range: 18 to 26
  • Height Adjustment Method: Spindle With Memory Lock
  • Extras: Adjustable and Removable Back Rest, 4-Point Base


Drummers who bought this drum throne are happy with the value for money this represents especially with the included back rest. Many found it a sturdy and comfortable option.


There have been some complaints about this throne wobbling, but only a small number of cases reported.


If you want a solid drum throne with a back rest for a good price, the Mapex T775 is a great choice.

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Different Types Of Height Adjustments

Drum thrones across the range will all feature different systems for allowing the drummer to raise and lower the height accordingly. There are four different types of height adjustments for drum thrones. One of these is a mechanism exclusively found in insufficient, low-quality thrones that I explain in the following paragraph and these are to be avoided.

Nut & Bolt-Lock

Do NOT Buy any drum throne that incorporates this cheap system for height adjustment. It is pure garbage. Every single cheap stool will use this type of height adjustment and you can guarantee it will wobble and break. They provide terrible posture and limit you to a ridiculous selection of a single handful of height options. Any throne with this mechanism should be avoided at all costs!

Sliding Tube & Memory Lock:

This type of mechanical height adjustment is the first proper option for drum thrones. You are easily able to loosen a clutch that rests underneath the seat and you are able to slide up or down the metal tube to your desired height. The memory lock is included on the metal tube and allows you to replicate the desired height each time by saving your chosen setting. This mechanism is sufficient, but there are two more desirable options.

Spindle Adjustment:

Pneumatic Adjustment:

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Round Top Vs Motorcycle Style Seat Which Is The Best Drum Throne

High-quality drum thrones come with a variety of seat styles. The most popular two types are round top and motorcycle seat variations. All of the products in this guide are one of these two options. Neither is better than the other, its simply down to personal taste to determine which one a drummer prefers!

The round top throne is a little more basic than the motorcycle seat it is the authentic drum throne. The round top supports the full weight of the drummer across the flat, cushioned seat. Many drummers swear by the round top throne, claiming there is more room for more flexible and natural body movement atop the round seat.

Round top drum thrones are smaller than their motorcycle-style counterparts with more weight being distributed across a smaller surface area. This encourages a tighter back drumming posture.

Motorcycle style drum thrones have seen a wave in popularity over the last decade. The contoured seat top allows extra room for legs to overhang without being impeded by the stool seat itself. This helps to prevent leg fatigue and also offers greater comfort for drummers whilst playing for extended periods of time.

Whichever seat style you prefer, you will want to rest assured that the cushioned interior will be incredibly plush, quality materials to offer maximum comfort and durability.

What Is The Best Drum Throne

Pork Pie Deuce Diamond Tuck Round Drum Throne
  • Pinnacle of comfort and durability
  • Pneumatic height adjustment
  • Well-built round top drum throne
  • Good support and comfort
  • Compact 14″ round top throne
  • 4″ Cushion for comfort
  • Firm and supportive motorcycle seat
  • Durable construction
  • Pinnacle of comfort and durability
  • Pneumatic height adjustment

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Support Your Spine When You Drum

If you play long sets or experience back pain when you drum, then you need the lumbar-supporting comfort this backrest adds to your Pork Pie, Porter & Davies, or Roc-N-Soc throne. The Pork Pie PPBRs 3 x 12 bar is exquisitely stitched, luxuriously padded, and ergonomically contoured to keep your back nimble and fresh amid a hectic performance lifestyle. A 2 vertical and horizontal adjustment help you find the sweet spot for your spine. Your back is nearly much 90% of your body, and playing through the pain is a losing proposition if there ever was one. Keep your back young and healthy with the Pork Pie throne backrest from Sweetwater.

Pdp 700 Series Pddt720

PDP is a brand of drum manufacturing which is closely linked to Drum Workshop, or DW. Weve taken a look at the DW 5000 Series drum throne already and now its time to check out what PDP have to offer.

First up, this drum throne is around half the price of the aforementioned DWCP5120. Thats bound to be a hit with many drummers on a budget. In contrast with the DW drum throne, this stool has a smaller height range. In fact this throne has one of the shortest ranges of all the thrones on our list. While the DW has a range from 21-29 inches, the PDP 700 has a 5-inch range from 20-25.

The saddle is bigger on certain other budget thrones, such as the previously mentioned Pearl D790. This seat is a tractor-style design, so its bigger all round. The padding is not quite as thick as the DWCP5120 which does affect the longevity of your comfort in any one session. The throne, folds up neatly, has a memory lock for height adjusting and is also fitted with double-braced legs.

Image credit: PDPCheck Sweetwater
  • Nice price.
  • Seat padding is quite thin.

The PDP 700 Series PDDT720 drum throne is a great beginner or entry-level drum stool. Its not perfect but its certainly worth the money. Certain aspects of the throne may be of concern. If you prefer a throne that doesnt swivel, for example, then that is not a strong point here. There is often a little play once the throne has been set, so if that matters to you, bear it in mind.

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The Pork Pie Big Boy Rating

If you prefer the bicycle seat style, the Big Boy is another throne in the mid-to-upper range in cost. The oversized seat is designed as the name implies, but even smaller drummers wont get lost in the saddle. There are plenty of color/design options in lineup, so youll find something that goes great with your drum kit aesthetics, if thats what youre after.

Here are Pork Pi Big Boy pros and cons from our perspective:

Pearl Round Top Drum Throne Review

Pork Pie Drum throne

The affordable Pearl Round Top Drum Throne is indeed an impressive throne for its price bracket!

The round-top seat is plush, made up with memory foam cushioning. This drum seat will be sure to provide you with plenty of comfort and support.

In use I found this seat soft and comfortable to play the drums on, and I found the sliding height adjustment fairly easy to use. I found the drum stool base was sturdy and rigid.

The Pearl drum throne is an excellent value product, and its super comfortable. This quality drum stool is road-worthy as well as reliable and supportive whilst playing the drums!

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Drum Thrones For Sale On Reverb

When you think about a drum set, your first thought probably goes to the drums themselves, right? The size of your kick drum, the types of shells youre using, the number of toms you outfit your setup with. But one major piece of the pie is missing from that list: your throne. Here on Reverb, you can find a variety of great new and used drum thrones of all kinds at a variety of price points.

The Best Drum Thrones For Optimal Comfort And Stability

Even as drumming newbies

It doesnt take us long to figure out how important the drum throne truly is.

Does it?

As the base from which we support all our movements, and attain our leverage

A good drum throne not only makes it more comfortable to play for extended periods

It actually makes a noticeable difference in the speed and precision of your playing itself.

Especially, with your footwork.

And yet sadlyso many drummers settle for mediocre seating, perhaps to save money

Or perhaps because theyve simply never sat on a REALLY good throne, and have no idea what theyre missing.

If youre reading this post though, Im guessing you know better. And so for today, I intend to help you find exactly what youre looking for, in this comprehensive guide to the very best drum thrones on the planet.

Ready to get started? Then lets begin.

First up

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Lead Author & Researcher

Alden Acosta

A drummer and former lead guitarist of the band Callalily, a platinum selling multi-awarded band from the Philippines. When not researching gear he is learning to play bass.

As an experienced producer and musician, Alden loves to help fellow musicians find the right gear for the job. Aside from music, Aldens interests include: CS:GO and MLBB.

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Pork Pie Percussion Big Boy

Pork Pie Round Top Silver/Navy Crush Drum Throne (PPRTHGSILNC)

The Big Boy throne is, as the name might suggest, a drum throne for big guys and gals. This throne has comfort, stability and style. Its extra-durable with strong stitching and a sleek velour finish.

The seat itself is padded with comfortable foam which has been contoured to accommodate players of all sizes. Pork Pie Percussion offer drum thrones in both the round variety as well as the bicycle seat or tractor seat variety.

Image credit: Pork Pie PercussionCheck Sweetwater
  • Flashy finish.
  • Particularly suited to the larger player.
  • Not suitable for low-sitters.

This drum throne is a popular seat amongst drummers of a larger disposition. The height range is from 20.5 inches to 27 inches, so its not an ideal throne if you like to sit very low down. With that said, its extremely comfortable, stable and looks great thats if you like your throne to stand out.

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Drumming is a very physical activity, you use all four limbs to keep precise time.

As such, ergonomics play a huge role in what we do.

Enter the drum throne, the basis and foundation of all your technique and drum set up.

The best drum thrones offer reliability, comfort and stability while allowing you to execute without worrying about injuries or losing balance.

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Designed To Reduce Fatigue

Pork Pie Percussions Round Drum Thrones are built to be comfortable and reduce playing fatigue both during and after your performances. Youll appreciate the level of comfort the Round Thrones thick, high-density foam padded seat offers. This design is fantastic for reducing leg fatigue. And the crush material on top adds yet another level of comfort and style. Pork Pie drum thrones are a favorite around Sweetwater. Give one a try and youll know why.

Available For Special Order

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We can get it fast!

Because of our special relationship with Pork Pie we can get this as fast, or faster than anyone in the industry. In some cases, we even have preferred build slots we can offer you.

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Roc N Soc Nitro Drum Throne Review

This Roc N Soc drum throne is the best drum throne on the market. Roc N Soc seats represent the pinnacle of comfort and durability for drummers, and each seat is handcrafted with the highest quality materials from years of product research and development.

I have owned my Roc N Soc drum throne for many years and its by far the best drum throne Ive ever sat on. Its incredibly comfortable and supportive, with the ergonomic motorcycle seat helping me to play for hours without leg fatigue.

The exceptionally thick cushion is comprised of multi-layer foam that supports weight perfectly and just feels great to sit on. The seat top is covered with a soft velour seating panel which is ultra-luxurious to the touch.

This drum throne incorporates a pneumatic height adjustment mechanism, which is a highly advanced feature for drum thrones.

It allows for effortless height adjustment, utilizing compressed air to raise and lower the height of the stool without the need for swiveling the seat or using locking screws.

As well as being super comfortable, the materials are incredibly durable and are they are completely resistant to wearing out or tearing.

This Roc N Soc drum throne will last you years of valuable use and helps to maintain excellent drumming posture. This throne will certainly encourage your playing to be as good as it possibly can every time you sit behind the kit!

Pork Pie Round Drum Throne Gel Black Sides With Black Top All Vinyl

Pork Pie Percussion Drum Throne – Gear Review

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