Pork Pie Little Squealer 12×5

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Pork Pie Litle Squealer 12×5

if you play reggae/ska/punk/metal the lil squealer is a perfect match. I have the maple satin black 12×5 and love it.Has Killer rimshots and cutting high pitched crack that I’ve been looking for.I use it as my main snare and wont be chaning it.Keeper

__Paiste__ 14 signature dimensions light hihats16 Alpha rock crash18 Signature Full crashused as second ride__Zildjian__ 5 Piece Marauder PDP 402 Double PedalsEvans onyx heads,Evans EMAD 2__Snares__12x5 Pork Pie Little Squealer MapleReggae-Ska-Grind-Rap-DNB


X 7 Bullet Hole Vent Snare Drum

Clown puke are the words that Pork Pie itself uses to describe the hardware on this visually ballistic 14 x 7 snare with multiple vents . And by multiple, we dont mean two or three extra holes my count came up with 72 holes drilled in an arrowhead-type pattern through the 8-ply maple shell. You want ventilation for your snare drum? You got it.

Surrounding the edges of these holes is a silver glass glitter finish. Hues like bubble gum pink and bright blue abound on the powder-coated hardware, giving this big snare drum a carnival atmosphere. If you want something with visual impact behind the subtle flair of the Piglite, heres your drum. Even the most demanding extroverts should find this snare meets their criteria for arresting presentations.

Due to the much faster and more complete rush of air outside all those vents, the response of the drum is very dry. While the size can allow the Bullet Hole drum to achieve big volumes, the drum is also noticeably crisp and sensitive at very soft volumes. Many snare drums seem to mush up when played at pp or ppp, but this drum remains precise at the small end of the volume scale surprising for a drum that comes off like such a big brute.

Pork Pie Lil’ Squeller Snare

I got the 12×6 with an evans g1 coated and I absolutely love this snare it has that nice crack sound, but can still ring out if need be. I picked it up in flat black and its awesome looking and sounds great. Played with it today at practice and wow what a difference with the guitars around. Highly recommended.

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My New 12×5 Pork Pie Little Squealer Maple

Just bought it yesterday and messed with the tuning a little. Messed with it some more today and all i can say is this was exactly what i was looking for. Fit it in perfect with my set and sounded great during our band practice. Its really fits my style of music which is a blend of ska/reggae/metal/hiphop . And also thinking of changing the batter head to a Evans onyx to match the rest of my toms.Any feedback on the onyx snare head is welcome…right out the box

14 signature dimensions light hihats16 Alpha rock crash18 Signature Full crashused as second ride__Zildjian__ 5 Piece Marauder PDP 402 Double PedalsEvans onyx heads,Evans EMAD 2__Snares__12x5 Pork Pie Little Squealer MapleReggae-Ska-Grind-Rap-DNB


The Best Sounding Squeal Youll Hear

Pork pie Little squealer 12x5 snare Black

Obviously, not all snare drums are created equal. The Pork Pie Little Squealer snare drum benefits from a more complex manufacturing process using very high-grade materials. The shells are 8-ply hard rock maple, brass snare wires, cast hourglass lugs, heavy duty hoops and Remo heads from the factory.

The attention to detail is what gives Pork Pies snares their distinctive, hearty sound. With crackling crisp notes and mellow, rich undertones. The 5X12 is the flagship size. The vented snares also come in 5X14 and 7X13 models.

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X5 12×6 12×7 Snare Drums: Differences In Sound Tuning Range Versatility

wood-shell 12×5, 12×6, or 12×7

  • I already have a 12×5 maple Pork Pie Little Squealer with Aquarian coated and clear heads and Canopus vintage wires. LOVE IT. It has warmth and sensitivity, a decent tuning range, and is reasonably versatile despite its small volume.
  • I recently bought a 12×7 maple Pearl Modern Utility and put the same Aquarian heads and Canopus wires on it. TERRIBLE. Tubby and “directionless” if that means anything. Fortunately, the stock reso head arrived with a tear in it, so I was able to return the drum for a full refund.

Can anyone speak to the differences in sound, tuning range, and versatility of 12×5, 12×6, and 12×7 wood-shell snare drums?

Pattaya, Thailand

Pork Pie 12×5 Little Squealer

Anyone have one of them i want want but i wanted to see what you guys felt aboutThanks


i myself do not own one but several of my friends have had them and i was amazed by the sound coming from them. One of my friends had the 12×5 a few years ago and it had great sensitivity and tone. I would reccomend it, but another suggestion could be the 12×6 yamaha musashi. Go to guitar center, tune them both to your liking and decide which one you prefer.Another one my friends though just bought the 13×7 Maple vented squealer and it has such a nice sound, a good ring sound while not having too much. The sensitivity is also great on this snare too. Depends on what style you play also. But all are good choices.


12×5 is going to be a great accent/side snare. As a main snare it would be good for low volume occasions. If you start trying to use it for any sort of volume you’ll have to tune it higher and you’ll find that it will cut through, but it will lack body and sound empty. I use a 12×7 Maple Black Panther and it works like a charm, even against heavy amplified guitars and bass.I’d recommend finding a deeper 12″ snare if you could, but Pork Pie makes good drums, and that snare will probably do you well.

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Re: Pork Pie Replacement Snare Head

Does he like it tuned up high and tight like the little squealer likes?If so I wouldn’t do the G2 coated. I’ve never had much luck with those heads on snares. On toms I use them on almost ALL of my kits. The do make the Evans:HD in a 12″EC Reverse dot in a 12″or the G14 in a 12″I would try one of those. Probably the G14

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  • Re: My New 12×5 Pork Pie Little Squealer Maple

    Pork Pie “Little Squealer” Snare 5×12 – The Drum Shop North Shore

    thanx alot PB really enjoying it…some more pics…

    14 signature dimensions light hihats16 Alpha rock crash18 Signature Full crashused as second ride__Zildjian__ 5 Piece Marauder PDP 402 Double PedalsEvans onyx heads,Evans EMAD 2__Snares__12x5 Pork Pie Little Squealer MapleReggae-Ska-Grind-Rap-DNB


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    Pork Pie Little Squealer

    I’ve been just kinda casually looking at a new snare to purchase and I’m hearing good things about these snares, and they’re just about at my price range as well. Right now I have two metal snares. I have a 14×3.5 Yamaha Brass that I use as my main snare and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s very loud and cutting which is perfect for the music I play right now. And I have a generic Ludwig steel snare that I think is 14×6 that I never use. I don’t know where I got it from, but it’s a backup just in case snare.I was thinking about a Chad Smith but I figured I don’t need another metal snare, so I was looking at wood and came across these. I’m not decided, but if I get it, I’m not sure what size I should go for. What are the sonic differences between the two sizes? Also, I sit very low at the kit and I think that a 7″ tall snare might be too high for me. What do you think?


    I should say that I am not really a big fan of the auxiliary snare thing. I’m also not a fan of tiny snare drums like the 10 X 5’s or the 12 X 5’s. I do own and love my Pearl 12 X 7. It’s a great, great drum, but I personally would never go shallower than a 7″ depth on a 12″ drum.If your looking for an auxiliary snare, than don’t pay any attention to me or my preferrances. I think that a 13 X 7 drum is a great size that could be very versitile and could easily be adapted for several types of music.

    Pork Pie Snare Drums Tested

    Pork Pie Drums has been around since founder Bill Detamore started making drums as a hobby in 1987, but despite nearly two decades of building a devoted fan base in the drumming community, the company still retains somewhat of an underground feel. A smaller-scale manufacturer, what Pork Pie may lack in sheer size, it makes up for with daring designs that are both ear-grabbing and eye-catching. For its snares, drum kits, and hardware, the philosophy appears to be staying the original course: center the products around high-quality, often handmade materials, and keep the passion for drums alive. Lets check out a few of the companys unique snare drum offerings.

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