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Ashby’s Sterling Premium Ice Cream

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Ashby’s Sterling ice cream is an award-winning premium ice cream with over 14% butter fat using only the best ingredients. Packaged in 3-gallon tubs perfect for all food service looking for top quality, hand-dipped ice cream. With over 70 unique flavors, Ashby Sterling creates all flavors in house with quality being deemed nearly perfect by industry standards. Dutt & Wagner offers the most popular Ashby’s Sterling flavors that are a perfect treat in themselves, or can be used to create your own unique desserts for your ice cream dip parlor, dairy bar, specialty dessert shop, or any food service establishment.

  • Amaretto Cherry: 3 gallon tub

  • Anniversary Cake: 3 gallon tub

  • Banana Pudding: 3 gallon tub

  • Bear Claw: 3 gallon tub

  • Black Cherry: 3 gallon tub

  • Blueberry Muffin Top: 3 gallon tub

  • Brickly Bear: 3 gallon tub

  • Butter Pecan: 3 gallon tub

  • Carrot Cake: 3 gallon tub

  • Chocolate Chip: 3 gallon tub

  • Chocolate Ice: 3 gallon tub

  • Coffee with Cream: 3 gallon tub

  • Cookie Dough: 3 gallon tub

  • Cotton Candy Twist: 3 gallon tub

  • Cow Tippin’: 3 gallon tub

  • Eskimo Kisses: 3 gallon tub

  • Happy Camper: 3 gallon tub

  • Key Lime Pie: 3 gallon tub

  • Lemon Cheesecake Bar: 3 gallon tub

  • Salty Cowamel: 3 gallon tub

  • Scout’s Honor Mint Cookie: 3 gallon tub

  • Sherbet – Orange: 3 gallon tub

  • Sherbet – Rainbow: 3 gallon tub

  • Spumoni: 3 gallon tub

  • Strawberry Cheesecake: 3 gallon tub

  • Strawberry: 3 gallon tub

  • Tennessee Toffee: 3 gallon tub

  • Vanilla: 3 gallon tub

  • Variety Nutty Buddy

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Most Popular Mayfield Ice Cream Flavors

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Most Popular Mayfield Ice Cream Flavors. Lemon Ice Box Pie. Mayfield Dairy provides milk buttermilk sour cream cottage cheese ice cream novelties and frozen yogurt to customers in eight south-eastern states.

I have tried many flavors and I have to say my favorite is Butter Pecan Cookies and Cream and you cant ever go wrong with Vanilla. I love Mayfield brand. 3 Almost unanimously liked this vanilla carton is one of the only three flavors released when the brand started and its clear why it has stood the test of time.

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Great Tasting Ice Cream At Great Prices

Dutt & Wagner has become a premier wholesale ice cream distributor serving retail, food service, frozen dessert shops, ice cream parlors, dairy bars, ice cream trucks, and cafeterias. We are currently distributing bulk ice cream tubs, ice cream mix, packaged ice cream, and ice cream novelties to Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Georgia.

We always carry the most popular flavors of the finest ice cream and all the top brands including Ashby Sterling, Mayfield, and Good Humor.

Pecan Pie French Toast Roll

Farmhouse Turtle Pie

Pecan Pie French Toast Roll Delish

Over the holidays, I cooked for my whole family and went on a carb bender got super creative with breakfast on Christmas morning. I decided to put a spin on Paula Deens french toast casserole which personally, I found rather mediocre when I made it a while back. As in, BLAH. MEH. WHATEV.

Then I saw leftover pecan pie ingredients in my Moms pantry..Now were onto something. Grab your Spanx. This aint low carb or low calorie, baby!

Using a big loaf of french bread, I split the loaf down the middle and soaked it in an egg/egg nog/spice mixture overnight. The next morning, I drained the excess liquid and baked it with a layer of pecan pie yummyness on top. Pretty awesome for a french toast experiment. My fam was stoked! Meet the love child of French Toast and Pecan Pie

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Question: How Many Flavors Does Mayfield Ice Cream Have

Answer: Mayfield produces several flavors of ice cream beyond the typical vanilla and chocolate. The company has a large selection of ice cream flavors that you can see below. Some flavors are limited edition so they may not be readily available. Our list below also includes Mayfields pint flavors.

There are 16 classics, 21 signature, 4 limited-time offers, and 17 pints. Note that the pint flavors are also found in the signature and classics. Therefore, there are 41 unique Mayfield Ice Cream flavors.

This ice cream maker also produces bars & cones, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cups, and fruit/ice cream stix. We did not include these products in the flavor count of 41. If included, the number of flavors goes up to 54.

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Furthermore What Is Breyers Slogan

Mayfields Ice Cream

The ice cream is light on the tongue without being icy. Everyone loves the farm-fresh flavor of Mayfield Dairy milk. What else can I do to keep my Mayfield milk tasting fresh. Furthermore what is Breyers slogan.

Mayfield OCharleys Caramel Pie Ice Cream is a rich and delicious blend of caramel ice cream sweet candy Graham cookie cutters and chocolate-covered candy cups.

The Mayfield Classic flavor line includes 11 great-tasting flavors of Ice Creamier like Neapolitan Chocolate Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Strawberry and Butter Pecan.

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Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs

Hey students! Its Adriena from Food is My Classroom with todays quick bite. National Hot Dog Day ended about a month ago and Im still celebrating! Today, I stopped by Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs in Ellenwood, GA for a yummy Nathans Beef Frank with onion rings. Click the link to read more about this hidden treasure!

Hey students! Its your favorite teacher, Adriena, from Food is My Classroom here with a quick bite and Hidden Treasure. Even though National Hot Dog Day was over about a month ago, I am still celebrating! Hey, its still summer so I can indulge a bit! Today, I stopped by Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs in Ellenwood, GA for a yummy Nathans Beef Frank with onion rings. If you missed the #NationalHotDogDay celebration last month, dont feel bad. Try Yellow Jacket Hot Dogs today!

Background Knowledge:

1. Hot Dogs are beef, chicken, and pork mix unless you request a Nathans All Beef hot dog for an up-charge.

2. Located in Ellenwood, Georgia .

3. They offer Combos/Specials or you can order a la carte.

4. All hot dogs automatically come with ketchup, mustard,and onions which can be removed to your taste.

5. My favorite detail about the hot dog is the buns are toasted to a perfect crunch which is a great contrast with the juicy frank. Yummy!

Hot Dog Alternative Options:

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