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How Long Will Homemade Key Lime Pie Last In The Fridge

Mini Frozen Key Lime Pies

Now that youve made your pie and served it to your guest, you have leftovers. How long will those pieces last in your refrigerator? Homemade Key lime pie lasts in the fridge for four days. After the fourth day, we suggest disposing of your leftover pie.

Foodborne illnesses can cause severe symptoms like abdominal pain and dehydration. Some cases are so severe the sufferer winds up in the hospital. Its always the best idea to play it safe. When in doubt, throw it out.

Two Main Ways To Make Key Lime Pie

You will find two main styles of key lime pie when you visit the Florida Keys. One is made using a graham cracker crust with optional whipped topping, and the other is made with a traditional pastry crust with a meringue topping. Florida residents hotly debate which way is best.

As a West Coast visitor, I was used to eating key lime pie baked with a graham cracker crust and then optional whipped topping. However, I did try the traditional pastry crust version with meringue topping while I visited the Keys, and I will share with you where that was and my thoughts below.

Key Largo Chocolates & Ice Cream

Nearby Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park you will find the Key Largo chocolates and Ice Cream shop.

Not only do they serve very delicious chocolate and ice cream but their Key Lime pie is some of the best rated pie in town!

This shop doesnt just offer standard key lime pie but lots of Key Lime pie variations such as frozen Key Lime Pie bar dunked in dark chocolate

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Can I Freeze Key Lime Pie

You most definitely can freeze a homemade Key lime pie. Its your best option for long-term storage conditions. All you need to do is seal it in an airtight container and place it in the freezer.

If you live alone and make a whole pie, you could cut it into separate slices and freeze them individually. The best way to freeze them by piece would be in small containers. Then, when you want a portion, you can pull one out and let it defrost.

What Are The Ingredients In Key Lime Pie

The Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

Traditionally, a key lime pie’s filling consists of key lime juice, egg yolks, and sweetened condensed milk. It typically sits in a graham cracker crust, although it can also be cooked in a more traditional pie crust. It is sometimes served without a topping but often has a light meringue topping made from egg whites or whipped cream. The pie is served chilled.

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Can I Refreeze Key Lime Pie

No. Once youve defrosted Key lime pie, you have to eat it or store it in the fridge. Freezing takes a toll on the moisture content in food. When you defrost and refreeze, the quality will suffer.

This is another reason why freezing them in individual slices is a great idea. For the best quality, you only want to freeze it once. Otherwise, the pie will lose its creamy texture.

How Long Can You Freeze Key Lime Pie

Conservative estimates for how long key lime pie stays good are in the 1 to 3-month range. However, this does not mean you cant eat key lime pie that has been frozen for longer. It is absolutely possible to enjoy key lime pie which has been frozen for a year or more.

As long as your freezers temperature stays consistent , frozen key lime pie will be safe to eat indefinitely. Preserving consistency and flavor largely depends on your packaging technique.

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How We Chose The Best Key Lime Pie Delivery Services

To select the best services, we weighed company history and accolades, quality of ingredients used in the pies, customer reviews, and pricing. A variety of flavors and other related items were also considered. For example, Key Lime Pie Company was chosen for its previous recognition in pie contests and best pie categories in addition to its century-old family recipe, while Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe was selected for its accolades as well as its extensive selection of key lime pie products.

What Else To Do In Key Largo

Frozen Mini Key Lime Pies | Baking With Josh & Ange

Aside from eating Key Lime pie, there are some other pretty cool things to do in Key Largo. These include:

  • Beach hopping at all the amazing Beaches in Key Largo
  • A snorkeling tour to see some of the clearest water in the world at Grecian Rocks
  • Swim with wild dolphins at Dolphins Plus Bayside
  • Eat the local specialty in the area Conch you can try it at the fish house above.

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Are Key Limes Native To Florida

While the pie is attributed to that region, the Key limes namesake ingredient is an import. A man by the name of Dr. Henry Perrine was in Mexico and discovered this citrus gem. He believed they would grow well in the Florida Keys and imported them in 1835.

Farming in that region proved to be difficult and the lime industry has had its ups and downs. But theyve been around long enough for the little green fruit to make its mark on the region. When visiting the Florida Keys, you can find slices, whole pies, pie on a stick, and even Key lime gelato. There are also Key lime cocktails in every bar.

Florida Key Lime Pie Co Cocoa Beach

102 Dixie Lane, Cocoa Beach

Tucked away in a space right next to the most original of Florida surf shops, Ron Jon, youll find a quaint little shop selling the most original of Florida desserts. Whether you want to satisfy a personal craving, or you want to satiate the familys sweet tooth, Florida Key Lime Pie Co. has you covered. Get deep dish, restaurant-style whole pies, a single slice or try a bite of Key Lime Pie on a stick. The Florida Key Lime Pie Co. also sells tropical fruit wines, assorted hot sauces and homemade ice cream. If youre really into Key Lime Pie, come back to the Space Coast in January 2022, when Louie Morehead, owner of the Florida Key Lime Pie Co., will bring back the annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival. Thats where the worlds largest Key Lime Pie 12.25 feet in diameter was made, and eaten, in 2018.

Suzy Leonard, Florida Today

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Midway Cafe & Coffee Bar

The Midway Cafe & Coffee Bar is an excellent choice for breakfast if you happen to be in or near Islamorada. On this day, I decided I needed to have key lime pie for breakfast . The Midway Cafe has the traditional key lime pie recipe, and for locals, they might argue that because of this, it is the best key lime pie.

For me, coming from the West Coast, this was my first time having key lime pie baked in a pastry crust and topped with a meringue topping. So, I was a little surprised when I received my pie. However, I do love trying new things, and it was still key lime pie, so I figured you couldnt go too wrong with it. Plus, I was served some delicious fresh brewed coffee to go along with my pie.

This is the traditional way of making key lime pie using a pastry crust with meringue.

My Pie Impressions: This key lime pie was made in a traditional pastry crust, and served with a thick meringue topping. It was good, as a pie, but not quite what I expected for a key lime pie. The crust was nice and flaky, and they did an excellent job with the meringue. However, the flavor of the key limes was somewhat lost, I feel, due to the taste and thickness of the pastry crust. So, although not my choice for the best key lime pie, I would still recommend you try it since it is the contested traditional way to make a key lime pie.

Midway Cafe Address: 80499 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

Best For All Key Lime Products: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Best Key Lime Pie Recipe

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe

Why We Chose It: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe delivers its key lime pie and a variety of other key lime products to homes nationwide.

  • Assortment of key lime products

  • Variety of flavors of pie and pie bars

  • Gluten-free pie crust available

  • High shipping costs

Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is the place to shop for anything and everything related to key limes. Its key lime pie has been featured on the Food Network. Kermits makes a classic version with real key lime juice, a graham cracker crust , and fluffy whipped cream, along with two flavored versions: strawberry and coconut. A single, 9-inch key lime pie is priced at $38.95 plus overnight shipping costs.

In addition to key lime pies, Kermits sells an assortment of frozen key lime pie bars such as regular key lime pie dipped in dark chocolate and strawberry key lime pie dipped in white or dark chocolate. A variety of key lime cookies, key lime peanuts, key lime fudge, key lime liqueur cake, and more are also available for purchase from the online shop. Kermit’s pies, pie bars, and fudge are also available for sale on Goldbelly. An added bonus: Kermits Key West Key Lime Shoppe is a disabled veteran-owned small business and regularly supports local organizations in its shops communities.

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Can You Freeze Key Lime Pie With Meringue

Meringue is a cousin to whipped cream. It is made by vigorously whipping eggs and sugar together. It creates a sweet, fluffy texture when baked. Meringue is a common ingredient of key lime pie.

Key lime pie with meringue is one thing you want to avoid freezing. Because meringue is made with eggs, it takes on a diminished flavor and spongey texture when thawed from frozen.

You can always remove your meringue topping, freeze the key lime pie alone, and whip up a fresh meringue topping when you thaw your pie.

Famous Key West Key Lime Pie

Key West Key Lime Pie Co. ships its famous Key lime pie nationwide on Goldbelly! This sweet and tart 9-inch Key lime pie is made with fresh Key limes and topped with whipped cream.

Key Lime Pie gurus Jim Brush and Alison Sloat are a culinary rags-to-riches story. From their humble beginnings selling their signature Key lime pie on the side of the road, to having their Key lime pie named Americas Best Pie by the American Pie Council, the whirlwind ascent of Key West Key Lime Pie Company is a delicious story. The Key West bakery makes each pie by hand with a tried-and-true, 100-year-old recipe featuring real Key lime juice and a handmade graham cracker crust. Everything at Key West Key Lime Pie Co. is made fresh in-house using all-natural ingredients sourced right in Key West, Florida. The old and the new, the sweet and the tart thats Key West Key Lime Pie Co.

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Why Is Key Lime Pie Famous In Key West

Key Lime Pie is very famous and popular in Key West. So, why is that? It is all about the climate! Key limes only grow well in areas where the temperatures stay very warm and never dip below freezing.

Simply put, Key West has the perfect tropical environment for key limes to thrive and ripen beautifully. Key limes are quite tart and almost bitter if you eat them alone, but they truly shine as the super star ingredient for Floridas most beloved pie.

What Is Key Lime Pie & Why Make A Frozen Version

Blast From The Past: Frozen Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie has 3 main components a graham cracker crust, a tangy key lime custard filling, and a fluffy whipped cream topping. This classic American dessert is often baked, but it can also be made without the use of an oven or stove.

And thats exactly the case for this version. It doesnt require any baking or cooking, so its perfect for the summertime. Frozen key lime pie is cool, refreshing and delicious!

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How To Make Key Lime Pie

There are few things more satisfying than creating pie. Of course, this section speaks to the cooks. If you dont want to make youre own, there are several store-bought options that are delicious.

We discuss those later. Homemade Key lime pie isnt difficult and you can even purchase the crust to save some time.

Can You Freeze A Pie With Whipped Cream

Sure, you can! However, be very cautious when doing so because sometimes whipped cream toppings can begin to separate when they are frozen on the pie. If frozen by itself, whipped cream freezes wonderfully.

So, its best to freeze your whipped cream in a separate container from your pie. Either you can freeze portions of whipped cream or you can freeze batches, totally up to you.

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Key West Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie must be sour and if its not then well its not the real deal. This key west key lime pie is the perfect combination of sweet and sour. Just like the pie youd get when down in Florida.

What I truly love about key lime pie is just how easy it is to make. With just very few ingredients we end up with a pie that so delicious. On our trip through out Florida we learned just how sour key lime pie should be.

See around here in Texas the key lime pie is more sweet than sour. Funny enough we love the more sweet and sour pies we found in Florida. Once we came back home I set out to make one just as sour as the ones we devoured through out Florida.

Recipe Ingredients + Notes

The BEST No Bake Key Lime Pie

Graham cracker crust. We use our favorite recipe for graham cracker crust for this frozen key lime pie. Youll need:

  • Graham cracker crumbs. You can buy crumbs or make your own by putting graham crackers in a mini chopper or food processor. Regular or gluten-free crumbs work.
  • Unsalted butter. Melted.
  • Granulated sugar. Used in the pie crust.

Sweetened condensed milk. Adds the sweetness and velvety layers of texture.

Evaporated milk. Youll need two cans.

Key lime juice. Youll need 1 cup of juice. Freshly juiced limes have the best flavor but bottled juice can be substituted.

Also because the pie is frozen the flavor difference between key lime and regular limes is less noticeable.

Regular lime juice can be substituted or combined with key lime juice.

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