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Should You Grease A Pie Pan

Temp-tations Floral Lace Set of 2 9″ Deep Dish Pie Plates with David Venable

There are a lot of different opinions about whether or not you should grease a pie pan, but generally speaking, a quick spritz of cooking spray on the bottom of a pie dish will help keep your pie from sticking to the bottom of the panbut theres no need to overdo it. Many people believe that greasing a pie dish will change the texture of your pie crust, making it less flaky. So if youre more concerned with a flaky crunch than easily removing slices of pie, feel free to skip the cooking spray. If your pie does manage to stick to the bottom of the pan, gently heating the bottom of the pan by dipping the bottom in a shallow pan of hot water should help loosen the crust from the pan.

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Making Sense Of Pie Pan Sizes

Can you identify the most common pie pan called for in recipes in the picture?

I had a chat recently with Kate McDermott, author of the highly celebrated and best-selling cookbook, Art of the Pie, about the bewildering variation in pie pans or pie plates. Kate said Why dont you write a blog about it? So I did. And here it is.

What you see in the photo is all the 9 pie plates I own, accumulated over decades of baking. They range in size from 8 inches to 10 inches in diameterthats the measurement across the opening at the top of the pie plate. By far, the most commonly called for pie plate is the 9-inch size, preferably made of ovenproof glass .

In the bottom left sits a 9 1/2 inch deep-dish rimless pie plate and to its right is an actual 10-inch pie plate with a 10-inch opening. Resting on top of the rimless deep-dish pie plate is its sister, a 9 1/2 inch rimmed deep-dish plate. So which would you use if a recipe called for a 9-inch deep-dish pie pan? Its a roll of the dice, and it shouldnt be. Youll have to base your choice on the quantity of the pie filling and if the recipe said to make a fluted edge. No rim to the pan, then no fluted edge. A high fluted edge can often compensate for an undersized pie plate.

Why do I have a glass 10-inch pie plate? I bought it many years ago to bake a crème brûlée recipe that said to use an 11-inch pie plate! Go figure.

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Make Sure Pie Dish Is Deep Enough To Hold The Filling


Q: Sometimes my pumpkin pies recipes end up with way too much filling, and sometimes not nearly enough. The recipes always specify 9-inch dishes, but things don’t always end up fitting. How do I avoid this?

We feel your pain. The trouble is most pie recipes specify what diameter pie dish to use, but they don’t specify how deep. This isn’t such a problem with fruit pies that have a top crust to hold in a generous filling , but it’s definitely a problem with single-crust pies like pumpkin and pecan. A skimpy filling looks sad and throws off the crust-to-filling ratio. Too much filling is simply a waste.

Pie dishes, and frozen pie shells, all come in different depths, from 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches deep, and just 1/4 inch difference in depth results in a volume difference of 1 cup. Also, some recipes are developed for 2-inch-deep pie dishes but fail to tell the depth in the directions. These are considered “deep dish” in the frozen pie shell world. So if you were to buy a crust rather than make it from scratch, and you choose a standard frozen pie shell, you’d be in trouble.

To make it worse, some frozen pie shells labeled as “9-inch deep dish” are actually closer to 8 inches when measured from the inside rim, and are also not quite 2 inches deep.

Volume of 9-inch pie dishes:

9 inch by 1 1/4 inch = 4 cups

9 inch by 1 1/2 inch = 5 cups

9 inch by 2 inch = 8 cups

Danielle Centoni

is a Portland-based freelance writer.

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Lakeland Perfobake 23cm Pie Tin

Best perforated pie tin

Star rating: 4.5/5

To help produce crisp, even pastry, this sturdy carbon steel pie tin has perforations all over the sides and base which allow air to circulate. In our tests, the pastry cooked well with no soggy bottom. If youre making a wet pie with gravy or juices, its worth keeping in mind that when slicing into the pie, liquid will drain straight out through the perforations in the base its a good idea to put it on a plate or remove the pie from the tin before portioning. At 23cm, this is a good size for six portions and its dishwasher and freezer safe, but you should avoid using sharp or metal utensils on the non-stick coating.

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The Best Pie Plate Overall: Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick Pie Dish

9 Inch Ceramic Deep Dish Pie Pan With Hand Painted ...

This sturdy metal dish performed exceptionally well in both tests. The pies baked evenly to a perfect golden brown color and the slices were easy to remove when cool. This dish especially excelled in the berry pie test, and produced the most evenly baked and crisp crust of the bunch. Williams Sonomas site claims that the Goldtouch ceramic based coating is more durable than other non-stick surfaces. However, they do recommend using wooden or silicone tools with the dish. When I used metal tools they scratched the surface of the plate, but in the short-term the scratches didnt seem to have any negative effect on the utility of the dish. Pies still baked up golden and tasty, and the slices were easy to remove from the pan without leaving any residue behind.

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How We Tested Pie Dishes

We made a classic apple pie in each of these dishes. The apple filling produces lots of moisture, so using it gave us a good idea of how well each dish can cook the pastry bottoms. We looked at how evenly the pastry was cooked, as well as browning, and whether it was easy to remove from the dish.

We also noted ease of cleaning, as well as if it was microwave or freezer safe. We took into account the size and overall design, considering whether it could be used for other recipes or as a serving dish.

Choosing The Right 9 Pie Plate

1. Select the right spec. Browse through the category at Amazon, and you will see a whole host of specifications.As a useful shortcut, just look at the prices. It will often tell you which products are more reliable or durable or powerful than others. It helps to know a little bit about what you are dealing with.

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We hope our recommendation can help.

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Masterclass Crusty Bake Non

Best single-portion pie tin

Star rating: 5/5

If you prefer to make individual pies, this perforated 10cm pie tin is ideal . The double non-stick coating meant our pie released easily from the tin. The perforations allow air to circulate and we made a very pleasing individual apple pie with an evenly cooked pastry crust and crisp bottom. Its a sturdy little tin made from carbon steel and comes with an impressive 20-year guarantee. It’s also freezer and dishwasher safe. The non-stick coating could get damaged by metal utensils, so stick to wooden, plastic or silicone.

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Star rating: 5/5

A must-have for serious pie enthusiasts, this five-piece enamel pie set is easy to store, with the five dishes nestled neatly inside each other. The rectangular pie dishes are 20, 24, 26, 28 and 30cm, ensuring a dish for every pie occasion. We made a successful apple pie, evenly cooked with crisp sides and a nicely cooked pastry base that released easily from the tin. Its an expensive set, but enamelware is made to last and the dishes can be used for plenty of other creations, including crumbles and pasta bakes. The largest dish is big enough to roast a small chicken. The set is robust but with an appealing retro style that looks nice on the table. They are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and can be used on gas and electric hobs, too.

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Williams Sonoma Goldtouch Nonstick Pie Dish

Temp-tations Old World Set of 2 9″ Deep Dish Pie Plates with Rick Domeier

The Best Pie Plate, According to Cooks Illustrated and EpicuriousThe testers at Cooks Illustrated didnt like glass as much as Wirecutter because it struggled with release issues when it came time to serve. Instead, they picked this metal dish, which is extremely thin so it heats quickly and evenly. They said it baked crusts perfectly without ever over-browning. They also liked its super simple lip, which meant they could do their own crust-crimping. And did note that the metal surface can cut or scratch when youre slicing up the pie, but that this was not a huge issue.

Testers at Epicurious came to the same conclusion as Cooks Illustrated. Their tests involved making a blueberry pie and a Key lime pie in each pan. This pan did the best in both tests, but did especially well with the berry pie, producing the most even results and crisp crust of all. They noted that the slices came out incredibly easily. They also noted the scratching issue but said the scratches didnt seem to have any negative effect on the utility of the dish. Note: Williams Sonoma recommends using wooden or silicone tools when serving.

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What To Consider Before Purchasing The 9 Pie Plate

For a few countries like the United States of America, the customers prefer to purchase many varieties of products from Amazon.Amazon supplies a variety of products with credible platform.Buying form Amazon is like buying directly from the manufacturer.

Amazon.com works as a third-party and tied with manufacturers worldwide.Amazon describes 9 Pie Plate products with a clear explanation provided by its manufacturer. These information can help shoppers make the right decision easier.

The guide provides information about the specifications of the 9 Pie Plate you want, such as its pros, features, size, function, and brand.If shoppers want a 9 Pie Plate with any specific features, purchasing from Amazon is the best location or platform.A list of products will appear on your laptop or monitor or Android phone as soon as you type in the features you prefer.

How To Choose Between A Glass Ceramic Or Metal Plate

After testing pie plates made from glass, glazed ceramic, aluminum, and steel, we dont think one material is definitively better than the others. Each one comes with different pros and cons:

Clear glass pie plates conduct heat gently and evenly, and they offer the unique advantage of allowing you to see whether the bottom of your pie is fully cooked and browned. Theyre usually inexpensive, and while theyre not the most beautiful option you can get, theyre not bad looking, either. The big downside of glass is that it breaks.

Glazed ceramic pie plates look a bit nicer than plain glass dishes and distribute heat gently and evenly. But ceramic plates vary more in thickness and density than glass plates, and in our tests some ceramic dishes took longer to fully bake a pie in most cases the difference was only a few minutes, but one ½-inch-thick stoneware plate took a full 20 minutes longer than any glass plate to bake. We recommend avoiding anything that thick and heavy.

Like glass plates, ceramic dishes can break if you drop them, and they may crack when subjected to extreme temperature changes. But unlike glass dishes, some ceramic plates we tested were safe to go under the broiler, useful for browning meringue on top of a pie.

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Who Should Get This

If you like to bake pies even just once or twice a year, having a pie plate in your kitchen is worth it. Sure, you have ways to get around using onemaking a slab pie or galette on a baking sheet, for instance, or just using a disposable aluminum tin. But you cant make things like deep-dish fruit pies or towering lemon meringue pies on a baking sheet. And although a disposable tin can bake evenly, its flimsy and small, and it doesnt look so nice on the table. Plus, a good pie plate can come in handy for more than just sweets: If the dish is deep enough, you can use it to make things like frittatas and pot pies. You can also use it for recipes associated with specialty tart or springform pans, such as quiche and cheesecake.

If you have a pie plate you like, one that is durable and has served you well, keep it. But if you cant seem to achieve golden crusts or evenly cooked filling, you may want to upgrade to a better plate. A high-quality pie plate can survive many years of use, so whether youre an experienced baker or an occasional one, a good plate is worth the investment .

Pyrex Glass Bakeware Pie Plate 9 X 12

Corelle Livingware 9

as of January 28, 2022 10:03 pm


  • Pyrex glass is a non-porous surface, so it won’t absorb food odors, food flavors or food stains
  • Convenient glass structure allows you to cook-and-serve straight from the oven to the table
  • Glass is safe to use in preheated ovens, microwaves, fridges, freezers & dishwashers
  • Great for pies, lasagnas, casseroles, cakes, breads, and cobblers
  • Basics 9″ pie plate is proudly made in the USA

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As an Amazon Associate, We earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no added cost to you.

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