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How To Store An Ice Cream Cake

How to Make Ice Cream Cake | Cake Recipes |

This ice cream cake is actually a great recipe to make ahead. You can layer everything together, cover it and leave it in the pan you built it in. It should be fine sitting in the pan for about a week ahead of time. Then you can frost it the of or the day before you need it so that the decorations looks nice and fresh.

After decorating, its ideal to store it in a container in the freezer. If you dont have a container that size or space in your freezer, itll be fine for a few days in your freezer.

How To Make A Wreath Ice Cream Cake

Transforming the Carvel 8 Round Cakeinto this Christmas Wreath Cake was super easy, but required some preparations. You can use the 8 Round Cake or the Carvel Lil Love Ice Cream Cake Ice Cream Cakes. For us, the bigger one will work for the limited amount of guests we will have.

You will also need some festive edible supplies to create the look. Check out what I used below. With every edible DIY, you can cater to what you might have on-hand, or available.

The Best Ice Cream Cake

This is truly one of the ultimate celebrations cakes! You get four layers of distinctive decadence in each slice of cake.

And with its combination of homemade layers and store-bought layers its simple enough yet perfectly impressive enough. The cake and whipped cream are made fresh while the ice cream and fudge sauce are store-bought to save time.

I dont really care to admit how many slices I was able to polish off within a weeks time. Lets just say this cake is dangerously delicious!

The chocolate cake is perfectly fudgy and you wouldnt believe how easy the batter is to make. It was inspired by my Easy Chocolate Cake but I adjusted it for a slightly smaller size and swapped buttermilk for sour cream so it didnt freeze icy.

I recommend making the cake a day in advance so it has plenty of time to firm up completely in the freezer before serving.

Spoil yourself this weekend with this chocolate ice cream cake, no need to wait for a birthday to make something this tempting!

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A Few Great Tips For Success

  • I used a frozen dairy-free coconut whipped topping for the top of our ice cream cake. Its located in the freezer section of any supermarket. But you can use any whipped topping you prefer. When you bring it home, keep it in your refrigerator to thaw so its ready when you need it.
  • Its best to chill your springform pan in your freezer or fridge for a few minutes before you start. This will help prevent the ice cream from melting too quickly while youre putting it together.
  • Also, it is a good idea to wrap the bottom of the pan with a sheet of foil to keep from any ice cream coming through while you are putting it together.
  • Keep in mind, that you will not be using the entire container of ice cream unless you use a larger springform pan.
  • Plus, if you plan to use a larger size springform pan, you will need to increase the amounts of ice cream and crunchies needed.

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream Cheesecake

Easy Ice Cream Cake recipe

No one will guess that this easy, rich and creamy no-cook, make-ahead cheesecake uses only 4 ingredients – ideal for a dinner party

  • A star rating of 4 out of 5.14 ratings

    Treat your guests with this stunning summer dessert, perfect for al fresco dinner parties

  • A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.3 ratings

    This fabulous no-cook dessert is perfect for summer entertaining

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    Types Of Ice Cream To Use

    My favorite flavors of ice cream to use here are cookies and cream or strawberry. But other great choices would be mint chocolate chip, cookie dough, chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, cherry, coffee, cheesecake, pistachio or vanilla bean.

    Then another variation here is to spread the whipped cream over the top and sides of the cake, or for a thicker layer only spread it over the top.

    Homemade Ice Cream Cake

    When my middle kiddo turned four, she had a very specific request: Orange sherbet ice cream cake with sprinkles. And while I realize you can buy ice cream cakes, the options for flavors in our area are slim, so I decided to try making one myself. Im so happy that I did because it was really straight forward and so satisfying to make her the exact dessert she dreamed of!

    This would work for any occasion, kids birthday, holiday, or just a fun way to celebrate a random weekend.

    We have now made this a handful of times in a few different flavors and each one has been a total hit.

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    When Ready To Serve

  • First, take a knife and run it under warm water for a few seconds. Then slide the knife around the perimeter of the pan. You will need to run the knife under warm water a few times before you make it all around.
  • 2. Next, open the latch and remove the rim.

    3. Transfer the cake onto a cake plate. Wait about 5 minutes for the cake to soften, then slice with a clean knife into pieces and serve.

    Ice Cream Cake Recipe

    Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cakes | Kroger Recipes | Kroger

    Once upon a time, my husband decided hed like to host a small 4th of July cookout Youd think I would have learned by now that my husband never does anything small. So I really shouldnt have been surprised when, what started as a guest list of about 25 friends and family, quickly spiraled to upwards of 50 people.

    To say I was feeling a tad stressed out is an understatement. Luckily he asked everyone to bring a side or dessert, but wed already made two additional trips to Walmart for more meat, utensils, napkins, trash bags, etc Being a firm believer that you can just never have too many desserts, I also asked him to grab the ingredients for my favorite ice cream cake recipe on his last trip.


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    Easy 5 Layer Ice Cream Cake

    Cool off with a slice of no-bake ice cream cake! This easy summertime treat combines two of your favorite ice cream flavors, hot fudge, homemade whipped cream, and sprinklesall on top of an Oreo cookie crust. Because this cake needs to freeze for at least 12 hours prior to serving, its a great make-ahead dessert option for birthday parties, BBQs, Fathers Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and more.

    Were tackling a never-before-seen recipe on Sallys Baking Addiction today: ice cream cake! This easy and refreshing treat is made for summertime celebrations. With 5 layers to love, it keeps us smiling, satisfied, and cool all season long.

    The Perfect Summer Treat

    Born and raised in Arizona, we are used to VERY hot summers. But even though we have become accustomed to them, we still like to have plenty of cool desserts to help us survive them!

    One of our favorites is cookies and cream Ice Cream Cake.

    Oreo Ice Cream Cake is delicious and super easy to make. If youve tried our Dirt Cake and love Oreos, then I think youll love this one too.

    This cake can be changed up with your favorite ice cream flavors. I think we will try Mint Chocolate Chip next time, or maybe Bluebells Cookie Two Step which is half cookies and cream and half chocolate chip cookie dough my fave!

    We hope you enjoy this easy ice cream cake!

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    How To Decorate A Homemade Ice Cream Cake

    I added sprinkles around the top edge and on the sides of the cake. I placed my cake stand with the cake over a towel and sort of threw the sprinkles at the sides of the cake. I did have to sweep up some that wound up on the floor but it was otherwise easy!

    You could use any other decorations you prefer or use a tube of frosting to write on a message or name.

    How Do You Make A Homemade Ice Cream Cake

    Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

    You do have to think ahead of time because you will need to freeze each individual layer for the best results. Here is what the basic time frame looks like:

    Day 1:

  • Bake brownies and let cool. Pop in freezer for 30 minutes.
  • Combine hot fudge and crushed Oreos, and spread over the top of the brownies. Freeze for 1 hour.
  • Spread slightly softened ice cream on top of hot fudge/Oreo layer, and freeze for AT LEAST 6 hours, preferably overnight. You want it really firm.
  • Day 2 :

    • Spread salted caramel over the top of the frozen ice cream layer. Freeze for at least 30 minutes.
    • Prepare whipped cream. Spread over the top of the salted caramel layer when ready to serve.
    • with cookies, salted caramel and hot fudge drizzles if youd like. You can pop that back in the freezer for about 30 minutes if youd like the whipped cream to firm up. It doesnt take long!

    This cake may sound like a lot of work, but all in all, its about 20 minutes if youre going the store bought brownie route.

    I did make my own hot fudge sauce and salted caramel sauce. You could also make homemade brownies if youre into that sort of thing

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    Second Make The Chocolate Crunchies:

    Meanwhile, take out the tubs of ice cream from your freezer and place them on the counter nearby . The two flavors I used were mint chocolate chip and natural vanilla.

    Then make the chocolate crunchies! Use your mini chopper or food processor to crush the oreo thins cookies, and pulse a few times to finely crush them. Set them aside.

    Best Tips For Success

    • Use any flavors you prefer. Know that if you use layers that have a slightly different consistency, such as the sherbet and vanilla ice cream shown here, one layer may be softer than the other.
    • Use smaller or larger cake pans if desired.
    • Use an offset spatula to frost the cake, or a regular butter knife or spatula.
    • You should have plenty of time to assemble and frost the cake before it starts to melt, so dont stress. It may melt faster if its humid or very warm in your kitchen.
    • If you want to make this with lower sugar, look for options in the ice cream section of your store. Or you could try it with my Strawberry Frozen Yogurt.

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    Variation Ideas For This Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe:

    Since this recipe is simple to make, there are many variations that you can make to this recipe to make it your own.

    Generally, I use plain ice cream sandwiches for this cake recipe. However, you can use different flavors of ice cream sandwiches. Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches are delicious in this recipe. Also, the other day, I say half vanilla and half chocolate ice cream sandwiches that would work perfectly for this cake recipe.

    I prefer cool whip or whipped cream for the top of the ice cream cake, but you can definitely change the toppings to make this cake work for any holiday or birthday party.

    You can chop up your favorite type of cookie or candy bar for the topping or of course sprinkles or even chocolate chips would help turn this cake into a beautiful birthday cake for anyone in your life!

    Also, you can ca add colored icing in between the layers to match a holiday.

    The possibilities are endless with this easy cake recipe.

    This cake just looks so beautiful served up and no one has to know that you cheated by using ice cream sandwiches. It will be our little secret.

    Check out this video on how easy it is to make this ice cream cake:

    Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe

    Amazing Ice Cream Cake Recipe

    Easy Ice Cream Cake is so delicious and simple, its guaranteed to be your new favorite birthday cake. Made with ice cream, fudge, Oreos, whipped cream, and sugar, dont miss this easy ice cream cake recipe that guests will love!

    Youll never believe how easy it is to make a totally delicious ice cream cake. Save money and make this cake at home using the ice-cream flavors you want.

    This cake does need to be made in advance and takes time to freeze between layers, so be sure to plan accordingly. Making it is simple, just let the freezer do most of the work.

    This cake is totally customizable. Feel free to use the ice cream, cookies, and sauces you want So easy to do, give it a try today!

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    Ice Cream Cake For Christmas

    Traditionally, ice cream cake has always been an option for a holiday dessert. Each year, she would have a Carvel® Cake in the freezer for anyone who wanted a slice. Of course, Jared and I always secured our tasty slice. There is just something so magical about the yummy iconic blue frosting detail, and the scrumptious chocolate crunchies in-between the vanilla and chocolate layers of ice cream. I didnt want to remove any of this detail from my cake, so I enhanced it with a few DIY elements for the season.

    This tasty Christmas tradition is one we now partake in, but of course, I love to make things even more adorable for the kids. For this extra-special holiday season, I will be transforming aCarvelIce Cream Cake that I picked up at the grocery store into aChristmas Wreathas seen in this post. This idea came to my mind after making these adorable Christmas Wreath Donuts last year. Everyone loved how cute and original they were with their candy ornaments and fruity scarves.

    Pro Tips For Making This Recipe

    • Its best to slightly soften the ice cream before adding it to the cake pan so you can create a uniform layer, making it much easier to layer on top of the cake.
    • Be sure to press out any air pockets in the ice cream when adding it to the cake pan.
    • When lining the cake pan for the ice cream, be sure to leave some extra plastic wrap on the sides to make it easier to lift.
    • Try to have your kitchen as cold as possible to make sure the ice cream cake doesnt melt as you work with it. If your kitchen is on the warmer side, youll have to put your cake back into the freezer often in between steps.
    • To make cutting the cake easier, you can run your knife under hot water before slicing.

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    Annual Audience Halloween Costume Contest + Halloween Ends Sta

    Grant Melton, Rachael’s go-to dessert guy and former culinary producer, shares his no-bake, make-ahead ice cream cake that you can serve like a sundae! Made with layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream on a chocolate cookie crust, it’s perfect for entertaining or, as Grant says, “keeping in the freezer for whenever you feel like having a little ice cream treat.” Sounds good to us!

    Pro Tip from Grant: The hot fudge can be made a few days in advance and stored, covered, in the fridge.

    Easy Incredible Ice Cream Cake

    Easy Ice Cream Cake

    Perfect for summer parties or birthdays any month of the year, this simple ice cream cake is better and less expensive than any store-bought version! Layers of moist cake, crunchy cookies, rich ice cream, and a smooth, buttery-like icing deliver sweet perfection in every bite.

    • 1 package devil’s food cake mix
    • ½ gallon vanilla ice cream, slightly softened
    • 2 cups chopped chocolate sandwich cookies
    • 1 bottle chocolate shell topping
    • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
    • 2 cups powdered sugar

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    Recipe Variations And Substitutions

    You can use any flavor of ice cream you would like for this cake. Our kids want to pick two flavors for the layers when making this for their birthday cake. Some of our favorites to use are mint chocolate chip, strawberry, and chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Beths Pro Tip: Try different flavors of your favorite ice creams! Keep the hot fudge and crushed Oreo layers, and tell us your favorite ice cream combos. Beths is Blue Bell Vanilla and Peanut Butter Moose tracks!

    Ice Cream Cake Recipes You Can Absolutely Make At Home

    Store-bought ice cream cakes have made many birthdays happier, but these homemade ice cream cake recipes have the power to transform any gathering into a joyful celebration. These frozen, creamy delights are packed with flavor and textureplus, they offer the option for full customization based on your own preferences. Swap out the flavor of the ice cream, riff with your favorite mix-ins, or follow the recipe line by line for our test kitchen-approved flavor combos. Below, you’ll find a few of our favorite ice cream cake recipes, including seasonal options loaded with fruit, easy freezer riffs on the icebox cake, and sophisticated desserts for your next summer dinner party.

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    What Is A Dump Cake

    Dump cakes are a super easy dessert, typically made with canned fruit topped with cake mix and butter. Despite the name, dump cakes arent like regular cakes. Theres no mixing or preparing batter, usually no cleaning or chopping up any items. Just dump the ingredients one at a time, bake, and enjoy!

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