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We recommend you using this Slice The Pie site if you are good at giving reviews and if you are an emerging artist. You can try using this site. If you have experience in writing reviews and you have knowledge about the music industry line, then this site is excellent for those people.

And on the other hand, if you are a fresh musician and wants to get feedback on your music notes, then this is a convenient platform for you too.This site will be worthy of your time if you will be using descriptive phrases. More catchy and intensive your vocabulary will be, better your earnings status will be! You have to write a meaningful review so that it can bring at least a little convenience for the emerging musicians. In your report, you can also talk about the musical effects.

If there are any outstanding musical effects present in the song, then you should mention this point in your review. It is not obligatory that you should have an intensive knowledge of music while writing a review. You just have to feel the song and its music and simply write a review on it.You can only increase and enhance your earning potential by making your review section more and more informative. You have to figure out the differences between writing a good review and writing a bad review. You have to give quality time and quality effort while writing a review, only then you will be paid on a higher note.

What If Music Isnt An Interest Of Yours

Well, Slice The Pie have been so successful they have launched Slice The Pie Catwalk for fashion lovers! They host events and fashion trials for new designers, and you can leave a review for them just like you do for bands and musicians. They will keep you informed of these events by email so youll never miss out.

Good Things About The Company:

Now check out the positive and good things which are present in this company. Some of them are mentioned above, and few of them are written below.

It is a strong platform that has now maintained its credibility for many years. So what can be the good things about this Slice The Pie site!

1). This site offers an interesting way with the help of it you can earn money. Like listening to music is an interesting activity and you can earn money by evaluating emerging artists and musicians songs.2). This Slice The Pie site too help out the new and beginner artists and musicians to make a strong platform for themselves. Upon getting a great rating, they will get funds to launch their label and album, and this is the best thing about this site.

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Listen & Review Music

Here comes the fun part .

You will start to get music in your feed that you can choose from based on your previously inputted genres and get to reviewing!

You need to listen to at least 90 seconds of a song/track and give it a rating between 1-10.

After that, Slice The Pie requires a written review of 60 words at the minimum.

You can listen to a song and write a review for longer than the minimum amount, and one Slice The Pie tip is to write meaningful, longer reviews since some users think this influences your earnings.

The difference isnt substantial, but it every penny counts if you want to try and make money with Slice The Pie.

How Much Can You Make On Slicethepie

Is Slice The Pie Legit Or A Scam? My Review May Surprise ...

You wont make a living in Slice the Pie. This platform is an excellent place to make extra cash, call it pocket money or beer money, but that is it. You should explore ideas with more money-making potential.

In the beginning, your rating is one star. You will make money proportionally to your rating. Anywhere from 2 cents to 25 cents is the average pay per review. Also, remember that you also get paid to refer friends. Add that to your possible earnings.

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Advantages And Benefits Of Writing Reviews Via Slicethepie

Using Slicethepie has some awesome benefits. These include:

  • Reviewers could be anyone over the age of 18 years and that can write good English.
  • The website is easy to use. The design is simple and you can easily navigate from one section to another.
  • You will get paid once you submit a review. There is no delay in the process. Once you click on the submit button, you will see what you earn.
  • The reviews or feedback you share on this platform helps unsigned artists/fashion designers, brands, and so on to make better decisions.
  • You earn more money when you have better ratings.
  • There is a low minimum withdrawal threshold. Once you reach $10 as your minimum earning you can make a withdrawal to your PayPal account.
  • You dont spend all day writing reviews. You are expected to spend at least 90 seconds listening to a song before writing reviews. The whole process may not take you more than 5 minutes.
  • Slicethepie has already paid more than $5 million to reviewers since inception.
  • You can hear new music first.
  • Your reviews help to influence what kind of music becomes popular.

Is Slicethepiecom A Scam

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No not food, we’re talking about getting paid to listen to music. Getting a slice of the pie, make sense?

In my roaming for different kinds of ways to bring in extra spending money that can contribute to your multiple streams of income, I have to admit I almost skipped by this one thinking yeah, right! But something tweaked my curiosity just enough to take a close look and I am glad I did.

Slice the Pie is a way for new musicians to get their work out there and Slice the Pie provides them a pathway to use on the road to a recording contract. You can read about all that part on the website, it is pretty cool how they help provide feedback and funding to the artists that show the most promise. Anyway, what we are doing here is looking at the first step, which is giving everyday schmucks like you and me a slice of the pie by getting paid to listen to this music.

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1. PaidViewpoint – I’ve earned over $495! And love the fast payout via Paypal.

2. ACOP – Get paid for your opinion! .

3. Survey Junkie – Surveys & Product testing. Open in the USA, Canada, & Australia.

4. 1Q – Get paid .25 instantly into PayPal for EVERY text questions you answer!

Cash Out Your Earnings From Reviews

Is Slice the Pie a Scam? – Earning Potential Is Only $4 Per Hour!

Credit: Linda Bestwick , Cookie Studio Shutterstock

Money earned from your reviews will be added to your account balance, which is displayed in the top corner of the screen at all times.

As soon as you’ve earned a minimum of $10 , you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings straight to PayPal. It can take several days for the payment to come through as the Slicethepie team will check your reviews before paying out.

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Who Can Sign Up For Slice The Pie

People who are 13 and up can use Slice the Pie to earn money, which makes it an ideal way for teens to earn money online.

The company is based out of the United Kingdom, but anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to create an account. However, it is necessary to have a Paypal account to get paid because this is the only payment method offered.

What Is The Slicethepie Is Slicethepie Scam Or Legit

Are you searching for the Slice The Pie reviews in order to find out what is Slice The Pie, either is Slice The Pie a scam or a legit? If so, then you are absolutely in the right place because here, within our SliceThePie review, we have provided the complete truth about Slice The Pice, both its pros and cons. Although it is not the best platform to generate full time online income, but definitely you can earn some money from this company. That is why we have listed SliceThePice within our good and trusted online works section.

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OK, lets begin with the Slice The Pie review as below in order to find out what is in detail.

Ads by Media

End of Ads by Media

Slice The Pie login and join in link, click here:-

Referral Code to join SliceThePie:- UFF07603

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Slicethepie Review: Getting Started

Signing up to Slicethepie is very straightforward. You simply have to provide your name, email address and date of birth.

Then, as part of the sign up process, youre asked a couple of basic demographic questions . Youre then asked what kind of musical genres youre into, as per the image below.

Once youve completed this very simple setup, youre taken through to the main review area of Slicethepie, where you can begin to review and earn.

How To Withdraw Money From Slicethepie

Is Slice The Pie legit? Review exposes COMPLAINTS!

Slicethepie only pays through PayPal. So, you must have a PayPal account before you register with this platform.

The email address you used to register with Slicethepie must be similar to the one used in your PayPal account. This makes it easy for your payment to be processed and for you to withdraw your money.

When you have reached the minimum $10 withdrawal threshold, go to your account balance section and click on the make a withdrawal link.

You need to enter and confirm your date of birth.

Follow the remaining instructions and have your money transferred to your PayPal account from where you can make withdrawals or where your earning can be converted to your preferred currency.

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How Much Can I Earn Reviewing Music For Slice The Pie

If you want a slice of the music review pie, you can sign up for free. Once you are in, you can select your favorite music genres and avoid the ones you cant stand at all. Then you go into your virtual Scout room where you listen to a song and write a quick review. Slice the Pie never tells you the name of the artist you are hearing before you do a rating. After your review is finished, you will be given the artist and song title. Youll also have the chance to tip the musician if you feel particularly warm and fuzzy over their music. This is optional, which is a good thing since at .20 per review you might not have a huge tipping budget to work with.

Is Slicethepie A Scam Or Legit Site

SliceThePie is definitely not a scam site. Its legit and really rewards those who listen to music and write reviews.

Slicethepie claims to be the largest paid review site on the Internet. It was founded in 2007. It was first created as a fun and interactive website.

Over the years, it has evolved into one of the largest music review search engines where thousands of independent artists and major US record labels get on-demand feedback every month.

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What About The International Audience

Well the good news, is that this company is from the UK, so they are already international. I saw scouts listed from all over the place on the top scout page. There are some places whose Internet providers don’t mix so well with the Slice the Pie system, so Slice the Pie does not support their countries any more. I think the Philippine’s is one,

Tips To Earn Money With Slice The Pie

MAKE MONEY NOW! Slicethepie Review 2018

Whether youre earning four cents, seven cents or fifteen cents per review, increase your Slice the Pie earnings by learning some inside advice:

  • Give the site your full, undivided attention. It will be hard to give an honest review while youre doing something else. To maximize your income with Slice the Pie, you should try to review as many tracks as possible per hour so that will require much focus.
  • Start writing your review as soon as the track begins playing. This will help you describe how you honestly feel about the track. Try to have the review fully written in 90 seconds.
  • Write reviews quickly and easily by sticking to a method. The first sentence can be about the song’s rhythm, then the second sentence can describe the instruments. Follow that sentence with your feelings about the vocals, then another sentence.

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Slicethepie Review: Scam Or A Legit Way To Earn $10

by Lauren Bennett – Verified & Updated August 16, 2017

Although we never did a review of Slice The Pie, we have talked about it before, mainly in our Get paid to listen to music post.

Online, there are tons of different ways to make money.

In fact, we cover them all the time on this website.

You can sell photos you take on your smartphone, , and even earn money by selling your trash!

But, one of the easiest ways to make money online has to be by writing reviews.

If youve got an opinion, then you could earn money from it with Slicethepie.

Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsPanda ResearchDaily Goodie BoxKashKickPinecone ResearchSwagbucks

Slicethepie is a website that pays you to give honest reviews.

It claims to be the largest paid review site out there.

Its mostly focused on music. It was started so that unknown musicians would get the chance to have their music reviewed.

Aspiring artists can submit their songs for review to the site and get invaluable feedback.

While most of the reviews you write will focus on music, you can also review clothing, accessories, and commercials.

Your reviews help clients, including artists and fashion designers, by providing them with honest feedback.

Its a win-win situation.

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