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What If You Stop Eating Bread For 30 Days?

By Eliza

True, your body does need some carbs for energy, but if youâre trying to cut back, that can be great for your health. Sadly, many carbs are refined, which means they are lower in nutrients that the whole variety, and they can cause your blood sugar to get all wacky. If you love sandwiches and could never envision life without them, thereâs good news. There are some tasty alternatives to bread that allow you to eat your favorite food without all the carbs. You might just find that you like them even better than bread. Check it out!

  • Make “bread” out of Cauliflower
  • Here’s What Happened When I Stopped Eating Bread For 1 Month

    I honestly didn’t know I was addicted to bread. Not until I did atwo-week fruit and veggie detox, where I ate nothing but fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, and seeds. Those first few days, I realized bread had an enormous hold on my life because soft, chewy buns were all I could think about. I daydreamed about all the avocado toasts, everything bagels, just-baked sourdough bread, and slices of vegan pizza I’d consume the day that stupid two weeks ended.

    But by the end of week one, a shift started to happen. I felt amazing! I had zero bloating and so much energy. I didn’t have that usual foggy-headed brain that happened after each meal, and my cravings surprisingly began to diminish.

    So I kept going. Once those two weeks ended, I committed to four weeks of continuing on my no-bread ways. This included what I referred to as “trigger foods,” such as other refined carbs like baked goods, cereal, granola bars, and pasta, as well as whole grains, popcorn, pretzels, and tortillas. I knew if I was going to be successful at sticking with this, I’d have to ditch all bread-like things or I’d want to eat them all.

    Here are some recipes that have helped me embrace this bread-less diet. If I’m craving:

    Are You Wondering Whats Wrong With Wheat

    The wheat they produce today is not like grandma and grandpa used to eat. Its been fiddled with so that its now very high in gluten, which of-course the bakers love. It causes their bread to rise light and fluffy, just the way most people like it. Its good for business. But its not doing your body any good. In fact, it acts like glue when it gets on the inside of you.

    Do you remember or did you ever make home-made glue when you were a kid? Mix a bit of flour and water together made a really sticky substance which was fine for gluing different things. There are different ways to make glue but the basics of it is flour and water.

    Your body struggles with all that glue. Yikes, why do we do it to ourselves?

    I dont know if you know or not, but even eating breads that are gluten free is not necessarily the answer to the problem, due to the fact they have high glycemic values and in most cases, have been stripped of their fibre.

    For me, the time had come when I didnt want to put up with it anymore. I thank God for the help that Ive received and I hope I can help you find an answer too.

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    How About Mini Sandwiches On Cucumber Slices

    Cucumbers have such a pleasant crunch and taste and they contain good carbs. They make the perfect âbreadâ choice for ham and cheese or smoked salmon and cream cheese with dill. Packing cucumber sandwiches for lunch will make all of your co-workers jealous and will give you a filling and tasty lunch that helps you control your carb intake.

    What Happens When You Stop Eating Bread

    4 Reasons To Stop Eating White Bread

    Losing or ditching on that vitamin intake by substituting pharmacological pills and vitamins was unimaginable for me. It is indeed tough to stop eating bread, especially in winter when its so cold outside and your body is just trying to consume more than ever as its a natural process for a human to gain more fat before the cold season.

    This was what I was telling myself as an excuse not to stop eating bread and sugar.

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    Ever Thought About Using A Baked Potato

    Potatoes might not be better than other veggies, but the carbs you get from one are still way better than white bread. Potatoes have a mild taste that makes them ideal for cutting open and filling with a grilled hot dog or sliced roast beef and au jus sauce. Plus, you get some fiber and potassium too.

    Your Mood Swings Might Get Worse

    If you ever felt like nothing could lift your mood faster than a slice of pizza, theres actually a scientific explanation for that. Eating carbs releases a chemical called serotonin, which is responsible for making you feel good and can even suppress your appetite. This means that indulging in healthy carbs every now and then can actually elevate your mood and tame your hunger.

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    How To Stop Eating Bread And Get A 6

    Its pretty much common knowledge at this point.

    If you want a 6-pack, or even just a lean body, you gotta give up bread.

    But, why?

    Well, its simple to understand even without any complex medical jargon.

    In this article, well walk through breads impact on your ability to get 6-pack abs.

    But first, does this sound familiar?

    You Will Not Constantly Feel Hunger

    What Happens If You Stop Eating Bread for 14 Days

    Processes carbohydrates first cause increase and then sudden decrease of sugar in the blood. These changes can send false signals which will be manifested as a feeling of hunger, which causes excess body weight. All you have to do is replace empty calories from white bread with whole grain products. Positive changes will follow.

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    This Is What Happens To Your Body The Day You Stop Eating Bread

    Bread is a staple of the western diet. Most restaurants always keep it stocked on the dinning table while many households serve it with every meal. It supplies about 20 percent of the total food calories worldwide. And while theres nothing wrong with eating homemade bread every once in a while, processed bread really shouldnt be eaten everyday.

    If you find yourself eating that kind of bread during most of your meals, try giving up entirely for a month: Youll feel more energized and less bloated! There are many health benefits of not eating bread.

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    Whole-grain intake is a major player in how much fiber you get, according to a recent Nutrition Research study that found that 92 percent of U.S. adults dont get enough of the grains. Fiber, the indigestible part of plants, like grains, not only helps stabilize blood-sugar levels, reduce the risk of obesity, and chronic diseases, but keeps your bathroom habits regular, says Spano.

    And not just because youre eating all of your sandwiches as lettuce wraps. Carbswhether they are whole or refinedincrease the brains levels of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin, says Caspero. So when you cut healthy carbs like whole grains, your mental health goes right along with it.

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    I Used To Eat 10 Chocolate Candies Sneakers And A Baguette Every Day

    However, I noticed that my skin lost its tone, elasticity, and the most frightening word was cellulite!

    That was it! That day I started thinking ECO. That meant I had to change my diet completely.

    It wasnt an overnight result, of course, that took me around 4-6 months, but it worked.

    How to stop eating sugar and bread: A model diet

    Bread Cravings Like Morphine

    8 Good Reasons to Stop Eating White Bread ... Diet

    So we know we crave more bread soon after eating it. And we feel very good immediately after eating it.

    Why does bread sound so much like a drug?

    Well, it basically is.

    Science says our brains reacts to bread similar to how it reacts to drugs.

    Drugs like morphine.

    Yes, bread acts like morphine.

    Like morphine, eating bread triggers pleasure centers in the brain. It literally makes us feel happy. Euphoric, even. And it happens right away.

    Then, when the high wears off, we intensely crave the high again.

    This desire for more bread can be debilitating.

    Whats the science behind this? Its partly due to the rapid spike in blood sugar. That feels like being high and so does the ensuing crash.

    Also, the extreme desire for more bread is partly due to the wheat plants weve genetically modified over the last few decades. For all the details, check out Wheat Belly.

    The important thing is this:

    Its not your fault.

    Like drugs, theres a lot of money to be made selling a high margin, highly addictive product like bread. Just ask the guys who make HFCS.

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    Cutting Carbs At Home

    At home, I have found ways to make filling foods that were also nutrient-packed and affordable primarily by making lentil or black bean stews . I advise adding as many nutrients as possible for a filling meal. To my lentils, for instance, I add tomatoes, carrots, onions, chickpeas, kale and sweet potatoes. It is filling and an excellent source of fiber.

    Ways To Include Bread In Your Daily Diet For Weight Loss

    Bread is not bad for weight loss. You just need to be careful while selecting the right type of bread depending on its ingredients and pair it with the right foods to make it a healthy option in your weight loss journey.

    Five ways to include bread in your daily diet for weight loss are as follows:

  • Choose the bread with a high fiber content: While buying bread, select the ones that have a fiber content between three and five grams per serving. Fiber is a bulking agent that helps ease the passage of stools through your bowels. It maintains your blood sugar levels and assists the fat-burning process. Eating high-fiber foods makes you feel fuller for longer so you end up eating less during the later part of the day.
  • Minimize your sugar intake: Unlike fruits, which contain natural sugars, bread contains added sugar, such as high-fructose syrup, sugar, sucrose, or corn syrup. Added sugars may relieve your hunger pangs quickly, but they cause sugar spikes. Sugar comes down quickly, and you end up craving carbohydrates again. Therefore, whenever you have sugar, make sure you balance your intake during the day.
  • Pair your bread with the right foods: Pair your bread with foods that contain macronutrients such as protein or healthy fat to support your healthy weight-loss plan. To provide a filling effect, layer your sliced bread with any of the foods such as:
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    Going To The Bathroom May Become More Difficult

    If youre giving up regular white bread, this may not be much of a problem for you, but cutting out whole grain or rye bread might actually cause you to spend more time going to the bathroom. Whole grain bread is high in fiber, which helps your digestion and has actually been proven to work better than laxatives for relieving constipation.

    Stop Eating Bread And Lose Weight

    How to Quit and stop eating bread with ZERO DISCIPLINE!

    You see, I was learning from various sources that to be truly healthy, part of what you need to do is stop eating wheat in particular. To me this was too big an ask. No wheat! Too much of our eating is based around wheat and therein lies the problem.

    Somewhere inside of me I thought that I could just cut down and I was happy to do that but it wasnt until one day I decided to just do it that I began to notice a difference.

    While ever I was eating wheat bread I found I was suffering with acid reflux, but when I stopped, it went away. This was big! Do you know how happy that made me? Then Id be out somewhere and for lack of something else to eat Id eat bread again back would come the reflux. Not nice. And you know what else happened when I cut wheat bread out of my menu? I began losing weight! Oh happy days!

    It was then I decided it was time to get serious!

    As I began to deny myself of wheat products, and replace them with healthy ingredients, I found I could still eat breads, cakes and biscuits. It was exciting to me because I was now eating something that was building my health instead of causing it to crumble.

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    Eliminating Four White Foods May Make It Easier To Eat Less Lose Weight

    Dear Mayo Clinic:

    I’m trying to lose weight, and a friend recently told me that cutting white bread and potatoes out of my diet completely will help. Is that true? If it is, what makes these foods so bad?


    Your friend is right. Taking white bread and white potatoes, as well as white rice and white pasta, out of your diet can be helpful for weight loss. Because of the way your body processes these four foods, they can lead to cravings for carbohydrates, also called sugars. By eliminating them, you decrease food cravings, making it easier to eat less and lose weight.

    The grains in white bread, white pasta and white rice are refined through a milling process that strips off the bran layer to give them a finer texture. After that process, these foods are little more than carbohydrates that your body digests quickly and easily.

    The main problem with white rice, bread, pasta and potatoes is that they trigger a cycle of food craving. After you eat them, they release a sudden spike of sugar in your bloodstream. Your body responds to that extra sugar by releasing insulin. Insulin is a hormone your pancreas makes that allows sugar to enter your cells, lowering the amount of sugar in your blood.

    In addition, as you eat more of these foods, your body needs to process all the extra sugar. Although some sugar is burned off as energy, most is converted into fat, leading to weight gain.

    Jon Ebbert, M.D., Primary Care Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

    Does Cutting Out Bread Help Weight Loss

    Weight loss isnt as straightforward as completely cutting out one food and miraculously shedding the pounds.

    If you enjoy bread, theres no reason you should cut it out completely, but you might want to eat it in moderation.

    Jenna said: Bread is a source of carbohydrates which require water to be stored, so when we cut out carbs we merely lose water weight.

    Low levels of water in the body can actually contribute to fluid imbalance and dehydration.

    So, dramatic weight loss results after cutting out bread might be temporary – a result of losing water weight – or as a result of eating fewer calories over a longer period of time.

    As a rule, any miracle diet claiming you can lose a dramatic amount of weight in a short amount of time should be looked at with suspicion.

    The most successful weight loss plans focus on eating balanced, healthy, whole foods, introducing more exercise to your life and dont claim to give results overnight.


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    How Do I Stop Eating Bread

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    All the best people are crazy

    swanyi said:Please i need help. It would be fine if i only ate bread but i have like a NEED to add ham and other shit to it which means it becomes a sodium bomb and i swell up like a balloon. I need to stop. I dont know how to stop. Please help me.Is there any low sodium condements or toppings you like to add to bread? to minimize the sodium content? or how do you go about just not eating bread?

    Inflammatory Effects Of Wheat


    Chronic inflammation in our bodies has been linked to an increase in sugar intake and to a high consumption of cereal grains, namely wheat.

    Inflammation can feed diseases like cancers and heart disease, so cutting back on inflammatory foods can help prevent these types of conditions.

    If you’re looking to lose weight and decrease inflammation, cutting back on bread and wheat products is a smart strategy.

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    Cutting Carbs At Restaurants

    At restaurants, I have come up with ways to eat around simple carbs. I started asking to replace or remove carbs from whatever I ordered. I order burgers without the buns and add a side salad instead. When out at one of the amazing Mediterranean restaurants in my Brooklyn neighborhood, I order dips and ask for lettuce or cucumbers instead of pita bread. If they say that they cannot do it, I might even just eat the dips plain, since they’re so delicious.

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