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What Is Stabilized Whipped Cream Can I Use Canned Whipped Cream Or Cool Whip

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Stabilized whipped cream is whipped cream with a little bit of gelatin in it to help it to keep its form for several days. Click here to learn more about stabilized whipped cream. If you use canned whipped cream or cool whip we recommend putting the cream on individual slices as it is served.

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When it comes to chocolate cream pie nothing beats a decadent homemade custard topped with freshly whipped cream. This is the ultimate chocolate pie for chocolate lovers!

  • 1 1/2cupscrushed graham cracker
  • 1/3cupsugar
  • 3ouncesunsweetened baking chocolateroughly chopped
  • 3tablespoonschocolate chips

Graham Cracker Crust

  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. In a medium-sized mixing bowl, stir together crushed graham crackers and sugar. Slowly add in melted butter and toss to combine. Press graham cracker mixture into the bottom and sides of a standard 9-inch pie plate.
  • Bake in the 375 degree oven for 7 minutes. Let cool completely on a wire rack before filling.

Chocolate Pie Filling

Stabilized Whipped Cream

Tools Found On Amazon To Help You

  • Pie Plate If youre not using a premade crust , a 9 pie plate would be perfect for this dessert. If you want to keep leftovers in the same pan, you can find several inexpensive ones with an airtight lid.
  • Silicone Spatula Silicon spatulas are really nice because they flex to your bowl perfectly to get every last drop of filling out of the bowl and into the pie plate.
  • Whisk Youll need a whisk both for the pudding layer & the whipped cream layer.

Make Ahead Storage And Freezing

Make Ahead: Make the crust up to a couple days in advance if youre making it from scratch and store it in the fridge. Make the chocolate cream pie filling up to a day in advance. Finish the whole pie a couple days before serving if needed.

Storage: Once the pie is fully prepared, carefully cover and store in the fridge for up to 5 days. Same goes for leftovers.

Freezing: This pie can be frozen for up to 3 months. When ready to eat it, move it to the fridge to thaw before slicing. I actually prefer to serve it cold from the freezer.

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Can You Freeze Pudding Pie

You can. If you want to save this pie for later, you can add it to your freezer in a freezer-safe storage container. When youre ready to eat, just place it in the fridge or on the counter to let it unthaw before cutting. Or enjoy frozen for a frozen summer treat! I think that freezing this chocolate cream pie with pudding sounds divine!

How Do You Temper Eggs

Chocolate Cream Pie Easy Recipe

The goal of tempering eggs is to slowly bring them up to temperature without scrambling them. To do this you allow your hot mixture to slightly cool by removing it from your heat source.

Next, you add a small amount of the warmed mixture to a separate bowl with your eggs. Whisk the chocolate mixture with your eggs. This slightly warms your eggs and gets them ready to be added to the larger bowl of chocolate pie filling.

Once your eggs are tempered you can add the egg mixture to your pie filling. Tempering first helps prevent your eggs from scrambling and becoming a hot mess.

Tempering eggs is a technique that is also helpful when making dishes such as custards, eggnog and mousses.

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Why Is My Chocolate Cream Pie Runny

Using the corn starch and the egg yolks go a long way to making sure you have a nice, firm pie filling. But the way you cook your pudding is SUPER important. It really isnt too hard at all, it just takes your attention. A lot of times, a runny pie happens because you didnt cook it long enough. Youll want to really watch your saucepan and cook until your ingredients bubbles in the middle. But youll also need to be continuously stirring so you dont overcook the filling or scramble the eggs.

The Pudding For Easy Chocolate Cream Pie

This Chocolate Cream Pie is a no bake pudding pie and it is delicious! You will use instant chocolate pudding but DO NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONSEVEN IF THERE IS DIRECTIONS ON THE BOX FOR MAKING PIE IGNORE THEM!

I had to mess around with the measurements a few times because when I first started making the pie because it never set up. It would always be a runny pie that would not set up and stay in the crust when cutting it no matter how long it sat in the fridge to set up. It still tasted good but who wants a runny pudding cream pie? No one! I now have the perfect measurements for perfectly set chocolate pudding pie!

You will need one 5.9 oz. box of Instant Chocolate Pudding and some cold 2% or whole milk. . Mix the instant chocolate pudding with the milk and set it aside. Mix it well. It will be really thick. Remember DO NOT follow the box instructions- see the recipe below! Use the pudding, toss the box and directions!

You can use any brand of chocolate pudding. MAKE SURE IT IS INSTANT! I prefer the classic Jell-O Brand pudding .

TIP: I use a hand mixer to mix my pudding and I use a large bowl. The hand mixer will help make sure there are no chocolate lumps in your pie from the pudding mix. You can mix it by hand but sometimes some chocolate lumps can be left behind.

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Tips From The Pillsbury Kitchens

  • tip 1 This chocolate pie with pudding is super-customizable! Top with extras like candy pieces or chocolate syrup for even more deliciousness.
  • tip 2 Any flavor of pudding mix works with this recipe. Use your favorite!
  • tip 3 If youre traveling with this Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie, wait until you arrive at your destination to add toppings.
  • tip 4 Have the little hands in your family help make the pudding filling or top the pie with sprinkles.
  • tip 5 If an Easy Chocolate Pudding Pie has you craving more slices try this recipe for French Silk Chocolate Pie. Use a refrigerated Pillsbury Pie Crust to keep it simple.
  • tip 6 As delicious as instant pudding pie, but with a light and smooth texture, our recipe for Easy Chocolate Mousse is simply delightful.

How To Make An Oreo Pie Crust

BEST Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe
  • First, really pulverize those oreos. You want fine crumbs and the best way to get them is by using a food processor or blender. But a plastic bag and good old rolling pin will do the trick as well. Leave the cream filling because it actually helps bind the crust together.
  • Mix in some melted butter. I just drizzle it in while the food processor is running so it gets evenly distributed.
  • Press into the sides and bottom of a pie pan using a flat-bottomed measuring cup or a drinking glass.
  • I like to bake my Oreo crusts for 8-10 minutes in a 350 degree F oven just to firm it up a bit and make it a teensy-bit crunchy, but you could just chill it, then fill it and have an easy no-bake chocolate cream pie if you like.
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    Chocolate Cream Pie Ingredients

    Most of the ingredients needed are pretty common and may already be in your kitchen but in case they arent, lets go over some of them them that may be less familiar to you. Scroll down for the full recipe card.

    UNSWEETENED COCOA POWDER Cocoa powder by itself is a bitter powder thats made by grounding cocoa beans. Its when you mix it together with other ingredients that the real magic happens.

    CORNSTARCH Cornstarch is a thickening agent made from corn and is commonly used in puddings, pies, and gravies. It helps to thicken this chocolate cream pie.

    EGG YOLKS Save the egg whites for another recipe!

    UNSALTED BUTTER You will want to make sure you use unsalted butter so your pie doesnt end up with a salty flavor. If you use salted butter, make sure to exclude pinch of salt from recipe.

    HEAVY WHIPPING CREAM This can be found either by the milk or the coffee creamers as it is used to cream coffee. You only need a cup so save the rest for peaches and cream ice cream pie.

    Start By Making The Chocolate Filling

  • In a saucepan, combine the sugar, cornstarch and salt.
  • Whisk in the milk.
  • Add the chocolate chips and egg yolks.
  • Turn on the heat and start cooking until it starts to thicken, stirring it constantly.
  • Once its thick, whisk in the cream cheese.
  • Once its all incorporated, cover with a piece of plastic wrap and refrigerate until it has cooled completely.
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    How To Store No

    Chances are, you dont have leftovers, but just in case

    Keep this pie refrigerated. You can loosely cover the top with plastic wrap. My mom always inserted a few toothpicks to keep the plastic from touching the whipped topping.

    Or, you could add the topping as you serve it and then it wouldnt be a problem at all.

    The Whipped Cream For Your Pudding Pie

    Easy Chocolate Mousse Pie

    You will need to make some homemade whipped cream yum! Dont go the easier route and use Cool Whip it wont turn out!

    Making your own homemade whipped cream is so easy!

    I use my stand mixer with my whisk attachment to whip it upit does take a few minutes. I let the heavy cream whip while I make the chocolate pudding for the filling.

    You will need one quart of HEAVY Whipping Cream. Make sure it is HEAVY Whipping Cream!

    Pour the Heavy Whipping Cream into your mixer stand, add some powdered sugar and vanilla and turn it on medium-low speed.

    It will slowly start to mix, but it wont change much in the first few minutes.

    After a few minutes you will see it start to thicken up. Turn the speed up to med-high. Keep mixing!

    It will start to form soft peaks and you know you have successfully made homemade whipped cream! Let it mix for about 30 seconds to 1 minute more. The whipped cream should hold its shape and not be runny at all!

    Turn off the mixer and set the whipped cream aside.

    NOTE: You can make it sweeter to your liking by adding more powdered sugar or vanilla and mixing it well. Just add it before it starts to thicken up and form stiff peaks.

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    Easy Microwave Chocolate Pie Filling

    Once you have the crust, its onto the filling. Do you have 10 minutes? Because thats all the time you will need to make it in the microwave.

    The only caveat here is to be sure the filling bubbles in the center at the end of cooking to be certain that the cornstarch cooks. Now pour that chocolate goodness into the cooled crust of your choice and wait.

    And wait.

    It feels like forever, but you can get on with your day knowing that by dessert time, you will have a deep, dark chocolate pie in the fridge. No one can argue with that.

    How Do You Make Pudding For Pie Filling

    Make your filling on the stovetop. I used a mixture of unsweetened chocolate squares and cocoa since I did not have enough of the bar.

    Simply check your cocoa container for substitution but if you have shortening and unsweetened cocoa you have unsweetened chocolate ready for your recipe.

    Stir stir stir until your mixture is nice and thick. A whisk will be your best friend.

    Pour into your crust.

    The pie need to cool and then place a piece of saran wrap on top of the pudding an cool in the fridge for a few hours.

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    Can I Use Sugar

    • I have never made this pie using sugar-free instant pudding mixes so I can’t say for sure. I think it would work but I just don’t know how it would affect the pie either in taste, texture, and thickness. The sugar-free pudding boxes are a much smaller size which might not work with the 2 cups of milk called for in the recipe.
    • I would highly recommend using what the recipe calls for. If you choose to experiment with sugar-free pudding mixes then be sure and leave me a comment and tell me how it went.

    Easy Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe

    Chocolate Cream Pie recipe with a NO ROLL pie crust!

    by Kathy

    This Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe is a silky, smooth rich dessert that is perfect for any occasion! Homemade chocolate pudding is layered on a flakey pie crust. Top it with a light whipped cream topping and your favorite garnishes and youve got a chilled pie that is perfect for anything from cookouts to the Holidays!

    I think that this Chocolate Cream Pie is solving a major problem in our home. You see, my son is a MAJOR Chocoholic. I mean, he wants chocolate layered on chocolate filled with chocolate and decorated with chocolate. Now, we ALL love chocolate, but sometimes its a bit much.

    Weve put some really yummy chocolate recipes on our site, from our Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake to this classic Toll House Pie. Weve also been digging these delicious no bake pies, like our Banana Cream Pie and our Peanut Butter Pie. So, we are excited to share this Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe that you dont even need to turn your oven on for!

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    Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie Recipe

    This Old Fashioned Chocolate Pie recipe whips up a delicious pie with a sweet chocolate filling. It tastes like a creamy, decadent chocolate custard, all in the form of an easy recipe.

    Its basically the pie youll want to make all the time because lets be honestits always a good time for a slice of pie.

    Our family seems to have a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate of all kinds. In fact, Id say our family cookbook with lots of my grandmothers recipes has more desserts than any other category.

    Family holidays were like that, too. We usually had a 2:1 ratio of desserts to dinner items.

    For real.

    I have a bunch of my Grandmas old cookbooks and there are lots of old fashioned pies in them. Fruit pies, icebox pies, cream piesyou name it.

    But theres something about cream pies that strike a chord of nostalgic pie making love for me.

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